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William John Meegan :: The Sistine Chapel: A Study in Celestial Cartography

Syracuse, N.Y. (PRWEB)

From the brilliant mind of researcher-author William John Meegan, The Sistine Chapel: A Study in Celestial Cartography is a highly mystical and contemplative inquiry into The Mysteries and Esoteric Teachings of the Catholic Church. This is Meegans third book after his back-to-back works that ground their studies on the first book of the Holy BibleThe Conquest of Genesis: A Study in Universal Creation Mathematics, and The Secrets & the Mysteries of Genesis: Antiquitys Hall of Records.

This book is an introduction to the mathematical and grammatical sciences: the Esoteric Science codified to the Judeao-Christian Scriptures indigenous languages. Coupled with this introduction is the analysis of Jerusalems landscape, Chartres Cathedral, and Dante Alighieris La Divina Commedia, the Sistine Chapel and Saint Peters Basilica. Through this analysis of Catholicisms great artworks it demonstrates that the Churchs true onus in the world is to rewrite the bible (message of God) in as many different art forms as possible.

Diving into the mathematical and symbolic analysis of the Judeao-Christian Scriptures and the great artworks of the Catholic Church, it introduces readers to the main characters of this historic-religious drama. It re-introduces readers to the anonymous designers of the Sistine Chapel who finished the project before the cornerstone was laid, and to Michelangelo (symbolically Michael the Archangel), the prime (symbolic) interpreter of that which the soul binds or looses on earth he would bound or loose in the heavens (ceiling).

A stem-winder extraordinarily laden with information, The Sistine Chapel: A Study in Celestial Cartography is a breathtakingly relevant volume demonstrating that the TRUE message of God is a valid one for each and every soul that comes into the world. It proves the very existence of God. As crazy as that statement sounds, the mathematical discoveries in antiquities literature, artworks and monuments is its own evidence of what Meegan is saying.

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About the Author 

William John Meegan

William John Meegan

William John Meegan was born in Jersey City, New Jersey on June 17, 1948. He served in the U.S. Army from 1967 to 1971. This included a tour in Viet Nam as a Medical Corpsman. He has three computer programming degrees from a vocation college and has worked in the accounting and computer fields for most of his adult life. He has lived in Syracuse, New York for 28 out of the last 33 years. As a young man of 26 years, he began researching the Judeao-Christian Scriptures, symbolism, mythology, metaphysics, psychology and other related subjects in an effort to obtain an understanding of what the Holy Writ was saying. He is a Roman Catholic and has geared his studies in an effort to understand the Churchs explicit as well as its esoteric teachings. This interest led to his publishing a number of works on that research during that time.

THE SISTINE CHAPEL: A Study in Celestial Cartography * by William John Meegan

The Mysteries and the Esoteric Teachings of the Catholic Church

Publication Date: 11/30/2012

Trade Paperback; $ 23.99; # pages; 978-1-4797-4948-5

Trade Hardback; $ 34.99; # pages; 978-1-4797-4949-2

eBook; $ 9.99; 978-1-4797-4950-8

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