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Not For Everyone - Reasons Why Shouldn't Be an Entrepreneur

It’s attractive to start a business from the outside. But being an entrepreneur only sounds great until you get the “bonus” problems. | Photo: Getty Images

Entrepreneur Noah Kagan speaks from experience. While sharing top marketing tips on OkDork, he founded AppSumo and Sumo, which is now an 8-figure business. Before that, he saw what it’s like to build a business as employee no. 30 at Facebook and employee no. 4 at Mint.com.

Having the freedom to choose your own schedule and work when you want. A chance to work from the beach or just work from the comfort of your own home. Building your dream product or service exactly how you decide. No boss to tell you differently, no compromises to make, no tasks you’re forced to do.

Being an entrepreneur sounds great — except when it isn’t.

For all the freedom to choose your own schedule, there are 90+ hour workweeks. For every day working from the beach, there are months spent grinding away in a small apartment. For every product or service you dream of creating exactly how you want, there are bad reviews, customer complaints and months with low sales.

Before I joined Facebook, Mint.com and started my own company, I was a cubicle monkey at Intel. Frankly, I couldn’t stand working there. It was mind-numbing. I was bored every day, and I wasn’t doing anything purposeful. But there’s one thing Intel did help me do — start to find my purpose. I wanted to leave Intel as quickly as I possibly could, so I went out and tried everything.  Read more… entrepreneur.com


Evan Carmichael: 7 Ways to Have a True IMPACT as an Entrepreneur

Evan Carmichael – Entrepreneur Advice: “Today we’re going to talk about the seven ways to have a true impact as an entrepreneur. So a theme that comes up a lot is that if you want to have success as an entrepreneur the money can’t be the most important thing that you’re going after. Money, yes, is important but it can’t be the number one.

If you look at the most successful people who’ve made a lot of money, money may be two or three on the list but number one there’s something that’s more important than money, and it’s having that big impact. So today I’m going to talk about the seven ways to have a true impact as an entrepreneur.

Number one is you need to find your one word.

I know I wrote a book about it. I know it sounds a little bit self-serving, but it’s true. You have to find the thing that drives you. You have to have the self-awareness to know what it is that you stand for. What is the impact that you want to have? That’s what it’s all about. You can’t just say you want to have an impact but then not have a plan, right? You need to know what the impact is that you want to have.

So for me, I want to spread more belief. I want people to believe in themselves. I want people to believe in the work that they’re doing. I want people to believe that it’s going to work out, and to keep on hustling, and keep on trying, and keep adding that perseverance. You need to know what you stand for. You need to know what your one word is so you can go out and create an amazing impact that has clarity and focus and purpose.

Too many people want to have a big impact but they have no idea what that big impact looks like.  And so you’re never going to get there. So you need to find your one word. You need to understand what your main core value is and what that impact actually looks like.

Number two is identify your niche.

Once you know what your one word is, once you know your value that you’re trying to create out there in the world and spread more of, you have to figure out where you’re going to attack. What’s the niche that you’re going to attack? So for me, it’s entrepreneurs. If you want to be the world’s greatest saxophonist, I can believe in you as much as I want to, right? And that can help you. There’ll be some value add there, right?

Having a little injection of belief is definitely valuable. But I don’t know anything about being a saxophone player. I can’t give you specific knowledge. I don’t have the context to be able to help you. If you want to be an entrepreneur, I know that. I’ve done that. I am that. I live that. I breathe that. I believe that. I do that every day.

And so finding the niche helps me have a greater impact. So just saying believe is great, and that can help people believe in themselves, that’s great. But I can have way more power and way more impact and a way greater leverage on people when I know what I’m talking about. And so I can do that in the world of entrepreneurship.

I can do that in the world of salsa. I can kind of do that in the world of League of Legends to some extent, a little bit in the world of baseball. Right, in some worlds. But entrepreneurship is where I reign. And so you need to understand what your niche is as well. What is the audience that you want to impact with your message?

Number three is set a big goal.

You want to have a big impact, what does that look like? Again the more specific you can be the easier it’s going to be to motivate you to want to go out and do it. Right, if I say I want to help a thousand entrepreneurs, that may not be the most motivating of goals, right? I’m not going to crawl out of bed to say yes, my life’s purpose is to help a thousand entrepreneurs.

Now, if I was helping them one on one, if I wanted to invest in a thousand businesses and help those companies really take off, then maybe. Maybe that is, to make a thousand angel investments, that’s no joke.  That’s a big deal. But my goal, I want to help a billion entrepreneurs. I want to have a big reach. I want to make a big mark.

I want to have a big impact on this world when I leave it. It’s not going to happen, I’m not hitting a billion people tomorrow, but I’m motivated by that. I’m driven by that. I want to go out and accomplish, I want to do big things with my message and abilities to be able to help people.  And so having a big goal that you look at, that sometimes is scary, sometimes you look at it and say I don’t know if I can do that…”


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