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I am so glad to be here so thrilled to be a part of what God is doing in this incredible church into this means I’ve known I’ve known pastor Lee for probably a decade or so now and our worlds have continued to cross so to be here in this place watching the vision that the Lord has given her in this incredible team at this church for for all that has happened here watching it unfold has been breathtaking for me so I have enjoyed every single moment of it I brought my man with me and I’m just gonna introduce him to you this is Jerry Shire stand up Jerry and say hello oh he’s so mad at me I’m gonna pay for this anyway come on babe he’s been hanging out with packs remark I’m so grateful it is it is a treat for us to be able to look at the two of you in the years of ministry and parenting and and marriage and the health of all of those things and we’re grateful for your influence in our life thank you so much for that I want to share something with you from the Scriptures tonight that I pray will be a blessing to your life I was thinking about this as I was considering that Jerry and I our full-time job really is that we parent three boys actually we have three sons I brought a couple pictures of those boys I think they have them they’re gonna put them on the screen so that you can see our sons they used to be little they are not little anymore my husband’s standing there in the SEC in the middle he is you know six foot three inches tall the one that is on his left hand side is 15 years old and he’s 6 foot 2 or so the one that is on the right side at the time we took this photograph he is 13 years old that’s Jerry junior he’s about 6 foot 1 inch tall and then Jude is our youngest one our 9 year old Jude is our surprise boy we still don’t actually know how you got here but there he is I named him Jude on purpose because that’s as close as I could get to revelation because this finish that’s the end of the line it’s over right there so I have Jackson Jerry junior and Jude I think they have another photo too so those are the boys they are big boys big ol boys and so we spend the majority of our time feeding these boys that’s my real full-time job trying to figure out new ways to cook chicken for dinner just like you that’s what I’m doing I’m doing that and laundry that is my entire life right there I have the privilege in between those things to be able to share in ministry but those boys are really are are our full-time job and joy and privilege one of the things that I have done with the boys through much of their upbringing is that I’ve taken them fishing it’s sort of one of the fun things that we’ve done for the most of their upbringing we lived in a fairly part of the dallas-fort Worth area I loved it that way in Texas sort of away from the city is where we lived in a little suburban area that felt a little country and a little quiet a little bit like the way Lisa described where she lives as well I wanted it like that it was ten minutes away from the city so that I could get there as quickly as I needed to but it felt like it was worlds away and that was really great I loved this little house small little house but I loved it so much because there was a yard there were trees in the backyard and I’ve got three boys they need to go outside and play are there any moms in the house that still believe it outside anybody go outside and play there’s trees and bugs and mud and things boys need in their life in the backyard and so anytime my sons have the nerve to come to me and say mom I’m bored I say no you’re not you see that tree right there go play with it you can eat it you can play tag with it I don’t care what you do with it go play and one of the things we love about where we live is that my one of my closest friends her name is Rachel she lives directly across the street that’s how we found out about that place actually it’s because I would take my oldest to and they were really little I would take them to visit Aunt Rachel and so they I just love seeing them out there running around on her property and chasing butterflies and that sort of stuff and so often we will go to Aunt Rachel’s house we go there for many reasons but one of our favorites is because there is a big pond that is right at the front of her property and so we will go fishing at the pond I will grab a couple of fishing poles that I got on sale at the local sort of super Walmart that is in our area I got those on sale and we will take those across the street to fish I also grabbed on sale at the local super Walmart store I got a tackle box and inside that tackle box I have extra hooks you know just in case we need another one I’ve got extra little bobber thingies you know those little bobbles those always seem to float away somehow I have got scissors in the tackle tonight and I also have gloves because y’all know I don’t mind going fishing but I ain’t gonna actually touch no fish so we grab whatever hot dog meat is left from the week because you know we’re very very professional about our business of fish people we grab whatever is left over we walk across the street we stand in this little cove that we found underneath the shade of some trees there’s a little pocket there that shaded of water and right there there’s a big pool of small sun perch just real small fish that’ll be right there we’ll drop the line in and most of the time within five or ten minutes there’s been a tug on that line and we’ve got a fish every five to ten minutes every time we drop a line in we get a fish it’s instant gratification this is the kind of fishing a six-year-old needs in his life so we will do that quite frequently I thought that because the boys like doing it so much at home that they must just like fishing in general and so every summer we go to a Christian camp we’ve done this actually it’s