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Video Transcript

0:00 [Music] 0:24 welcome to supernatural life my name is 0:27 Patricia King and I’m your host and it 0:30 is a delight to have you with us in fact 0:32 today’s subject you’re going to love 0:34 because it’s about supernatural 0:36 financial increase and with me today I 0:39 have my good friend Katie Souza powerful 0:42 minister of the gospel she also is a 0:45 television host and author as well as 0:48 many other things and Katie it is 0:50 awesome to have you in the program today 0:52 because this subject of supernatural 0:55 financial increase is dear to both of 0:58 our hearts and we have seen so many 0:59 miracles in this way and I think so 1:02 often people get into a slump 1:06 financially because we’re trapped in in 1:09 a worldly mindset yes and in the 1:11 confines of that mindset but we don’t 1:13 have to be because we can live 1:15 supernaturally in the area of provision 1:17 and it is exciting what God has done and 1:21 what he is doing what he’s going to do 1:22 and so it is it is going to be a great 1:26 time that we’re spending together and 1:27 sure some of your testimonies oh my you 1:30 know I actually could share testimonies 1:31 for hours because that’s how many huge 1:34 financial miracles mean right yeah but 1:36 I’ll just tell a couple of really fun 1:38 ones there was a man and his wife the 1:40 man worked at a company he worked on the 1:42 assembly line for a very big company and 1:45 worked there for 20 years very faithful 1:47 employee never late always did a great 1:48 job he gets hurt on the job so he has to 1:51 be let out workman’s comp he goes 1:53 through rehab he comes back to see if 1:55 he’s okay 1:55 after like a day of work he’s like now I 1:57 need a little bit more you know we have 1:59 recovery he goes back out and when he 2:01 did that the company fired him they were 2:04 shocked they were so hurt right because 2:06 they had served that that company so 2:07 well for so long and so they really felt 2:11 released by the Lord to actually take 2:12 them to court so they did and they put 2:15 their case in and they lost so they put 2:17 an appeal in and they lost that they 2:19 ended up doing for Appeals and lost 2:21 every one of them finally they got the 2:23 Doomsday letter right that says that’s 2:25 it you don’t have any more Appeals the 2:27 case is closed you lost so I come into 2:30 town I start preaching about financial 2:32 miracles and by a financial message and 2:35 they get our faith up they’re so excited 2:36 they so into it five days later they 2:38 come home they go to their mailbox and 2:41 they find an envelope in it from the 2:43 company and inside is a forty five 2:45 thousand dollar check on a closed case 2:48 God will do financial miracles just to 2:50 bring justice to people who have been 2:52 robbed or cheated or defrauded in some 2:54 way there’s a lot of faith on that right 2:56 now I met I believe that there’s some of 2:59 you that are watching right now that you 3:01 relate to this story that you have been 3:04 in justly treated yeah and you’re at the 3:07 end of anything that you can do in the 3:08 natural but God’s saying but I’m a 3:10 supernatural God and I’m gonna bring you 3:13 supernatural provision and so we just 3:15 decree and declare that over you a shift 3:17 in the spirit for you and a supernatural 3:21 replenishment of that which was lost but 3:23 doesn’t even have to come from the same 3:25 source where it was lost it can come 3:27 from a surprise source amen 3:29 I also have this really cool story this 3:31 woman came up to me in a meeting she 3:33 said I came to one of your meetings 3:34 about a year and a half ago and I have 3:35 to tell you a story I said what happened 3:37 she does my mother passed away 11 years 3:38 ago I’m so sorry she goes yeah but what 3:41 happened was my inheritance was her home 3:43 she goes in for 11 years her house has 3:46 been on the market and not one single 3:48 offer not one she goes I came to your 3:51 meeting you were teaching on finances I 3:52 got so excited I built my faith up so 3:54 much I sowed into the into the offering 3:56 and the next day after 11 years I got 4:00 not one but two offers I picked one and 4:03 sold the house and now