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Healing is Here – Gospel Truth TV – Week 1, Day 1

Video Transcript

[Music] welcome to a special episode of gospel truth with Andrew Wommack a teaching ministry focusing on God’s unconditional love and grace the rest of this week we’ll be bringing you highlights from the 2018 healing is here conference held at Andrew’s Charis Bible College in Woodland Park Colorado God has already given you the power that you need to be healed you don’t need God to give you something more and now here’s Andrew this week we’re going to be going to our healing is here conference that we did back in August of 2018 and we’re going to be playing some of these programs it’ll be a little bit different than my normal program where I’m just sitting here teaching but it was really powerful we saw over a thousand people healed we probably had 1,700 people that came to this conference and it was really powerful so watch this open up your heart and expect to receive from God praise God woke up early this morning and decided I watched my program and man it was awesome [Applause] and I was teaching on getting angry and violent and that’s what they’ve been talking about today and Carly I think if she could have got her hands on the devil he would have hurt so I just want to and the Lord woke me up and told me that you know most of you weren’t able to see the television program today because you were here so I’m going to share with you those same things about getting angry at the devil look at this over in Matthew chapter 11 and you know this is a real simple thing Daniel and Carly said that a number of times today that you know we complicate things make it too hard and somehow I’ll think that you know it’s got to be harder than this but it’s really not in Matthew chapter 11 always they had time to go through the whole thing but this is where John the Baptist’s begin to doubt that Jesus was truly the Messiah because of the circumstances that he was in you know if John the Baptist who is the greatest man that had ever lived up until that point if he could doubt than anybody can found and I tell you it was because his eyes were on his circumstances he believed that Jesus was going to bring in the kingdom the physical kingdom right there and that was a typical way that most people thought and you know Hope deferred makes the heart sick if you are believing for the wrong thing if you get your hopes up in the wrong thing and don’t see it come to pass it can be really discouraging so he actually began to doubt that Jesus was the Messiah and yet he’s the one that God gave all of these signs to that upon whom you see the Holy Spirit descending and remaining upon him this will be the right one and he said behold the lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world at one time he was so confident that when the scribes and the Pharisees tried to get him jealous of Jesus and said don’t you know that Jesus is baptizing more disciples than you baptized he said he must increase but I must decrease he sent two of his disciples Peter and Andrew after Jesus and told him to go follow him he at one time was absolutely certain and yet because of negative circumstances being in prison and other things he he began to doubt and so he sent his disciples I wish they had time to teach on all of that it is awesome it is really good this is one of my favorite passages scripture because he was wanting Jesus to do something special in Jesus said just go tell him what you’ve seen and heard and you know most of us to think well if well man I’m nearly teaching on that but I’m not going to let me read verse 11 I’m gonna skip these other verses or I’ll preach on them says in verse 11 barely I say unto you among them that are born of women there has not risen a greater than John the Baptist notwithstanding he that is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he John the Baptist was greater than Moses greater than Elijah greater than Elijah greater than David greater than Jeremiah Isaiah anybody who want to mention he said among those had been born of women which was just about everybody there had never been a greater than John the Baptist nevertheless he that’s least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than John did you know every one of us if you have been born again you are now in the kingdom of heaven and according to Jesus own statement the least born-again person is greater than the greatest person before we could be born again under the Old Covenant if you are the weakest puniest person in this entire auditorium you have more power more authority more victory than what John the Baptist’s death you have no excuse the problem isn’t that God has an equipped Astana what we’ve had and I think Carly mentioned this finally min 1:6 that the communication of your faith becomes effectual by acknowledging the good things that are in you God has made every one of us a world overcomer he is equipped every single person in here to do all kinds of things we’re focusing on the healing but he has already given you the power that you need to be healed you don’t need God to give you something more if you came here thinking well I’ve done everything I know and I just don’t have any power but I believe that you guys if you will pray for me you know what you are denying this supernatural power if you are the weakest puny is st. in the body of Christ you’re greater than John the Baptist and you are well able to receive from God that’d be a good place for somebody to say Amen and that is awesome and then he says in the next verse and from the days of John the Baptist until now the Kingdom of Heaven suffereth violence and the violent take it by force you know I used to struggle to understand this what does this mean and I’m sure that there’s probably more understanding than what I’ve got but I do really believe this now I’ve seen this that we are under attack this was also mentioned earlier that Satan goes about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour he cannot devour every person if Satan if it was just up to him every one of us and here would be in the process of I mean dying we would be paralyzed we would be poor