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Matthew Cross – Hoshin Success Compass | Rapidly Achieve Your Dreams

Elevate Your Potential Magazine

Elevate Your Potential Magazine

Hoshin Success Compass - Matthew Cross - Leadership Alliance

Hoshin Success Compass – Matthew Cross. (Leadership Alliance).

Hoshin Success Compass – Matthew Cross: Inspired by the work of Dr. W. Edwards Deming, the legendary Einstein of business and quality, Hoshin is a Japanese word/concept translating roughly as Shiny Compass Needle aligned with your Guiding Star. The strategic discovery, planning and action system of Hoshin Kanri is the master guidance system for the word’s most successful companies (Kanri essentially means management of the revealed Hoshin direction).

What makes the Hoshin process so uniquely powerful is that you discover for yourself the best path forward, regarding any dream, desire, goal or challenge. World-class businesses like Toyota, Honda, Hewlett-Packard and Proctor & Gamble utilize the proven power of Hoshin to chart their way to success. As you’ll discover, Hoshin is powerful process that elegantly reveals the hidden higher order, a level of more enjoyable and efficient functioning.

Rapidly Achieve Your Goals and Dreams

What if you had a treasure map that revealed the right steps to take in the right order to most rapidly achieve your goals and dreams? A map that provided laser clarity on how to best address/resolve/achieve any issue? And what if your map was accompanied by a compass that kept you continuously focused in the best direction on the right priorities, so you stayed on-course and on-target? Sound too good to be true?

With the Hoshin Success Compass, you will have the means for getting and keeping your success priorities straight.  …Learn more about the world’s first Hoshin workbook


Matthew Cross Seminar – SuperLearning Principles

  • Matthew Cross shares some valuable information about a system where you can increase your learning by 500 percent, and also remember what you learned long term.  He says this optimal system of learning can be implemented in a matter of minutes.



Leadership Alliance - Matthew Cross

Leadership Alliance – Matthew Cross.

Leadership Alliance was founded in the mid-1990s by Matthew Cross, a successful entrepreneurial businessman and educational visionary. Their vision to provide Breakthrough Strategies for Growth & Transformation in service of their clients reaching their highest aspirations.

The seed for the company started with the thought that most leaders operate with a “Lone Ranger” mindset, hence the name “Leadership Alliance.” The Alliance is continuously exploring and integrating the latest tools, teachings and strategies for the restoration of enlightened leadership at all levels, with a focus on enhancing Predictive Intelligence (PQ)™.

Fortune 100 Consulting and Training

It is an international consulting and training organization providing breakthrough strategies for growth and transformation for Fortune 100 clients. Industries served include Financial Services, Technology, Retail, Service, Hospitality, Educational and Non-Profit.  To learn more about Matthew Cross and Leadership Alliance, visit them online at: http://leadershipalliance.com


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