I finally have my 4:05 inheritance and this is so awesome 4:07 because God is a God of making sure we 4:09 get our inheritance right aren’t here 4:11 does the Miller shift there was a direct 4:15 shift in the spirit yes and that’s what 4:17 I feel is that it’s a spirit first and 4:20 then the natural right if we can inject 4:22 the word or an action in this case she 4:24 sewed a seat yes into the word that had 4:27 been preached and it shifted in the 4:29 spirit and brought about a victory for 4:32 her yes the word had created faith in 4:34 her too so and then that’s one produce a 4:36 harvest for her immediate harvest to me 4:38 I love how the next day it happened oh 4:40 man that is what really excited me too 4:41 now this is a precious story because 4:43 this is a story of meaning women her 4:45 husband had just left her and he left 4:47 her in the lurch 4:48 she had no skills 4:49 no money no savings no nothing and so 4:52 she’s like what am I gonna do now 4:53 I have no resources I’m not gonna make 4:56 it but she always had a dream she always 4:57 wanted to be a silkscreen ER but she 4:59 didn’t even know how so she started to 5:01 study she got books and she bought a 5:03 used silk screening machine 5:04 I should goes I’m gonna do this so then 5:06 she comes to one of my meetings and I’m 5:08 teaching on finances I’m teaching on how 5:10 to move into faith huh how to activate 5:13 into God’s blessing and she sews into 5:15 the message like five days later she 5:17 gets a call from a man from the 5:19 government okay in that area the 5:22 government ran the power company so he’s 5:25 a governmental employee and he offers 5:27 her a government contract to do all of 5:30 their employees t-shirts she’s brand-new 5:33 she’s working out of her home she 5:34 doesn’t even really know what she’s 5:35 doing yet she has a used machine and 5:37 then at the end of the conversation 5:38 she’s so excited right like why only God 5:41 could do that right she’s so excited she 5:42 goes oh and by the way how did you get 5:45 my number 5:45 and he goes like this he goes you know 5:47 what I don’t really remember I got your 5:49 number she goes Wow neither do I because 5:52 I haven’t even printed cards yet she 5:55 hadn’t even passed out her number see 5:57 God intervention and people think well I 6:05 can never get a big contract I don’t 6:07 know what I’m doing God can empower you 6:08 with knowledge and then get you a 6:10 connection he can give you a number to a 6:11 person that would never have you 6:13 remember I remember one time years ago 6:16 and my husband I were learning how to 6:18 live by faith with no visible means of 6:20 support and it was quite the journey but 6:23 in that journey I had really felt the 6:26 Lord tell me that I was supposed to go 6:28 to an intersession gathering of the 6:30 other side of Canada and I had no money 6:32 but my husband said you can go but 6:34 there’s no fun so we’ll have to believe 6:36 for everything and so I was believing 6:39 and there was no money that came now 6:41 it’s a longer story so I’m gonna make it 6:43 short is that literally when I came home 6:46 one day after the the the the the doors 6:49 have been locked in our home I’d been in 6:51 the cupboard before I left and there was 6:53 nothing there but I came unlocked the 6:56 door and went to make lunch from my kids 6:58 and hanging on the cup hooks were twenty 7:01 dollar bills 7:02 enough to finish the payment for the 7:05 airfare and there’s no way that anyone 7:07 could have gotten in there it was 7:08 supernatural that’s awesome and God can 7:10 do anything and give you a good story to 7:12 boot oh yeah yeah he actually created 7:14 the money right there and that’s another 7:17 story how this so fun this couple own a 7:19 barbecue place and it wasn’t doing too 7:22 good they have great food though but 7:23 they just didn’t have enough exposure in 7:25 traffic and all that so she comes to the 7:27 meeting and she’s like determined I’m 7:29 gonna sew and get a miracle so she does 7:31 I’m speaking about finances so she goes 7:33 back and a couple days later she’s at 7:35 the she’s at the shop she’s at the 7:36 restaurant and the power guy shows up 7:39 and yes you know you haven’t been paying 7:41 your power bill and when the