we would all be miserable Satan goes only to steal to kill and to destroy but he cannot have access to you without some cooperation on your part and some of us are cooperating without even knowing it it’s not that you’re out sinning rebelling hating God but you know as I has already been mentioned you just you’re in a fight if you understood that Satan is going about as a roaring lion I guarantee you would you wouldn’t be goofing off and watching things that Minister doubt and unbelief and fear to you and all kinds of lust and temptation and goofing off and doing the things that we’re doing we’re living like you know there isn’t a battle we are in a battle the kingdom of heaven is suffering violence Satan is out to destroy every single person that he can he would kill you in a heartbeat if you allow him to you are in a battle and who wins the violent the people who get violent you have to get violent you have to get and this is what Daniel and Carly were illustrating up here with everything they were saying it was hard for them to sit still been there worked up they’re angry they hate sin they hate sickness you’ve got to hate sickness you gotta hate sick I hesitate to say this because it takes more explanation than what I’m wanting to give it I’m I’m doing some other things but I hate sickness as much as I hate adultery you couldn’t make me be sick any more than you can make me commit adultery and there’s some people sitting here that well I don’t have any control over it you do you do it’s up to you it’s not up to Jesus you know some people I’m not saying I’m not saying it has to be this way but this is the way it seems to always be God wants every single person he’ll but you know what there seems like there’s always a few people who will leave and still be sick it’s not because God didn’t will it it’s because we don’t stir yourself up it’s because we don’t reach out and take what is rightfully ours all of the failure is on our part it’s not God’s part if it was only up to Jesus if Jesus didn’t have to have our cooperation well then I can guarantee every single person who walk out of here totally healed and prosperous and full of joy and full of peace but there’s things in us that’s blocked the flow of God that hinder it and one of those things there’s many things but one of them is if we are too passive we aren’t violent we tolerate sickness as long as you can tolerate being sick you will but when you get to a place to where I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired I refuse to be this way I will not live this way any longer and you get angry I tell you it it just does something did you know God gave you the capacity to get angry most people right now think oh no that’s totally the devil I mean when I get angry it’s all the devil well the way that we use it might be of the devil but every person that is in here you have the capacity to get angered it’s a god-given trait God gave us anger matter of fact there are times where it says be angry and sin not let me turn over and show you this out of Ephesians chapter 4 it’s a command to be angry Ephesians chapter 4 and in verse 26 be angry and sin not let not the Sun go down on your wrath there is a godly anger there is a godly use of anger be angry and sin not and don’t let the Sun go down don’t ever let it rest don’t ever put it to bed you got to keep yourself stirred up or you’re gonna sink to the bottom you got to get angry if you hated sickness as much as you hated going out and lying stealing murdering doing something in if you said I will not be sick I will hunt I guarantee it would release something on the inside of you you know I remember one time that Jamie and I back near in our poverty days which was self-inflicted it was me not Jamie but I caused this to be poor we were trying to sell a car the Lord had told me that’s how he was gonna meet our need and we were three weeks late we were we hadn’t eaten in two weeks we were struggling and anyway I just reached the place where I couldn’t stand it anymore I had had all I could take and I went down to our little church building and I remember I started screaming and yelling I lost my temper not a god I knew God wasn’t a problem I got mad at the devil I said I don’t know what the problem is but I know you’re involved and I just let him have it and I begin to yell I mean I was yelling and screaming I was beating my fence against the wall if I could have gotten my hands on the devil I would have done some damage I was mad and I was rebuking the devil and all of a sudden I mean just like that I knew that our problem was solved I didn’t know how that I just knew I said it’s done and I went home to tell Jamie I said it’s done our car is sold and before I could tell her that she meant me and she says a guy just called he’s gonna be at the church in five minutes he saw the car there he’s got the cash he wants to buy the car and I didn’t even get to tell her I had to turn around and go back and this car was a dog it was a 56 Bel Air I think and anyway it was supposed to be a nice car but we had just run the wheels off of it the u-joints were bad and that thing shook so bad that when you drove it was just like this and it it had a the keys would come out of the ignition you could pull the keys out in the car would still run that’s true there wasn’t anything wrong that’s the way they made it back then and anyway the thing would shake so bad and we had holes in the floorboard where you could see the pavement as you were driving back and if you weren’t careful the thing would jerk so bad that the keys would come out and they could fall through the hole and if you turned on the if you turned on the heater it pumped water on your feet and it burned a quart of oil ever 50 miles and I could mention other things it was just it was bad and so anyway this guy said I’m here to buy the car and I said well look I got to tell you I feel obligated tell you all these things so I told him everything that was wrong with it and he says I don’t care I want it and I said look I’m not gonna let you buy it unless you drive it around the block so he got in he drove it around the block we took off in a huge cloud of smoke and he drove around the