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every time that I cycle my hope it gets bigger it gets stronger because I’ve experienced it and I felt it and I know that God was with me and I know he’s gonna be with me there’s a newer translation of the Bible the passionate translation and it actually says and proven character leads us back to hope so here’s the thing when the cycle begins again because it will I go into it stronger I go into it more hopeful now wouldn’t it be nice if we only had to deal with one cycle at a time but the reality is that we have many cycles going on simultaneously and they can be all different sizes so this large one might be an ongoing issue for you maybe you have a health issue or maybe you have something going on in your marriage or whatever it’s an ongoing it’s a big one but then we also have these smaller ones so maybe over here you have a bill that you don’t know how you’re gonna pay and then maybe one of your children is just struggling in school this year they’re having a hard time clicking with their teacher their grades aren’t good so maybe that’s an issue that you’re going through and then maybe you have just a little one like one that happens all in one day and your child throws up in the air conditioning vent I’m just gonna write yuck just a little one and then maybe you have one that’s you know a little bit bigger that is a relationship issue maybe something that you have going on with a friend in your life and then maybe you’re a student and you have a class that you’re taking and you have no idea how you are going to pass this class I have no idea how I passed physical science in college it was a miracle of God so remember each trial each problem each suffering is running the cycle and each cycle is not only building up your perseverance and your character but they are feeding in to one another and they’re feeding in to this big situation that’s going on in your life so maybe from this situation you learned from this bill you learned self-control like you just you have to budget there was no way you could pay that bill if you didn’t cut some things out so you learned self-control in that one and maybe in this situation you learned to pray and maybe you learned when to speak up and when to keep your mouth shut so that’s building into that situation and maybe from this one you just learned you know what I can do gross things without complaining it wasn’t that bad I got it done so that’s building into that maybe with your friend you learned the power of an apology and how that made your relationship better maybe in this class you’re learning discipline you’re learning that you’re gonna have to work and study and ask for help so here I am in this big one but my hope is being built up and I don’t know how I’m gonna make it through this one but I know that I made it through before and this time my hope is stronger I almost called this sermon thank you next you know my husband always has multiple titles I thought that might have been a good one what I want you to know today is that you have got to run the cycle don’t get stuck in the suffering stage the more that you lean into this process the more that you will be able to gain from it there are a few things that will get you stuck in this suffering stage that will like break up your cycle and I don’t wanna spend a lot of time talking about it cuz I don’t like negative things but we should you know actually talk about them sometimes and one of those things is comparison nobody understands nobody’s ever felt this way before nobody nobody has felt the pain that I feel or maybe we complain and we think why is this happening to me I mean me oh why again God you know I can’t do this or maybe we blame because there’s something in our minds that wants to have a reason for our pain and a reason for our suffering so the easiest thing to do is just say well if my husband hadn’t have done what he did I wouldn’t be in this position or if my parents had fed me healthier food then I wouldn’t be overweight or whatever your situation is it’s so easy to blame and then sometimes we just get angry have you ever been angry with God just like God why did you let this happen to me these things are all valid ways to feel and some days you have to feel all of these things some days you can’t get out of the bed and you’re hurt and you’re angry and you’re blaming because your pain is real and you will want to numb but I’m telling you be very careful don’t stay here too long because these thoughts and these attitudes will get you stuck and then you’ll become a resentful person and then you’ll become a bitter person and then you’re gonna smell like that dishwasher because you got stuck don’t prolong the process of what God wants to do in your life yes it hurts but did you know that complaining I know you know this complaining cost Israel 40 years in the desert it was supposed to be a two-week journey and they ended up being there forty years because of complaining I know it hurts I know what it feels like to not want to get out of bed and continue fighting this situation that seems like it’s never going to end I know what it feels like to have a wave of anxiety hit you so hard that you have to sneak into the bathroom just to make it through the moment I know I know what it feels like to not want to come to church because I don’t want to look anyone in the eyes I don’t want them to see my pain and I know that Pastor Steven is gonna make me look at my neighbor and say something to them but I know from experience that stopping only delays the process and keeps me from what God has for me so just like there are some things that will slow your cycle down there are also some things that will give you momentum one of those things for me is church you’re here this is the best place that you can be when you’re suffering maybe I shouldn’t have told you it’s so true maybe I shouldn’t have told you that as a pastor’s wife that I have days where I don’t want to come to church but I hope that that encourages you to know that it is totally normal that when you’re hurting and you’re struggling that you’re not gonna want to come to church the pull is always going to be for you to stay home don’t get dressed you can’t see people this is your only day to rest but it is here can anybody anybody agree with me that here is where God meets with me and God will speak to you if you can just get here I know that sometimes the best the best you got is to open up your computer and just watch online I get it and I know that some of you that watch online every week you don’t have an Elevation location that you can come to but I got to tell you there is something special about coming together with a body of believers and getting in this faith environment and being able to pull from her faith and from his faith and God will just give you a word that will get you through the next moment that next step you know another thing that will give you momentum is having the right voices in your life sometimes the last thing you want to do when you’re suffering is to tell someone else what you’re going through I know how that feels maybe sometimes you just you feel shame over what’s happening or you just feel to hurt you can’t even talk about it or maybe you feel like nobody could possibly understand but I have been through some situations where the words and the prayers and the encouragement of some of my friends were just life to me and I know that it’s counterintuitive that when you’re here the instinct is to withdraw but when you are here and you open yourself up and you’re vulnerable with a person that you trust and you say I’m hurting I need help you experience an intimacy in this place with that friendship that you cannot experience when everything is awesome it’s a special place when you have the right people another thing that’s small but it’s huge for me and I don’t know if it is for you too but have any of you ever had a song that just got you through a worship song we’re so blessed to be able to have a church that the songs that come out of this church they’re just life-giving for me Unstoppable God was an anthem for me during that time where the news media was running all of those stories I still to this day how many times have we sang Unstoppable God at Elevation Church and still every time they sing it even if they just do a little tag I tear up because when I sing that song I remember the promises that God spoke to me during that time I can almost it’s funny because songs they’re kind of like smells have you ever and all of a sudden when they started playing that song you put yourself back in that moment and you feel the pain but then you feel the joy and you feel the presence of God all at that time get you a song get you a song that will get you through this time Do It Again I mean that one works every time for every situation a couple weeks ago we sang the song This Is How I Fight My Battles I don’t know if that’s the title of it it was exactly what I needed in that moment there are some things that you can do that will give you momentum so that you can run the cycle hey thank you for watching make sure you subscribe to this channel so you don’t miss a single video or livestream and share this video with a friend and don’t forget you can join me live every Sunday thanks again for watching

In this inspirational message, Holly Furtick  explains why we’ve got hope (even in the hard seasons).

This clip was pulled from the message, “The Hope Cycle”. To view the full message, click here: https://youtu.be/gJ3JSATgCOI
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