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According to Heather Avis, “There is so much joy to be found when we lay down our pride and celebrate the very best in the people around us.” During a recent conversation in which her friend stated, “The world’s definition of success is all a sham”, Heather began to reflect on the day they attended the Special Olympic World Games in Los Angeles, California.

Special Olympics Connaught

Photo Credit: Special Olympics Ireland Connaught, Creative Commons

Because two of her adopted children have Down’s Syndrome, the Special Olympics was an event she would not be missing.  As she stood there watching the athletes receive their medals, her eyes full to the brim with tears of hope and joy and pride, the thing that struck her the most was how the athletes so genuinely celebrated each other’s victories.  Heather Avis came to the realization that for them, winning and being the best was not the ultimate goal.  Read full story at:  http://storylineblog.com


Josh and Heather Avis Interview on Hour of Power with Bobby Schuller

On The Hour of Power with Bobby Schuller, Josh and Heather Avis share their personal story of how their family was created.  They are a couple from Southern California who have adopted all three of their children: Macy, Truly and August, two of which were born with Down syndrome.  They are seen as role models and mentors to families living with Down syndrome and other disabilities across the country.



Heather Avis - The Lucky Few Blog

Heather Avis – The Lucky Few Blog




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