a camp that I’ve gone to since I was five years old I still take my boys there it’s about two hours from our house and they’ve got a big old lake there I’ve got pictures of myself standing on the dock at the lake at this camp fishing and so when I would take my boys when they were a little bit younger we would take those fishing poles with us when we went to camp for the week and I thought they just loved fishing in general so I’d wake him up early in the morning stand there on the dock thinking that they would love it just as much as they did back at home and we were fishing on one particular morning and I’ll never forget it because we fished and we fished and we fished and it was painful because not only did we not catch anything in the hour that we were out there but there wasn’t even a tug on the line I mean nothing was happening underneath the water and I don’t know if that’s ever happened to you before where you’ve been doing something for your kid and then you realize that you’re kidding even there anymore has that has that ever happened to cuz I looked up from my intent fishing trying to see why the fish not responding using different kind of kinds of bait or different fishing poles trying to figure out what in the world was happening and I looked up and realized the boys were not even there any longer I looked over into a nearby field that they had and the boys were throwing the football back and forth they weren’t even on the dock with me any longer and at that point you know I was intense I was gonna make these fish respond in Jesus name I was going to catch a fish today so I was fully exacerbated and intent about this experience I wanted to catch a fish and I yelled over to the boys I said boys what are y’all doing over there get back over here I didn’t come out here from my house this morning I came out here for y’all we’re supposed to be fishing together and my second son the now cert 14 year old he was probably about six at the time he looked over at me from the field a distance away and he said mom we don’t like fishing like that the other one responded and said yeah mom fishing is not supposed to be that hard I giggled and went back to fishing and as I was standing there was my line in the water I thought about what those boys had said particularly that second one fishing is not supposed to be bad I’ve been sitting here with you throughout the entirety of this conference that I’ve been just sort of mindful of all of you and the different walks of life that we all come from the different struggles and frustrations and disappointments and irritations and joys and difficulties and sorrows and all of those things that make up the diversity of this group that the Lord has gathered together and it occurs to me that in a group this size there are probably very many of us that feel similarly to what my boy described on that particular day that you have been in some area of your investing yourself into that marriage or into that child your parenting or into that job or that endeavor or that ministry you’ve been fishing and fishing and fishing and you feel like you keep coming up empty-handed that you feel like the investment you’ve been making in whatever area of life you have been giving the fullness of your time or your energy or your effort or your creativity or your ideas you’ve been given everything you got and you feel like you keep coming up empty-handed my son knows how it feels to invest and invest and give and give and feel like that you’re not yielding the benefits of the investment that you’ve been giving and in a group decide sighs I bet there are very many of you that have had a fishing trip or two gone bad that you’ve been given it all you got and you feel like you’re not getting out of it what you were putting into it that can be disappointing and there is a disciple in Scripture that knows how it feels to fish and fish and fish and come up empty-handed if you have your brick-and-mortar Bible with you I love that Lisa calls it that if you’ve got your brick-and-mortar Bible with you or your iPhone your iPad any manner of eyeness just flip on over to Luke chapter 5 Luke chapter 5 is where we’re gonna land tonight because it’s gonna help us to have some encouragement that’s what I want to give you tonight just some encouragement for anybody who may be in the house and you’ve got a fishing trip that’s not turning out the way that you expected that it would because all of us have an assignment have a fishing trip that has been assigned to us we’re all investing ourselves in something we’re all giving of our time or our energy or our effort to something and there can be disappointing seasons and each and every one of those journeys where we’re giving and we’re not yielding we’re not getting out of it what we feel like we’re putting in there’s some encouragement in the scriptures from a man named Simon who knows exactly how that feels Luke chapter 5 I’m gonna read to you verses 1 through 7 and see what encouragement we can find in the scriptures tonight first one says now it came about that while the multitude were pressing in him that’s Jesus and listening to the Word of God he was standing by the lake of Gennesaret that’s another phrasing for the Sea of Galilee and he saw verse 2 says he saw somebody say he saw he saw two boats lying by the edge of the lake but the fishermen had gotten out of them and they were washing their nets and he got into one of the boats which was Simons he asked him to push out a little way from the land and he sat down he began teaching the multitudes from the boat when he had finished speaking he said to Simon come on out to deep water and let down your nets for a catch Simon answered and said to him master we’ve worked hard all night long we’ve caught absolutely nothing but at your bidding I will let down my net anyway and when they had done this verse