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Elevate Christian Network :: Ministry Outreach TV

Video Transcript

coming up on Marcus and Joni Pat schatzline talks about dispelling lies with his new book why is God so mad at me Plus here how Reverend cannon Andrew life is connecting believers in the heart of baton from the Daystar Studios in Dallas Texas Marcus your host hello everybody and welcome today we’re so delighted that you’ve joined us we got a bunch of on fire excited young people in the audience today from an outstanding school we’ll be telling you more about that in just a moment and here is our second day and the new restored revived whatever studio maybe we can take another shot around Lane and show everybody what’s going on here in your day start television network there’s the new stat we’re excited about it and we’re excited about our guests as well because we have student students from the forerunner school of ministry started by Pat and Karen can you say the last thing shuts wat schatz line till it’s give it up for the students that are here today so they’ve come a long way we welcome them here today all right thanks going with you things are going great I love that blouse or jacket or what do you call that that’s a jacket isn’t it my mother gave me this for Christmas oh it feels so soft just like have you ever petted a dolphin have you ever petted the layout yes many times yes well let me tell you about our guests we are delighted to have evangelist Pat Schatzline his wife Karen they’re here today and they the Lord uses them and evangelism all over America so you’re gonna be blessed by them and then Joni all the way from Baghdad Iraq dr. cannon Andrew White he is the pastor of st. George’s Church there in Baghdad 5500 people and he’s being joined today by a general this general was over the the reconstruction of Baghdad in Iraq and would be telling you more about him in just a moment so it’s going to be a very very interesting program and I hope you’ll stay tuned they want a star in Baghdad so he’ll be able to tell us about that as well it’s always so exciting to me to hear about people around the world that are watching Daystar and know that I was just with Sara d’Alene and forgive me for not remembering the missionaries name it’s Andrew who is his first name but pastor Andrew who’s who really 40 years ago started many of the underground churches there in China she was there visiting and was there with he and his wife and he said oh yes we we watched Daystar all the time he sent me his book it was just so amazing and I know our daughter Rebecca was with Irene Gleason in the jungles of Uganda and she’s like mom there are you and dad are there’s a star in the middle of the jungle and Irene watches you know and so it’s just so exciting to see where your day star television network is going literally around the world is exciting well I’m going to tell you about people watching from all over the world in a moment but I did want to share this with our viewers some of you know this but many of you don’t and we all love and appreciate James and Betty Robinson you see them daily on Daystar in the morning and the evenings well just a few days ago their daughter Robin who was 40 who had been battling cancer for seven years she passed away and leaving behind a wonderful husband and three great kids and she fought the battle with faith and with dignity and with joy and she will be greatly missed and so we need to be praying for James and Betty and for Robins family because what a devastating thing to suffer a loss like that we can’t imagine I mean it’s it’s never natural for the child to go before the parent and I know I’ve interviewed people who have lost their children via sickness via accidents you know all kinds of things and I think it’s important that you know when we are around people who have lost a loved one especially a child that it’s okay to remember that child to talk about the joy that they’re trying to keep them alive brought into our lives and remember that as Christians that we will see those family members again are better known in our past they’re in our future you’re in our future I love that so he’ll see her again okay well our prayer partners are standing by if there’s a need in your life called the number that’s on the screen or go today start calm and click on prayer and I want to acknowledge viewers today from around the world San Juan Puerto Rico from New Zealand from Italy from Sudan which is in northern Africa Jamaica Ghana la flair France from South Australia from England from South Africa from Lagos Nigeria from India from Mumbai India from Philippines from LA Chester England from the United Kingdom from Ontario Canada from Portsmouth des minute Dominica from Chung Isle City Taiwan China Joanie was just talking about that they watched a star in China San Fernando Trinidad and Tobago Germans Town South Africa Helsinki Finland British Columbia Canada can Dar es Salaam Tanzania of course that is the capital of the nation there in Tanzania more from Nigeria Tegucigalpa Honduras from Mexico City from Lima Peru Quito Ecuador and from Jerusalem Israel so god bless all of our viewers from around the world were so delighted that you’re here well stay tuned because andrew white is going to tell some miraculous stories of what God has done in his life and in his ministry and as I said he serves as the pastor of st. George’s Church in Baghdad with 5,500 people and 500 of them are Muslims isn’t that just remarkable so stay tuned for that you’re gonna love that you’re gonna love Pat and Karen shots line from Alabama and we’re gonna see if we do good on saying their name that’s not an easy name to say I’m doing the best I can and they’re great evangelists and powerfully used of God but right now worship the Lord with Joni and the Daystar singers and band as they sing say so for the people of God to stand up and be counted to say so say the word and release God in the atmosphere what does it mean what does it mean to be saved isn’t it more than just a bread breeeead more than just away to be to be honest like see the to be that the redeemed of the Lord riser to redeem the Lord stay tuned you’re going