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hi it’s Greg here I just want to share a few minutes about finding peace in the storms of life right now there is a lot of anxiety stress levels in our world are rising people are feeling things are out of control there’s so much uncertainty and there is a lot of uncertainty in our world but for those who follow Jesus even in the midst of chaos weird to be walking in peace now I will admit I have struggled with stress and anxiety over the years just ask my wife and my kids and I think in some ways I came by it naturally my dad used to say that if he wasn’t worried about something he was worried that he wasn’t worried and so I’ve kind of taken that on but my relationship with God is one that I know that I am not to be walking in stress and it’s really a matter of the heart that’s what Jesus was trying to get out I’m gonna share some verses with you but stress and anxiety again comes when we feel out of control and we can’t do anything about most of those things but we can allow the Lord to work on our heart I’ll just give you an example where I was able to learn a great lesson a few years ago I was in Pakistan I was teaching at a Bible College they’re wonderful students and in fact it was teaching about suffering for righteousness and what the Bible teaches about persecution my work with the voice of the martyrs before I went to the school I got a call from my wife and she’s telling me that she’s been in a car accident she’s okay there’s damage to the car but it’ll be fixed and we’ll probably done by the time you get home so I head off to the Bible College and I’m getting again ready to teach these students and all the way I’m there I’m thinking my car has been damaged I’m feeling out of control I got to fix this but I couldn’t and I needed to get my heart in my mind my spirit right to be able to be effective to teach these amazing young people the things of what it teaches again in the Bible of all persecution and I turned it over to the Lord I said Lord you’ve got to help me here I need that peace I can’t have anxiety however I prayed that day and it was so amazing I felt this peace and I think far as I remember we had a pretty good day but I learned in that moment even when things are going around me that I still need to be focused on him and do the things that he wants me to do at that moment now Jesus was the one that taught this and I mean and I’ve heard it said on Facebook and other places quit telling or tell those Christian pastors to quit telling us not to fear anymore okay but let’s go to the source what’s the key source and that’s Jesus so let’s go back a couple of thousand years he’s sitting on a mountainside and there’s farmers and fishermen and people just trying to eke out a living and this is what he says and I wonder if it maybe even offended them a little bit and he said to them watch out be on your guard against all kinds of greed they’re going greed we don’t have anything hardly and then Jesus goes on to say life does not consist in an abundance of possessions he definitely got their attention and then here’s what he goes on to say and again again you gotta understand that Jesus himself was not living an easy life in fact he says they you know foxes have dens birds in the air have nests but the Son of man has no place to lay his head right and so he didn’t have an easy life and rich Nathan he’s a pastor down in Columbus Ohio and he said that you know Jesus lived his life in the shadow of the Cross he knew what he would be facing and yet he didn’t go all full of stress and anxiety all the time because he had this relationship with God and and we do as well and we have the Holy Spirit and we should be able to walk in peace so here’s what Jesus said and these are the verses I’ve been meditating even this morning again because I don’t want them just to be information but I want them to get deep into my heart because I want to have that peace especially at this time where so many people around us are really struggling we need to show them that there is a better way so in Luke twelfth verses 20 to 29 and 32 he says do not worry do not worry do not be afraid so let’s go to verse 22 then jesus said to his disciples therefore I tell you do not worry about your life what you will eat or about your body what you will wear life is more important than food and the body more than clothes then verse 29 and do not set your heart on what you will eat or drink don’t worry about it now I wonder at that point if the folks that we’re listening were offended and maybe you and I are offended when we read these things Jesus there’s so much going on and you’re telling me not to be concerned about these things because there is something more important to focus on verse 32 again we’re in Luke chapter 12 do not be afraid little flock for your father has been pleased to give you the kingdom there’s the key we don’t focus on the things of this world because we’re just passing through we focus on the kingdom where we’re gonna spend eternity with God let’s get our eternal perspective there and again when I’ve been talking to persecuted Christians that’s the thing that they will say and I’ll ask them how do you get through this you know you’ve lost loved ones you’ve been chased from your village you’re facing persecution there’s so much uncertainty and they say we get through it because we know that there’s something after this life we focus on eternity and being with our God forever now to further understand these things and when it comes to peace Jesus wasn’t the only one to speak about that the Apostle Paul he’s writing a letter to some people and a church in Philippi the Philippians early in the letter he talks about being poured out like a drink offering Paul knew that he was going to die he had a pretty amazing life a lot of persecution but he saw amazing things that God had done and everything that was going around and he still had that peace and so here is in a prison cell knowing that he’s going to die saying I’m being poured out like a drink offering and then later in the letter again you think of the context here what is happening he’s in this prison cell and he’s able to say this do not have anxiety about anything this is Philippians 4 verses 6 and 7 but in every situation by prayer and petition with Thanksgiving present your requests to God and the peace of God which transcends all understanding see doesn’t even make sense we’re going through all these things and yet we are to have this peace of God it transcends our understanding and will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus when we have our focus on him on God Jesus promises us that he will guard our minds and our hearts in him we need to walk into that peace so that we can be an example for those around us that are really struggling let’s pray right now father thank you that in the midst of all that is going on around in our world and for some it may be sickness cancer it may be financial difficulty and a lot of people going through that right now but in the middle of all that we just pray the peace of the Holy Spirit would fall upon us and Jesus that you would guard our hearts and our minds in you we thank you Lord that you never leave us or forsake us you’re walking with us and we want to bring our requests and our prayers to you and that you bring us this peace we thank you for these things in Jesus name Amen god bless

In this video from the 100 Huntley Street television show, Greg Musselman talks to us about challenging times and winding our way through the storms of life.

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