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Today’s question for the Kwik Brain community is: how do you overcome math anxiety to the point that you can improve your finances?

You might know Danica from her role as Winnie Cooper in Wonder Years, but what you might not know is that in addition to her lifelong acting career, Danica is an internationally-recognized mathematician, New York Times best-selling author and advocate for math education.

Dealing with money and finances is one the most practical reasons to learn math—unless we are able to deal with numbers, institutions can take advantage of us without us even knowing it. Many of us have learned to avoid numbers after learning to fear math in school, but the good news is this can be turned around, no matter your age!

In this conversation, we explain why avoiding maths can derail your finances, and why learning math is a form of self-care. We’ll give you some ideas for bringing fun into your math learning, and simple steps you can take to get started. We’ll tell you how math can help you feel in control of your life and make dealing with your finances fun.

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