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Minute With Maxwell: Leaders Make Things Happen – John Maxwell Team

  • John C. Maxwell: Getting results is key to a person’s success. Leaders are pros at producing results. The idea is, if you can make things happen for yourself, you can help someone else do the same.

Video Transcript

[Music] hi John Maxwell here welcome to minute with Maxwell I walked into a store one day and I saw this sign and it said rules to success the first rule was be successful and produced results then it said second rule through the rest of them they really don’t matter just do the first one get results produce bring something home make something happen when people ask me John how do I spot a potential leader I always say to them the first thing I look for is a person that can produce results why because if you can be successful and produce results for yourself the odds begin to increase that you can help someone else do the very same thing if you can’t produce hmm you can’t teach others how to do that you see we teach what we know but we reproduce who we are so ask yourself what do I do well what am I good at whatever it is get better practice it and then pass it on to someone else and help them get better also results production good words people that can do with that well are people that become highly successful thanks for joining me today on minute with Maxwell you [Music]



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Wholetones Music Therapy | Relieves Stress, Promotes Healing

Video Transcript

well I’m excited about the healing frequency music project because so many people are suffering now in our world and even though we have some things we can do about it medicine psychiatry church people are still suffering and I was always looking for something that I could do to help that and when I discovered these seven frequencies that have had a profound effect on humanity it kind of blew my mind because for example when people listen to that suddenly if they’re feeling shame or guilt or insecurity suddenly that just moves away and opens them up to be touched by God each of them has an inherent quality and the way it impacts the physical body as well for one thing if people are suffering from shame and guilt and rejection and insecurities when they listen to the frequency all of a sudden they lose all of those inhibitions in those feelings of being unworthy I guess and they open themselves up to God to touch them and they’re not repulsed by the thought of God looking at them and in the same way physically there’s things that happened with their liver function metabolism a myriad of different things blood pH things that happened because they’ve listened that frequency and the body can’t help but be affected by it at the same time years ago Gregory the greater Pope Gregory the Great decided that the Gregorian frequencies that these wonderful men sang was too holy for the years of man any longer and so they stopped doing this and they changed the tuning which it’s kind of like the day the music died everything that we hear listened to today is in a and for the non musical friends of ours it’s a type of tuning system that works off of middle C but it’s a tie it’s Hertz per second and that is what we’re used to tuning so everything from a B C D you know EF and G is always the same in regardless of what you do and how you manipulate those around music is only going to be a different arrangement of those particular notes whereas these frequencies live somewhere in the in-between realm the it’s the G it’s in between G and G sharp or a flat and what’s interesting about frequency is that if you’re listening to a radio station and suddenly you drift off of the station you get this spurious static noise but when you really you nail that frequency all of a sudden you have this giant symphonic music back in your ears again and you recognize the song frequencies are the same way when you find a frequency that affects a body in a certain way or causes a you know some sort of resonant activity every part of your body has a resonant frequency and so once we find what the resonant frequency is of let’s say for instance the heart if you can reproduce that frequency then your heart will be affected by it every time that it hears it so what the gregorian’s did and where these frequencies came from was they were in a totally different policy at totally different tuning and they had six particular notes and each one of these notes would have a different type of effect we don’t hear these in modern music we haven’t heard these many people that are listening today I’ve never heard any of this and their whole lives and that’s the profound proprietary nature of this project is that you’re going to be hearing something you’ve never heard before that’s going to radically change your life it can change you physically emotionally and spiritually and so to answer your question in a nutshell it’s the music that lives within the music that we haven’t heard because it was taken away by people who had the power to make this stuff disappear because it was supposedly too holy for the human ear what’s different about this project is that when you go online and you listen to Hertz or what have you you’re going to get a little sample that’s to minutes long and it’s usually just a oscilloscope or or frequency analysed generation of that tone which is a sine wave and you can’t listen to it for very long it’s irritating it sounds like in the old days when your TV would go off the air on a channel there’d be that piercing sound and use turn the set off so that initially when I was in this phase I was trying to keep myself open to what would make this different and what would really have a profound healing effect on people the first thing was is I have to use these proper frequencies but they certainly don’t have to be this harsh and so we used a myriad of different methods to soften if you will these frequencies so that if you listen to just the frequencies alone you could listen to them you could put that minute second CD you’ll be holding in your hand soon on infinite repeat and it would never irritating but we’ve gone far beyond that we have a binaural frequency in other words one you’ll hear in each year one will be like the sound of of crystal glass when you run your finger around it and the other side will be either something in nature or a keyboard sample that’s very pure but bright dialed on that frequency and then around that you’re going to hear beautiful music but make no mistake as beautiful as the music is the music pulls you in to the frequency or the medicine that’s actually having the change in the transformation power that’s that you’re feeling and sensing and hopefully some of the physiological change that’s positive it’s taking place so in essence what we’ve done is we brought music to be the spoonful of sugar and added the frequency to be the medicine and so that’s what I think separates us from anything I’ve heard so far is that first of all it actually really works and second of all it’s music that you love to listen to but all the while you’re getting a therapy at the same time that’s actually having a physiological and psychological and spiritual effect on your body I would love to offer you a free sample of one of these frequencies Hertz which I mentioned earlier is profoundly effective with shame guilt insecurities rejections so many people deal with these things and you’ll find a huge relief just by listening to the frequency and all you have to do is enter your best email address in the box that you see below and we’ll get it out to you right away thanks for listening after you enter your email address we’ll take you directly to the full video presentation that explains all of this in great detail now I’d like to tell you about the product that we’ve created just for you you’ll get three hundred ninety-six Hertz which will remove guilt shame bring down your defense mechanism so you can receive from your creator as well as affect your blood pH for the positive liver function bones brain neurotransmitters and your kidneys Hertz brakes negative cycles procrastination you have a hard time getting things done honey take out the trash and it’s there for seven days this is the frequency for you sluggishness in the midday four o’clock ish large intestines enzymes digestive process prostate and stomach also the gallbladder if you have been gallbladder issues this is a great frequency the frequency I call it the key of David that’s kind of like the master frequency but it’s most known for dealing with lungs especially like either pleurisy or pneumonia blood issues especially circulation and cellular oxygenation then there’s frequency which is in Latin media storm or the miracle frequency which is kind of a miraculous tonic that affects everything but one thing you’ll notice for sure and it’s proven by scientific research to extend the telomere length of your DNA it’s a big word for saying life extension as well as repairing broken DNA which is obviously the source of all disease it’s great for your entire body and especially for women that are struggling with hormone and belts and pelvic issues we have the frequency which restores relationship and that’s a really big deal if you find yourself constantly always feeling like the victim in every situation and everybody else is wrong this is your frequency it’s also great for adrenal exhaustion or endocrine tissues as well as gall bladder we also have frequency which is mostly thymus and the immune system if so if you find yourself getting colds and flus often this would be a great frequency for you and finally the frequency which is in Latin from the lips of man to the ears of the Father this is a frequency that’s most known to bring people in contact with God Almighty your Creator very powerful I’ve also written a book which explains everything in great detail everything specifically for each of the frequencies and far more information than that what colors effect each of the frequencies and then even on a human standpoint issues about Renaissance period some of your personality issues it’s a very comprehensive book in a great reference choose from the packages below and then click the Add to Cart button so just choose from the packages below and click on the Add to Cart button now we offer you a couple different ways of getting your music one is a digital copy for your smartphones iPads or your personal computer we also offer you a physical copy of the music songs on CDs smartly packaged and mastered which is actually far better than digital and let me tell you why a mp or a truncated digital download sounds great on your iPad or your personal computer but if you have critical listening a nice stereo you want to put it into a comfortable environment in your workplace business it’s a far better sound because actually instead of truncated files these are mastered files that are created from a glass master and optimum ly created for sonic excellence so if you want to go one step further I would consider the upgrade which is the physical copy of the CDs themselves and they’ll sound far better and you’ll also receive a printed copy of the book that explains all of the frequency information and much much more