power guy 7:42 shows up that means you’re in trouble he 7:44 says I need cash and I need it now 7:45 otherwise I’m going to go out to the box 7:47 and cut you off so she had cash she had 7:50 cash in the little metal box but it was 7:52 just enough to pay her rent so she goes 7:55 what if I don’t give it to him he’s 7:56 gonna shut me down so she gives him the 7:58 money he cheats the power on he leaves 7:59 now she’s going oh god what do I do now 8:02 alright I don’t have any money the rents 8:04 gonna come off that was the money for 8:05 the rent and he she hears the Spirit of 8:07 Lord go go look in the metal box she and 8:09 she she just passes it off no the 8:11 money’s not in there I took it out 8:13 already 8:13 what am I gonna do I could ask my 8:15 parents but I already asked them and she 8:17 hears again Cole look in the metal box 8:18 it’s just she finally gets mad at gosh 8:20 just oh god I already told you the 8:23 money’s not in the metal box I took it 8:25 out of the metal box and then she’s gone 8:27 here’s the spirit lures a goal up and 8:30 I’m a tall box so she goes right she 8:33 comes to her senses she goes back opens 8:35 the metal box and got it created in cash 8:37 the exact one of money she needed for 8:40 the woods so good we’ve seen that so I 8:44 had a friend of mine who had received an 8:47 offering yeah any counter that and then 8:50 the Holy Spirit said count it again 8:52 every time he counted it kept producing 8:54 more money like the brand and everyone 8:57 that was around the table was saying 8:59 what they just kept counting it in 9:02 County yet it was just amazing God is 9:05 able because if we can get our mind 9:07 establish on a supernatural life then 9:10 we’re gonna expect the supernatural 9:12 right so that when things happen like 9:14 Elijah Elijah right 9:16 both worked increase miracles with 9:18 widows in their day right and they had 9:21 absolute assurance because they thought 9:23 supernaturally you know and that was in 9:25 the Old Testament so how much more we in 9:28 the New Testament knowing we have Jesus 9:30 to produce like he can turn fish you 9:33 know one or two fish into enough to feed 9:35 five thousand or a few loaves of bread 9:38 right you can do anything but you have a 9:40 testimony that we’re going to show a 9:41 video on yes I’m just wondering if you 9:44 want to set that up yeah it’s so good I 9:46 really we picked this one for a reason 9:48 because there’s so many because this 9:50 woman got her miracle by watching me on 9:52 television she didn’t get her miracle by 9:54 coming to the meeting she didn’t have to 9:56 be there in person I didn’t have to lay 9:57 hands on her or anything else like that 9:59 she just watched until her got her faith 10:02 up sewed and got a huge miracle so we 10:04 need to watch this video now because 10:06 it’s really awesome and as you’re 10:08 watching it get ready because you’re 10:10 watching TV right now too 10:11 or you know you’re watching on your 10:13 computer but a miracle can come to you 10:16 just by watching 10:19 let’s throw to that now and we’ll be 10:20 right back 10:22 [Music] 10:27 I sewed $200 and the next day I got a 10:35 email from my lawyer in Canada who’s 10:38 been self-financing my house on the lake 10:41 up there and he said would you be 10:43 interested in an early payout and I said 10:47 yeah that’s my thousand boat so it’s a 10:51 check for six hundred and seventy four 10:53 thousand dollar 10:55 [Applause] 10:57 [Music] 11:01 [Applause] 11:02 [Music] 11:10 Wow wasn’t that an encouraging testimony 11:14 powerful we’re talking about 11:16 supernatural financial increase we just 11:19 keep decree it over you all of our 11:21 viewers around the world because God TV 11:24 is committed to the supernatural to the 11:27 prophetic to miracles we are committed 11:30 to you and so now what we’re going to go 11:33 into here Katie is we want to hear some 11:36 teaching on how to position ourself to 11:38 receive financial miracle okay there’s 11:40 so many things you can do you know as 11:42 sowing and your faith and exercising 11:44 your faith but what I found is a big one 11:47 is soul healing see when we’re born 11:49 again our spirit is made perfect but our 11:51 soul is not it goes through a 11:53 progression