block and he came back and he says could I buy it now yeah so anyway I gave it to him but as we as we were exchanging the money and signing the title and stuff he says I saw this car three weeks ago when I had $500 on it I’d come down to 350 and he says I told my wife and says that’s my car I’m gonna buy that and he says for three and a half weeks my wife has been fighting with me and saying the last thing we need is another junk car around here he didn’t want the car to drive it was gonna be four parts he was just buying it and he was gonna cannibalize it and he already had a couple of cars around and his wife says we don’t need another junk car and she wouldn’t let him have it and anyway they’ve been arguing about this for three and a half weeks but while I was down at the church rebuking the devil and buying in and saying I’ve had all of this I can take she just walked in it was on a Saturday he was watching a sports game on television and she walked in and threw the money in his lap and says don’t get your car so he called and came down he got and anyway when I heard all this I thought why did I wait three and a half weeks to get angry did you know that could have happened three and a half weeks before but we tolerate we put up with things I’m telling you God gave you a temper not so that you could get mad at people but so that you could be mad at the devil so that you can be mad at sickness Satan is stealing killing and destroying and we’re sitting there saying oh god please do something it’s not time to be begging God it’s time for you to get up and take your authority and tell the devil where to go [Applause] [Music] you need to be angry at the devil and the Bible says resist the devil and he will flee from you the word resist means to actively fight against it’s not a passive word it’s active resist fight against the devil and he will flee from you God is not in constant direct conflict with the devil they already meant Jesus 1 Satan is a defeated foe the only power that he’s got is deception and he’s not fighting against God he’s fighting against you trying to get you to accept and receive these things and when you get mad with the devil he said at the heart he is a coward and he will run and flee every single time but he’s also desperate and he’s been at this for thousands of years and he knows if you really are standing with everything you’ve got or if you’ve got any quit in you and if he can discern that he’s got quit in you he’s so desperate that he will stand and fight through until you reach that place to where you know you’re gonna either go on way or the other you’re gonna quit he will push you but once you make that decision and just there is no plan B there isn’t a Plan C I have no alternative I’m not trying this this is just it I’m healed and when you get that determined and you get angry and start resisting him like that he will tuck his tail run every single time he will flee from you not from God God’s power is on the inside of you so he says be angry and sin not let not the Sun go down upon your wrath never let it go to bed never let it rest you need to live with a constant agitation on the inside of you not at people not at God not at life but just at the devil like Satan I dare you I dare you to come at me I’m ready you just constantly on guard you’re constantly ready you don’t tolerate stuff like that and yet most of us have been actually taught to embrace sickness and disease you know we recently interviewed Deborah McDermott I don’t know how many of you have seen the testimony of James and Timothy McDermott that were healed of autism over in the UK it is a tremendous testimony and as good as the video is that we put out of that I interviewed Deborah I was asking her more details and she gave me more details and the health officials in the UK says you need to embrace autism you need to recognize that that is the way your children are and if you don’t make peace with autism then you are hating your children because this is who they are and when they said that that just pushed her over the bridge like I’ll never make peace with this this is what’s destroying my boys and she got mad and she refused it and I tell you that was a huge part of her healing was just the fact that she had she stood up and she was hating this thing she wasn’t making peace with it and today her boys are just totally normal I mean her son Timothy went through two years of our school in the UK and I think he did two years here in the states and and he was one of the most popular kids in our school living on his own before that he couldn’t even leave the house screaming yelling tormented with autism and now he’s just it’s amazing he’s it’s awesome and the youngest one James I think will be coming to school next year and he’ll be living on his own God just set him free and a big part of it is if they just got stirred up like I’ve had all of this that I’m gonna have you know why most people won’t do that is because you fear that you don’t have the power and the authority to do that you fear that if you really got into fight with the devil he might win you don’t know who you are you don’t know what you have I think one of the things that’s gonna happen when we get to heaven you know the scripture says he’s gonna wipe all tears away from our eyes and some people think that’s because we just limped into heaven that we suffered so much down here we were all crying and barely made it inside the gates and he’s got 12 tears from our eyes well there’s gonna be some of that but I think a lot of its gonna be when we all of a sudden know all things as even as we are known and we realized that we had absolute authority and power and Satan had no power against us unless we cooperate with him there’s gonna be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth when we realize Oh God I lived with this stuff all of these years and I didn’t have to oh god and there’s gonna be crying and wailing and God is gonna have to comfort us when we realize that we just allowed the devil to steal kill and to destroy when it wasn’t necessary you don’t have to get decrepit when you get old you don’t have to have all of these things happen you do not have to go