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So here’s an idea, this comes up again and again in Tools of Titans which is single-tasking is a superpower. What does that mean? That means in a digital economy where distraction is a currency… If you can focus on one thing for three to five hours at a time and block out all distractions you have a huge leg up you’re able to do deep work and connect dots that are connected for instance here are a couple of specific tactics. Neil Strauss eight-time New York Times best selling author. When he writes, he uses an app called Freedom Which blocks you from having access to Wi-Fi or the internet for that matter you’re unable to access the Internet and that will force him to batch all of the items he needs to research into one document and he’ll do all of his research a long time as opposed to tasks which as where most people kill themselves and lose the race so freedom the next one would be blocking out periods of time your calendar or meet setting to build a mega mega multi-million dollar business out of a tiny blog sets out I think it is three to five hours every Wednesday for learning I do the same thing but I label it creation and it’s blocked out of my calendar for me it’s 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Wednesdays and I defend that just as I would a conference call or meeting or anything else and that is time for doing deep work or just impossible to do if you were just connecting 15 minutes here or 15 minutes there adding up to four hours they’re not the same thing and last I would say this came up with multiple people but I use this myself which is turning my phone onto airplane mode and not turning it off of airplane mode until I’ve had at least one deep session of creative work say 2 to 3 hours 2 to 4 hours in the morning before lunch and then I turn my phone on to accept the flood of interruptions and everyone else’s agenda for my time but first and foremost the principle is remembering that single tasking in a digital world is a super if you hold minute

Tim Ferriss, host of the TV show Fear{less}, shares some tips on how to get your work done quickly and efficiently. He says single tasking is a superpower. In a digital economy where distraction is a currency, if you can focus on one thing for 3 to 5 hours, you are able to do deep work and connect dots that are not connected.

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