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Colin O’Brady is a four-time world record holder endurance athlete. Before becoming an athlete, he suffered severe burn injuries and was warned that he might never walk normally again. He completed the Explorers Grand Slam – climbing the highest mountain on each of the seven continents, and reaching the north and south pole in only 139 days.

He’s Colin O’Brady and here’s Evan Carmichael’s take on his Top 10 Rules for Success!

1. Shift your mindset
2. #Believe
3. Build a great team
4. Don’t let fears paralyze you
5. Push yourself to the extremes
6. Unlock your full potential
7. Tell stories
8. Be curious
9. Keep moving forward
10. Conquer your mind
11. BONUS – Do the impossible

✎ More about Colin O’Brady. On December 26, 2018, he crossed the landmass of Antarctica, solo and unsupported. He was a youth soccer star and Oregon State Swimming Champion. He graduated from Yale University in 2006 and received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics.

On his one-year-long backpacking trip around the world, he suffered a devastating burn injury. Though he was warned he might never walk normally, he made a full recovery. He set the speed record for the 50 US High Points in 21 days. He has completed more than 50 triathlons.

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