Wholetones Healing Frequencies Music Project by Michael Tyrell

Wholetones Music Project – Michael Tyrrell:  Renowned musician, author, and inspirational speaker Michael S. Tyrrell has released a music therapy collection that includes 7 musical tones or frequencies that have been proven to relieve stress, promote healing, break negative cycles and restore sound sleep… in minutes.

This program is available immediately as a digital download or can be shipped as audio CDs and a physical book.  They also have a video version available called Wholetones Chroma. It uses color-therapy technology and is available as a DVD/BluRay disc package.

Many health practitioners have realized the deep soothing benefits of color-therapy—or Chroma-therapy—and use it in their offices as an expensive out-patient procedure. | Learn more…Wholetones Music


Wholetones Music Collection

This is a list of the 7 tracks and what areas they can help you with.

  1. Open Door (396Hz) – This beautiful piece helps open you up to receive God’s healing. This frequency has an amazing side-effect: defense mechanisms lower and feelings of unhealthy fear, guilt and shame diminish. (Remember, guilt and shame are not attributes of God. In fact, the Bible says that ALL who look to Him will be radiant and will NEVER feel ashamed.)
  2. Desert Sojourn (417Hz) – Increased energy has been reported as well as productivity and creativity… supports issues of the stomach – especially digestion. It can also positively affect gallbladder, metabolism, headaches, and lower back pain.
  3. The Key of David (444Hz) – The master key with multiple health benefits. Establishes peace amid chaos. Hint – listen to this when you’re feeling overwhelmed and anxious.
  4. Transformation (528Hz) – Restores your sound, peaceful sleep… balances your hormones, and gently soothes your muscles, circulatory, and lymphatic systems with gentle, alluring musical vibrations.
  5. The Bridge (639Hz) – Fosters forgiveness and peace in your relationships boosts your endocrine system and heals your adrenal glands and gallbladder.
  6. Great Awakening (741Hz) – Provides you with deep spiritual and emotional healing. Become aware of your spirit within while gently cleansing your immune system.
  7. The Majestic (852Hz) – Purely spiritual this magnificent piece is a celebration of the King of Kings. Join us in sharing His love for humankind and those who await his grand return.



Amazing Self System | Your Personal Success Coach

Amazing Self Program - Your Personal Success Coach

The Amazing Self Program is designed to help you achieve your goals and improve your life in the areas of health, wealth, relationships, and mindset. This personal development program has totally original and inspirational video presentations, magazines, and audio interview sessions that have been custom-created to help you improve the quality of your life.

Contributors to this program include accomplished relationships and personal development writer Amanda Selby, internationally-acclaimed 7 figure a year wealth creation expert Mark Ling, relationship book author and online personal success coach Andrew Rusbatch.

More experts including fitness and health guru Tracey Trimmer, online relationships and self-help expert Mirabelle Summers, plus many industry-leading special guests interviewed each month who all share their special personal success recipes.