success they enclosed a great quantity of fish their nets began to break and they signaled to their partners in the other boat for them to come and help them and they came they filled both the boats so that they both began to sink that’s a lot of fish admit it starts out by making sure that we have a description of what’s happening when we meet Simon after he has fished all night long we get to see Simon exactly the same way that Jesus did on this particular occasion I’m like like Lisa just a bit in that I love the Gospel of Luke oh I love the details that Luke gives us to help describe for us of the details of a story so that we’re able to put a little flesh on the bones of the story and Luke wants to make sure that you know that on this particular occasion Jesus is surrounded by people and he wants you to know that he’s not just surrounded by a crowd of people but that they are pressing in on Jesus he wants you to get the picture of this crowd that has gathered on this particular day this is not a calm sedate casual crowd that is sitting nicely like you are tonight listening to the Word of God no these people were clamoring to get close to Jesus they were pressing in on him they wanted to be maybe like the woman with the issue of blood you remember the one who forced her way through the crowd so that she could get close enough to reach out and touch the hem of Jesus garment these people wanted to capture the attention of G of Jesus these folks were waving they were calling out they were crying out to him this was a clamoring chaotic loud a group of people he wants you to know the author does that they were pressing in on him meaning the reason why Jesus is now backed up to the shoreline of the Sea of Galilee is not because he’s casually walked there on that particular day it’s because there are throngs of people who have backed him up so that he is now against the shoreline of the Sea of Galilee they want to get close to Jesus because even if these people weren’t sure that he was the Messiah they didn’t know whether or not he was the one that they’d been waiting on they didn’t know whether this whole repent the kingdom of hinton of heaven is at hand stuff they didn’t know about all of that but what they didn’t know was that when this guy showed up blind people could see that’s what they knew they knew what Jesus showed up deaf people started hearing and the lame could walk the dead were raised they knew that there was something unique about this man that every single time he opened up his mouth and taught his words were dripping with an authority they had never ever heard before they wanted to get close to Jesus I mean just think about how you would feel if Jesus were your Bible study teacher they were not sitting casually they were pressing in on Jesus and with all of this chaos and all of this confusion and all of this clamoring this crowd that was gathered around him with all of that whirlwind that hurricane of noise happening around Jesus verse two says that he saw one man who’d had a bad night fishing I flew from halfway across the world to tell somebody tonight that he sees you I want you to know that in this huge crowded auditorium tonight this sanctuary this church where thousands of us have gathered so much so that they’ve had to open up another auditorium and that there are songs of young women that are seated on the floor up here tonight I need you to know that even in a crowd this size he sees you you may be lost to someone else who is seated on the other side of this room that may not know that you’re planted on this side or in the back or even in the front but you need to know that no matter how big the crowd gets you serve a God who’s got his eyes on you yes we serve a God who sees us he knows every single tear that you’ve cried every single one that has fallen from your eye it has not gotten lost in the carpet fibers of your bedroom floor every single one of them he is captured in the palm of his hand you need to know that every moment you’ve spent awake at night trying to go over that problem and figure out a solution and and exert your frustration every single moment you’ve spent up at night your spouse may not be aware that you were up that second and third and fourth hour your spouse might not know but you serve a God who sees you you need to know that your best friend may not be aware your mom or dad may not be aware the person sitting next you may not have a clue what you’ve been going through nobody may know but you serve a God who’s got his eyes on you he sees you he saw you today if you sat down because you needed prayer even if you were missed in the shuffle and no one reached over and touched you and prayed over you earlier when we prayed together you felt like you were all alone because maybe you even came here by yourself you need to know you are not lost in this crowd you serve a God who’s got his eyes on you he the details of your fishing trip gone bad he knows what you’ve been given he knows how disappointed you are that you have not been yielding what you feel like is a worthy benefit for the investment that you’ve been making it may be lost on everybody else but you serve a God who’s got his eyes on you never in a million years should we let the fact that our God sees us roll off of our shoulders casually as if it’s no big deal he sees y’all okay I mean I can’t believe it I can’t believe that the God of the universe who sent his son to give his life so that I could have a ticket to Eternity I can’t believe that after all of that he didn’t dust his hands and say that’s enough for you to worship me for the rest of my days I don’t actually have to be engaged in your life because honestly if he never did one other thing than give us an opportunity to have relationship with him and spend eternity with him that would have been enough for us to celebrate all of our