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Thailand - Thousands Respond to the Gospel Message Shared by Rev. Franklin Graham

“Come quickly to Jesus tonight,” Rev. Franklin Graham said as the floor flooded with masses of people responding to the Gospel. “Be set free.” | Image courtesy: billygraham.org

On the final night of the two-day Amazing Love Festival in Bangkok, Thailand, Rev.Franklin Graham shared how every human has a soul. The 23,000-plus souls in the one-level room fixated their attention on Franklin as he explained no one can have peace with God until their sins have been forgiven.

This Holy Spirit is able to overcome any other spirit in the world. The Bible says God alone has the ability to rescue people from their wrongdoings—something other religions don’t offer.  And thousands were freed indeed, enlightened not by their own self-awakening, but by the saving grace of Christ […]


Thousands Hear the Good News at the Amazing Love Festival in Bangkok, Thailand

  • During the two-day Amazing Love Festival with Franklin Graham in Bangkok, Thailand, thousands heard about eternal hope, love and salvation through Jesus Christ in the mostly Buddhist country.




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