The Prosperous Soul: Your Journey to Richer Life | Dr. Cindy Trimm

Cindy Trimm - The Prosperous Soul Teaching Series


The Prosperous Soul – Dr. Cindy Trimm:  Prosperity begins from within. You were created to enjoy prosperity on every level— from a rich spiritual and intellectual life, to a richness in your relationships and professional pursuits. Abundance is a choice. The secret lies within your soul.

The problem is that prosperity has often been reduced to a single measure: A dollar amount. Truth is, financial abundance is just one expression of what it means to live a rich life.  Bestselling author and life empowerment specialist, Dr. Cindy Trimm, makes it clear that the abundant life described by Jesus is not only for everyone, but is available at any time. | Learn more…The Prosperous Soul


Reclaim Your Soul Free Feature Moment With Dr. Cindy Trimm

Video Transcript

such a pleasure to be here today and the topic that we’re dealing with is so heavily on my heart and I felt as if we needed to do more than just write books and encourage people we needed to actually take our time and teach and the subject of the soul is so vitally important we hear about it but we don’t place a whole lot of emphasis on it it’s simply because we’re spiritual being and as believers and Christians primarily we’re more concerned about the healing of our spirit and we have forgotten that we are not only spirit we are body and we are soul as well we do a lot of work on our body either we’re gaining weight or losing weight we’re building muscles or losing muscles that’s what we see but the things that we don’t see are just as important or even more important than the things that we see it was Paul that was able to say that we look not at the things that are seen but the things that are not seen for they the things that are seen are really temporal but the things that are not seen are eternal the spirit realm is the causal realm and therefore anything that is operating or anything that is energized by the spirit realm has a greater chance of being permanent and eternal than anything that is emanating from the natural anything that is emanated from the natural realm again is only temporary temporal and it seems as if most people spend more time and invest more energies and resources in securing those things that are natural not knowing that one day all of the stuff that we are embracing and believing that is making our lives more enriched those usually are the things that the Bible has spoken off that is going to burn up as as double and at the end of the day the car that we love so much and the house that we have just been waiting for especially those of you there living in your dream house now or driving your dream car now those things are going to burn up at the end of the day and we should spend a lot of our energy and a lot of our time and resources investing in the things that are eternal and the things that really becomes an anchor for our lives and that’s why this so fast a movement becomes important and in writing the soul fast then I determined that well we’ve got you pretty much living authentically but what about living with resilience being able to deal with life in a better way or more appropriate or more dynamic or efficient or more functional way than what we have hitherto been able to do hence the next series and that is reclaim your soul let me tell you a little bit about why we wrote reclaim your soul it was about maybe all of years ago I started a series called soul soul tides breaking soul ties and so many people were interested in the souls hi and then I determined okay you know let’s take it beyond the soul tie because you could break a soul tie but not reclaim your soul and in reading the story of the prodigal son I became very interested in this one statement that he made and it says or the writer made the writer Luke made it says something like this when he came to himself he said to himself when he came to himself and so if he came to himself where was his self before he came to himself who had control who of him so that he was walking through life like a like a drone like like a clone where was he who had control over his life and why did he give his personal power away that started me thinking about the sequence to the -day so fast and that was reclaiming your soul not only just breaking soul ties but reclaiming your soul so living authentically has a lot to do with you relating to yourself you getting know yourself and then reclaiming your soul takes us just beyond us knowing who we are but into relationships everything rises and falls on a relationship and today we want to start drilling down and and and asking you a lot of questions and and challenging you to think beyond what is obvious here’s the question could things be the way they are because you are the way you are and what one thing can you change that can change everything what is that one thing that you could change that can change everything there’s a scripture that says what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and to lose his soul or what will a man give in exchange for his soul that’s an interesting question and you know when when when Jesus or God asks you a question it doesn’t mean that he wants you to supply the answer to him because he doesn’t know the answer he wants you to know the answer ask and it shall be given and so it’s not just you getting the answer it’s the power of the question what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and to lose his soul I love how Jesus taught and he would teach in parables parables really are taught so that we can garner principles to live life more effectively and also to give us strategies for life and so this book if I were to wrap up in just one sentence the purpose of this particular book it will have to be giving you the tools so that you can exchange your childhood strategies for adults reading strategies to exchange your childhood scripting for adult strategies could things be the way they are because you are the way you are this is putting the responsibility back into your hands for your life many of us have given it away to so many other people and many of us have learned to find an alibi so that we don’t have to take responsibilities for our actions but the moment you accept full responsibility for where you are you have the power to get where you want to be why because your feet will never take you where your mind has never been and so God wants to deliver us from the maladaptive sets of behavior set we’ve learned that comprises our holes together those strongholds or the paradigms or the mental models that we no longer find effective Paul said when I was a child I spoke as a child I thought as a child I understood as a child but when I recognized that I was matured I myself put away the childish things there’s a scripture that says lay aside the weight and ascended us so easily beset you it doesn’t say pray aside after you pray you’ve got to get involved in taking those things that are no longer effective the strategies that we use to get here will not be the same strategies that we use to get there and even though it was good in one season it may be bad for the next how do you know when a season changes in your life the strategies don’t work anymore they’re not effective anymore do the same get the same do different get different repeat after me do the same get the same do different get different could things be the way they are because you are the way you are and what one thing can you change that can change everything let’s see if we can find the answer and a story that I want to tell and it’s straight out of the Bible Luke to the story of the prodigal son the Bible said and he said a certain man had two sons and the younger of them said of his father father give me the portion of goods that fall it to me and he divided unto them his a living and not many days after the younger son gathered all together and took his journey into a far country and there wasted his substance with righteous living how many of you have read the forty days so fast it’s an encouraging incredible incredible book and in there we introduce you to the whole topic of the soul and we have the third one of the one of the chapters that is my favorite is called grams your soul according to mr. MacDougal and dr. mcdougal from every hill he he said that he was able to prove that the soul had weight and he called the sole substance it’s interesting now this is a doctor this is not a theologian he’s a medical doctor and he wanted to seek out or find proof that men was had a soul number one and then that humanity not only had a soul but it weighed something [Music]




