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this is CBN Newswatch it is Tuesday March 17th happy st. Patrick’s Day to you I met from Grandma head today the White House issuing new guidelines on preventing the coronavirus are gonna take a look at why there’s a short time frame to limit its spread and what you should be doing including social distancing from Israel to Iran to Saudi Arabia how the corona virus is affecting the Middle East and why it’s important to the rest of the world behind the scenes of the new film I am Patrick going to show you how this true life story of the man known as st. Patrick was made acts as it hits theaters starting this evening and we’re gonna show you dr. James Dobson sprayer for America and the world during the corona virus outbreak all those stories in Moorhead in this edition of CBN Newswatch I want to begin this half hour at the White House saying the next 15 days are going to be critical in trying to slow the spread of the corona virus in America President Donald Trump releasing new guidelines urging citizens to keep away from each other as the number of those infected continues to grow George Thomas has the details President Trump is urging Americans to stay away from each other as the government releases new guidelines aimed at trying to slow the spread of the virus those measures drastically affecting US society and the economy my administration is recommending that all Americans including the young and healthy work to engage in schooling from home when possible avoid gathering in groups of more than 10 people avoid discretionary travel and avoid eating and drinking in bars restaurants and public food courts across the country health officials scrambling to bolster testing as concerns grow that a surge in viral cases could overwhelm the medical system in Virginia’s Hampton Roads area hospitals are increasing testing and gearing up for a potential influx of patients health officials here urging residents to stay home and that the virus run its course they don’t necessarily need to come to the hospital many of these patients will be able to stay home and care for themselves because at this time there is no treatment for covet 19 all this as the nation’s top infectious disease expert warns they have a 15 day window to slow the spread of the virus the message from the White House pay attention to the new guidelines very carefully we hope that the people of the United States will take them very seriously because they will fail if people don’t adhere to them six counties in the San Francisco Bay Area leading the way declaring an unprecedented shelter-in-place mandate seven million people now ordered to stay home for the next three weeks we need to anticipate spread but we also need to prioritize our focus in LA County all bars restaurants gyms and other businesses shut down grocery stores banks and pharmacies will remain open it’s a similar scene playing out in other states as folks line up outside stores for supplies I think that’s probably the best thing to do right now considering that the numbers are spreading on Wall Street the Dow off nearly 3,000 points Monday on fears the virus will cause a recession we don’t know exactly how pervasive it will be and we don’t yet have an idea of how big an impact it will have on the economy this quarter next quarter the number of coronavirus cases in the US now passing 4,600 with at least 86 fatalities health officials reported 18 deaths on Monday the largest one-day increase since the onset of the outbreak George Thomas CBN News I want to tell you that you can find the new White House coronavirus prevention guidelines at CBN news.com joining us now is CBN medical reporter Laurie Johnson so why are the white is this 15 day window to stop the spread of the calling of iris so important this is crunch time this is our one opportunity this is the window that we have to keep us from going in the same direction as Italy Ephraim Italy is where we were right now they are where we were we are where they were two weeks ago and so we’re seeing in Italy right now their health care system cannot handle the cases we are seeing people who are older being denied care and being given their last rites because the health care system can’t handle it and so two weeks ago when when this was just starting in Italy they weren’t practicing social distancing they weren’t taking all these extreme aggressive precautions they are now but it’s a little bit too late they’re playing catch-up so right now we’re at the very beginning of the curve we’ve been talking about flattening the curve right now is the time that we have to prevent it’s spreading like wildfire so this is why you and I are so far apart every American regardless of age or health condition is being asked to stay six feet away from each other that my arm is about two feet and then this is three feet so add another foot on to this we are six feet we shouldn’t be any I miss you I wouldn’t stay in close to you but we have to do our part absolutely absolutely why is the White House now saying to avoid groups of more than ten people congregating together ten people again this is because we know that when people get together that’s when the disease spread and so conversely we know that the best way to prevent it’s spreading is to stay away from each other first it was no large stadiums then it was okay no crowds over five hundred then it was like okay no crowds over fifty now it’s actually no more than ten people stay away and we hear the term