days but when that might have been enough for us it wasn’t enough for him he said no I’m going to engage your life every single day I’m gonna give you the spirit so that my presence can be with you I’m gonna offer you comfort I’m gonna walk beside you I’m gonna be near you during the disappointing times and the frustrating times during the times when we’re celebrating during the times where we’re rejoicing but also during the times when were irritated or overwhelmed was life he says I love you enough not to wait till you get to heaven to have a relationship with you but to give you little bits of heaven while you’re right here on planet Earth we serve a God who sees us I can barely send I can barely stand it without tears rolling down my cheeks when I realized that he doesn’t have to have a relationship with me he chooses to I mean this is God we’re talking about here he is the one who is right now making sure that the universe stays in position he is the one making sure that neighborhoods in the galaxies that scientists have not even yet discovered they haven’t even put their finger print on the fact that there is a galaxy and or there’s a neighborhood in the galaxy of that particular portion of the universe ain’t even gotten there yet he’s the one our God who is making sure that the neighborhoods of the galaxy stay exactly where they’re supposed to be he is the one this morning that made sure that the earth spun on its axis so much so that when we got up the bright million beautiful Sun was hanging over us welcoming us into a brand-new day he is the one that made sure that that Sun fade exactly where it was supposed to be into swamps places for the moon tonight that we get to just enjoy he is the one that makes sure that every single star that is hanging in the sky is known not only by a number but by a name he is the one that is making sure that the globe that you and I sit on the one that I’m on this end right now tonight and my boys are on the other and he’s the one making sure that this Earth spins on its axis at just the right speed to make sure that life can actually be sustained here that God who’s controlling the throes of the universe also has made time to see about you he and I feel like tonight somebody needs to just know and rest in the fact that you are not unseen you are not unknown in the crowd with so many people so many issues so many bigger it seems like to us sometimes so many bigger needs that need to be solved and seen and taken care of by a mighty God we can feel like our little small things are sort of lost in the shuffle God wants you to know tonight his eyes are on you he sees you Luke wants to make sure you know exactly what it was that Simon was doing when Jesus saw him backed up against the shoreline of the Sea of Galilee people spanning everywhere to his left in his right and in front of him probably hundred scholars say hundreds if not thousands of people pressing in upon him he sees Simon who is already at this point fished all night long he’s already disappointed he’s already irritated and frustrated because he’s been giving it everything he’s got Luke wants you to know what he saw when he saw Simon and it says in verse two he saw two boats lying by the edge of the lake but the fishermen had gotten out of them and they were washing their nets if we were not sure that Simon had completed his fishing trip for the day now we know cuz Simon has gotten out of the boat he has completely abandoned that which represents his frustration his disappointment his continued investment and lack of benefits for that investment he has completely abandoned the boat he is frustrated and irritated he’s gotten out of the boat and now he is washing his net Jesus sees him washing us that I mean he is done now I’ve often heard some some teaching and gives a little bit of a hard time to Simon here maybe considering that he should have hung in there a little bit longer he should have just stayed on the platform of that boat he should have just thrown out that net maybe one more time but in all of the the times that I have heard Simon given a given a hard time really for deciding to get off of the the deck of that boat on that day and decide to start washing and tending is that there are many people who I’ve heard gives Simon a hard time but do you know when I read this story there’s one person who sees that Simon has abandoned the boat he sees that Simon is washing his net but he doesn’t say one negative word to him and it’s Jesus which means that there’s nothing inherently wrong with the fact that Simon needed to get off the boat and take a break there’s nothing wrong with the fact that Simon is washing his net and here’s the reason why I think that is because I’m gonna tell y’all right now if I had been fishing all night long and had not caught one single solitary fish I promise you I wouldn’t be washing my net I may be trying to sell my net on eBay but I wouldn’t be washing it because washing it implies that I intend on using it again washing it may mean I’m done for now but I’m not done for good the reason why gatherings like this one are so important is because maybe just for a few days we get to step off of that which might be a struggle for us a disappointment for us discouraging for us we step off of it we drag into this room broken and torn and dirty and we get with a group of people who are willing to help us tend our necks and then encourage us to get back onto those boats and be who God has called us to be that’s the reason why the circle of friends we heard that today the circle of friends that you have around you are so important because we read in verse 2 that Fisher men were washing their nets not 1 plural there were many that were gathered around one net those nuts y’all were so big there were so many little details that had to be tended to after an all-night fishing trip