Elevate Christian Network Stores | Personal Growth & Development Channel



Featured Online Personal Growth

Success Magazine - Excel in Every Area of Your Personal and Professional Life

SUCCESS Magazine strives to brings its readers and viewers the thought leaders and success experts, both past and present, and reveal their key ideas and strategies to help you excel in every area of your personal and professional life.  To learn more, visit them online at:



Motivating Self Help Tips For Success

Contrary to common ideas as expressed in this ...

Contrary to common ideas as expressed in this diagram, brain functions are not confined to certain fixed locations. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are many things that are done in a person’s life that leaves them feeling like they would like to be someone else. It is possible to make changes in your life that will really make you grow as a person. If you can take the time to read these tips and learn the helpful information in this article, you are sure to begin your path to personal development.

Overcoming Negative Beliefs

TIP! Seeking a mentor is a great step to improving your self-esteem, as well as in gaining the wisdom you will need to face life’s difficult situations. Think about the people in your life, and approach someone you truly respect.

Generalizations are the enemy of your self-improvement and success. Examine your thought processes to see what negative, general beliefs you hold about yourself. If you say in your mind that you “always fail,” etc., this is not accurate. Even if it was only one time, you have succeeded in the past! Remind yourself that the future is bright and self-improvement is possible.

Inspiration is critical to self-improvement. We can be inspired by books, ideas or historical figures. We can also look to living role models in our own lives to show us a path toward self-improvement, happiness, purpose and success. By looking outside and above our circumstances, we give ourselves a high goal to strive for, as well as an example of someone (a role model) who actually accomplished such great dreams.

Change the Things You Can Control

Some level of contentment is crucial to mental health and self-improvement. While self-help tactics and tips focus on constant striving, there is a bigger picture to consider. You will never achieve holistic health and mental happiness without allowing yourself a bit of enjoyment. Learn to be content with things you cannot change (your family, last year’s earnings, etc.). Once you are satisfied with the permanent things in your life, you are ready to change the things you can control.

TIP! The importance of positive thinking and self-esteem cannot be overestimated. As you pursue your life goals and try to improve yourself, you cannot allow yourself to be defeated by past guilt or false, self-destructive beliefs.

Before you can take a single step on your journey to self-improvement and success, you must accept responsibility. You,and you alone, are the one to blame for your failures, and you, you alone, are the one who can make necessary changes to achieve success. You need to give yourself a bit of tough love. Remind yourself that no one is going to hand you your perfect life on a silver platter. With that in mind, pursue your dreams and take credit for your successes!

The Importance of Physical Exercise

Be sure to get some exercise every day. Physical activity has been shown to improve mental health as well as physical well-being. Improving health in general is important to continued self-improvement. As the body begins to feel better, self-esteem improves, and life is just better!

Do one thing to improve yourself everyday. Little improvements add up and define the person that you are. Meeting daily self-improvement goals will not only make you better at the things that you do, it will also improve your mood and your confidence. Try to be a little better each day than you were the day before.

Now that you have taken the time to read through this article and learn some techniques to accomplish some personal development, you have taken the first step to becoming the new you. Make sure to really apply these tips to your life and you will surely be on the road to happiness.


Tony Robbins Coaching: Become Obsessed With Success

  • Tony Robbins Video:  He is a self-help author and motivational speaker.  Tony reveals three ways you can effect success: have a strategy, change your story and develop a quality state. Plus, find out why he says some people need to divorce their stories so they can marry the truth.

