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00 [Music] 0:13 hello everyone 0:15 I’d like to share a dream with you that 0:17 I had this past weekend Sunday morning 0:20 you know usually not always but many 0:24 times what I’m dreaming just as I’m 0:26 waking up seems to have a purpose it has 0:31 a message to it and so I had this this 0:33 dream you know right at daylight on 0:36 Sunday morning of Kathryn Kuhlman who 0:39 was kind of one of the champions that 0:41 God has used over the years to speak to 0:44 me and kind of mold some of my 0:46 perspective of what what I believe that 0:49 we will see in the last days and she had 0:52 a prophetic word really she was it was 0:54 not a dialogue it was a monologue she 0:56 was the only one doing talking she was 0:58 talking and I was listening which was 1:00 good with me 1:00 but the message had two points two 1:04 points to her drink to the dream and I’d 1:07 like to share those with you as an 1:09 encouragement to do that I need to share 1:10 just a little bit of history to 1:12 understand the perspective of the dream 1:14 but some years ago I was waiting on the 1:17 Lord by four years ago just waiting on 1:20 the Lord like I do you know very often 1:22 and trying to quiet the soul and listen 1:25 to the Holy Spirit and I heard a voice 1:27 internal voice say to me what ministries 1:30 have most influenced who you are and 1:34 what you care in what you believe and 1:37 immediately I knew the answer to that 1:38 question so I said William Branham and 1:40 Alexander Dowie and Kathryn Kuhlman and 1:43 and John G Lake and and Maria 1:47 woodworth etter and AA Allen I think 1:49 six-lane got off the back and then I’ve 1:51 always said to me well how many letters 1:53 are in their name you know I had never 1:55 thought about that never put any 1:57 consideration to such a thing as that 1:58 you know it’s why I thought well William 2:00 Branham that’s 14 letters Alexander 2:03 Dowie that’s 14 letters that’s 2:05 interesting Kathryn Kuhlman my goodness 2:07 that’s 14 letters also so I’m getting 2:09 kind of excited now you know then I come 2:12 to Maria Woodworth etter and I 2:15 thought oh there goes the 14 number 2:16 because that’s more than 14 but as 2:19 surely as I’m sitting here a voice spoke 2:21 inside of me and said but she was only 2:24 Maria 2:25 Woodworth when i commissioned her and of 2:28 course we pronounced it they pronounced 2:30 the name maria but it was actually 2:32 spelled like we would say maria maria or 2:35 Maria would worth 14 letters I was 2:38 shocked 2:38 then I came to John G Lake and I wasn’t 2:41 sure what the G stood for in his name so 2:43 I looked it up on the internet and sure 2:44 enough John Graham Lake 14 letters and 2:47 then I come to a a Allen had no idea 2:50 what the initials AA stood for I had to 2:52 look it up I had his biography there so 2:55 I looked up his name hey Allen ASA 2:57 Alonso Allen 14 letters I was shocked I 3:01 was shocked all the ones that were given 3:04 to me that day there was one more that 3:05 was given later but all those had 14 3:07 letters in them and that had a lot of 3:10 meaning to me and I don’t have time to 3:12 go in that this block maybe another blog 3:14 will talk about the significance of that 3:15 but to me it relates to to Paul Paul you 3:20 know the number 14 is closely connected 3:22 to his ministry and there’s just a 3:23 number of things that come from that but 3:26 it was just a fascinating fact that I 3:27 had never thought about and so each one 3:30 of those that I just named presented 3:33 some aspect of God’s nature they they 3:36 carried something that was a 3:38 particularly that I felt like at least 3:42 God had used to mold my perspective of 3:44 what the prophesy for the last days and 3:47 the thing the number one thing from 3:50 Kathryn Kuhlman that was so significant 3:53 to me way back in the early 90s back in 3:56 the early 90s when I first started to 3:59 study her life was the fact that she 4:01 made this statement one time that the 4:03 Holy Spirit was her best friend the Holy 4:08 Spirit was her best friend and I began 4:12 to investigate that a little bit and I 4:14 began to find out that she lived in a 4:18 state of constant and continual 4:21 fellowship with the Holy Spirit you know 4:23 Paul prayed one time that the love of 4:26 God the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ 4:29 and the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit be 4:32 with you all and she literally lived in 4:36 a state of constant 4:37 comunion constant fellowship with the 4:40 holy spirit you might say what do they 4:42 look like well I remember one time she 4:44 was asked