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Elevate Christian Network :: Ministry Outreach TV

Elevate Christian Network :: Ministry Outreach TV

  • In this featured video, Patricia King shows you how to use the blessing and power given to every believer to become the person you were meant to be.

Video Transcript

hi there I’m glad that you’ve joined me for this webinar today as a professional executive coach life and spiritual coach over the years I’ve dealt with hundreds of clients who were stuck in ruts who just needed to go to their next level but didn’t have the tools to get there so in dealing with people I mean I’ve been in full-time ministry for over 35 years and so you get to to see what people need and it’s a delight to see them come forth out of the mire into the mountaintop so to speak there’s nothing better than seeing people come into the fulfillment of all that they were created to be and to do so that is my desire for you is to see you come to your next place to have your breakthrough to bring in alignment into your life with God’s purpose and plan for you that will will cause you to be more fruitful more successful in all that you put your hand to do to give your life meaning so one of the things that I’ve discovered is that many many believers do not understand their identity they don’t understand their value or their purpose now the danger of not knowing those areas in your life is it you’ll flounder you’ll you’ll just be nebulous you won’t know where to put your energies you won’t know where to walk you won’t know what to put your hand to or how to put your hand to it and so once you get your your core beliefs strong in your identity your value and your purpose then you’ll take off in fact once you get that solid inside your heart you will attract to yourself the very things that fulfill you and so today I want to focus on just one aspect and that is discovering your god-given purpose which I find is very important for individuals in in many ways not only to be able to identify areas of their life that would be fulfilling to them but also helps you even choose your friends your associates the path that you walk on it’s very very important so each individual including you have been beautifully fashioned by God and uniquely fashioned by him for purpose in fact it says in Colossians 1 verse 16 I’m going to read this out of the message Bible for everything absolutely everything above and below visible and invisible everything got its start in him and finds its purpose in him so God has created you specifically for a purpose that no one can fulfill like you and once you discover that you’ll be able to partner with God for the fruitfulness of that purpose and if you want to know why you were created then you must begin with God for you were created by him for his purpose and it’s wonderful you are uniquely and gloriously created for that many will ask me how will I know if I’m fulfilling my purpose or not and so I want to give you a simple test for that if you are not living each day with satisfaction excitement energy and passion if you can’t get up in the morning and be excited about life and having a fresh expectation each day then you are possibly not living true to your life purpose sometimes people will ask me what do you love to do and all that you do what do you love to do the best I say I love it all there isn’t anything that I do that I absolutely don’t love I get up each day looking forward to the day I’m excited about life I’m excited about my future because I understand my purpose and I’ll explain a little bit more of that to you in a while so why then is knowing your life purpose important for you and you might want to write these down the first one is when you understand your god-given purpose it is a starting point to fulfilling it it’s hard to fulfill something that isn’t identified so if an individual just lets a wheel spin and they hope they can ultimately fulfill their deaths on purpose they’ll probably miss it if you don’t understand if you just think that one day you’ll hit it you probably won’t hit it you’ll probably miss it and your life might seem fragmented and maybe that’s how you’re feeling right now you’re just feeling like well I’m doing this amount in the other nothing really fulfills me that much and it just seems all fragmented I don’t know where to go with it I don’t know what to do with it I don’t know how to get on the path that’s because you don’t understand your specific purpose yet if you know your god-given purpose you can definitely and easily move towards it the second reason for knowing your purpose and why it’s important is it will help you implement investment into your life you know we’re always pouring something into something every day you are making investment into something why not know what your purpose is so that you can make investment into your purpose so that your purpose can be enlarged and produce fruit for you your family your loved ones because you are with intentionality making investment into it and so when you know your purpose you can direct your investments of time of giftings of talent of energy into areas of education meaningful relationships finances etc you will be able to discern easier what is important and what is not important in your activities your schedule your associations etc because you are specifically targeting the fulfillment of purpose you’ll know how to prioritize thirdly it will help you to live a focused life when you know your purpose what you focus on you will always empower so when you understand your god-given purpose no longer will meaningless meaningless activities and schedules rule over you you’ll be able to direct your life according to your purpose you will be able to successfully make efficient goals because you will know what your end desire is you will no longer be beating the air and giving