they were heavy next they could not be managed well by one fisherman that’s what lies throughout the scriptures you would always see many Fisher men together that’s because when you were born into the family of God you were not born into an only child situation you were not an only child you were part of the family of God a sisterhood where you’re supposed to be vulnerable enough and authentic enough to bring your net tattered and torn into the house of God and now there are some sisters who love you enough that they’re willing to get down on bended knee pull out their mending needles pull out their wash rags and soap and help you get that net back in order and encourage you to get back to the fishing trip that you’ve been assigned to that’s why weekend’s like this are so important because we get to tend our Nets together so tender net my friend just don’t sell your net there’s a fishing trip that’s been assigned to you and if you need to get off of the deck of that boat for just a little while to wash your net well good for you you have encouragement from your God to do that but then when this time together of refreshing is over there is a fishing trip that you’ve been assigned to that requires you to get back on the deck of that boat and get busy doing what it is that God has called you to do Jesus sees Simon tending his net and he he sees you getting refueled getting refreshed he sees me getting refueled getting refreshed getting encouraged again from the struggles that we’ve had this week this month that you’ve had this year the last two three five years maybe have been difficult in the fishing trip the assignment that you have in your life he sees you he sees you washing and tending your net and then there’s gonna be encouragement for you to get back on that boat and do what it is that God has called you to do he sees him then it says in verse 3 Jesus got into one of the boats which was Simons and he asked him to push out a little way from the land look at that again verse 3 it says Jesus got into one of the boats which was Simons Jesus got into the boat got in the boat whenever I’m reading through a portion of Scripture there are many things that sort of help to direct what I’m looking at what I’m concentrating on one of those things is that that if there is something contrasting in a very short space of time in a very short span of real state in the scriptures and I’m looking at and I can see that something is different than it was a few moments ago it always catches my attention same thing if something’s repeated like when Jesus says verily verily I say unto you are truly truly I say unto you that means I lean in and I pay attention because I know that God doesn’t just talk because he likes to hear himself talk it’s because he wants me to pay close attention so if he’s saying it twice I’m leaning in if something is contrasting I’m leaning in to see why which is why reading that Jesus stepped into the boat in verse three gives me pause it’s just one verse earlier in verse two that Simon got out of the boat verse two Simon’s album verse 3 Jesus is in the thing that was so disappointing and discouraging and irritating and frustrating to Simon and verse two that he could not wait to get out of it is the very thing just one verse later that is the perfect platform for Jesus to stand on I want to encourage somebody tonight to know not only that he sees you but he will step on to the very thing you want to step off of he will get into the very thing you want to get out of the season of life you want to get out of that’s probably the season he’s gonna get into the place where you’re standing the struggle that you’re having the thing that you want to abandon because you’re so frustrated by it that is most likely the place where God Himself is gonna plant his feet in your circumstances and demonstrate his power he steps onto this empty platform there are no fish there is nothing that Simon’s own experience or his own talent or his own gifting or his own money or his own time or is more more his own energy or effort he could not gather anything on his own Jesus steps into that emptiness and he stands on that platform and because he is standing there it becomes a natural amphitheater where everybody who has gathered that day can hear every single word that is about to come out of his mouth in fact Luke wants to describe the message Jesus had on that day he says that Jesus spoke the Word of God it seems like a random phrase but actually that phrase in specific the Word of God was only used in particular when Jesus was giving a clear message about his Messiahship when he was pointing attention to who he was and what he had come to do when he wanted to make sure that people recognized that the Messiah they had been waiting on that he was the one who was an answer to the prophetic announcements of the prophets of old it was him making sure that folks saw that he was the Promised One throughout the Gospels the first time that the Word of God is mentioned and when Jesus wanted to give that message when Jesus knew that almost for the first time people were gonna maybe begin to grasp the gravity of who he was when he looked around to try to figure out where is the best place for me to stand to make sure that there is not one person in this crowd who will not hear every single word that I have to say where’s the best place that I can stand to make sure that the folks on the front row but also the people that are in the farthest reaches of this canyon where we’re standing will be able to hear every word that I’m getting ready to say when he looked around to find the perfect place he used the abandoned boat circumstance of Simon’s experience do you realize that sometimes the best message that anybody will ever hear about the power and the greatness and the grandeur of God through your life will not come from what