social distancing as you meant tell us you mentioned tell us again why this is so important because we know that people who that the virus spreads from droplets that come out of our mouths and when we sneeze and cough and they can land on other people’s faces they can land on surfaces and things like that so we really need to be careful also about disinfecting surfaces one more thing that if this is one of the new guidelines is if someone in your home in your household tests positive for corona virus the entire family is being asked to quarantine because we know that spread within homes is very rampant and when your quarantine should be quarantine a part of how does that work in terms of the house well is it’s very that’s a great question try very hard to keep people who are at most risk separated from people who aren’t even in well families because you never know who might be carrying it but if the entire family is sick yes to do your best but everybody needs to stay in the house so that you don’t spread it into the community absolutely all right Lori Johnson medical reporter thank you so much for this update I appreciate it be sure to stay with us for the latest on the corona viruses we provide updates on the CBN News Channel and of course we’ll be updating CBN news.com 24/7 Church’s look to find a way to carry server carry on their services online in light of the corona virus scare Facebook is stepping up to help them Nona Jones is the head of faith-based partnerships at Facebook and she told CBN s the prayer link program Facebook is a tool that churches can use to keep their congregations connected during this time at the organizational level if you think of your Facebook presence like a house your page is like your front porch Facebook live is like you opening the door and then a Facebook group is like you inviting people into your living room and so I have encouraged organizations and faith leaders and pastors to use all three in order to connect your congregations I think on the individual level this is an opportunity to be a voice of hope to be a voice of calm a voice of peace and we have the potential because of our social networks in order to be a calming force during a time of unrest now to see that full interview with Nona Jones and to hear how faith leaders are responding to the coronavirus be sure to watch the prayer link you can catch it this evening on the CBN News Channel it begins at 6:30 Eastern Standard Time coming up we’re going to bring you a look at how the coronavirus is changing the middle east from the western wall in Israel to growing concerns in Iran to the Islamic holy sites in Saudi Arabia and have that story when we come back stay with us [Music] introducing the CBN Bible from cbn.com now an easier way to study the Bible and grow in your faith I like your favorite verse read separate versions at a glance click and read a commentary or cross reference your favorite verse using the Strong’s Concordance all the right tools to study the Bible all in one place the CBN Bible available at cbn.com slash Bible for the iTunes App Store this is cbn news launch thanks for joining us watch breaking news exclusive stories and programs credible news reporting we show you what’s happening in the world and how you can pray about it this is CBN Newswatch because truth matters weekdays at 5 on the cbn news channel supers Pizza palace is donating pizza for everyone today today trust in God even when times are tough he has a plan for your life hey we’re gonna be late for the grand opening my parents want me to help with this outreach feeding the community join the Superbook lovin get Superbook the birth of Moses plus two copies to share with others all for your gift of only $25 the birth of Moses yours for a gift of only $25 what will you do the next time you soldiers come I do not know but I trust God has a plan for all of us Superbook club members free streaming for seasons one two and three is now available from the Western Wall in Jerusalem to Mecca in Saudi Arabia the corona virus is changing the Middle East as Chris Mitchell now reports from Jerusalem people throughout the region are adjusting to the new normal in Mecca the black stone sits alone Saudi Arabia decided to block access to Islam’s holiest site as part of its fight to stop the spread of the coronavirus Egypt has reported hundreds of cases that severely hit its tourism industry Jordan’s King Abdullah presided over a covet 19 meeting and implemented a compulsory quarantine for all those entering the country Iran has been the hardest hit in the region with more than 850 deaths some among its leadership kamek kamek : everyone must help we’re in circumstances that in order to get through it as quickly as possible we require collective assistance everyone should help with educating the people giving them advice and raising the people’s awareness to cooperate with our societies medical sector but Iran is a major hotspot and there are thousands of people there they’re infected and the estimates are that there could be tens of thousands Seth France Minh maintains a daily news digest on middle-east center.org that monitors the impact of the corona virus in the Middle East we’re basically seeing borders and walls going up everywhere this is already a region that has lots of borders and walls so that’s not entirely new but I think we’re seeing for instance a lot of total shutdowns for instance in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq they basically have a curfew France