yourself to possibly good and meaningless it meaningless activities God is good is often the enemy of the best so when you know your purpose you’ll be able to focus on the best whatever you focus on you empower so you will actually empower your purpose by focusing on it once you know it fourthly knowing your purpose will fill you with powerful passion and energy there’s nothing more exciting than putting your hands to what you were made for and the opposite is true too there is nothing more draining than putting your hands to what you are not created to do and I will give an example in a few minutes about my own life because I’m going to reveal my purpose to you in a few moments and I’ll show you a few things about it because it will help you find yours you will achieve success number five you will achieve success when you understand your purpose when you know your god-given purpose success takes on a brand new definition no longer will you compare yourself to the accomplishments and the standards of others because when you are in your purpose the force of God’s amazing grace his divine influence upon your life will be working with you to accomplish your purpose without comparison to others you will have this Drive on the inside of you this under the grace of God and the rest of God that will automatically fulfill you and cause you to be successful so actually defining your life purpose brings about success for you it’s awesome now there’s a quote that George Elliot gave that I just love and it says it’s never too late to be who you might have been I think that’s important for many of you that are on this this webinar right now because I hear it all the time when I’m working with seniors on the front lines they’ll say you know I’m so old now and I miss my life purpose and you know I’ve done my grave sort of speak and and it’s never too late though when you align with God he will redeem the time and so you might have spent your life just in a mess but the moment you align with God you’re on your path to success and fruitfulness I have seen people in their latter years of life bring forth so much fruitfulness that it was beyond anything they could have done previously because God redeems the time I’ve also worked with many people who were drug addicts prostitutes and they were living in the inner city their life was destroyed they lost all their money their family their reputation their respect but when I took their hand and help them discover God number one but also their God defined purpose in life and they start aligning with that they came out of the mire right away and started become fruitful in life in fact some of them today are soaring in kingdom Advancement they’re doing well in business and ministry and family life they’re soaring because their core was strengthened you see when you know your identity your value and your purpose your core your inner core in your soul is so strong and so solidified that you literally attract success to yourself and that’s what God wants he wants you to align yourself with his purpose not not some imposed purpose that others would might put on your the society standards will put on you but when you are confident in yourself to know what God has called you to do and to be you will attract success you will attract fruitfulness in your life imposed purpose will drain you but God’s purpose when you discover it will empower you it will energize you and that’s what I want to help you find now I’m going to give you an example because purpose is not what you do basically I mean you will do from what you understand your purpose is but your purpose is actually who you are for example my life purpose is actually to inspire now when I’ve asked people what do you think my life purpose is some of them will say your purpose is to preach the gospel well that is an assignment I have that flows from my purpose the reason I preach the gospel is because I am created to inspire created to inspire people in their faith to empower them with vision so that they can serve God and that that fulfills me when I get to inspire someone’s faith I was just out in a crusade involved in a crusade in India where over 10,000 people gave their lives to Jesus Christ I I am I am I am so excited about that it just gives me energy inside because I was able to inspire people to believe in God who had never known God before when I am working in the inner city people trapped in darkness the the darkness of addiction prostitution corruption lawlessness when I am able to sit down with someone on the street in fact I’ve Celt with them right on their own pavement and inspired them to come out of darkness into the light there’s nothing better it empowers me because I’m living inside my life’s purpose some people have said well Patricia you’re an author that’s your purpose no that’s an assignment that fulfills my purpose my purpose is to inspire how do I inspire people by writing books with things that will give them vision that will produce faith that will produce success in their life I am an inspiration to them to bring them into those places and that’s why I write books books writing books is my assignment people have also told me well your purpose is to be a television host no that’s my assignment my assignment is to be a television host that that flows out of my life purpose I inspire people by being a television host you see what I mean your purpose is what empowers you to fulfill assignment your assignments are all fun for example if I stay in assignments that fulfill my purpose I am always going to be happy that’s why everything I do I love why because it all connects to to my life purpose everything I do even when I do things administrative ly to produce an assignment I’m inspired because I get to fulfill my life per that’s right but let’s say for example if someone said to me Patricia I’m going to give you a really