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Self-Improvement Store – Elevate Christian Network: Browse selected resources in the areas of self-improvement, personal growth and transformation, leadership, stress management, success mindset, and more.

Leadership Development

Minute With Maxwell: Leaders Make Things Happen – John Maxwell Team

  • John C. Maxwell: Getting results is key to a person’s success. Leaders are pros at producing results. The idea is, that if you can make things happen for yourself, you can help someone else do the same.


Leadership & Success




Leadership expert John C. Maxwell distills everything he’s learned in his 30+ years of experience into a handful of life-changing principles that can change your life. | Learn more...

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People has captivated readers for nearly three decades. It has transformed the lives of presidents and CEOs, educators and parents—millions of people of all ages and occupations. | Learn more...

World renowned motivational speaker Les Brown will inspire YOU to tap in to the incredible potential for achievement, happiness, and influence that is lying dormant, just waiting to be unleashed. | Learn more...

Success is within reach…If you’re looking for a simple read, motivation for days, and effective steps, then this book is for you. From Steve Jobs to Tony Robbins to Oprah Winfrey, life-changing wisdom calls to you from every page. | Learn more...

Think and Grow Rich was inspired by a suggestion from industrialist Andrew Carnegie. In this bestselling book, Napoleon Hill explains the philosophy that helped the wealthiest and most accomplished members of society succeed. | Learn more...



Brain Supplements for Memory & Focus




More resources:

Wholetones Music Therapy | Relieves Stress, Promotes Healing


Wholetones Healing Frequencies Music Project by Michael Tyrell

Wholetones Music Project – Michael Tyrrell:  Renowned musician, author, and inspirational speaker Michael S. Tyrrell have released a music therapy collection that includes 7 musical tones or frequencies that have been proven to relieve stress, promote healing, break negative cycles and restore sound sleep… in minutes.

This program is available immediately as a digital download or can be shipped as audio CDs and a physical book.  They also have a video version available called Wholetones Chroma. It uses color-therapy technology and is available as a DVD/BluRay disc package.

Many health practitioners have realized the deep soothing benefits of color therapy—or Chroma-therapy—and use it in their offices as an expensive outpatient procedure. | Learn more…Wholetones Music


Wholetones Music Collection

This is a list of the 7 tracks and what areas they can help you with.

  1. Open Door (396Hz) – This beautiful piece helps open you up to receive God’s healing. This frequency has an amazing side-effect: defense mechanisms lower and feelings of unhealthy fear, guilt, and shame diminish. (Remember, guilt and shame are not attributes of God. In fact, the Bible says that ALL who look to Him will be radiant and will NEVER feel ashamed.)
  2. Desert Sojourn (417Hz) – Increased energy has been reported as well as productivity and creativity… supports issues of the stomach – especially digestion. It can also positively affect the gallbladder, metabolism, headaches, and lower back pain.
  3. The Key of David (444Hz) – The master key with multiple health benefits. Establishes peace amid chaos. Hint – listen to this when you’re feeling overwhelmed and anxious.
  4. Transformation (528Hz) – Restores your sound, peaceful sleep… balances your hormones, and gently soothes your muscles, circulatory, and lymphatic systems with gentle, alluring musical vibrations.
  5. The Bridge (639Hz) – Fosters forgiveness and peace in your relationships boosts your endocrine system and heals your adrenal glands and gallbladder.
  6. Great Awakening (741Hz) – Provides you with deep spiritual and emotional healing. Become aware of your spirit within while gently cleansing your immune system.
  7. The Majestic (852Hz) – Purely spiritual this magnificent piece is a celebration of the King of Kings. Join us in sharing His love for humankind and those who await his grand return.



Amazing Self System | Your Personal Success Coach

Amazing Self Program - Your Personal Success Coach

The Amazing Self Program is designed to help you achieve your goals and improve your life in the areas of health, wealth, relationships, and mindset. This personal development program has totally original and inspirational video presentations, magazines, and audio interview sessions that have been custom-created to help you improve the quality of your life.

Contributors to this program include accomplished relationships and personal development writer Amanda Selby, internationally-acclaimed 7-figure-a-year wealth creation expert Mark Ling, relationship book author, and online personal success coach Andrew Rusbatch.

More experts including fitness and health guru Tracey Trimmer, online relationships, and self-help expert Mirabelle Summers, plus many industry-leading special guests interviewed each month who all share their special personal success recipes.



The Prosperous Soul: Your Journey to Richer Life | Dr. Cindy Trimm

Dr. Cindy Trimm - The Prosperous Soul Teaching Series


The Prosperous Soul – Dr. Cindy Trimm:  Prosperity begins from within. You were created to enjoy prosperity on every level— from a rich spiritual and intellectual life to a richness in your relationships and professional pursuits. Abundance is a choice. The secret lies within your soul.

The problem is that prosperity has often been reduced to a single measure: A dollar amount. Truth is, financial abundance is just one expression of what it means to live a rich life.  Bestselling author and life empowerment specialist, Dr. Cindy Trimm, makes it clear that the abundant life described by Jesus is not only for everyone, but is available at any time. | Learn more…The Prosperous Soul


Reclaim Your Soul with Dr. Cindy Trimm




Online Personal Growth

Success Magazine - Excel in Every Area of Your Personal and Professional Life

SUCCESS Magazine strives to bring its readers and viewers the thought leaders and success experts, both past and present, and reveal their key ideas and strategies to help you excel in every area of your personal and professional life.  To learn more, visit them online at:



Motivating Self Help Tips For Success

Contrary to common ideas as expressed in this ...

