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Elevate Christian Network :: Ministry Outreach TV

Elevate Christian Network :: Ministry Outreach TV

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would you like to know what your future has to hold if you were able to know about your tomorrows and what decisions to make in order to bring your destiny into fulfillment would you be interested in having that kind of insight well today’s program is all about that it’s like foresight that can help you fulfill your destiny and today’s guests we have on our program is pastor Tony Kemp and pastor Tony it’s always wonderful to have you on our program and we love you so much we love your father’s heart and your nurturing heart and your humility or generosity and everything that you represent in Jesus but today I’m excited about the subject because we’re going to to cover about the the ministry that God gives us to fulfill her life because we’re all created to perform you know a love mandate for God in the earth and about building an altar for the supernatural so that we can lay ourselves before God receive what he has and see that fulfilled in our life so share with us the insights that you have on this well one day I walked out on my front porch and I was just sitting on my front porch and heaven open and it was a heavenly messenger that appeared that he said this is what he said he said God is going to show you quote some of the secrets of the seers and then just like that he was gone but then after that I began to receive down roads of Revelation and so what I want to begin with is the person of Jesus and how Jesus would build an altar for the supernatural just simply through prayer and so to give you an example of this in Luke 6 it talks about how Jesus would pray at night and in my personal opinion and this is only an opinion this is not a doctrine I believe that Jesus would review his day with the father and then he would just simply listen then to see what the instructions of the father were and so the whoa Jesus listens to the father the father says all these disciples that are with you I want you to pick twelve and as Jesus waits upon the father gets next a revelation and he picks us 12 disciples now I think what’s interesting also in connection with this is as Jesus prays all night it says something very interesting the next day that every single person that Jesus prayed for got healed now that’s interesting to me because when Jesus goes to Nazareth in Luke 4 and he says I’m anointed nobody receives anything then when he’s in a synagogue one person gets delivered then he goes back to Nazareth and it says as few people got healed then he’s at Peter’s house and it says many people got healed but here in Luke 6 of says everyone got here and and it doesn’t mean that he prayed for people they didn’t get healed yes it just was he was saying that you know he didn’t perform many miracles there and there was reasons he actually said it stated the reasons but he was following his father he was following the father and so what the message is for us is that I need to listen to the father for each encounter for each meeting this is wonderful and so if Jesus listened to the father for example the father actually tells Jesus tomorrow you’re to go to the Pool of Bethesda there’ll be many sick people there but I want you to find this man who’s been sick for 38 years and I want you to heal him there is no record that jesus healed anyone else right and so what we should do is do what Jesus did my son could do nothing of himself but what he sees the father doing and so what prayer and waiting upon the father does is it gives a supernatural perception and the thing that I want to share with people is this the supernatural works through perception I need to see by the eye of the Spirit here by the ear of the spirit or know by the revelation of the Spirit as a simple prayer and yielded ‘no set to happen i love it and so if i’m waiting today on the father let this let’s say i put this into a practical application right now i go before the father and i worship him and i wait on him help my community with them and say okay papa you know I want to be about your business okay what is it that you would help me to do okay and as you obey that then you’re saying that you will see the results of God perfect every time yes you know I’m just thinking of when I was a brand new Christian this is just a little example of what you’re saying as a brand new Christian and I would go before the Lord say okay Lord where would you like me to go is there anyone you want me to you know share the gospel with or whatever and this one morning I remember it perfectly says I want you to go and jog around the track at the park and have your devotion time as you’re jogging around the track okay so I did that I put my shoes on and got ready went out there start jogging around the track and I’m praying in tongues while I’m there but I’m just obeying that little mandate yeah and I’m running around around the third time I see this person sitting at the side of the track I don’t know where they came from they just sat down and they looked discouraged and I heard the father say this is your divine appointment go share my love with them I did they got delivered from a drug addiction God save we were able to bring them into our local church fellowship and got them established in the Lord and they became a solid Christian but it was just as you say it was just by obeying that voice Lord that’s what gives you you know a little bit of foresight into what to do and that’s what brings the results yeah I see when I when we think about prayer a lot of times we’re just talking to the Lord but the other side of that is to get quiet now for me that’s the challenge yeah okay but psalm 46 and 10 says this be still and know i’m calm but god there’s italicized so in the hebrew says be still and know i am and so in Isaiah 40:31 that says they that wait upon the Lord will exchange their weakness I don’t know what to do for his strength he tells me what to do and so if I could silence my mind if I could silence my heart silence my soul to hear God or to have a perception or to have a feeling a sense of what God wants to do that he will give me that revelation and see here’s the thing that has happened for me