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Video Transcript

hi I am Ryan LeStrange with a Monday word and my Monday word for you is self-sabotage and soul wounds the Lord has really been dealing with me about this because this is a weapon that the enemy uses to keep you in bondage to keep you confined and you might say well what is self-sabotage because if you don’t recognize this it will wreak havoc in your life it is the remnant of a soul wound a wound in your emotion in your mental realm that has not been dealt with it becomes a gateway for demonic activity in your life so first of all let me define the word sabotage it means to destroy or to damage something deliberately so that it does not work correctly another definition is to cause the failure of something you know many times when you have a soul wound a wound in your emotions you will begin to engage in self-sabotage you will begin to sabotage relationships because you got a fear that rejection will kick in that you will be rejected so you just sabotage them upfront you will sabotage opportunities because you will act out you will say things you shouldn’t say do things you shouldn’t do and this is one of the fruits of a wounded soul but Jesus wants to heal you now it’s critical that you recognize this behavior because there are people today that are not moving forward and progressing they’d have prophetic words they’ve had encounters with the Lord but they’re staying stuck in this cycle because the enemy has them self sabotaging themselves the enemy has their activity their words their deeds their actions creating calamity and so you’ve got to understand these wounded people inflict wounds on others wounded people lash out if you’ve ever dealt with a wounded person they just lash out I mean you just touch them and they lash out unnecessarily that’s evidence of a wounded soul and the failure to identify the root cause of this kind of thing will empower toxic behaviors and keep this thing going wounded people do not know how to have a healthy relationships when you’re wounded you continue to have a cycle a series of broken relationships so it’s absolutely critical that you recognize the pattern of self-sabotage and get free now there are many ways you can get because Jesus is the healer there are many ways you can get free by the anointing you know the Bible said the anointing destroys the yoke you can get where Holy Spirit is moving you can get someone to lay hands on you you can create an atmosphere of anointing in your home and let that glory come down on you and freedom will begin to invade you you can get free in worship the Bible said where the Spirit of the Lord is there’s Liberty there’s freedom in the presence of God when you begin to worship God his presence moves upon you you can get free and the word Ephesians talks about the washing of the water of the word and you can get free by inviting the great healer in I remember a number of years ago the Lord had me speak on Soul wounds and I said okay while I’m speaking on this but how do people get healed he said invite the healing ministry of my son Jesus in you know Psalms 23 said the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want he makes me lie down in green pastures he leads me beside still waters he restores my soul Jesus has a healing ministry over your emotions and you can invite the healer in today to begin to break this self-sabotage off your life and invite his healing presence to heal your mind it feeds 4:24 said put on the new man which is in the likeness of God creating the righteousness and holiness you can put on that new nature you can be going to say father I thank you I’m in Christ Jesus and I put on the new man all things are passed away all things are become new so be delivered today from self-sabotage get healed today get under the anointing get under the word get under worship and invite Jesus in I want to praise your father I thank you for deliverance from self-sabotage and soul wounds and toxic emotions in the name of Jesus I buy I break this off of people’s lives I bind that great confusion i bind I break rejection I bind I break fear and I bind this self-sabotaging cycle this self-loathing and Lord Jesus the great healer the Good Shepherd we invite you in right now to begin to heal your people in Jesus name

Ryan LeStrange Ministries: Soul wounds create poisonous cycles of defeat and bondage. The enemy will use barriers in the mind to stop your advance. Without a healed soul you may sabotage your own breakthrough!!! This video brings light and freedom.

About Ryan LeStrange Ministries

Ryan LeStrange is the founder and apostolic leader of TRIBE Network, a global network of ministries. He is also co-founder of APB Media, a company featuring eBooks, online content, and printed books.  Ryan began in ministry after training under his spiritual father, Dr. Norvel Hayes.

Ryan’s books “Overcoming Spiritual Attack” and “Releasing the Prophetic” have motivated believers to press for more of God. His book, Revival Hubs Rising, was co-authored with Jennifer LeClaire and written to incite the Church to believe and press for a move of God in their region.

Today he travels extensively throughout America and other countries with an apostolic mantle. His ministry is that of the supernatural, filled with miracles, dunamis power, and the fire of God. His conferences & gatherings are alive with prophetic declarations, miracles, healings, and powerful preaching. Ryan and his wife Joy currently reside in the Atlanta, Georgia area.


Ryan LeStrange Ministries

Ryan LeStrange: “My heart is to see that you become equipped and activated in all that God has for you. I look forward to running with you in Revival! Let’s join forces to once again establish the ecclesia as in the early church days, with great power and authority.” | Image courtesy: Ryan LeStrange Ministries



Ryan Lestrange Ministries Channel | TRIBE Network



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Ryan LeStrange Preaching at Forerunner Conference 2017

Ryan LeStrange Preaching at Forerunner Conference 2017 | Image courtesy: Ryan LeStrange Ministries



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Ryan LeStrange Teaching Message – Elevation Requires Separation | Image: ryanlestrange.com



Ryan LeStrange Preaching at Revival Weekend The Glory Dimension - Fresh Start Church

Ryan LeStrange Preaching at Revival Weekend The Glory Dimension | Image courtesy: Fresh Start Church



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Releasing the Prophetic (Book) by Ryan LeStrange

Releasing the Prophetic Book by Ryan LeStrange

Releasing the Prophetic (Book) by Ryan LeStrange.

There is a growing hunger inside of God’s people for authentic Spirit-led ministry that embraces the power of the Holy Spirit. Christians are desperate for the supernatural and the power of God, especially the resurgence of the prophetic ministry.

This book will give you insight into the realm of the spirit, the gift of prophecy, the importance of interpreting dreams and understanding visions, and will prepare you with knowledge concerning the prophetic ministry. |  Learn more…


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