you say it’s gonna come cuz there was some emptiness there was a fishing trip gone bad there was something you could not do in your own power and your own strength the place where you did not have the resources you did not have the time you didn’t have the passion you didn’t have the energy you didn’t have what it would take to make this fishing trip good on your own that will be the place where Jesus himself will plant his feet and declare his power to those that are on your sphere of influence they’ll know Jesus not because of what you say but because of how he shows up in your emptiness okay here’s the great thing about our God are y’all still with me y’all still with me listen here’s the great thing about God he is sovereign somebody say sovereign sovereignty means that he stood before time that is pre Genesis 1:1 he was an eternity past in fact the only reason why there is a Genesis 1:1 is because he was already there so that he could say let there be and there was right so he was in eternity past he has not only been in eternity past but he was there at the beginning of time beginning of the spectrum of time Genesis 1:1 he has seen the spectrum all the way through to the end of time which you and I have not yet seen he’s already been there already done that but he it didn’t stop there for him at the end of time he has already been in eternity future the entire spectrum of time and eternity he has already been there and done that ok but sovereignty does not just mean that he’s been there sovereignty means he’s got the whole thing in the palm of his hands this is good news for us because your life and mind is just a blip on the radar screen of time and eternity the 70 80 90 100 years that we may get on this planet it’s just a small dot on the radar screen of time and eternity which means if he’s got the whole thing in the palm of his hand your life is covered sovereignty is what allows you and me to do what Psalm 46:10 says be still see striving chill out girl relax and know that I am God so if we apply God’s sovereignty to Luke chapter 5 the sovereignty of Jesus the god man to Luke chapter 5 what this tells us is that when Simon was out there in the water fishing all night long when he cast in the net the first time an experienced fisherman and pulled up the net and couldn’t believe there were no fish and then he threw it out again and man it’s getting close to midnight by now but he throws it out there and still no fish and now he’s getting real frustrated because he’s throwing it in again it’s almost 1:00 a.m. there’s no fish again and again and he’s disappointed and frustrated and shocked and surprised because this has never looked this way before he cannot believe this has happened what the sovereignty of our Great God Jesus Christ tells us is that even though Simon was shocked Jesus was not what Jesus in his sovereignty knew before the fishing trip even began is that he was going to allow Simon to fish and not catch anything when Simon went on the fishing trip Jesus already knew he was gonna fish and fish and fish and not catch anything and here’s why because Jesus and His sovereignty knew that a morning was coming and in the morning he was gonna need a place to stand and if he lets Simon catch all his own fish if the deck of that boat had been filled with a bunch of flipping flopping fish there would have been no room for his feet so he left Simon fish and catch nothing he purposefully put him in a position he put you in a position he puts me in a position where he already knows you’re gonna fish and catch nothing he sets you up to have what I call God margin somebody say God margin God margin is the distance between what you can do with your own resources and where it is that God wants you to be it’s the gap that always exists who puts you in that place so that you can see what it’s like to have gee to step into your emptiness and perform a miracle that will blow your mind if your talent is always enough if your reasoning is always enough if your connections are always enough if your diplomas are always enough if your successes are alright always enough if your smarts are always enough if your money is always enough if your rationale is always enough you will never have enough empty space for the feet of Jesus if you can catch all your own fish you’ll never know what it’s like to have God show up in your emptiness this means if you’re on a fishing trip right now in your life and it keeps going bad because you’re given your investing emotionally into that person or financially into that endeavor or with your own ideas and creativity into that ministry or that business you’re giving it everything you got and you keep coming up empty it means that you shouldn’t be frustrated you should actually be sitting on the edge of your seat with your chin in your hands in anticipation knowing that if there’s emptiness he intends to fill it so Jesus steps into that boat and he begins to declare the Word of God to the people who were gathered when he finished speaking to them he looks at Simon and he says now let’s go deep the shallow water was for them the deep water is for you you’ve got to decide in fact listen the only reason why you and I would be privileged to be in this space for two-and-a-half whole days is if on the tail end of this thing he fully intends to call you deep that’s the only reason why you’re here you’re getting equipped right now because the Holy Spirit is gonna whisper to you in some area of your life come and go with me you’re gonna have to decide right now do I want to stand in just the shallow places where I can stand on my own two feet I can keep my head above water this makes sense to me I’m comfortable here in this place the face cuz it’s shallow or when he says come to the deep place where you already know you’re gonna be in over your head where it’s gonna be a little bit