well how many hours do you 4:47 pray before a great healing crusade you 4:49 know most people are thinking you know 4:52 we’ve got this healing meeting coming up 4:53 surely she’ll go into a closet somewhere 4:56 and pray for two and a half hours and 4:58 emergency tongs to get the anointing so 5:00 she could go out and do the healing 5:02 service and her answer was surprising 5:04 she said I pray no more on the day of 5:06 the healing service and I prayed 5:08 yesterday and the day before and the day 5:10 before not because she didn’t believe in 5:13 prayer but because she lived in a state 5:15 of constant communion fellowship 5:18 friendship with the abiding presence of 5:21 the Holy Spirit the story is sold we’re 5:25 after a great healing crusade at the 5:27 Navy Center in Tulsa Oklahoma or Roberts 5:30 came up to Katherine Kuhlman after the 5:33 service and said you know I really 5:34 thought maybe we could have some dinner 5:35 after the meeting tonight but he said I 5:38 know what it’s like to be under the 5:39 anointing I know how it drains the flesh 5:42 and you’ve been under the anointing for 5:43 these three or four hours and I’m sure 5:44 that anointing is drained you physically 5:47 and so we don’t have to go to dinner if 5:49 you don’t like she said I’m fine she 5:51 said I live under that anointing all the 5:52 time that’s struck me that struck me 5:56 that someone can live in a state of 5:59 constant abiding presence the Lord Jesus 6:03 did of course he was God but I mean he 6:05 is our example the Holy Spirit came upon 6:08 him the day he was baptized and the 6:10 Bible says and it remained I remember 6:13 not too long ago the Lord tweaked my 6:16 understanding of this prayer life I used 6:18 to think this was my human perspective 6:21 that you know here was the Lord you know 6:24 the demands that he had on his life can 6:27 you imagine all the sick people he 6:29 prayed for he would get up in the 6:30 morning and preach and teach in the 6:32 synagogue’s praying for the sick and 6:35 delivering the oppressed and just hours 6:37 and hours and hours of ministry and he 6:40 would come to the end of the day and 6:41 then the Bible would say he would go out 6:43 and pray all night and I used to think 6:46 wow what what dedication what commitment 6:50 you know 6:50 to minister all day and then go pray all 6:53 night long and the Lord said you have my 6:56 prayer life completely misunderstood he 6:59 said going on and pray was not my labor 7:02 it was my reward he said that’s what I 7:05 was waiting for all day long and I had a 7:08 little visionary encounter where I saw 7:11 the Lord go out into the wilderness away 7:13 from his disciples and I watched him as 7:15 he released himself into the presence of 7:18 his father yes it was prayer but it was 7:21 fellowship he came into the presence of 7:24 his father and there was communion there 7:27 was relationship there was times of 7:29 refreshing that came from the presence 7:31 of God for the Lord’s literal fleshly 7:34 body there was this constant exchange it 7:37 was there was the revelation so his 7:39 prayer life you know I began to 7:41 understand my prayer life is not a labor 7:43 it’s not a responsibility it’s my joy 7:45 it’s my lifestyle it’s the culture of my 7:49 life to begin to live and I stayed a 7:52 fellowship that’s my goal I’m not saying 7:54 I’ve achieved it yet but if there’s one 7:56 thing that I come away from the life of 7:57 Kathryn Kuhlman with is she found that 8:00 she discovered that place in God and 8:03 that was point number one in my dream 8:06 point number one in my dream was a 8:08 reminder that there is a place in God 8:12 where we can live in a state of constant 8:14 communion constant cornea constant 8:18 fellowship and I felt like it was even 8:20 an invitation for right now I really 8:22 believe that I believe there is an 8:23 invitation for some of us right now to 8:27 begin to enter into a place where our 8:29 lifestyle it’s not just what we do is 8:31 who we are and that brings me to point 8:34 number two in my dream and this is where 8:36 it got a little animated but especially 8:38 to hear Kathryn Kuhlman talking to me 8:40 the way she was talking to me in a very 8:42 dramatic animated way as she does but 8:45 then she was in a very forceful way she 8:47 said you must eat the word and then 8:51 vomit the word and right when she said 8:56 that I I came to myself and I knew when 9:00 she said that I knew that was revelation 9:01 10 any of you that have watched our 9:03 minute 9:03 at all you know that revelation 10 is 9:05 kind of a cornerstone of what we believe 9:07 and I believe that’s exactly what the 9:10 admonition was it