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Texas Church Shooting - Holcombe Family Still Finds Joy at Christmas

Even in the face of this unspeakable tragedy of losing 8 family member during the Texas church shooting in Sutherland, Joe Holcombe says there will still be joy at Christmas this year. | Image courtesy: (Eric Gay – AP/REX/Shutterstock)

Texas Church Shooting: The Holcombes, age 86 and 85, lost eight family members, three generations of the Holcombe family, in a matter of minutes when a gunman opened fire at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs during Sunday services on Nov. 5. In all, 26 people were murdered.

Their son Bryan, 60, is now gone; so is their daughter-in-law Karla 58; their grandson Danny, 36; their pregnant granddaughter-in-law Crystal, 36; and four great-grandchildren: Noah, 18 months, Greg Hill, 13, Emily Hill, 11, and Megan Hill, 9.

“We probably won’t have as much Christmas as we usually do, but we’ll have plenty,” he said. “It’s something definitely worth celebrating.”

Holcombe Family – Still Finding Joy at Christmas

He added: “Everybody always wants us to be whimpering and crying because we lost some of our family. That’s not the way we are. It happened and it hurt. But we don’t look at death as separation. We look at it as just another event in our life.”

Propelled by their Christian faith, Holcombe and his wife say they find comfort in knowing their loved ones are in heaven. And they hope to be reunited there with them soon. “It won’t be long until we’ll be there with the rest of the family,” he said. “I miss my family. We don’t see them coming down the sidewalk at the front door anymore. But I won’t miss them long.”

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3 Generations of One Family Killed in Texas Church Shooting | WKRG News

  • It’s difficult for Holcombe to predict how he will feel on Christmas when eight family members are absent from the day’s festivities, but he said, “I’m sure it will be hard this year, but we’ll get over that too because it won’t last long.”



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