of getting healed because 11:54 we’ve been wounded by things like sin 11:56 trauma generational things and stuff 11:58 like that now when the soul is wounded 12:00 it affects every part of the soul the 12:02 mind the will and emotions in fact in in 12:05 in third John chapter 1 verse 2 it says 12:08 beloved I pray that in every respect you 12:11 prosper and be in health as your soul 12:14 prospers so your soul is position 12:18 it’s what positions you for health and 12:20 prosperity completely completely it’s so 12:23 it’s so amazing how what is happening in 12:26 here affects everything 12:27 absolutely finances right so when we 12:30 start to get healed of those things 12:31 we’re gonna think right thoughts about 12:33 money we’re gonna make right decisions 12:34 about money and we’re not gonna get 12:37 fleshy and emotional about the money and 12:38 the thing is this is father God wants to 12:40 bless us he wants to pour out just 12:42 jaw-dropping miracles on us but if he 12:45 can’t trust us he knows that if he does 12:47 that it that will squander the money 12:49 that will waste he doesn’t want to stop 12:50 the love of money or the love of the 12:52 world the like material things or set it 12:55 up as an idol in our life he doesn’t 12:57 want that for us that we know destroy us 12:59 absolutely so that’s why we need to 13:01 become we don’t we will prosper even as 13:03 our so hard and it’s so easy like the 13:07 viewers it’s so easy for them to do it 13:09 the Bible says that you will receive 13:11 power when the Holy Spirit comes upon 13:12 you that were power there is the Greek 13:14 word Dunamis 13:15 it means excellence of soul but it also 13:17 means power and influence that belongs 13:19 to riches and wealth so now every 13:21 believer has the Holy Spirit and Dunamis 13:23 power in them but they need to put it to 13:25 work 13:25 Ephesians 3:20 says God does super 13:28 abundantly above and beyond all that we 13:30 could ever ask our manager but then it 13:32 happens according to the next part of 13:34 the verse it happens according to the 13:35 power to ABS Dunamis that’s at work in 13:38 you so you need to put it to work with 13:40 your faith you need to believe wow I 13:41 have oodles power in me it means 13:43 excellent soul it means power and 13:45 influence it belongs to riches and 13:46 wealth I release it into any place in my 13:48 soul that’s wounded that’s making me 13:50 think wrong thoughts about money make 13:52 wrong decisions about money feel bad 13:53 emotions i decree I’m X on the soul and 13:56 I have power and influence that belongs 13:57 to riches and wealth if they keep 13:59 nailing after that it’s gonna happen I 14:01 can remember name was first starting 14:03 ministry I was completely wounded 14:05 because I had spent years on the streets 14:06 robbing people you know I was a criminal 14:08 I would put guns on people take their 14:11 money 14:12 I would sell drugs I did collections for 14:14 other drug dealers so I have just loaded 14:17 with woundedness from all the sin I 14:19 partook in so the first two years of the 14:21 ministry I got twenty thousand over 14:23 twenty thousand dollars in debt and so I 14:25 can remember I was going into a meeting 14:26 one morning and Lord said today it’s 14:28 over I’m healing your soul see you can 14:30 prosper and I sat there and released 14:32 Dunamis power I put it to work and I got 14:35 healed and that day when I went into the 14:37 meeting we had the the giving that came 14:40 in small little meeting you know first 14:42 beginning of ministry wiped out our debt 14:44 completely and we’re able to start yes I 14:47 feel really strongly that a number of 14:50 you that are watching but this is what 14:52 is holding you back from the financial 14:55 flow that you’ve been believing for and 14:57 sometimes it’s a traumatic thing that 15:00 happened maybe even years ago that never 15:02 got healed up or bad decisions that 15:05 we’ve made wrong thinking that we yes 15:07 and so we just want to encourage you to 15:10 to really go to the Holy Spirit ask him 15:13 what is a in your soul maybe there’s an 15:15 area of bitterness or unforgiveness even 15:17 that needs to be adjusted you need to 15:21 repent of that and then get that area 15:23 healed