to love hearing from evangelist Pat and Karen Schatz line from Birmingham Alabama they’ve got members of their school of ministry that are with them today the full runners school of ministry but we’ll be right back author and evangelist paths on slide explains why God really isn’t mad at you up next he’s created fire then turn can’t ever it goes beyond the highest star and we choose to the guilty we’ve his son too she is very shy when she’ll pass away refuse to pray horn Roxanne ted’s you all measure redeeming to st. said the ocean fan and world Harshman on earth bye-bye Oh well I don’t think there could be a greater song the love of God you think about how much he loves us how much he cares we don’t deserve it we’ll never be able to deserve it we’ll never be able to work long enough or hard enough to earn the love of God so he says I’m just going to have to give it to you I want you to know that today God loves you he really does and he loves you so very very much he loves you so much He gave His only Son to die and Jesus loves you so much that He gave His life he’s suffered and died for you he loves you today and I want you to know that I love you and that’s why we do this program every day that’s why a star is owned all over the world because we love you you’re gonna be so blessed by our next guest today Pat and Karen Schatz line I hope I’m saying it right it just is not a name you hear every day yeah honey no it’s why it’s fine okay you need to go to the 4runners school so you learn how to say their name correctly we have a still of this picture right I wanted to show you this Bishop Ken and white showed me this and I had to show this to our viewers this is us a person that died and is being taken to a funeral and they believe that that that you see above there are angels right there seeing like clouds I mean that’s such an unusual so I just had to show that to our viewers okay so god Bless You Pat and and Karen we’re so delighted that you guys are here and we’re gonna talk about this book why is God so mad at me well he really isn’t dispelling the lies that many people believe many people believe something like that yes so let’s talk a little bit first about your background tell us so a little bit about your life Pat well my parents got saving I was 5 years old and they’re from Detroit Michigan originally and then we moved to Alabama and my beautiful wife Karen we met when I was in college in Florida down at Southeastern as a matter of fact and since 1997 I was a youth pastor for about 10 years we’ve traveled the world 2 million miles and spoke to about 2 million students and adults since a lot seen a lot of miracles a lot of outpourings just this last weekend I was in Boston and literally had people they cut themselves one of things God’s been doing crazy miracles but we’ve seen it kids that cut themselves their scars will disappear in the middle of our services and that happened in Boston an incredible church their kingdom Builders International and and but we met we’ve been married 22 years my son and daughter-in-law are in the audience here they’re youth pastors in Dallas here at Trinity Church and Nate and Adrian and our little girl Abigail we adopted her from China she was nine months old she’ll be 10 years old in a couple days she’s such a blessing she is she’s our little gift and tell us about forerunner school of ministry one of the things that God put in our spirit was raising up a generation that’ll lead a movement and sending them out and we’ve sent out hundreds all over the world that are preaching the gospel and many of them drove up today from or yesterday from Birmingham and then we’ve got some back there and then we planted forerunner schools all over America were tied to pastor Berto and Brownsville Pensacola launched a forerunner school our vision God begin to speak to us and it’s about legacy I love what one of my father’s Reinhardt bunkie always says to me Pat we must pass it on yeah and our vision is to raise up revivalist and see the outpouring and see the movement and the rim that rise up my next book will literally be called remnant rising it’s about those that God that nobody should use but he’s using the nobodies the oops and the accidents that’s what he’s raising up oh I love that I’ve never heard anybody say that heart Karen is he always this excited and this enthused and in exuberant overview of the mercy seat ministry so let’s watch that together now he is awakening a sleeping giant youth ministries are rising up there’s people that have never been used by God that are about to step up the loops the accidents that nobody’s the rags in the hand of God the ones that God says you know what I’ll use you you’re a remnant and he says I’m looking for somebody to just wake up he loves you so much they calling you to set a new standard for a generation of girls to be the example that he has for the next generation when you go into places because you’re a temple and not a chef took the Purcell sign down you’re filled with the Holy Ghost when you walk into that room everything in that room should take notice every demon ought to be diving out windows because you are a person that he has inhabited are you getting this you are his music to the world okay mercy-seat ministries and if people want to be involved with the forerunner school of ministry yes sir tell us what the school is about and how can people get involved in it they can go to mercy-seat ministries comm or forerunner school of ministry comm and check it out the school is a two-year program that we raise up students send them out around the world some of the top places and churches and missions right I think of pastor bunky his personal assistant Andrew came out of our school of ministry wonderful and that they can check it out right at mercy-seat ministries comm all right tell us some more things that you’re seeing in the meetings and then we’re going to talk about this book why is God so mad at me and he really isn’t but we’re gonna take about that dude that was what’s happening in the meetings several months ago I was sound asleep and I had a dream and I’d asked the Lord to begin to show me him in my sleep and she woke up next to me and