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Haiti: Doctor from U.S. Shot on Mission Trip Rescued by a Mystery Man on a Motorcycle

Despite the near-fatal outcome of his 20th trip to Haiti, Dr. Burbella has not ruled out going again. | Image courtesy: Marc Kleen/Unsplash

In the months before the team arrived, protests and riots broke out across Haiti. Their petroleum deal with Venezuela had come to an end and the price of fuel jumped by 50 percent. Gang violence, tire burning, and roadblocks became commonplace around the country.

An American doctor who was shot while on a mission trip to Haiti is telling the story of the harrowing moments when he thought he was going to die and of the man who served as “an angel” by turning away the gunmen. 58-year-old Doug Burbella traveled to Haiti with a missions group through Living Waters.

Doctor’s Truck Hit by Gunfire

Men on a motorcycle pulled up beside them and hit the truck with a barrage of machine gun fire. After the window blew out behind Pasler’s head, he heard Burbella yell out, “I’m dying. I’ve been hit.” He turned and saw “two visible wounds.” Pasler speculated, however, that there could have been more than just the two visible wounds based on the amount of blood he saw.

A gunman put a rifle to Burbella’s head when some an incredible act of providence took place. A man pulled up on a motorcycle. In English, he told Pasler, “it’s okay, it’s going to be okay.” Then, the man stepped in front of the bandits and spoke several words to the mob in Creole. The crowd slowly backed off  […]


Doctor on Haiti mission trip survives attack | WPTV News

  • Doctor Doug Burbella, a missionary doctor for 30 years, was shot three times in Haiti.


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