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Elevate Your Potential Magazine

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Following This Simple Rule Will Make Your Goals Happen Faster

In fact, believe it or not, we were actually focusing on our goals too much. | Image: marcandangel.com

Like many people, Marc and Angel spent years struggling to make even the smallest amount of progress on the goals they had set for themselves. They’d get started with a new goal, and then they’d get off track. They often felt like losers … like no matter how hard they tried, their goals were out of reach!  And they’d engage in negative self-talk constantly for not being stronger, smarter, and more disciplined.

They started new workout programs with incredible optimism at least a couple dozen times.  According to Marc Chernoff, “We threw away all the junk food in our house more times than I can even remember.  We tried waking up earlier, meditating, reading more often, writing a book, getting out of debt, running a business, and more…”

But, for the longest time, they failed on all fronts. They came to the realization that “Goals don’t make positive changes happen, daily rituals do.”

Obsessing Too Much With Your Goal

Because too often we obsess ourselves with a goal – an end result – but are completely unfocused when it comes to the ritual – the recurring steps – that ultimately make the goal happen.  And so the weight of this unrealized goal sits heavy on our shoulders, and it slows us down to a crawl.

If you completely ignored one of your goals for the next few weeks and instead focused solely on the daily rituals that reinforce this goal, would you still get positive results?

For example, if you were trying to lose weight and you ignored your goal to lose 25 pounds, and instead focused only on eating healthy and exercising each day, would you still get results?

The Importance of Focusing on Daily Rituals

YES, you would!  Gradually, you would get closer and closer to your goal without even thinking about it. The bottom line is that nothing will change in your life unless you make daily rituals that reinforce what you hope to achieve.

Believe me, over the past decade Angel and I have successfully worked with thousands of course students and live event attendees from around the world who were struggling to achieve things, so this strategy is well tested.

We’ve tried weekly action steps with people, tasks they do in semi-flexible increments, big monthly milestones, and dozens of other variations and combinations of strategies.  None of them work well in the long run except daily rituals.  Read the full story…. marcandangel.com


One Surprisingly Simple Rule that Will Make Your Goals Happen Faster

(Marc and Angel) Starting a new daily ritual forces us to change our routine in some way, and this change, by its nature, is somewhat uncomfortable.  But most of us don’t want to be uncomfortable, so we run from the possibility of discomfort constantly.


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