sometimes I try to do things my faith just because it’s written in the word okay and sometimes that happens what I’m believing for happens is sometimes it does it but when I have a revelation and I know God told me that works 100% Wow and both are valid right like we should exercise our faith popular because it honors God it says without faith it is impossible to please him so like let’s say we’re reading the word and we think well I believe that so I’m going to apply that that pleases the Lord even if you don’t see the results right away manifest or not it’s important for us to yeah to send in faith but this following the spirit because that’s what you’re doing it though so are led by the spirit they are the sons of God so the Spirit gives the revelation the revelation of the Father’s heart the Father’s will and you do that and it’s going to produce results going to produce results for example I was in Orlando and I was just preaching and it wasn’t a healing meeting I was just preaching the word and so a woman was brought in who hadn’t walked in a year she was told by her physician she’d never walk again and so I finished preaching were just praying and I looked over there it seemed as if the Holy Spirit was over there and you know I thought that I really see that you know what I mean sometimes you know you doubt yourself it isn’t that you doubt gong and so we just kept praying and I looked again and I said yeah the Holy Spirit really is over there so that’s when I knew he’s going to do so right so all I did was I walked over there and I just began to speak healing scriptures over her and she starts moving she gets up out of the wheelchair I never told her to get up and walk I just followed the Holy Spirit just like you said she gets up out of the wheelchair she literally starts walking and she says can I run I said most certainly not you haven’t walked in a year you need to develop those muscles again but she walked perfectly and so it really is about this I think I think that when you touch the heart you touch the supernatural and so sometimes I have to be in the presence of God so that he could touch my heart and I can get this place of sensitivity where I could move into the sides and move into them and when we speak of an altar that’s where we offer unto the Lord right yes it is so beautiful the relationship he’s offered us because when we offer unto Him it opens the heart of God to pour back down upon us so if we would first love him it says these are the two commandments you first love the Lord your God so that the altar of love that we give unto him opens up the revelation to be able to reach out to others yeah and I think there’s a place for prayer and you know for example Peter is on the rooftop praying and he steps into a trance Paul is in the temple praying and he has a vision of Jesus amen and and Daniel Kega Nebuchadnezzar said I’ve had a dream I forgot it you have to tell me the dream or you’re gonna die and he industry friends pray and in the night vision he sees Nebuchadnezzar’s dream allow me to say this if I may because I think this is the the gifting of Joseph is the ability to tell a person their dream after they’ve informed you what the dream is but the anointing of Daniel was to tell the person our dream and what it means and I believe that through prayer we could enter two places in the spirit where we just don’t know what the interpretation of a dream is we could tell the person their dream to fulfill her father’s purpose let me give an example of this I was um I was in Baton Rouge I met this minister and we were at a hotel and he and I were having a conversation and he was getting ready to tell me a dream well I had already seen that we were in the hotel before and I’d already seen where we were sitting I already had seen the conversation and I already had heard his dream in my vision so I stopped him and said let me tell you what you’re getting ready to tell me and I told him history I can take away oh yeah oh yes and so just by prayer and waiting upon the Lord and surrendering to the spirit sometimes I will know what’s going to happen the next day where I may see 20 people I’m going to minister to in the meeting I just simply write it down their names what their clothes are going to be wearing and then I just go ahead and just act out whatever I already seen the father that’s a good way to cultivate that to is to go into the Lord’s presence and just ask him I’m learning Papa and I want to learn to hear you so show me something that you want to reveal for the next day or for the next hour or something and then write it down and test it out and if it doesn’t work then what Tony well see here’s what I say I say faith is spelled R is K mm-hmm and I’m not afraid of failure it’s happened in the past it’s going to happen in the future I have no need to be perfect right I don’t have the need okay and what if what if I get it right this time right and it’s okay for me to make a mistake so if I’m sharing with somebody and I think I have a word of knowledge and I ask the question and they say no it’s okay well I just miss God I just need to listen more closely I know because so many people are afraid to make a mistake so then they don’t do anything but I find that on you know like you you have to get a balance and the the spirits like you know learning how to let’s say drive a car I I learned how to drive on a standard mm-hm so there was a clutch okay and I had to learn how to change the gear lift up the clutch change the gear and get that rhythm well at first the car we go and install most their time right but then once you get your rhythm it’s just perfect every time and you can change those gears without even you know it’s just smooth on the highway and everything and so it doesn’t take long to get there but if I gave up the first time I said I’m no good at this I tried to change the gears and it’s stalled and you know and it’s not working you know and then I would never be driving a car to this day probably that’s correct right so we we have to take a risk and there’s some of you that are watching right now that you have kind of shut things down in the revelatory realm because you’re afraid of making a mistake you’re afraid of not getting it right and so God wants you to just take that risk and work with him and get into