Contrary to common ideas as expressed in this diagram, brain functions are not confined to certain fixed locations. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many things are done in a person’s life that leave them feeling like they would like to be someone else. It is possible to make changes in your life that will really make you grow as a person. If you can take the time to read these tips and learn the helpful information in this article, you are sure to begin your path to personal development.

Overcoming Negative Beliefs

TIP! Seeking a mentor is a great step to improving your self-esteem, as well as in gaining the wisdom you will need to face life’s difficult situations. Think about the people in your life, and approach someone you truly respect.

Generalizations are the enemy of your self-improvement and success. Examine your thought processes to see what negative, general beliefs you hold about yourself. If you say in your mind that you “always fail,” etc., this is not accurate. Even if it was only one time, you have succeeded in the past! Remind yourself that the future is bright and self-improvement is possible.

Inspiration is critical to self-improvement. We can be inspired by books, ideas, or historical figures. We can also look to living role models in our own lives to show us a path toward self-improvement, happiness, purpose, and success. By looking outside and above our circumstances, we give ourselves a high goal to strive for, as well as an example of someone (a role model) who actually accomplished such great dreams.

Change the Things You Can Control

Some level of contentment is crucial to mental health and self-improvement. While self-help tactics and tips focus on constant striving, there is a bigger picture to consider. You will never achieve holistic health and mental happiness without allowing yourself a bit of enjoyment. Learn to be content with things you cannot change (your family, last year’s earnings, etc.). Once you are satisfied with the permanent things in your life, you are ready to change the things you can control.

TIP! The importance of positive thinking and self-esteem cannot be overestimated. As you pursue your life goals and try to improve yourself, you cannot allow yourself to be defeated by past guilt or false, self-destructive beliefs.

Before you can take a single step on your journey to self-improvement and success, you must accept responsibility. You, and you alone, are the ones to blame for your failures, and you, you alone, are the one who can make necessary changes to achieve success. You need to give yourself a bit of tough love. Remind yourself that no one is going to hand you your perfect life on a silver platter. With that in mind, pursue your dreams and take credit for your successes!

The Importance of Physical Exercise

Be sure to get some exercise every day. Physical activity has been shown to improve mental health as well as physical well-being. Improving health, in general, is important to continued self-improvement. As the body begins to feel better, self-esteem improves, and life is just better!

Do one thing to improve yourself every day. Little improvements add up and define the person that you are. Meeting daily self-improvement goals will not only make you better at the things that you do, but it will also improve your mood and your confidence. Try to be a little better each day than you were the day before.

Now that you have taken the time to read through this article and learn some techniques to accomplish some personal development, you have taken the first step to become the new you. Make sure to really apply these tips to your life and you will surely be on the road to happiness.


Tony Robbins Coaching: Become Obsessed With Success

  • Tony Robbins Video: He is a self-help author and motivational speaker.  Tony reveals three ways you can affect success: have a strategy, change your story and develop a quality state. Plus, find out why he says some people need to divorce their stories so they can marry the truth.



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As a passionate advocate of growth, I’m continuously looking for ways to self-improve. I’ve compiled 42 of my best self-development ideas, which might be helpful in your personal growth journey. Some of them are simple steps that you can engage in immediately. Some are bigger steps that take conscious effort to act on.

Jim Rohn Home Page

Jim Rohn International is the ultimate resource for personal development materials. Shop now for inspirational quotes, motivational quotes, and success quotes. | Jim focused on the fundamentals of human behavior that most affect personal and business performance. His is the standard to which those who seek to teach and inspire others are compared. He possessed the unique ability to bring extraordinary insights to ordinary principles and events, and the combination of his substance and style still captures the imagination of those who hear or read his words.

“If you go to work on your goals, your goals will go to work on you. If you go to work on your plan, your plan will go to work on you. Whatever good things we build end up building us.” – Jim Rohn

Darren Hardy Interviews Jim Rohn | SUCCESSDarren Hardy Interviews Jim Rohn | SUCCESS

 Quotes About Self Improvement (926 quotes) – Goodreads

926 quotes have been tagged as self-improvement: | “A strong man cannot help a weaker unless the weaker is willing to be helped, and even then the weak man must become strong of himself; he must, by his own efforts, develop the strength which he admires in another. None but himself can alter his condition.” – James Allen | “Never allow your mind to wander untamed like a wild animal that exists on the basis of survival of the fittest. Tame your mind with consistent focus on your goals and desires.” – Stephen Richards

Personal Growth & Development Goals – Tony Robbins

Personal Growth & Development Goals: Audio coaching libraries for results. | “Self-improvement starts with a decision to make positive change in your life. It can be something as small as adding in a morning routine or as major as a career overhaul. Regardless, it all starts with commitment and action. Once you’ve made the decision to improve, there’s no turning back.” | “In order to make way for self-improvement, you first have to break through whatever barriers are holding you back. Believe that you are worthy of your best life and don’t look to others for affirmation or approval. Someone else’s opinion should never stand in the way of achieving your goals. Once you’ve taken control back, you can start building momentum toward your goal.”



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