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Healing Journeys, Week 2, Day 3 – Healed of a tumor -The Gospel Truth

Andrew Wommack’s Daily TV program: Gospel Truth
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In this series Andrew teaches on Healing Journeys. Powerful testimonies of people that struggled with crippling diseases and have now been healed by the power of God. Build your faith as you hear these stories and receive all that God has for you!

00:07 Andrew continues to share videos of people’s testimonies

00:15 Today we will see a powerful video of (Mike) Michael Hoesch healed of a tumor that he had in his chest. Be warned he took pictures of it

00:47 Watched the Healing Journey of Mike Hoesch

18:38 Watch Andrew Wommack interview (Mike) Michael and Caroline Hoesch eight years later

21:10 Healing came at the cross, it already yours. It’s that simple. Listen to powerful examples of how people’s faith has produced results

23:39 Thank you Partners for making all of this possible

24:20 Listen to Mike Hoesch talk about his healing journey in the DVD “Healing Journey DVD volume 3”

26:27 One-time donation link and next videos in this series.

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