Minh says the economic impact on the Gulf states and Saudi Arabia will ripple throughout the world these are countries that have a huge role in the global economy they knit together this kind of globalized world we live in and all of those economies are gonna suffer massively from this and I think we need to understand that the reverberations will go on for years the refugees in the region are red greatest risk many of them do not have access to basic health care needs and that means also that they are prevented usually from what we would think of his tests for instance in Europe and America it’s difficult sometimes to get a test for this virus imagine if you’re in a camp or you’re near Raqqa are commercially in eastern Syria your chances are zero so I think this is a test for the international community is not doing enough to help all these people who are victims of conflict the region might not have seen the worst of the virus and its impact on the world I think that we have to ask ourselves you know this can demmick could have a massive ripple effect in the region and set back not only Gulf economies but also all these economies that are affected around it and Christmas joins us now from Jerusalem so Chris why is the region so important to the global economy well first of all I will give you an update about Iran they’re reporting more deaths 135 today that’s up to 988 deaths in Iran about 16,000 cases right now and the the concern in the Middle East is that Iran really was was behind the curve on the corona virus and that many Iranians have been able to travel throughout the region really spiking in spreading the virus through many many of the countries here in the Middle East why is this so important to this region because it’s a hub and many of the biggest airports in the world right now in the Gulf are here many of them are shut down it’s really a global traffic and and and that is basically that ended right now and also oil oil oil that’s this is the epicenter of most of the world’s oil thankfully the US is pretty much independent about that but it serves many of the places around the world and those financial markets really do have that ripple effect also global events like the Grand Prix they’re canceled those are global events that attract people from all over the world and also Efrem I think we need to realize that some of these governments and here are fragile to begin with and it really could have a destabilizing impact on governments like Egypt or Jordan that really had to have undercurrents of terrorism in there and a people that really would want to overthrow those governments I think you have to take that impact into effect indeed we’ve heard of Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030 what impact can this have on the future there well a huge impact Efrem we were there last year and they really wanted to take their economy from an oil based economy and they wanted to go to tourism and technology right now basically tourism is shut down it really does have a huge impact when they shut down Mecca you know millions of Muslims around the world that’s where they go once a year if they can are once in their lifetime and that’s basically shut down so I think the impact of tourism and the oil markets and in the debt that that Saudi Arabia has really is going to put a huge impact on their vision to have their economy independent of oil by 2030 so what is the condition of the refugees now in the region well Efrem you have to realize there are millions of refugees and internally displaced persons IDPs throughout the region either in Turkey they’re in Jordan and Lebanon and certainly in Northeast Syria we’ve been to some of these camps so these are the least of these and as Seth France man said and he is his interview that really is a test for the international community if we can reach out to them during this time understandably he said this probably they can’t get tests now these are terrible conditions in the best of times now it remains to be seen if the international community can really help and reach out to these people and also in places like Yemen or Egypt Yemen was a civil war going on nobody really knows how much this virus may have infiltrated those areas maybe it’s percolating and it may be maybe some day down the line we’ll find out that you know thousands maybe millions of people have been infected already so how is the situation in Israel now and what has Iran said recently about an Israeli vaccine well Ephraim I was just listening to George’s reporting in lorries the interview with you and right now we’re pretty much close to a total shutdown employees are shut down to about 10 per employees employee place in fact if you’re over ten you have to cut it down 70% so that’s really a drastic measure at the West and while you have to be limited to certain space and one thing I just added about Iran you know here in Israel they are hopefully having an effect seen pretty soon Iran says that they will use an Israeli vaccine that such one more change of one more sign of a changing Middle East that Iran would actually use something from the Jewish state yeah change indeed Chris Mitchell reporting from Jerusalem thank you so much Chris for your time still ahead we’re gonna go behind the scenes of the new movie from CBN films to bring you a look at the making of I am Patrick we’ll have that story for you right after this [Music] [Music] when I came to Regent University it’s like the world opened up I felt like I needed to advance my