Video Transcript

if you’re looking for ways to find fulfillment change your story and own your business then this video is for you what’s gonna fulfill you is differently at first and actually you’re not gonna learn that from anybody else you got to find it because success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure the middle of my do is I want to know more about my clients than anybody that may know about themselves and I see ya and how many times the science shows something’s impossible now science shows as possible things are impossible till somebody does it need motivation watch a top with believe nation what’s up it’s Evan my one word is believe and I believe in you I believe in that amazing gift you have inside you that I want to see come out so let’s get your motivation to attend and get you believing in you grab a snack and chew on today’s lessons from a man who went from having seven fathers growing up and having to leave home at age due to an abusive home environment to found the companies that have now over six billion dollars in annual revenue and advises presidents he’s Tony Robbins and here’s my take on his top ten rules to success volume three alright let’s kick things off with rule number one find fulfillment fulfillment is an art what’s going to fulfill you is differently a person next you’re not gonna learn that from anybody else you got to find it because success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure and I get those phone calls all the time for the multi billionaire entrepreneur or politician or business person or person just one there Academy Award and they’re depressed and they can’t tell anybody because they got all their goals but they’re not fulfilled because they really don’t have that sense of meaning in their life they went for something and they got it they achieved and if you doubt this what I’m saying is relevant to you or us or anyone just think about about a year and what a month ago we lost what I consider be a national treasure robbing wipes how many of you loved robbing wipes look around they don’t keep me handsome look and most of you didn’t know him almost anywhere you go in the world people love Robin wings by the way was he graded achievement oh my god that guy he said he want to make become a great comedian he did that I want to make the world laugh he did I want to make my own TV show he did I wanted the number one TV show he did it I want to make movies he did I want an Academy Award for not being funny not his skill set drama and he did it I want a beautiful family he did it and then he hung himself make everybody happy but yourself not a good plan so if I had a gift to give you it would be maybe make a different decision and a decision is that no matter what happens in your life you’re gonna live in a beautiful state a beautiful state and that could be happy that could be grateful that could be being generous those are all beautiful states aren’t they could be curious it could be fun it could be playful you’re not limited to one state but it’s different than suffering and most people suffering and all suffering I’ve ever seen I’ve traveled countries I’ve dealt with presidents of countries and you know presidents of businesses CEOs I’ve dealt with people in prison I dealt with you name average people suffering always comes because you’ve obsessed about something related to you you can only be depressed if you’re focusing on yourself so now I’m depressed cos my kids and and they’re not doing well no you’re depressed because you feel you’ve failed your kids it’s about you it’s about how you think you what you should have done or shouldn’t have done or what someone did to you or didn’t do to you in the past through the future which don’t even exist so I have a simple goal my goal is help people make a decision that says I don’t know what’s gonna happen you might get a divorce even though you don’t think so you might find a family of your family with cancer you might have your house get burned down or have a tornado go by and if you live in the same place that happens every two years and you move back we should talk but some people seem to do that for some reason you can’t control those things I can’t control those things I don’t want those to happen to you or anybody I love or anybody who’s even a stranger to me but they’re going to happen true not positive thinking both just the truth so if that’s gonna happen I say make a decision now that says I’m gonna live in a beautiful state and I’m gonna find beauty and whatever Life brings me cuz life is too short not to I love this as an opener the first stop that came to mind is man Tony is just a huge guy sitting on seat you just so much bigger than everybody else and the other thing that comes to mind is just you have to enjoy the work you’re doing to like you find fulfillment in the day-to-day not in achieving the outcome it’s not about hitting million subscribers on YouTube it’s about this is of making another videos but enjoying the process of life of the work of your career of the relationship and not just hidden arbitrary goals that don’t in themselves have any meaning so thank you Tony for the great lead moving on the rule number feed your mind with greatness I think I’m gonna like this one so what do you think was the first real breakthrough that you had as a team that started you on your path and how did you get there gosh there’s so many other one of the first ones I think was probably just anchoring in when my mom and my dad I ported fathers my mom was a powerful woman so she kicked my fourth father out whose name I carry and he adopted me and when he went out she decided was in his side so she kicked me out too by chasing me out with a knife and I wasn’t worried she’s gonna stab or anything but I decided this is freedom I’ve got to find a way to make my life work but I had no money out of Volkswagen I worked forty dollars a week as a janitor to buy and pay for and so I had no car and no money I don’t know anything I went slept in a person’s laundry room and then I decided I’ve got to figure out what to do and I needed a feed my money because I was so depressed I was so overwhelmed I’m missing my brother and sister and feeling just completely out of sorts so I I got on the bus and I traveled miles a member because I have running at one time and I was in this book store and I bought this book called the magic of believing my quad head crystals the first real book other than maybe thinking go rich or Emerson’s essays and I started on this journey of saying every single day I’m gonna feed my mind I’m not going to hope good thoughts show up I’m gonna read biographies I’m gonna I’m gonna find out what makes people tick I’m gonna understand what makes me tick and I wanted to read a book a day but I didn’t do that click to the speed reading class and I read seven books over seven years and they’re all personal development human development psychology physiology and what I try to do is take anything that I learned and apply it and then when I applied it you know I was – in my sophomore in high school I’m six seven now I tell people differences personal growth but sincerely I became mister solution because I wanted to help everybody so I was this little fat guy and I couldn’t lose weight and I lost weight all my buddies are like how’d you do that I said well here’s what I did they lost weight man we all got girls and as a young kid you know that led to where you know if you have a problem I was mister solution specially if your girl has more motivated energy so the breakthrough was really understanding the power of compressing decades in the days if someone has spent decades of their life and they compress it into a book and you can read it in an hour or a few days you have such an advantage because when you learn by your own experience it’s painful and it’s slow when you learn about other people’s experience everybody knows in the financial world other people’s money is elaborate right well other people’s experience is more powerful in