I’m shaking it’s exactly midnight and God began to in a dream showed me the outbreak of God all over America the new awakening the next awaking is coming and on our meetings every week we travel every single week last year I flew one hundred eighty five thousand miles and but our gifting in I guess really calling is is altar calls now call back to intimacy a call to realness a call to encounters with the Holy Spirit yes and we believe that a generation can be baptized in fire and be relevant and be real restore identity new generation every minister I guess has two or three life messages and my life messages encounter with God but breaking that orphan spirit off a generation let him know that Romans five year you don’t have a spirit of slavery but a spirit of adoption and John 14 he gave us the via that the counselors so that he adopted us he bought us and that’s what we see every youth conference we do it’s the craziest thing it’s so funny we were doing a big thing in Orlando it’s about five or six thousand students and I thought people were talking in the middle of my message and so because I think if we’re not careful we’re raising a solid generation that loves worship more than word and so we’re trying to teach him to love word and worship and you gotta have a balance at John for app yes sir and anyway I I’m preaching the lights are on and I couldn’t see and I said what somebody bring the lights up and Jesus culture was on stage with me and all of a sudden I noticed thousands had run and fallen on her face crying out to God young young people students junior highers high schoolers college students adults and that’s what we’re seeing there’s a hunger I don’t think your lifestyle should change when you get to heaven I think it should be doing it here teaching a generation Joanie we’re seeing that in our kids especially with our youngest right now how important is that it’s a mother too how important is that to you to see your kids on fire for God you know it’s so important and this generation is very special they’ve been inundated by every type of social media outlet in the internet and exposure and they really understand about reaching I think this next generation how are you what kind of impact are they having when they come out of this school and and are young people really hungry for truth I guess that’s the question I want to ask one of the reasons why I wrote the book I was out jogging one day and when I tell I joke about it when I was out jogging and I I run about ten feet and sit down for about ten minutes because I don’t want to over he doesn’t know how far I weigh in fate and the Lord spoke to me he said son rewrite my resume to a generation and I’m just weeping before the Lord and he said tell them who I really am and I began to study an 85-percent of a generation thinks of God is everything but love he’s authoritative he’s dictatorial all these things and Karen travels and speaks to girls on purity all over the world and God begin to speak to me and right before I wrote it that way to national leaders and to students had said to me I think God’s mad at me this week a lady twittered me and said from New York City she said I think God’s mad at me because her child was sick and and this generation wants truth with power I think if we’re not careful we we almost think they they’re not really into that but we’ve watched the encounters every person once they have it encounters Romans 11:29 God’s gifts and call her irrevocable once they have that encounter with God he changes him yes he’ll always call him back even if they wander and so when we begin to write the book and you ask about our students our vision and our passion is to raise up real rag in the hands rags in the hand of God sent to clean up the messes people that are just hungry and passionate I was speaking at a conference in Orlando or Florida somewhere in Florida I believe it was and students are laid out everywhere and for huge they were under the power of the Holy Spirit yeah okay so make sure our viewers understand they’re just God’s just moving in these four big guys from Miami area come up and surround me and they I had talked about how I love to dance with my little girl and wrestled with my son and that father relationship 34% are growing up without a dad oh that’s all for 72% the inner-city I watched in Boston this weekend is grown men were wailing and weeping as God was restoring the father’s file thank God but these four guys surrounded me and I tell about it in the book all of a sudden they they said we want to wrestle with you and there were huge huge african-american guys and and I said no I don’t want to hurt you guys I don’t want to wrestle with you huh in the altar call and next thing they said well if you won’t wrestle with us will you hold us we’ve never been held by a dial pad and that’s what we see I’ll put a little girls up on stage and dance with them because they’ve never danced for the daddy Wow and they just wince as well we just thought last Friday night in Birmingham at a youth conference oh my goodness our vision and our heart is to break off the lies of the enemy they weren’t born wrong we have a whole chapter called born this way and it dispels the lies of people’s gender we have a chapter in the book of why is God so mad at me literally well but I got sick or maybe I’ve messed up too much my let my sister who passed away a four weeks before she died she said to me I just thought I had messed up too much hmm and it shares about the grace of God and the real identity God told me he said rewrite my resume he’s a loving father he’s not an absentee dad I’ll never forget one day our little world of girls said to me she said up she said daddy how did you love me before you ever knew me because you always say that you loved us before with our whole question and I said cuz he loved us before I said sweetheart he loved us before we knew him and our vision is to tell a generation there they’re less than two seconds away from an encounter with God okay so how can people get the book if they want to get it they can go to why is God so mad at me calm they can go to all the Christian bookstores and stuff so they could probably go to amazon.com