that rhythm because the more you do it the more you will get it right the more the more you get to know his voice the voice of the stranger will be clear you know anything oh no about that one’s not quite the Lord I want to hear more so you’ll press in four more and you’ll get it eventually you will become full of precision in your ability to hear God and your ability to respond to him so so I break the power of fear off of you right now in the name of Jesus and even the fear of once again like engaging in the failures of the past in Jesus name I just say no more of that thinking just only the possibility thinking of hitting the mark with God amen amen and see I want people to understand that even though I’ve been doing this over 30 years I still make mistakes from time to time and I’m okay with it the father is okay with it I just admit that I made a mistake and move on and so it I have this confidence in God that he’s bigger than my mistakes and the other thing of it is is God get turned by mistakes into miracles let me give you one funny example I was in New York and there was a radiologist there who had had a fusion in its neck and the request that I was making was for people who had metal in their bodies that it was causing pain and that God would dissolve the metal and replace with a bone and I basically said if you have metal and it causes you no problem no pain I’m not going to pray for you so here’s this radiologist he says I have it but I can’t turn my head it causes no pain and I so I’m not going to pray for you as soon as I said that God touched him right where he sat he was totally healed he could move his neck in every kind of way you didn’t need to pray for him God touched God touched him but I made a mistake but God turned my mistake into a miracle it might not have even been a mistake though because maybe God just wanted to do it sovereign layers because if you had a prayed for him yes then you know maybe he would have given the glory to Tony camp yes instead of to God yes and so there are times when you know we have services and I actually pray this prayer that I want God to heal people without me pray be honest because then it I’m out of the way can I just interject here pastor Tony that’s one thing that I really love about your ministry because I you know we had you at our tenth meetings and you’re you know there was noteworthy miracles with metal dissolving in that but one of the things I loved about you is the way that you stand back and you let the spirit come and it’s like there’s nothing in you that wants to be like platformed or or you know take glory from God is I love that about you and you don’t always see it in every minister you know sometimes people you know you can just feel like look at me sort of thing but you you just stand back and let people see Jesus do the work and oftentimes you don’t like lay hands on them or anything you just like you’re explaining you’re being obedient to what the father is telling you to do and then you watch him and give the results and yeah thank you so much for modeling that thank you and that’s my prayer is because if the truth be told I can get in God’s Way heaven knows I’ve done it enough times and for me it’s okay to say that I can get in God’s Way and so my prayer is I know I can get in God’s way my prayer is lord help me get out of the way and so since I remember I can get in God’s Way when I get out of God’s way then he has his way and then miracles happen it’s beautiful and we’ve seen so many miracles through your ministry I want to just divert a little bit because I just love this when you were with us at the tent meetings and there was one person who had a screw in their ankle I think it was if I remember correctly and it was actually protruding through like you could see the bump of it through the skin you could feel it and and the Lord dissolved it and it was like gone you could feel it wasn’t there anymore and you see these all the time because you had an encounter where the Lord took you up into heaven can you share that encounter yeah I I was actually in one of the I’ve had a number of encounters but I’ll share one that I have not shared I was at my mother and father’s house my dad is 94 still alive still at home mom’s 86 still at home dad’s amazing brilliant and I’m sitting in the easy chair in the living room and all of a sudden I am this chariot comes and I get carried up into heaven and my body’s too here but I go and I meet these two angels and one angel has to do with giving me revelations from God and the other angel has to do with miracles and so sometimes what happens is the angel would come and I remember this case exactly because I remember seeing the angel taking the screw and screwing it out and I remember the woman having a vision of the angel doing this but she thought it was her imagination because sometimes the supernatural kid seemed so natural natural it doesn’t seem like it’s super nice that’s right and so and then when she looked the matter was completely gone and so we’ve had a number of experiences where we will see the angel actually do the work sent by the father I said this way the angel doesn’t listen to be unless what I’m saying it’s what the father said because song says that the Angels hearkened to the voice of his word and so if my voice says his word the angels going to pay attention to that and so we’re just working together today the will of the father in loving people and he loves to have our involvement amen so in the parts department like you were sharing with us sometime about like when you went up and you saw the metal dissolving in the parts and that yeah there’s a lot of miracles in heaven that haven’t been released into the earth yet oh yeah so yeah so yes I uh because I’ve had the privilege to work with angels apparently the father things I did a lot of Oh as well I had this encounter where I was taken up into heaven and I saw this place where body parts have made and one of the angels that I saw there I remember him clearly because he had red hair and he that’s an unforgettable picture and I remember his clothes and you know he seemed like he was a little bit older 40s or 50s I’m older than 40 severely I don’t know what I’m thinking but I saw these body parts and and and there are new miracles if I could say it this way that