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Elevate Christian Network :: Ministry Outreach TV

Elevate Christian Network :: Ministry Outreach TV

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stand up real quick go to Matthew chapter six alright you say again yes until we get it right but today we’re talking about living life with God first right and so we’ve been talking about most people say when they look at and they say well God first then they go what’s next usually family career ministry finance and stuff like that but we we’ve kind of redone this we say God first God first and family God first in career God first in ministry God first in dreams right God first in finances so when God is first in everything I mean in actuality when God is first and we’ve used example like I know Twana and Greg never fight but if they ever gonna fight and Minister Greg you see God first all of a sudden instead of just thing to wanna get it on your nerves and that woman better get it right all of a sudden you can love her as Christ loved the church because your marriage is your ministry and when you’re speaking to her you’re speaking God first so when God is first and anything it kind of shifts I mean you might be serving up a boss that is meaner than a cross-eyed snake you know and and you can have people that get on your nerves or you have an assignment that’s difficult but if God’s first everything you’re doing as is unto the Lord so that’s how we’re when we put God first and live firstfruits it’s much more than just an offering it’s much more than just a feast season and this is not the feces in the firstfruits but the first year or the first month of this year we put God first in everything right so last week we or the week before we study three seasons of living life of God first contradictions consecration commitment today I want to talk to you about three P’s said okay three C’s three P’s so when you want to talk about God first in prayer God for some praise and God first in your plans all right God first in prayer let’s develop a prayer life God first in prayer God first and praise your praise is about to change God first in your plans Matthew 6:33 let’s read it loud and Ivy says but seek what first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you slap somebody upside the head say seek first say seek first say what’s your first what’s your first spirit of the Living God do what only you can do not by mind and not by power but saturate this place from centers or circumference open our ears to hear what does saith the Lord that the word will produce a harvest and then when we leave we will say like the psalmist it was good to be in the house of the Lord let there be transformation and transition the word gets on the inside of us and changes us we give you all praise remove every veil let preaching be pleasurable let it be fun today let it be easy and let it be productive we thank you in advance for the price that was paid through your son Jesus Christ in Jesus mighty name everybody said amen look at somebody one more time say what’s your first what’s your first you can be seated I’m gonna go through the message version you know it because it always lays the foundation it says what I’m trying to do here is to get you to relax so you already know tell your neighbor what chill out chill out no worry no stress no anxiety because stress and anxiety always creates this fear intimidation is the antithesis of faith right it creates doubt so you’ve got to deal with the word just cast your cares and as much as you know that how many of us has believers still have problems sometimes don’t worry anxiety the rest of you you’ve graduated please teach all of us how to live not human all right what I’m trying to get you to do is relax not to be so preoccupied with getting so you can respond to God’s giving the first 30 – this is the key people who don’t know God and the way he works fuss over these things but you know both God and how he works so steep your life and God reality God initiative God provisions don’t worry about missing out you’ll find all your everyday human concerns will be met so what he’s telling you here is when he’s saying don’t worry about all these things what you’ll eat what you wear where you live you know your everyday human concerns he’s saying steep your life in what God reality and God initiative which means you’ve got to be an initiator you’ve got to seep your life in God initiative you’ve got a you’ve got to put God right up in the midst of every situation in your life so let’s start at the very beginning because when the disciples come to Jesus after seeing all these cool miracles seeing people healed sing provision sing the fish and loaves multiplied they don’t say how do we build a big church how do we do homiletics or hermeneutics whether they say teach us how to pray because they recognize prayer was the vehicle that’s superimposed or brought the will of God to pass on the earth so devoted things and first things have the exact same meeting they’re they’re irrevocable giving over to God they’re things that belong to God and God alone when you devote something you commit it by solemn act it means you give over or you give directly such things as your time your talent your gifting your money and effort your prayer life your praise its to devote and God calls us to live a devoted life devotion is the highest expression of dedication to God so when we seek first we’re seeking first the person the presence come on and the purpose of Jesus Christ devotion is the highest expression of dedication to God it cannot be done without giving and you cannot give without loving so I just encourage you fall in love with Jesus today I mean just make him number one devotion is proof of God’s presence being priority in your life so first things are devoted things belong to God so let’s look at some devoted things let’s look at putting God first or let’s say living a life with God first in our prayer life you ready say bring an old pastor Paula said Luke chapter 19 Jesus gets pretty rough right he comes up and he says and pretty much all the Gospels except for one of them he says into them he says it’s written my house is the house of prayer but you have made it a den of thieves you see anytime that we don’t have a House of Prayer we make God’s house something that it is not and they they had brought in so much of the secular lizards and made it brought in because they had they were doing buying and purchasing of the sheep because that was the sacrifices they had to sacrifice and make atonement and do things for their ritual and their routine to observe God because offerings were always required in fact I was studying aroma because I wanted to do something thinking like somewhere in the word it talks about our prayer being a sweet aroma man and I looked for every scripture but there’s nowhere that says that the only thing that was a sweet aroma before the nostrils of God is an offering and an offering a burnt offering always would come up which is an oblation or the fullness as an aroma before God if Jeavons talks about Christ being the ultimate sacrifice being a sweet smell an aroma before the nostrils of God and so they would sacrifice to God because they they understood they wanted God’s presence and you never fully have the presence of God without it costing you something there is some kind of sacrifice there is something that has to be given up in order to be gain and yet they had become so rich one so routine that they had taken the House of Prayer and turned it into den of thieves and Jesus was cool I love Jesus man he comes in and just starts falling he starts throwing over the money changers and he starts pretty much like kind of cussing them out and saying you you just a you’re a bunch of robbers and and he’s easiest fussing at him and throwing and upsetting their whole their whole church service that would have been a cool day to go to church can you imagine just God coming in and just wrecking the house like that Lord just wreck our plans amen wreck everything that is not of you and you see what they had done is they had desecrated God’s Way which desecration is the instead of consecration what we’ve studied last week and we need desecrate and when you have desecration to the temple it’s the opposite of consecration and so when there is a breakdown in the power of prayer people will fall into a routine they fall into rituals and anything can become a form when you do it so religiously like some of you today you just come in here to church and you’ll leave the exact same and they’ll be absolutely no change because you’re just doing it routinely you’re doing it with the same expectation that you had three years ago instead of believing that right now God is a very present help in a time in trouble and right now he’s a right now God they can step into your situation and divinely orchestrated that whoever is sick in your family he can change it around whoever is depressed whoever is bound by demonic spirits and burden that God can just lift it up that God can change you from famine to feast overnight that God can turn around that tomorrow by this time that the God that you served that stepped out and spoke to nothing and created everything is there anything too difficult for him but when everything just becomes a form you see the Bible talks about in the New Testament says you have a form of godliness but you’ve denied the power thereof I don’t want to form up anything I want the substance of it and the problem with that when we become religious when we become routine is that God does not want us to be pre-programmed you see you cannot diminish God down to this is the right way to come to God this is the only way you can’t make him a formula you can’t turn God into seven steps you might be able to sell your tapes but you can’t turn God into seven steps to getting this he is much more than seven steps are four steps are three steps he is way too multifaceted for you to try to put him in this box and say this is exactly how God God will break your box God will break the way you think things are because Romans chapter 11 verse 33 through 36 all the depths and the riches and the wisdom in the knowledge of God how unsearchable are his judgments and his paths beyond tracing who has known the mind of the Lord or who has first been his counselor who has ever given to God that he should not be recompense again for by him and through him and to him are all things to whom be glory for ever and ever and ever how unsearchable who’s ever known the mind of Christ you see we can’t think that we got God figured out you might know a little bit of Hebrew you might know some Greek and even a little etymology but you don’t know God no man has ever known God in fact Moses says God show me your ways show me the path of life for the children of Israel know your acts they know what you do but they don’t know who you are and God wants somebody to know who he is God sent behold I stand at the door and knock If any man open the door now come in God wants to come in deeper into that secret chamber in your heart he wants to come in and show you who he really is he wants to blow your mind not just once in your lifetime but day after day after day after day and you can’t figure God out because God will use foolish things to confound the wise so just when you think you’ve got them figured out got a razor put drug-addict overnight overnight he’ll deliver somebody who’s shooting up heroin right now and they’ll be preaching more powerful than anyone who is your favorite person that you’ve been buying their tapes for 20 years see God will raise up someone right this moment and it’ll mess up your mind because it’s not the package God will pull off a bastard boy off the backside of the desert by the name of David come on that his own father will give up on but he’s faithful with a sheep he’s faithful with a lion he’s faithful with a bear and his own brothers will say what what are you doing down here I know the naughtiness of your heart who are you it doesn’t matter when people say who are you if God be for you it doesn’t matter who is against you and God will raise you up when everybody else is intimidated and standing there being taunted by Goliath you’ll stand up and say dare this uncircumcised philistine you don’t even have a covenant with the Most High Living God you you aren’t even relationship how dare you taunt Israel like this and God will get behind you think it was David and David was a slinger he had a skill but God is the one that gets behind your still see yes he used a slingshot he used his that pebble but it was the wind of God because that pebble to go and take the giant down it will always be God but causes things to fall in your life come on that causes the giant to come down in your life because we think that is it’s about oh just let me get to church but you cannot wait to get to church to become something that you’re not at home you cannot come to church and think I’m just gonna be powerful once I get there when you don’t have any power on your way there you aren’t hearing me you come to church to honor God just like I go home I don’t go home because I have to go home I don’t go home because just because I’m married I go home because I get to go home I go home because I’m married to that sexy handsome wonderful man that I love and I get to be his wife I don’t have to I don’t have to do anything see some of y’all like you think you have to do so nobody has to do anything in life you don’t have to go to church you get to go to church I don’t have to go home I go home because I honor him as my husband oh you aren’t hearing what I’m saying right now no one has to do anything for you in life no one owes you anything no one no government no per