was given to John he 9:12 was told to take the little book that 9:13 was open in the end of the strong angel 9:15 you know and take it and eat it he the 9:18 angels had come and take the book and 9:20 eat it it’ll be bitter in your belly but 9:21 in your mouth he’ll be a sweet as honey 9:23 when John said I went and I took the 9:25 little book from the hand of the angel I 9:27 ate it and it was in my mouth as sweet 9:29 as honey but when I had eaten it it 9:30 became bitter in my belly and the angel 9:33 said and you must prophesy again 9:35 concerning many nations tongues tribes 9:38 and kingdoms so the idea there is that 9:41 you eat something and it’s not just 9:44 going to it’s not just a word in your 9:46 mouth that goes into your belly if I 9:48 could put it another way I believe the 9:50 Lord is calling us today and from now 9:52 into the end of the age to not speak or 9:55 preach or prophesy from our head but 9:57 from our belly the Lord is not looking 10:01 for more preachers he’s looking for 10:03 messengers he’s not looking for more 10:06 sermons he’s looking for people to 10:08 deliver messages and point number two is 10:11 directly related to point number one in 10:14 my dream point number two happens when 10:17 we live in a state of constant 10:19 fellowship and communion with the Holy 10:21 Spirit the Holy Spirit becomes our best 10:24 friend and when that happens we begin to 10:27 eat the revelation of Jesus Christ and 10:29 we prophesy from our belly because it’s 10:32 not going to stay in it’s coming out 10:35 it’s coming out you become living 10:37 epistles read of all men I believe 10:41 something is coming from God I do and I 10:44 do believe those two points are 10:46 significant I believe they are keys they 10:48 are foundations for us to begin to 10:51 apprehend 10:52 what’s coming because when you do that 10:55 what you say becomes living it’s the 10:58 living word it’s the living word a word 11:02 that comes from the atmosphere of the 11:05 anointing a word that is not just 11:08 something you’ve memorized a word that 11:10 is not just something you made notes 11:11 about a word that comes 11:13 out of your innermost being because you 11:15 have a revelation of it it is a part of 11:18 who you are one of the one of the Hebrew 11:22 words for prophecy is to spew out and so 11:24 there you have the idea and it’s clear 11:26 with us talking about what is what is 11:28 John prophesying it says it over in 11:30 verse 7 of Revelation 10 the mysteries 11:33 of God the revelation of Jesus Christ 11:36 the book of Redemption the endtime plan 11:39 of God the consummation of the ages 11:41 things that have been hidden in God 11:43 since the foundation of the world that’s 11:46 what it says in Ephesians 3 that Paul 11:49 said that things that have been hidden 11:51 from men were now being revealed by his 11:53 holy apostles and prophets and there is 11:57 there is a mana there is revelation 11:59 there is strategy there are mysteries 12:01 reserved for this last a generation that 12:04 are being apprehended and prophesied 12:06 from that atmosphere of the anointing so 12:09 I hope that encourages it I know it’s 12:11 speaking to the life and destiny of many 12:13 of you that watch that you can learn by 12:17 the grace of God to cultivate a place of 12:21 intimacy and fellowship with God where 12:23 you live at 24/7 you know I’m not there 12:26 yet but I I don’t do anymore prayer on 12:30 the day I do ministry than I do the day 12:32 before because I want to live in that 12:33 culture I wanted to be my lifestyle I 12:36 believe in intercession but you know 12:38 intercession comes by inspiration I 12:41 can’t go watch my watch I say okay it’s 12:42 9:00 o’clock I’m gonna do some travail 12:44 now that looked like that that’s as much 12:47 of impartation of the Holy Spirit as the 12:49 gays operating in the gifts of the 12:51 Spirit so when you in when you were in 12:53 prayer sometimes something like 12:55 intercession or travail will come upon 12:57 you when you pray those things but 12:58 otherwise it’s fellowship it’s communion 13:01 it’s relationship it’s what the Lord 13:03 Jesus did releasing himself in the 13:05 presence of his father and enjoying the 13:09 fellowship with his father but you know 13:11 he didn’t have to be transformed at that 13:13 pray place with us or transform us 13:16 if we learn to release ourselves into 13:19 the presence of God we will be 13:21 transformed and we will prophesy a 13:24 Living Word so I release that to you 13:35 you

Word for the Moment | “A Message from Kathryn Kuhlman”
by Paul Keith Davis
Recorded April 25, 2017

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