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Healing Journeys, Week 1, Day 1 – Healed from Fibromyalgia – The Gospel Truth

Andrew Wommack’s Daily TV program: Gospel Truth
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In this series Andrew teaches on Healing Journeys. Powerful testimonies of people that struggled with crippling diseases and have now been healed by the power of God. Build your faith as you hear these stories and receive all that God has for you!

00:10 Andrew is going to be talking for the next two weeks about healing.

01:08 Hear a summary of each Healing Journeys video volumes

02:10 Today’s video is the story of Julieann Hartman

02:54 Volume one also has the story of Hannah Terradez

05:10 Trober baby healed of down syndrome, Merci Santos healed of Multiplesclerosis

05:54 Mike Hoesh healed of a cancerous tumor

06:45 Audrey Scott was born with part of her heart and arteries missing

07:30 Connie Wisecoff healed of cancer and gives testimonies of multiple abortions.

07:52 In volume four ,Benjamin Esau a boy born dead but was raised from the dead.

08:16 Andrew Mullins stage four cancer and got healed with the word of God.

08:43 Richard Waller used to be a male stripper and had his own television broadcast in the playboy channel and was born-again and healed from back pain.

09:00 Timothy and James Mcdermont had severe asperger’s syndrome their mother got a hold of the word of God and believed for her children;s healing.

10:24 Watch the healing journey of Julieann Hartman, healed of Fibromyalgia

22:00 Because of the generous support of the friends and partners of Andrew Wommack ministries Julieann is now free and lives a thriving life, sharing the message she received with others.

22:29 Product offers, on Healing Journeys, Healing worship music and the book “God wants you Well” and “You’ve already got it”

23:25 Carlie Terradez speaking about her daughter’s testimony

25:40 One-time donation link and next videos in this series.

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