  • Message by Pastor Paula White-Cain:  “Living Life With God First”.

About Pastor Paula White

Paula White Pastor Paula White is a Christian author, speaker and senior pastor of New Destiny Christian Center located in Apopka, Florida near Orlando. She was formerly senior pastor of Without Walls International Church; a large, influential, non-denominational, charismatic church in Tampa, Florida.

Paula answered God’s call to help co-found Without Walls International Church in 1991—a ministry that has gone on to touch the lives of hundreds of thousands of those in-need. In 2001 she founded Paula White Media Ministry to reach the world with God’s message of hope.

New Destiny Christian Center

Paula White was appointed by the board of New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka, Florida, to succeed Zachery Tims as the new pastor, on December 31, 2011.  She is no longer associated with Without Walls International Church.  Paula continues to be an inspiration to millions around the world.

Her television program, “Paula Today,” reaches a potential viewing audience of 2.3 billion people worldwide.  She continues to work with its partners organizing crusades, building orphanages, schools, churches, clean-water wells, and feeding stations around the world.

Paula White-Cain’s Mission

Today, as a much-in-demand speaker and teacher of the gospel, she continues to travel extensively to fulfill her mandated mission: to transform lives, heal hearts, and show others the way to Jesus.

Pastor Paula White-Cain is married to Jonathan Cain of the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame band, Journey.  She is chairwoman of the Evangelical Advisory Board to President Donald J. Trump.


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