scary you got to decide I got to decide are we willing to go deep the shallow stuff is for them the deep stuff that’s what he shows up for you Simon goes deep and in the deep water he casts out his net on the same vain fruit less waters he had the night before and all of a sudden everything changed because Jesus was in that boat those same waters that had been completely fruitless the night before now they are teeming with fish the fish almost can’t wait to get in the boat they almost seem to be jumping into the boat almost on their own but no Jesus said let that happen even though he could have y’all know he could have just said fish get in the boat and the fish would have just started just jumping in the boat instead he said Simon cast out your net Simon you participate in this miracle do you know that in the scriptures there are about eight thousand promises that are available to daughters and sons of God eight thousand opportunities to see God move in your life most of those promises he did not place in our hand he placed them in our reach that you’ve got to do your part to grab hold of the promise Simon cast out the net and all of a sudden there were so many fish he did not have the capacity to hold for seven says that he signaled to his partners in the other boat I love that Luke has so many details he wants you to know that he did not call out to his other partners he did not say y’all get over here you are not gonna believe this he just scripture does not tell us why he didn’t call out to them but I just wonder if it’s because he was speechless I just wonder if it’s because when his brain tried to come up with the right words to describe the astounding miracle that God was doing he could not even find the words so the best he could come up with was just a signal for them to come over because he could not even verbalize how great God had been this is you Christian it’s when our gratitude when our celebration of God is so overwhelming that sometimes we can celebrate an applause and with our hands raised and with words that spill out of our mouth and adoration but sometimes he stuns you so incredibly so impossibly so overwhelmingly that you cannot even speak and I want to suggest to many of you in this room that the reason why he’s let you be here this weekend is because he’s gonna call you deep with the intention if you’ll follow him of blessing you so big of performing such an astounding miracle and your outburst of gratitude will look more like just a violent implosion of gratefulness to God because you will not be able to verbalize the miracle that God does in your midst I believe that for many of you if you’ll say yes and go to the deep place of faith with him in this area where you’ve already been fishing and you’ve already been discouraged I believe that if you’ll go he’s telling you he’s setting you up right now to let you know that he is already planning on Ephesians 3:20 and 21 kind of miracle now to him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above and beyond anything that you can ask a thing to him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus both now and forever amen I want you to bow your heads that listen if you were in this room and honestly you are discouraged because you’ve been on this fishing trip of yours for a while you’ve been given everything you’ve got and honestly you’re just about to throw in the towel but you want to heed the voice of God calling you today to hang on in there and full expectation that he’s got something planned for this fishing trip of yours if you’ve been feeling discouraged and maybe you’ve come to wash your nets and maybe you didn’t intend to get back on that fishing trip and to continue on but now you know he would have you to do that in your marriage and your parenting on your job in your school in that ministry in that endeavor if that’s what you need prayer regarding would you please just stand right where you are we cannot wait to join with you in prayer and encourage you tonight come on stand up wherever you are if that’s what you need prayer for tonight Lord Jesus I pray for every single sister who is standing in this room and beyond and lord I pray right now in the matchless name of Jesus Christ that you would lift discouragement off of their life and that you would replace it with courage in Jesus name Lord I am praying that any way that the enemy may have assigned to their life something that would distract or discourage them from the fishing trip you the sign for them I pray that that assignment would be canceled in Jesus name and by his blood that has been shed on Calvary lord I pray that you would give them a steely confidence Lord that you would give them a diligence a tenacity father to do what it is that you have called them to do and god I pray that when the in face they respond to go with you even to the deep places of faith I pray Lord that you would blow their mind father I call on Ephesians 3:20 and 21 I ask that you would be the God of abundance I pray that the waters that have had no fish for them up this point Lord I pray that they would be so filled with your abundance and your faithfulness that never again will they ever discount the goodness of God in their lives Lord we’re sitting on the edge of our seat waiting to see how you will respond and it is in Jesus name and Jesus name that everybody agreed with me and said amen

Be encouraged. If you’ve been working hard to accomplish something and are not seeing the level of benefit that matches your level of investment, remember Simon. He fished all night and caught NOTHING. His boat was empty.

But Jesus, who redeems all things, “…got into the boat…sat down and began teaching the crowds.”‬ (LUKE 5:3) Jesus enters into emptiness. Weakness is always a platform for His strength. Every. Single. Time.

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