so amen amen 15:25 now angels is another 15:27 that brain that angels actually help us 15:30 they’re ministering spirits sent to 15:31 minister unto us that received salvation 15:34 okay now Deuteronomy 8:18 says God gives 15:36 you the power to create wealth so he can 15:39 establish this covenant No 15:40 okay now that we’re part of their means 15:41 the power of God but it also means the 15:43 strength of angels angels are actually 15:46 empowered by God to come and bring us 15:48 revelation to bring us ideas for 15:50 businesses to cause open doors to happen 15:53 to give us a path to take to be able to 15:56 acquire and enter into a new level of 15:59 wealth so we need to rely on the Angels 16:01 now how do we how do we activate into 16:03 them well the Bible says in Psalm 34 16:05 that angels surround and camp around 16:08 those who fear and worship the Lord and 16:10 he delivers them see when we worship our 16:14 God will deliver the angels will help 16:16 God deliver us a poverty of lack of 16:19 financial issues and problems and 16:21 situations yeah okay so it through our 16:23 worship we can activate and I find that 16:25 when you’re going into a new realm of 16:27 faith to believe for provision because 16:28 we always should we should always be 16:30 expecting the next realm right right is 16:32 that God will assign angels a number of 16:35 years ago we were in our office and it 16:37 was the biggest ministry project at that 16:39 time that I’d ever believe got more and 16:41 the Lord specifically said I am sending 16:44 you angels and they will go out to the 16:46 north the South the east the west and 16:48 bring in the funds now on that day we 16:51 didn’t have anything towards the project 16:53 we were working on well by the end of 16:55 that week well all the funds and more 16:58 were in Wow because the angels were 17:00 dispatched yeah I have a group of angels 17:02 that follow me you know angels also 17:04 hearkened to the voice of his word right 17:06 okay that’s someone on my free 3:20 and 17:08 so we can say where it’s like you know 17:10 God gives you the power to create wealth 17:12 and the Angels would go to work to bring 17:14 wealth to create wealth for you and I do 17:16 that a lot i harken I say financial 17:19 scriptures and then angels hearken to it 17:21 now these angels follow me around and 17:22 the first time they actually ever 17:24 visited me we went from having a 17:26 thousand dollars a month of income for 17:28 the ministry to a hundred thousand 17:29 dollars every month in less than 30 days 17:32 that happened okay I just had a guy up 17:35 in Seattle the same group of angels 17:37 touched him and I said you’re gonna get 17:39 a miracle 17:40 bought a property in a very short amount 17:42 of time for a hundred thousand less than 17:44 the asking price right so angels 17:47 hearkened to the voice of his word 17:48 they also activate into giving people 17:50 don’t understand this part but this is 17:52 so important in the Bible in judges 13 17:55 there’s a story of Manoah and his wife 17:56 she’s barren an angel comes to tell her 17:59 she’s gonna have a baby named Samson 18:01 okay so and then her husband doesn’t 18:03 realize that it’s an angel so he says to 18:04 the angel a lot if I prepare a kid for 18:06 you he says the angel says though you 18:07 detain me I will not eat of your kid but 18:10 instead prepare it wasn’t offering for 18:12 the Lord then it says an as they brought 18:14 their offering the angel worked wonders 18:17 that is so amazing right yes every time 18:21 we offer unto the Lord it activates 18:23 angel it does for sure now you and I 18:26 both witness a major thing that happened 18:28 with that and it was in the healing room 18:29 I was teaching on this about angels 18:32 activating into giving there’s a woman 18:34 named Barbara in your meeting and she 18:36 was listening to the sowing the word 18:38 about sowing in the Angels she got her 18:39 faith up she had been in an accident she 18:41 had metal her neck a torn rotator cuff 18:43 and she had a collarbone that wasn’t 18:45 even one of them was sticking out and up 18:48 and it gave her extraordinary pain and 18:50 limited movement so she hears the 18:52 message about sewing in angels she sews 18:54 into it as