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Relationships - 10 Topics No One Discusses before Marriage (but Should)

Debra Fileta: “There’s a whole series of things that people aren’t really discussing before marriage, yet have the potential of causing conflict.”

There is an array of things you need to know about a person, making sure they fit into your life before you invite them in to be a permanent fixture. As a Professional Counselor, Debra Fileta help couples tread a lot of really important ground before they say “I do”.

But let’s be honest; there are just some “minor” topics that aren’t really discussed before marriage. You tackle all the majors before marriage, and then get to the other side and realize there’s a whole new list to work through!

There are a lot of really important things to consider before you get married. From a person’s faith, to their past, to their sexual expectations, to their conflict and communication, to their family of origin–and so many things […]


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