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Elevate Christian Network :: Global Humanitarians

Elevate Christian Network :: Global Humanitarians

  • In this video, Humanitarian Susie Krabacher talks about the beautiful special needs children that are part of her orphanage in Haiti. Learn more about the children in Haiti, and how Susie Krabacher is caring for special needs and handicapped children in Haiti.

About HaitiChildren Humanitarian Organization

Since 1994, Susie Krabacher has provided care and education to abandoned, orphaned and disabled children in Haiti through her organization, HaitiChildren (formerly known as Mercy & Sharing).  Currently, they have grown to care for more than 1,500 people daily in their programs.

They are involved in humanitarian and outreach projects for the poorest of the poor. HaitiChildren’s projects are all located in Haiti, home to more than 11 million people with 80% of the population living in poverty and 54% living in abject poverty.

Their relief and development programs are funded completely by foundations/trusts, individuals, churches and small businesses.

About Susie Krabacher

Susie Krabacher is a loving humanitarian whose work is dedicated to saving, feeding, and educating the poorest of the poor in Haiti. She has been featured in numerous major publications such as the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, People Magazine, Marie Claire, the LA Times, the Miami Herald, the New York Times and more.

Susie’s work has also been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, Inside Edition,  ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox TV, CNN and C-SPAN.   When Susie is not in Haiti, she continue her work from her home in Colorado.

She is happily married to B. Joseph Krabacher, an attorney with a thriving law practice in Aspen, Colorado. He a blessed business person that also develops real estate in Colorado and Arizona. Joe is  Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer for HaitiChildren.


HaitiChildren Humanitarian Organization - Susie Krabacher

HaitiChildren: They provide food, shelter, education and most importantly, a loving environment that builds character and integrity. | Image courtesy: haitichildren.org



HaitiChildren Humanitarian Relief Channel | Susie Krabacher



Photo Gallery

Children attend school at the HaitiChildren Learning Academy

Children attend school at the HaitiChildren Learning Academy. | Image courtesy: haitichildren.org



Children receive free medical care through HaitiChildren

Children receive free medical care through HaitiChildren. | Image courtesy: haitichildren.org



Susan Krabacher interview on the The 700 Club

Susan Krabacher interview on the The 700 Club. | Image courtesy: cbn.com



More resources:

4word Interview with Susie Krabacher – HaitiChildren

For Susie Krabacher, her answer was simple: help children with learning and physical disabilities. She traveled to Haiti in 1994 to help the impoverished children …

HaitiChildren formerly Mercy & Sharing – Home | Facebook

HaitiChildren, our staff and children in Haiti are HUGE fans of the Colorado Rockies. Here is a clip of many of our students at our Learning Academy in the Haiti Children Village cheering for a victory today!

Susie Krabacher, World of Children

For nearly 20 years, Susie Krabacher has provided care and education to abandoned, orphaned and disabled children in Haiti through her organization, Haiti Children (formerly Mercy & Sharing*). Haiti Children has never been about creating dependencies.

Susie Krabacher – Angel of mercy in Haiti | AspenTimes.com

The foundation, run by Susie and her husband, Aspen attorney Joe Krabacher, struggled to provide food for the children at its six schools and three orphanages in the Haitian slums. Even though her life was at risk, Krabacher didn’t think twice about visiting the country when “her kids” and staff were in their greatest hours of need.

Angels Of A Lower Flight (Book) | Susie Scott Krabacher

Angels of A Lower Flight - Susie Krabacher Book

Angels Of A Lower Flight (Book) by Susie Scott Krabacher

In this heartbreaking and inspiring memoir, Susie Scott Krabacher tells how the pain in her past caused her to doubt if God really loved and protected her. From her abusive childhood to her experiences as a Playboy centerfold during the 1980s, Susie details with frank honesty how she lost her faith along the way and how her experiences helping children in Haiti, an impoverished nation only five hundred miles from Florida, brought God back into her life.  | Learn more…


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