other people’s money because you can have the money and lose it but if you give the experience you can change it all so I think that was the beginning for me and it set me on on path of hire and I’ve never lost my hunger this is at the core of what I do and why I do it I wanted to surround myself with greatness daily with video because I like video a lot more than reading or listening to things podcast I wanted to wake up and every day I had a place that God I could reliably go to to get new information to feed my mind with greatness did I have to think about it every day and I created that for you guys too you can wake up load a new video and boom there it is something new to feed your mind with greatness and you just can’t help it if you are hanging around Tony Robbins and Steve Jobs and these characters every single day the way they think the way they blow through lemonade beliefs the way they don’t accept the status quo will seep into you the help you become a better you it just will happen and so the more you can surround yourself with greatness great minds people that push you motivate you the more you’re gonna grow I’m loving the first two so far let’s move the rule number three own your business the minimum I do is I’d want to know more about my clients than anybody then they know about themselves I know a man that from Australia decided he’s a dentist and he decided he was tired of people not showing up he was tired of trying to bill and not getting paid you know properly there’s insurance said he was tired all these things one day he just decided to sit down with everyone was patients and he said I’m changing my practice I’m gonna practice where I’m gonna take a lot less clients and let go probably have two clients laugh right now I only want to do business with people who I personally like who when they come in I want to sit down have a cup of tea with them well I understand what’s going on in their life what their goals are and I want to make sure that everything in my psyche has taken care of them and helping them augment the way they look the way they feel and their vitality and the health of their system and he sat down and said so to do that I want you to know I have some simple things I’m promising I’ll give you the best dental care of your entire life I’m promising that if you come in your appointment you will not be delayed more maximum of five minutes ever I’m any way that all these things will get the best care of this this the most most attention he goes but this is what I’m gonna require for patients that work with me our through not someone else that this companies that require that if they cancel they’re gonna have to pay for it I require they show up on time because I’m gonna respect them they respect me I’m going to also require that in the next six months that if I do the quality work that I promise they’ll give me two referrals to other quality people that I’d probably want to take care of as well and he said I’m shutting down any other form of my business and I’m gonna spend more quality time with you and I want the referrals because I wanna spend time with marketing and sell a home I spent time putting my attention and making your life better he quadrupled his income and cut the time he spent doing dental work by more than sixty percent just because he became an owner who owned his business instead of running around trying to please everybody and being frustrated people are cancelling and so forth most of us just don’t own ourselves enough right you have to as an entrepreneur set boundaries for yourself both in terms of clients working with ideal clients work with the clients who respect you will pay you on time will refer business to you to believe you’re genuine like working with and also from your team people who have the skill set but also buy into the vision the mission the culture what you’re trying to accomplish and you’ll find that most of the time most of the headaches come from a select few people select few customers and a select few employees a select few partners most of the headaches come from a select few people eliminate those focus on the ideal candidates and you can go a lot further I love it when Tony gives entrepreneur advice to extra nuggets of gold now let’s move on to rule number four change your story when something is considered quote/unquote impossible how do you reframe it so it becomes possible in your mind and how much of that is mindset I think impossible is not a fact it’s an opinion when someone tells me it’s impossible I always just look at anybody around me knows that they can’t do this that’s part of it but if they didn’t know me it’s your opinion they’ll say no science shows and I say yeah I know how many times the science shows something’s impossible now science shows it’s possible things are impossible till somebody does it and so I find that you know most of your business people you look at businesses and what does it take to make a business grow it’s not impossible like a business grow up has been shrinking for a long time or it’s been stuck the real problem is always the choke hold as always the psychology and the skills of the leader always an % of that as psychology and % of the mechanics like if you don’t know how to read your financials and you’re trying to fly the plane of your your company I mean come on you know if all you do is go down you look at profit loss and you see what it is and you have a beer either way you either celebrated at the brass you know something you know you’re gonna be in trouble right but if you have the skillsets that’s one thing but you can get any skill set if you have the psychology and anytime a business is not growing it is not because it’s impossible it’s because they aren’t innovating and they’re not innovating because they’re believing it’s impossible I mean if we all know what does it take to transform an obviously a people takes three things to create a breakthrough and anything and your personal life in your business anywhere you need a strategy but that’s not the first place you should look at it’s the first place all of us look me too it’s our inherent thing you want to lose weight well how do I do it I’m gonna grow my business how do I do it it’s it’s instinctively been trained to think that way but the problem is the how-to is usually not that complex I’m gonna come on % of America is what % of America now is overweight is that because it’s so complex how to be fit and strong right you know only the % no the answer is they hide it from you you have to work your ass off to not hear what it takes right and so so you know I remember I went to this I went to a TED med Center and I watched about doctors wouldn’t have to get up and do these stories about if we could just get patients to take their medications and try to figure out the whole thing and I was just looking and going you’re all talking about strategy you’ve forgotten psychology because strategy is wonderful I’m a strategist but my whole life freaking out strategy is we both know a strategy could save you a decade right and doesn’t the strategy could save you you know it could make the devastating success and failure but most people have strategies available or they could get them or you could create them but the problem is you got a story and your story is why it isn’t working and the story is I’ve tried what but everything if you tried everything you’d be fit you try everything you’d be profitable if you tried everything you’d be there but people said you know I’m big-boned that’s what I used to say I’m still big bone but I’m thirty-eight pounds lighter than I was years ago and I’ve never gained it back right a borrower’s big bone that was my story all the good ones are gone that’s why I’m not in a relationship or they’re gay and I’m not on a game they are whatever the story is there’s always a story and what I tell people’s you know if you can just divorce the story of your limitation and marry the truth of your unlimited capacity then the whole game changes I agree that mindset is