career and go back to school Regent was a perfect fit for 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Patrick’s Day we’ve been telling you about the new movie honoring the young bishop who left his home in Britain to bring the Christian faith to the Emerald Isle simian film shares this amazing story in the docudrama called patric hitting theaters today here’s part one of our behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film to narrate in detail either the whole story of my Labor’s or in parts of it would take a long time and so begins this look back at the life of st. Patrick in the film I am Patrick the patron saint of Ireland Jared Anderson is the writer and director you don’t have to embellish the story of st. Patrick at all I mean it’s such a dramatic story such a powerful story it’s just a delight to be able to have a story like that that’s true Patrick answers God’s call and travels to Ireland to deliver the gospel to the pagan country even in during slavery people get a little lost with the legends and the myths about st. Patrick and the real man the real Saint Patrick is far more fascinating than the legend and myth and in fact I think the bit more human Patrick that people don’t really know about is really far more inspirational to tell that inspirational true story my name is Robert mcCormick and I am playing young Patrick in this film my name is Shaun T O’Malley and I am playing middle Patrick I’m John Reese Davis and I play the oldest and Patrick Jared casts three actors to play the leading role any one you’re casting it’s like a casting nightmare to have three different people you’re trying to cast but I color facial structures they totally work now tomorrow we’re gonna hear from the famous actor John rhys-davies about what it was like to play the legendary Saint Patrick when we bring you part two of our behind-the-scenes look at the making of I am Patrick and you can see the CBN film I am Patrick the patron saint of Ireland it’s in theaters tonight and tomorrow night for just two nights only tickets are on sale right now you can go too I am Patrick calm to see the show times and to reserve your seats coming up Italians under lockdown from the coronavirus still find a way to stay happy through singing and dr. James Dobson offering a prayer for America and the world during this difficult time we’re gonna have those stories when we come back please stay with us [Music] Christians around the world are standing with the Israelis but why in CBN’s free magazine Friends of Israel you’ll discover why Christians are supporting the Jewish state how Israel is fulfilling prophecy is a light to the nation’s and ways you can pray for the people of Israel Israel needs the support of friends like you call now or go to cbn.com to get your free copy of Friends of Israel Heavenly Father we do thank you for the work of your spirit Lord guide with this movement of getting the Bible yes Lord into public school [Music] watch the prayer link Tuesday nights at 6:30 if you’re tired and exhausted all day you can’t think clearly and you really just need a cup or even a pot of coffee to get through your day then join me dr. 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James Dotson on the National Day of Prayer this past Sunday Heavenly Father we thank you for inviting us to bring our cares and concerns to you because as the scripture tells us you care about us we can’t explain why you’re mindful of us but we know that nothing escapes your notice including those in our midst today who are suffering and fearful so Lord we do call on your name not just about our personal concerns but for the entire human family around the world we want you to give wisdom and guidance to our president into the International leaders as they do their best to protect the people from the coronavirus be with the scientists as they seek to develop the vaccination to bring this epidemic to an end we are in your hands today Lord and we thank you for loving us amen amen time now for your Tuesday tweetable this is a message I pray will bless you and perhaps you consider posting tagging tweeting and sharing it with those around you as the world faces this crisis we as individuals can become overwhelmed but know this even when I can’t change the situation I can change in the situation with that moment take a time to consider your blessings even in this trying time with that word I encourage you to make today a terrific Tuesday that is going to do it for this edition of CBN Newswatch remember you can always find more of our CBN News programs on the cbn news channel and anytime you can also find them online at CBN news.com we would love to hear from you and we know want to know what you think about the stories you’ve seen here today feel free to email us at the address on your screen Newswatch at cbn.com and of course we’re always available on Facebook Twitter and Instagram hope you’ll join us again right here next time have a great day everybody goodbye and God bless [Music]

Dr. James Dobson’s powerful prayer as America and the world enters uncharted territory on the Coronavirus. The latest guidelines the Trump administration says will help slow the spread of the Coronavirus. The real story of St. Patrick and how you can watch CBN’s movie I Am Patrick without leaving your home.


I AM PATRICK || The Patron Saint of Ireland

  • I AM PATRICK peels back centuries of legend and myth to tell the true story of Saint Patrick.


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