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Binge eating disorder is not the same as bulimia which involves eating large quantities of food and then using things to purge the food such as over exercising, vomiting, or using laxatives. Binge eating disorder is a newly defined disorder and the criteria is as follows:
Eating a massive amount of food in a short period of time, for example like over a couple of hours. This eating behavior has to occur at least once a week for period of three months.
Also, while you’re eating, you must have at least three of these five things going on.
• You can eat much faster than normal
• You feel uncomfortably full
• You eat large amounts of food even though you’re not hungry
• You eat alone because you’re ashamed of how much you’re eating
• You feel disgusted, depressed or guilty afterwards

The main treatment for binge eating disorder is therapy with or without medication. The evidence-based treatments are cognitive behavior therapy, interpersonal therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, guided self-help and dialectical behavior therapy for eating disorder.

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