good job I’m going to have you paint houses and I’m going to pay you such good money in fact I’ll pay you a million dollars a year to paint houses now I might think Wow a million dollars a year isn’t that great and if I started painting houses you know what would happen to me I would die I would die on the inside I would lose vision I would get depressed even though I get a million dollars at the end of it I wouldn’t I I would struggle internally without why because I’m not fulfilling my life purpose I’m not fulfilling purpose how can I inspire someone by painting a wall you know it’s just it’s just not going to work for me so you can keep your million dollars and I’ll keep my purpose I want to be inside of my purpose now my husband his purpose is to serve he gets delight over doing things with his hands anything the will will serve people so if someone has a car breakdown my husband is right there to serve in fixing it now people might say Oh Ron your purpose in life is to fix cars no it’s not his purpose is to serve his assignment might be in that particular thing is to fix a car or they might say Ron I really need my house painted and he would be happy to paint it he would paint it for free even because it inspires him to serve it’s his life purpose whenever he gets to serve someone so when he can serve for example when he got diagnosed with Parkinson’s and it came to a place where he couldn’t serve any more he he was depressed within we had to find ways for him to serve because his his his movements his ability to serve with his hands was removed from him so we were able to get him back into a position through a surgery and everything and through believing God where he can serve again and he is he’s happy he is not depressed anymore he’s not feeling down anymore because he is fulfilling life’s purpose to serve he has to be able to serve okay so his gift his purpose is not to inspire if he if if he was told to stand in a pulpit and build people’s faith and inspire them to believe he he would be stressed out he would not find that fulfilling and it’s not because it’s not a good mandate but it’s because it’s not his purpose Shirley Seeger who is my television producer we were you know speaking with her what is your purpose and you know she was thinking well it’s probably to produce media and I said I think you should look a little bit deeper than that because I think that your purpose is actually to create it’s not just to produce media producing media is an assignment you have that creates everything she does she creates and if she can’t create she dies inside sometimes she will create a technology create something that that is a vision for kingdom advancement through media and she’s done that on many in in many different ways even creating XP media.com as a as a distribution portal for christian media she created that whole concept and created the technology for it once it’s created the maintenance part of it and the upkeep of it it causes her to die inside she’ll do it to be faithful but it doesn’t inspire her it doesn’t empower her why because the creative process is finished now she’s going to be faithful until someone else can take over that which she does assign people and hire people out to take care of the sustaining of that but she will be faithful to oversee that but if she’s not creating she’s she’s going to wither inside so what is what is your purpose what is your purpose now I I host an eight-month mentoring program which I would love to invite you to be part of because in that program I go into a lot of detail to help my clients understand their identity to understand their value and to understand their purpose as well as giving them skills on building vision for example once you know your purpose and you get hold of a vision that will empower that purpose how do you take that and build it from from one step to another without you know you know without sabotaging it how do you take that through to completion and what tools can you use in life life tools to be able to move successfully through your spiritual growth your personal development your business your ministry tools all of that we include in that eight-month mentoring program we help you to find your purpose to utilize it to get you in the right position to help you discover you the God created you and to partner with God for the development of who you are so that you’re not going to be out of a hundred percent potential you’re not going to sit at ten percent no you’re going to move up into the fullness of the potential that God has for you so I want you to consider joining that eight month mentoring program because I think that you’ll love it it’s easy to do it’s online and it’s easy for anyone to do around the world and I give you daily input through a closed Facebook group where you can ask questions where you can give your thoughts your ideas your your projections and and we work with you on that it’s absolutely phenomenal and I’m very committed to it it’s a lot of time I am putting into it because I believe in you but for now I want you to pray about what your life purpose is with what I’ve given you given you already we have you know I have a friend who has a ministry in the prisons and I said to her I said what is what is your life purpose what do you think that your life purpose is and she said it’s to bring the word into the prisons and I said that’s an assignment what’s your purpose and she looked perplexed and I said I believe your purpose is to be a warrior is to war for what is right for what is true that’s your purpose and so everything that you do as you teach people the word as you instruct them in how to overcome it’s all with this this this warring and contending for the freedom of the people whether they’re behind bars or or on the other side of it you wore and contend for the victory for them and I said is there anything