Amazon yes sir okay well I want Karen to tell us about your daughter and I would like for her if we can get past that microphone over there in a letter say hello to everybody cuz you said she’s from China okay and tell us her name her name is Abigail Abigail Abigail are you over there I want to say hello to you I see you’re happy tell everybody hi are you shy Abigail you know who else is shy me Marcus lamp I am very shy the only time I’m not shy is in front of a TV camera or if I’m preaching behind the pulpit other than that I’m very bashful and Miss Joni is trying to help me come out of my out of my shell well what has been the feedback from people that have read read this book so far you know it takes them through the whole journey of Christianity everything that every question could have but we’ve seen people saved already it just launches today today is the official national launch and thank you and we’re so excited because I would be writing the book and I would come downstairs I come out of my prayer room and I would look at her I go I don’t know how to do this and God the the publishing company came to us and they saw the outpouring of God and they said would you write this message and already all over since the pre launch even Karen’s own cousin gave his heart to Christ reading it fabulous and people that have heard about it are already getting in and and downloading it and going because even at the end there’s a moment a place to get give their heart to Christ and the very last chapter is this Christian walk it’s much what dr. white was sure it’s hard I talked about the church under persecution because I want them to know Christianity is under attack okay so anybody in youth ministry will love this any young person you’re saying Who am I why am I here what is God’s plan for me does he care does he love me does he have something special for me this book will give you the answers it’ll give you the how-to it’ll encourage you is great examples in there and padding this final two or three minutes I just feel like that you are to just look into the camera and talk to somebody and minister to them and encourage them would you do that take about two or three minutes and do that this morning when I was praying too and so honored to be on the markets and Joni’s show I said Lord what what what do I say you know Romans 8:28 says that everything that we are all called according to his purpose for the word purpose means created for public display in other words everything you’ve ever done and it also means a laying down of you of others everything you’ve ever gone through everything that’s ever tried to take you out at the moment you give it to Jesus the enemy no longer has authority he loses and God is raising up people that will stand up and say scars on earth or they become testimonies in heaven my wife said something I wrote it in the book but without pain it’s impossible to have compassion and God says what you’ve been through is a great indication of who you’re called to Wow and right where you’re at he’s sitting there with you I wrote an article about the Newtown attack and I just said where was he he was on a plane with me when I got the word but he was also in the classroom with those babies and in Connecticut and he wants you to know he’s right there in your living room no matter what you’ve done no matter how you’ve messed up no matter what’s tried to take you out he loves you so much and he is an invader he is in your space he’s knocking and he says if you’ll give me everything you’ve been through I’ll call it according to your purpose I’ll take it from the enemy and turn it into your testimony whatever wherever you’re sitting at right now the worst or the best place he wants you to know I can do something so big for you all you have to do is just say his name call out to say God transform me he’s raising up a generation that are desperate and that are hungry and that simply chase after him and this morning I want you to realize or this evening if you’re watching yeah you must realize that this isn’t by chance that’s right you’re not an oops you’re not an accident you are somebody that he says I’ve been waiting to transform you and the Father’s love he said you know what if you’ll call out to me I’ll give you my last name how great is the love the father’s lavished on us that I get to be called his child he’s chosen you and you get access to him if you just simply cry out to him I feel so strongly that people are hungry right now it’s time to call this is your opportunity the Holy Spirit is here in such a real and such a strong and precious way God loves you I shared that with many of you earlier and if you need something maybe you don’t even know what it is but you say you know what I need a change I need something different I need God to introduce himself to me again I need to understand him better I need to get closer to him I need to be stronger in the Lord I need more of his presence and his power and his spirit in my life I need the joy of the Lord I need the power of God to overcome the situation’s that I’m facing I’m giving these prayer requests to Pat and to Karen and they’re gonna lead us in prayer and they’re gonna lay hands on your prayer requests so if you haven’t called yet call right now and when you call that as an act of faith of you reaching out to God or go to the website they start calm and click on prayer and I want to encourage you get this book why is God so mad at me dispelling the lies many people believe and that’s one of them alive that God has mad at you he loves you and he cares for you Pat and Karen would you lead us in prayer that we close the program today and God’s not mad at you he’s mad about you oh that’s good father we thank you because right here’s our people that are hurting people that are walking through things people that are scared people that are tired and I pray in Jesus named for supernatural miracles we pray over every single prayer request that these lives will be transformed so god father will get reports in the next ten minutes of healing and body’s healing in marriages healing and their students lives their children’s life their home father pour out your glory you