everything every major breakthrough I’ve made in my life and my business has been from changing a limiting belief that I had I’m just realizing that wasn’t true and it’s funny how often some of the things we do were just subconscious that we just naturally always do it a certain way where we’re not realizing that we’re holding ourselves back and so I love it I love the idea as soon as you find that thing that you feel you’re hooding itself back on it’s a little inkling to the truth that you need to push hard on the fix because through that you’re gonna end up achieving your next big goal let’s go to rule number five be obsessed with adding value when you went off on your own you know that’s kind of the point I think people you know most businesses fail at the beginning in the first few years so there you are on your own what do you think were the keys to success those first few years by yourself obsession without any more value than anybody else ever dreamed of I mean my entire life from the very beginning days was how do I do more for others than anyone else on earth how do I give them experiences that are lasting how do I create change what change was impossible I’m going to take something from the therapy for seven years in an hour produced that result and the way I did that was by challenging traditional psychologists and psychiatrists and getting on national radio and saying given you were stationed on handle in an hour which was pretty abrasive you know as a young kid you can get by with that stuff but the best part was I backed it up and so one of the first interventions I did was in Vancouver British Columbia Canada back on the radio and this psychiatrist got on the phone and just on the radio whine I’m just passionate you are a liar you’re a charlatan people like you should not be allowed on the radio and I said sir I said I said are you you know scientists used to the course of a physician I said well a scientist would never make it an a sumption I said you’ve never met me right now you never do my clients know you call me a liar on national radio I said she must be saving your hypothesis your hypothesis is that I’m a liar miserable cannon if you’re stating hypothesis and you’re truly a scientist you gotta be willing to test it am i right yeah yeah it’s great not doing a free guest event the Holiday Inn tomorrow night anyone hearing my voice can come I’m gonna do a series of demonstrations and I’m gonna take one of your clients and turn around I said share with me somebody that you’ve never been able to change I said I’m sure you got plenty of those you wanna play hardball because wait a lot of patients aren’t me to change yet I said I haven’t found any course I’ve done three therapies total but I’m simply a long story short he told me this one we’ve been working on for seven years it’s what a snake phobia a phobia is not just a fear it’s a bunny control response to fear so like she dreamed the snake would bite her on the face and then the adrenaline shoot through her body and wake her up and there’s enough in four to seven times a night seven years so you know he was put in the corner and so he brought her down it took me about minutes at the end of it I tested first and she’s straining and shaking and then I wrapped the snake around her and that changed my entire career because in that moment everything there was no question everybody honey Thunder this woman is transformed I said you’ve been treated but that’s like nitrogen how many years then I took on sports stars that I can’t turn around you know I think it’s more my mother Teresa Nelson Mandella Bill Clinton and as the years went by it just built it doesn’t though so first off I love they got his big break in Canada go Canada second I love the business advice a tactical entrepreneurial advice as well business comes from successfully creating value right the more value that you create for somebody and more you’re gonna get paid you want to get paid quickly provide a ton of value quickly not everybody has the ability yet when you first start to create amazing value but that’s the game the more value can give somebody the more successful you’re gonna be in business it’s this the number-one rule the most important rule abide by it let’s go to number six focus everyone in this room knows how to create you’re not a manager of your life you’re a creator of your life or you wouldn’t be in this room how do you create your life you get hungry for something don’t you who has done something your life that once seemed difficult or impossible and now it’s part of your life who’s got something in your life let’s say say aye how did you do it you created it three ways number one you decided there’s something you wanted so bad that you unleashed all your desire you became obsessed with it if it was a business or a car or a relationship or a transformation in your body if there’s something you want sin vision and now it’s real it’s because you didn’t just envision it you brought so much emotion to it then now it’s in your life it was once a dream it was once a goal and now it’s in your life how many have something like that in your life now say I you may take it for granted now hopefully not but it was once just a vision may have seemed impossible at one time so how did you do it you started with a concrete vision of what you wanted and you focused on it continuously didn’t you wherever focus goes energy flows you envision something you got clear about it and then you started thinking about all the reasons why you wanted it you got excited about it so this is what’s next for me now I want this you may have dreamed about a thought about and talked about it but when you focus on something continuously something magical happens you get insights don’t you you overhear a conversation hear something you wouldn’t have heard if you didn’t have that outcome or goal that you wanted so badly who has ever come up with something obsessed about it didn’t even know how to do it and it just happened and it came together who’s that that experience say I so why don’t we tap into that power now for your business in life again this is one of the messages that comes up over and over and over again in the top tens consistency focus determination staying with it you can be people who’ve been around in business for decades because you are putting in more work than their because you are more focused than they are you can get past people have more natural talent than you because you’re putting in the work to actually get better and you have a clear goal while they don’t so whatever it is you want to accomplish make sure that your schedule where your focus in your time is matching the ambitions that you have for yourself and your company let’s move on the rule number seven diversify the goal if you own a business I will soon a lot of your viewers our business owners or for getting started in business no matter how good you are in business think about this the one universal rule that idiots in finance know is diversification if the only free lunch you’ve got a diversify because if you put all your eggs in one basket no matter how good the basket is one day that real estate market that stock market that bond market that collectibles mark whatever you invest in right now you showed me statistically it’ll drop to percent on a day now if you’re later in life and that happens it’s over for you so you have to diversify and yet most people may know real estate so they do it or they know stocks they do it or they grew up with the hand their parents flipping things and it’s the wrong thing to do so you’ve got to diversify in order for you to be able to truly succeed and that’s why when you want a business yeah if you put all your money in your business which is what most of us do naturally you see yeah you put all your eggs in one basket and there’s things that can happen I mean you know you’re let’s say you spend years and you figured out how to put together the ultimate map you know and you remember Garmin came out with this thing called the