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Ben and Jodie Hughes were asleep in their bed when an angel came and stood on their bed. Watch what the angel did next! Your faith for the supernatural of God will soar as you watch.

Australia’s Ben and Jodie Hughes want you to know that you were created for God encounters. Big encounters. Who wants less?

Australian revivalist Ben Hughes has one agenda— to provoke you to hunger for more in your relationship with God.

In his book, When God Breaks In, and 2-CD set, How to Shift the Atmosphere for Breakthrough, Ben challenges you to ALWAYS take the first step. God does not disappoint!

Ben’s 20 years as a revivalist are filled with God encounters, and he says, Yes, you can…

• Grow closer to God…at home!
• Find new hunger for God…at home!
• Discover the other side of saying yes to God
• Shift your personal atmosphere for breakthrough

Ben says we can also learn from the angels in heaven—worship goes with the Presence of God. His exclusive CD, Heavenly Atmospheres, will light your personal fire for revival. Ben brings it from the far side of the world to do just that!

Ben urges you to pursue your God encounters and discover the other side. Take the first step and say yes to God. In your home!

Special bonus! With your online purchase, you will also receive access to a downloadable digital of the 2-CD set after checkout.

Ben Hughes is a revivalist and co-founder of Pour It Out Ministries. Along with his wife Jodie and daughter Keely, the family has travelled extensively throughout the world, igniting revival for more than 20 years, including Australia’s recent Pineapple Revival.

▶▶Get your copy of When God Breaks In by Ben Hughes: http://bit.ly/2m8NRxo

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