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welcome to talk yourself happy i’m kristi watts talk yourself happy is all about encouraging yourself with the word the word of god the word who is god and the word that we gotta get deep down into the depth of our heart so that when we speak it we can hold on to the promises of god talk yourself happy okay how do you handle it when someone either lies on you betrays you leaves you or just jacks you up and you all you were gonna do is get revenge cuz they made you so mad but Jesus is like forgive forgive forgive how do you handle that that’s we’re gonna talk about today okay so I was trying to think about some different stories and there are so many I didn’t even know where to start but I will start from no I’m gonna redo that hold on I gotta think it’s cuz there’s so many different stories I’m trying to think of which one to hit a friend of mine that’s safe recently I was in a situation where someone who I trusted betrayed me and someone who I asked to help me not only betrayed me but they lied in my face and then took something from me that wasn’t theirs to take and I was so angry that I kept talking about it and what I did was when I talked about it I kept the offense alive and I became more angry I didn’t want to you know pray for them or bless them I wanted to curse them out and that made me even more angry and fueled me up and fueled the fire and then the third thing I wanted to do was to hold on tight to it because I just felt good to be angry well God wants us to do the opposite we all have that story where someone has betrayed us or offended us or bothered us or just made us so angry because what they did to us was so unfair now I could come up with the whole litany of stories but just take a moment and think about that happening in your life you didn’t have to think too hard did you know cuz I’m sure was right there the bottom line is you know it’s really easy for us to get upset and even want to seek revenge if we see someone or even ourselves have been treated unfairly the key is how do we deal with it how do we get our happy back how could we find joy peace and even happy in the midst of our anger you know God talks about the power in our words that life and death is in the power of our words and our words can bring life to any situation so think about this if we talked about the offense over and over and over again you ever notice how you continue to be angry and angry and angry or in other words step one we’ve got to recognize that talking about the offense all of the time keeps the fence alive or keeps the offense alive offense offense isn’t that interesting that the word fence is in offense because think about it when someone has offended us don’t we automatically put a fence up between them and us that’s a good analogy but god doesn’t want that because he always wants us to be united and in the body and and be connected and agreement and in a place of unity and we can’t be united if there’s a fence in between each other as a brothers and sisters in Christ number two the Bible says so we’ve got to bless those who curse us and even pray for those who offend us is that the scripture no bless those who curse us oh and pray for those who spitefully use us in other words god wants us to bless that person who’s Cussed out and jacked us up and hurt us Lord how are we going to bless them why are we going to bless them look use your mouth to bless them until you feel it it’s not about feeling like you want to bless them it’s about Lord I bless them mmm can’t stand them Lord but Lord I bless them you just have to bless them with your words into your heart and mine come into agreement and then pray for those who spitefully use you so God’s like look I know people might betray you or use you or hurt you or wound you but God says he wants us to pray for them why because sometimes let’s be real only God knows their backstory only God knows why people do what they do and sometimes that’s what we miss when people offend us where look when we’re driving I’m the queen of this when I’m driving and somebody cuts me off I am like ready to use words that are not godly and I could be singing worship music I could be praying to Jesus and let somebody cut me off and I’m ready to go what that quick but see do I know if they’re in a hurry or rush maybe they’ve got a job appointment or maybe they just didn’t see me or maybe there’s an emergency I don’t know their backstory the bottom line is I think we need to bless them rather than curse them and pray for those who spitefully uses and point-three this might be the hardest thing in the whole wide world sometimes it’s a choice to say I’m just gonna let it go I’m gonna release it I’m going to open up my hand so I’m gonna give this offense over to you Lord you say that vengeance is mine saith the Lord even though it’s not about you know you taking your wrath on a person because we don’t want that that’s why God wants us to bless someone and pray for someone because we want good for people we don’t want harm to come upon them but the truth of the matter is God can handle the situation a thousand times better than we can so it’s just a matter of choosing to let it go choosing to release it so bottom line how do we talk yourself happy the three points that I just said one two three I can’t remember them so I’m not going to recite them but you can take it you can speak it and live it talk yourself happy

How do you handle yourself when someone lies to you or betrays you? What should do when all you want to do is get revenge because you’re angry? Talk Yourself Happy – Kristi Watts Channel


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