in your life that would give you pleasure if you weren’t fighting even before she got saved she was a fighter on the dark side right but now she’s a fighter for God because that’s her purpose her purpose is to fight and and the lights went on she says oh my goodness that’s right everything I do I am fulfilling purpose with everything that I do because it’s to war contend for freedom and that is her that is her flow and like that’s what fulfills her what fulfills you so let me give you just one little thing in our life life or in our eighth month mentoring program I go through many a you know different testings and things like that and and different exercises that people can do to help find their life purpose but let me give you one sit quietly before the Holy Spirit and just get rid of all the distractions and put your heart before him and ask him saying holy spirit you’ve formed and fashioned me in the womb of my mother you knew me before before time began and you created me with a purpose and I want to know that purpose and listen for the voice of God he might speak to you and just thoughts he might speak to you and an audible voice or he might later speak to you in a dream you might speak to you in little faint images in your mind’s eye but whatever he shows you write it down just even if you don’t think it’s him yet just write everything down that he says and then take a look at that and pray into it and say God is there anything here that reveals my purpose to me because your purpose will be that which fulfills you excites you brings focus I know that this is a simple little exercise but it is a beginning point for you it is important that you know who you are beautiful you oh I’d love to spend some more time with you on this because because if you can identify if you know your identity in God if you’re able to identify all the intricacies of what God put in you and if you are able to identify your value your intrinsic value that you haven’t got that part of you that that that demands honor and if you know your life purpose it is going to catapult you like never before and I do want you to consider joining the 8-month mentoring program I really would like to be able to help you eight months where every single month I give you over an hour and a half of teaching a minimum of one and a half hours of teaching and exercises assignments that will help you to work on to discover you and the tools that God has for you the other thing I do is I have one call every single month where you can ask questions where you can give your comments and a daily Facebook line only for those in the program where you get to ask the questions or I can help you process and where other people can give their input to you as well it’s beautiful not only that I pray and decree over you everyone in the program will get daily decrees over your life every single day I am passionate about this I am passionate about but seeing you get the tool so life tools that you need and to teach you how to exercise them not just give you a tool in a package and then say okay go run with it without an instruction book but show you how to take that tool and exercise it for your good I have seen clients go from one degree to another overnight practically I’ve seen them breakthrough in areas where they’ve not been able to break through before I’ve seen them shift and accelerate into fruitfulness and success in their life in their spiritual walk with the Lord in their industry giftings it has been amazing to watch the holy spirit breathe on on just this time that he has with them it’s just beautiful and so I want to I’ve compiled all these tools I’ve learned over the year bringing the very best of them to you so that you can have it and I just I do want to say this to you is that if you were to go to your own personal life coach oftentimes you will pay anywhere between like two hundred dollars a session up to maybe two thousand twenty-five hundred dollars a session and Beyond for more experienced in seasoned coaches but this is an area that everyone can afford it works out to about $50 a month for daily input unbelievable and it is an investment that I think that you are worth you are worth the investment and so I do want to invite you to join me just go to XP Media.com forward slash mentor and you can find out more information about that we start in June and I would love to have you in the program but for today I want you to pray to God about your purpose because I know this one thing I’ve seen over and over again that when people have their purpose defined they take off and they are then able to eliminate things in in in their lives that are just taking up space that aren’t really important that aren’t giving them what they need and I want you to consider that are there activities in your life are there associations in your life that are draining instead of empowering in the program I teach you how to define that and how to and how to eliminate going through an elimination process and replacing them with things that will empower you but you can ask Holy Spirit about those things and I think this is a key that I can give you today is to go before him and just ask them are there things that you can eliminate that will make more room to empower your purpose discover your purpose empower your purpose and live your purpose because God created you for it remember this that God loves you with an everlasting love and and so do I and it’s been my pleasure to be able to give you this session today I’d love to be able to pour more into your life to help you have your breakthrough to help you come out of any rut that you might find yourself in and to accelerate to maybe save years and years of struggling times and bring you into a place of ease where you can soar god bless you have a great day and hope to see you soon

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