In this video, Evangelists Pat and Karen Schatzline Evangelists Pat and Karen Schatzline share about the release of Pastor Pat’s book “Why is God so Mad at Me?” on the Marcus and Joni Show on Daystar Television.

About Remnant Ministries International

After serving as youth pastors at three different churches, Patrick and Karen Schatzline founded Remnant Ministries International (formerly known as Mercy Seat Ministries) in 1997 . They launched MSM in order to fulfill the great commission.

Since 1997, Pat and Karen have become two of America’s leading church speakers, revivalists and conference speakers. With a full year-round schedule, they have established a reputation for bringing purpose through the power of Christ, and a longing to grow deeper in the presence of God.

They minister in churches, schools, universities, stadiums, outreaches, retreats, camps, leadership conferences, men’s & women’s conferences, and marriage retreats. They both travel globally seeing salvations, miracles, and signs & wonders. Pat & Karen truly believe in raising up voices to transform a generation through the presence of God.

About Pat and Karen Schatzline

Pat is the author of “Why is God So Mad At Me?”, “I Am Remnant” and “Unqualified!”. Through his writings and TV appearances, Pat, has reached millions worldwide with a message of freedom, God’s love, standing for truth and overcoming insecurities to step into God’s call on your life.

Karen ministers with passion and fire, her messages always deliver hope, freedom and a call to intimacy with the Father. Karen is the author of the powerful book, “Dehydrated”, a book that will lead you into a deeper encounter and intimacy with God.

Together, Karen and Pat, launched their book, “Rebuilding the Altar” through Charisma Media and is a wakeup call to the church and believers to rebuild the place of encounter. They make their home in Keller, Texas (Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex).


Remnant Ministries International - Pat and Karen Schatzline

Remnant Ministries International: Pat and Karen Schatzline have traveled more than 2.5 million miles nationally and internationally ministering in churches, outreaches, marriage retreats and conferences. | Image courtesy: raisetheremnant.com



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