through all this some people say well then how are you gonna die you can just go to sleep not wake up you can be like Jesus nobody took Jesus live from him he was full of life you could have you could have crucified him a hundred times and it couldn’t have killed him he gave up the ghost he said father into your hands I commit my spirit you don’t have to die sick you don’t have to die with all of these problems you can just go to be with the Lord and I’m telling you brothers and sisters one of the problems is that we don’t realize we’re in a battle we are passive we’re complacent and we need to hate evil be sure to tune in again tomorrow as we continue bringing you highlights from charis Bible colleges 2018 healing is here conference two young boys one with Asperger’s syndrome the other with autism how does a family cope with what doctors tell them is a life sentence of torment and despair discover what happens when their parents choose to walk in the truth of God’s Word take the healing journey with the McDermott family healing journeys vol 4 now available on DVD at awmi.net ministry is about you coming to the end of yourself but never losing that heart for people i think we are in the midst of one of the greatest things that God has done new things are being birthed there’s new joy there’s new life that is flowing out of them and we’re going to see the goodness of God in the you came here with some kind of a vision now what do you see [Music] we’re standing now the fourth level of our parking garage I know that there’s a lot of noise going on but man this is construction it’s music to my ears and we’re just about a month away from being able to occupy this so as you can see there’s a lot of open space right here you can see where the ramp is here how that you go down between the levels we’re facing right now you are looking West but behind this on the very first level we have our one entry down on the bottom level and that’s where you enter over on the north side we have an entry on the second level and then over on the far west side we have an entry on the third level so we’ll have three different entry points into this and down on the second level we have two entrances on the second level where you walk directly into our building we also have another entrance on the third level that for security reasons will only be opened up to our CBC staff and our phone center people so again I’ve mentioned this before but for maybe those of you that haven’t heard I did go into debt on this parking garage I didn’t plan on it but it just happened and we are believing to get this paid off just as quickly as we possibly can so if you haven’t yet become a part of this I would really encourage you to do it so god bless you we’ll give you another update in about a month and we should either be occupying this our right on the verge of occupied by them god bless you and thank you for being a part of it I’d like to encourage you to get our healing is here materials we’ve got it in deep and CDs right here we also have DVDs that were made at the conference and we also have a USB here where you can get the entire conference on there and I tell you this was powerful we saw lots of people healed and the way that Daniel Amstutz and Carla Tara des ministered along with all of our other guests and Audrey Mac it was just a powerful time you won’t want to miss it our healing is here either on CD DVD or USB today you viewed a portion of the 2018 healing is here conference this conference in its entirety is available on either a CD or DVD album or on a USB Drive for a gift of $49 or more when you contact us this valuable product includes 16 powerful teachings that will build your faith to receive your own healing and help you minister healing to others also available is the free God wants you well booklet this booklet answers common questions about healing and includes a list of every time jesus healed someone in the bible this valuable resource is available to you for a limited time free of charge on our website and a WMI net this offer is limited to one free booklet per household you can order resources or become a grace partner through our website at aw mi dotnet while there you can discover more product details so to download many free resources or call our helpline at seven one nine six three five eleven eleven if the lines are busy remember you can order ministry materials or become a grace partner 24 hours a day seven days a week and a WMI dotnet if you’d like to write us use the address on your screen we’d like to point out andrew’s upcoming speaking schedule mark your calendars to come meet Andrew at one of these events and let the word of God transform your life in the month of February he’ll be in Orlando and Oakland Florida in March he’ll be at the sanctuary in Woodland Park Colorado for the annual charis Bible College men’s advance with special guest Tony Dungy NFL Hall of Fame and Super Bowl winning coach in James Brown Emmy award-winning broadcaster on the CBS and NFL Network’s also at the sanctuary in March Andrew will be hosting the Army Conference for ministers and in April Andrew will be back at the sanctuary in Woodland Park for the annual charis Bible College campus days and also to host the new musical David the king of Jerusalem for more details on Andrews next meeting in your area visit our website at awmi.net do you want to connect with like-minded believers then charis Bible studies is the place for you find a Bible study near you by visiting charis Bible studies net [Music]

2018 Healing is Here Conference– Gospel Truth TV – Week 1, Day 1

We live in a fallen world where sickness and disease are commonplace. But because we have a Savior who died for us—a God who still heals today—we can walk in divine health as He intended!

With these teachings from the 2018 Healing Is Here Conference, find out how to walk in God’s promises of health and wholeness, both physically and emotionally. Learn how to operate in faith and minister healing to others in everyday life.

Through rich teachings from Andrew Wommack, Barry Bennett, and others, you will be empowered to live in supernatural wholeness.

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