are going to come into the earth and I like to say it this way with when the mind of man surrenders to yields to the mind of God you see here or know how the father is going to do the maroons and so I think there’s a place for the renewal of the mind toward the miraculous and so as you and I get into the word of the Lord God renews our mind mama state like it’s expected you get expected and so Saab 62 and five says you know I’m waiting upon God my so expect them yes I expect for him to manifest yourself right there and so there is the revelation but then there is the supernatural conceptualization of hi is going to do the miracle the expectation and then as I apply the word James 1:22 be a doer of the word then there’s the manifestation and we see miracles I think it’s just so clear and again we’re just reviewing this over and over so that our viewers can get it we really want you to have this but okay so it’s Revelation which is you know it says faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Rhema or the quickened spirit Word of God so when the Lord speaks you it creates faith yes and faith is what you can activate yeah no I I had an encounter and you know sometimes the Lord will say things to you they’re way beyond like are you kidding you might think right because they’re there beyond your scope of what you think you’re capable of doing and he likes doing that because then you know it’s not about you it’s about him but we were in the earth there was the Ebola virus was running rampant and many people were dying of this virus and especially over an Africa and they had put quarantines in the United States for those who have been to Ghana and Mali they had to go through the quarantine up for two three weeks stay in that before they entered back into the United States and so it was an issue for me because I was supposed to go minister in Ghana mm-hmm and Molly and and I thought well father if you’re quarantine for three weeks I don’t know how that’s going to work because I a ministry engagement when I hit the ground you know so what do I do about that I mean if you want me to be a minister in the quarantine borders that’s fine but what do you say and he said I want you to to annihilate the Ebola virus okay no in your natural mind you think you got to be kidding you know an epidemic you want me to take care of an epidemic no I know he he would speak to many people the same way okay I’m not saying that I’m yeah I’m the one you know only but he he gave me that invitation so I thought well I’ve never done that before what do i do how do i how do i annihilate an epidemic and I just got some money one he showed me some 91 and he said I just want you to speak deaf to it and he took me in the spirit and I realized that for many of you that are watching right now and listening to this you might think it’s a bit way out but get the glory school go online and get the glory school it’ll explain all these dynamics but he took me in the spirit to fly over over Ghana mm-hm and I was I was in the spirit with the Holy Spirit making decrees that the the Ebola virus would be annihilated okay and then I came back and I thought okay Lord that’s awesome it’s going to be annihilated and I’m believing that there’ll be no quarantine that I have to go through and that I’ll be able to keep this engagement so it was two nights later my husband phoned because I was in Australia at the time when I did this he told me he said did you see the news last night he said because they’ve reported that the a bola virus is is just dissipated to nothing mm-hmm and I thought oh that is so powerful so then sure enough they quarantine lifts and then I went off to Mali because Molly wasn’t done yet so the Holy Spirit gave me a national the first time I only had a direction to go to Ghana but now I’m getting one for Mali so I go into the – to Mali in the spirit with the Holy Spirit make the decrees and then I find out okay Mali is free we in the spirit lifted the quarantine now the quarantine was lifted in the USA so it was awesome but I just want to share that testimony because it’s exactly what you’re saying you get the revelation first and then you do the works and God performs it it he performs it because he is a great God and we want to thank you so much for joining this program today we hope it’s built up build your faith I highly recommend that you get Tony camp CD and if you do not know this miracle working God yet just ask Jesus to come into your heart forgive you of all your sin and become your Savior and you know what he will because he loves you with an everlasting love we’ll see you next time hi I’m pastor Tony Calvin I would like to share with you the goodness of God one of the things I would like to share with you is the Sevenfold Spirit of God the Sevenfold Spirit of God literally that message could change your life and just share real briefly it’s the presence of God that brings creativity and wisdom knowing what to do and the spirit of understanding is how to make it happen the spirit of counsel is when you get advice from the Lord for your marriage for how to raise that difficult child for how to start a business or to make business improvements and what to do in church and what to do in ministry the spirit of might is when you’re empowered by God to do the very thing that the Lord is showing you and the spirit of knowledge that’s the ability to see through God’s eyes and of course when you walk in the spirit of the fear of the Lord you know the character of God you walk in his ways and you will see the precious works of Jesus Christ in your life and in your ministry to receive the Sevenfold Spirit of God CD set by Tony Kemp for only $20 plus shipping call eight six six nine eight zero five four six four and mention television offer number 345 go online to Patricia King comm or text bliss to four to eight to eight order today tune-up your spiritual radar with Patricia Kings dynamic book combo ears that hear and eye see learn to hear the voice of God and see into the spiritual realm for only $20 receive this to book combo and Patricia Kings CD teaching learn to hear God’s voice call eight six six nine eight zero five four six four asked for television offer three twenty go online at Patricia King calm our text the word bless – four – eight – eight order now you

