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Kettlebell Abs Workout - 6 Moves That Are More Effective Than Crunches

Kettlebells requires more coordination, stabilization and control, primarily through activating those core muscles people love so much. | Image courtesy: sparkpeople.com

Many people incorrectly presume that the core and abdominal muscles are the same. The truth is, the abs are just one of the many muscle groups that make up the core. The muscles that show up as a six-pack are the rectus abdominis muscles, a pair of vertical muscles that run the length of the abdomen whose primary job is to flex the spine.

Core Muscle Groups

Also included in the core musculature are the internal and external obliques, the transverse abdominus, the erector spinae and the pectoralis major. Despite these other muscle groups, though, the rectus abdominis invariably gets all the attention.

While supine, isolated exercises like stomach crunches are not necessarily wrong or useless, they are not the most effective way to train the abs and core. A much better alternative is to perform compound exercises in an upright posture that requires coordinated movement and stabilization of the spine by all or a majority of the core muscles.

Kettlebell Core Workout

When it comes to this type of training, the kettlebell is the perfect tool. Kettlebells are ideal for compound movements like swings, squats, presses and cleans. They also add an extra element of instability due to their unique shape and design.

To perform this workout, you will need two kettlebells. Men should grab a 10- to 12-kilogram or 22- to 26-pound kettlebell, while women can pick up a six- to eight-kilogram or 13- to 18-pound kettlebell.

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds back-to-back in a circuit, then rest 30 seconds. Complete four circuits total. For the swing, front squat and around-the-world exercises, alternate sides each circuit.


Kettlebell Exercise: How to Do the Kettlebell Plank for Core Strength

  • Kettlebell Instructor and Personal Trainer Mike from Leeds shows you how to perform the kettlebell plank. This is a great exercise for helping to get a strong core.


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