she’s preparing her offering 18:57 you’re gonna see footage of it right now 18:59 okay 19:00 her friends were sitting next to her an 19:02 angel came and moved her collarbone into 19:05 place now you could see in the footage 19:08 her friends are standing out there 19:09 testifying that they could hear it one 19:11 lady said it sounded like this Wow and 19:15 the colored bone moved back into place 19:17 you can see in the footage and she was 19:19 able to put her arm carry her purse she 19:22 even said I want to go home I can’t wait 19:23 to go home and take dishes out of my 19:24 cover because I haven’t been able to do 19:25 it for eight years it was amazing 19:28 alright God is a healing God he’s a 19:30 provider and you know when it comes to 19:32 healing miracles that’s also a financial 19:36 miracle because it saves you thousands 19:39 of dollars in medical expenses and oh 19:42 man I tell you just we we are feeling 19:46 right now your faith arising to lay hold 19:49 of financial miracles the miracles that 19:52 you need now we want to 19:54 to encourage you because God TV is 19:56 committed to equip and resourcing the 20:00 body of Christ worldwide because God’s 20:02 raising up a massive army of believers 20:04 who are gonna go out and advance his 20:06 kingdom and that’s you so we want to 20:09 tell you some more about that right now 20:11 growing the supernatural with our wide 20:14 range of premium he causes deepen your 20:17 understanding of God’s presence the 20:19 prophetic healing the angelic realm and 20:21 much much more 20:22 taught by some of today’s most respected 20:24 leaders and voices access more of the 20:27 supernatural 20:28 go to God TV forward slash Patricia 20:32 [Music] 20:40 I know that God wants you to be raised 20:46 up as a powerful minister of his gospel 20:48 not just a son or a daughter but one who 20:51 will serve the world that you live in 20:53 and so that’s why we at God TV are so 20:56 committed to equipping you and it’s our 20:58 honor to do so well right now I want to 21:01 introduce Robert Hodgkin who is actually 21:03 one of my team members in Patricia King 21:06 ministries and he has a testimony to 21:08 share with you about what happened to 21:10 him when he started sowing into 21:12 financial miracles I didn’t grow up in 21:15 the church or in a Christian family so I 21:17 didn’t really have an understanding or a 21:19 grid for the offering and for the tithe 21:21 or even Christian generosity so when I 21:24 first got saved it was something God had 21:25 to really encourage me in but he did and 21:27 I can remember being in meetings when 21:30 the offering would happen and he would 21:31 encourage me to give and be generous and 21:33 even say test me in this and he was so 21:36 faithful 21:36 he would always show up but there came a 21:39 point where he wanted to take me to a 21:41 whole nother level and I remember being 21:42 in a meeting and I was writing a check 21:44 for $100 that was my standard offering 21:46 and he said add a zero to it and long 21:50 story short eventually I did I put it in 21:52 the offering I was a little nervous but 21:53 what was amazing is in the meeting after 21:55 I did that after I was stretched that 21:57 way we went into worship and during 21:59 worship somebody came up and said this 22:02 is for you the Lord told me to give this 22:03 tune it was a check for a thousand 22:05 dollars and then after that the next 22:07 couple months every month I’d see 22:09 supernatural deposits in my bank account 22:11 the first was three thousand dollars and 22:14 then after that it was like one hundred 22:15 eighty dollars and change 130 dollars 22:17 and change but the Lord showed me it 22:19 really is impossible to out give them 22:21 and when we give from that place of 22:23 Christian generosity with the 22:26 expectation to receive not because we’re 22:28 earning something but because we’re 22:30 tapping in to the fullness that we have 22:32 in him he’s always faithful to show up 22:35 and bring increase 22:36 [Music] 22:43 my favorite part of the program is when 22:46 we get to minister to you because God’s 22:49 going to work miracles and we were 22:51 talking earlier we really believe that 22:54 as you even intentionally sow into your 22:57 increase