Apostle Tony Kemp joins Patricia King to discuss how you can gain “foresight” that can help you come into all God has for you.  Would you like to know what tomorrow holds for you? Would you like some insight into the future that would help you fulfill your destiny?

About Tony Kemp Ministries

Tony received Jesus as his Lord in 1972. After years of serving as a deacon and pastor, he began to wonder why he didn’t see many sick people getting healed by Jesus. This began his search to find out why. He began looking at the ministry of the Messiah Jesus and what the Bible had to say about it.

Learning About the Supernatural Ministry of Jesus

Tony began to watch, study, and learn from Sid Roth’s “It’s Supernatural” show. During that time, he learned keys on how to move in the supernatural ministry of Jesus the Messiah. Since that time, he has witnessed Jesus causing the blind to see, the deaf to hear, and the lame to walk, as well as many different kinds of creative miracles.

Tony is now a pastor to other pastors and ministers the revelation of Jesus the Messiah to the nations. His teachings are rooted and grounded in the revelation of God’s unconditional, unchanging love for us. Tony travels extensively with his wife of nearly 40 years, Deborah, proclaiming that God’s Word works.


Tony Kemp Ministries

Apostle Tony Kemp has a mission to impart keys of revelation on the three realms of the supernatural, faith, the anointing, and the glory. | Image courtesy: Tony Kemp Ministries



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Tony Kemp ministering at Seattle Revival Center

Tony Kemp ministering at Seattle Revival Center. | Image courtesy: seattlerevivalcenter.com



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Tony Kemp interview on Christ for all Nations TV Program. | Image courtesy: cfan.org



Tony Kemp interview on Sid Roth's It's Supernatural Show

Tony Kemp interview on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural Show. | Image courtesy: sidroth.org



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