and just want to encourage you 22:59 to maybe sow into the outreach of God TV 23:02 we’d love to see you do that because it 23:04 will activate miracles yes absolutely 23:07 sowing does activate it activates the 23:10 angelic it activates your faith and it 23:12 plants a seed to get a harvest and I 23:14 really felt like the angels are gonna 23:16 respond when people so today just like 23:19 they did for Barbara they moved her 23:20 collarbone just like they did for my 23:22 friend who got a hundred thousand 23:23 dollars off of the asking price of the 23:25 land so I just encourage people that ask 23:27 the Holy Spirit what should I so today 23:29 and actually plant that seed goes 23:32 through with the seed and as you’re 23:33 preparing your seed right now in your 23:35 heart 23:35 I just want to release the angelic realm 23:37 to go and respond 23:39 remember they responded to Manoa when he 23:41 brought the offering it says while he 23:43 prepared the offering the angel worked 23:45 wonders and healed his wife even with 23:47 Cornelius when the angel come to visit 23:49 him it says I came because of your gifts 23:52 to the poor your prayers and your 23:53 generous the generous gifts to the poor 23:56 and Cornelius was involved in a 23:58 world-changing event the Gentiles came 24:00 into the family of God so as you’re 24:02 preparing your seat right now I just 24:04 release angelic realm they’re gonna do 24:06 exactly what it says in the Bible that 24:08 they do they’re gonna respond to your 24:10 giving they love when you give to the 24:13 Lord and they’re gonna come and serve 24:15 you because they’re ministering spirits 24:16 sent to minister to you so right now I 24:19 just release the angelic realm according 24:21 to the scriptures that we just said so 24:23 they can go and cause you to have a 24:25 healing miracle and a financial miracle 24:28 in your life in Jesus name right now Wow 24:31 that’s powerful you can feel the faith 24:33 on that and I’m an agreement with that 24:35 too and and God TV is such a great 24:38 outreach to sow into because we’re 24:41 reaching the nations not only with the 24:43 gospel but with teaching with testimony 24:45 with equipping and gathering believers 24:48 together to move in the supernatural to 24:50 move in the prophetic I have a word 24:52 right now for someone that you in 24:56 a debt for your child’s education and 24:59 what happened as you went into debt and 25:01 then your child when when you know well 25:06 they aren’t serving God let’s put it 25:08 that way 25:08 and you’ve been grieved there’s a deep 25:10 grief and almost like a bitter feeling 25:12 about going into debt for them that 25:15 grief 25:16 is coming off you I see the Lord lifting 25:19 it off the grief is going to lift off 25:20 and as a result of that there’s a way 25:23 mate for you to financial financially 25:26 prosper you see there was a root of 25:28 bitterness there a root of resentment a 25:30 root of offense and as you repent from 25:32 that and the grief lifts it’s like 25:34 you’re going to be a free person many of 25:36 you are getting miracles right now 25:38 miracles of increased miracles of debt 25:40 cancellation miracles where where 25:42 there’s expansion for your finances we 25:46 want to thank you so much for joining us 25:48 on today’s program and Katie thank you 25:50 for sharing all the testimonies for 25:52 being here with us we love your ministry 25:54 and just support all that you’re doing 25:56 and we just want you to know also that 26:00 as you continue to sow into god TV that 26:04 there will be a massive harvest of souls 26:07 that will stand before the Lord amen and 26:10 your name is on that so have a great 26:13 week and don’t forget to live a 26:14 supernatural life we’ll see you next 26:16 time we hope you enjoyed this episode 26:20 let us know how it impacted you send 26:23 your feedback testimony or prayer 26:26 request today or ask Patricia a question 26:28 for a future program and don’t forget 26:31 you can continue growing in the 26:33 supernatural with our premium courses 26:35 connect with us at go TV forward slash 26:39 Patricia and join us next time for our 26:41 next episode of Supernatural life 26:44 [Music]

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