TomTom honor of your number used to get on your I would love to remember that before anything yeah I just put on your dash down cost bucks it was a breakthrough they’re making like I’m design or something oh yeah yeah six months later what happened the iPhone came out we have several apps then you put a bastards my French came out with it put Google Maps with their own map on here and tell us how much zero what am I gonna do to your business when someone takes your product deserve it gives away for free so I always tell people competition happens technology happens what you must do is have a second business we know with no moving parts no people no time maybe it takes you two to three days a year for two or three hours after you’ve read the book you put it in place and you measure it two three times a year that’s it yeah go on with your life now those are trouble in your business you’re financially set I in my life I have companies now we have you know what do we have employees seven different industries we do five billion in sales I mean I used to be you know me and my seminar business it’s grown geometrically but with all those moving parts the only web succeed is because I pick in everyone those businesses I’ve diversified my assets so that when things were in trouble I still have enough economics figure myself and keep the business going so everybody needs to create a money machine that works while you sleep that doesn’t have moving parts and that’s what this is really about this is really the most controversial point are the ones that have come so far there’s varying opinions on this I think of Andrew Carnegie who was the richest man in the world at one point and he said put all your eggs in one basket and then watch that basket so that you don’t have the iPhone Google map thing happened to your industry you’re always on the cutting edge my take I think it’s important to focus on your business I think you can easily get too spread out and easily want to do ten things and then none of them get done properly but while you’re focused on your business once you start making some money you take a little bit out like you’re saving whether it’s ten percent a year or whatever it is the rules from Babylon you take a little bit out and then you put it into stock markets and you put it into other investments that you don’t necessarily have to be an expert on you can work with people to manage it for you but your main focus on your business and then every year you pull a little money out just in case to have as a nest egg that retirement savings that just in case something happens you’re ready to go that’s my take but I’d love to hear what you guys think diversify go all-in or some kind of mix let me know in the comments why you guys are thinking about that let’s move the rule number eight live your mission so what are the trade-offs that you would consider like you know we work our asses off we do a lot of stuff but this is what we had to sacrifice in order to do it if you think it that way I think if you think of it as a sacrifice then you’re gonna build frustration and resentment I really don’t if you think it’s that question shouldn’t do it I think the challenge is that most people have this illusion about life work balance and that’s you know if you’re gonna accomplish it’s what people are laughing is you know it’s b.s. right what’s true is life work integration so I was just in twenty one country or seven countries twenty-one days but who’s with me is my family who’s with me as my friends and I’ve done well enough to have a plane and that rooms and all that kind of cool stuff makes it but when I didn’t we still we pumped it together and beginning days it was coach and dragging ourselves around but I thought it was great for my kids to have schooling but I thought an education was more valuable in traveling the earth was a part of that but you know we’re in the middle of this crazy schedule but we’re it’s not work it’s a mission when it’s work it’s that I was asked people I said how would you describe what you do in people I say because at work it’s a couriers admission and most people of course say it’s work and that’s exactly what is this heavy if it’s you know if it’s your career it gives you something more but your mission it doesn’t wear you out it brings energy to you it’s fulfilling and if you can tie your mission in with the people that you love it’s pretty cool you know some people assume they’re my friends I see Dean here in the front row here and it’s like we’re all on this mission and we find time to connect and be with each other and have a blast with each other but we’re sharing about things that matter I’m not a person to go to a party in like you know go on the corner and chitchat it’s like you want to talk about something deep let’s lock you down let me go home and be with my family you know let me go do something fun without some of that nature if you can combine your mission with your family combine your mission with some of your friends then you’re gonna accomplish a million times more but if you think it’s a sacrifice don’t do it because then all you’re doing is you’re gonna have resentment later on or frustration later on and and then you really aren’t contributing because it’s you’re you’re trading off you’re not giving I really love this point it’s hard to express how much I love this point for people who are complaining that they don’t have time for vacation they don’t have time to do XYZ it’s integration it has to be like if you are looking at as your business is preventing you from doing some things and you need to change what you’re doing your business either change the business completely or just restructure your business so that it allows you to do the thing that you want to do it’s not taking a break from anything it’s not taking a break on the business or taking a break from your personal life you don’t want to take a break on life it’s mixed and so everything you do should be something that you look forward to and not every absolute thing that’s gonna be crap that you have to deal with but net like you want to look forward to going on that business trip you want to look forward to doing whatever you’re doing in your company today you want to look forward to what you’re doing tonight when you get home when you see your husband or wife or significant other everything is a positive that you’re shooting towards not this at the expense of that when you wrap your head around that when you embrace the and instead of this or that that’s when you start to have success in happiness let’s go to rule number nine I know I’m gonna like this one I believe most people have a belief about what their real potential is no matter what you tell them and that affects how much action they take and of course that affects the result and then ironically that result reinforces their belief and then that belief affects it so I’ll give an example let’s say a person has unlimited potential we all agree but they take little action little results why because they have to start with a problem with their belief they don’t believe it’s really gonna happen for me maybe for Frank Kern’s cuz it got the cool hair and stuff or maybe it’s for you because you’re so driven but it’s not me maybe Tony Robbins cuz she’s a freak out these big teeth whatever their thought process is right they got this thing right but what happens is if you believe that there’s very little potential how much action you’re gonna take and when you take a little potential with a little action what kind of results you get lousy little results when you have the results what does that do to your belief you go see I told you this was a waste of time soldier this wouldn’t work and then what happens you tap even less potentially take even less actually even the worst results in your belief gets even weaker and this sucker feeds on itself until you are in a downward spiral poisonous it’s poisonous and it’s self-fulfilling now what if something could happen that could come along and fill you with a sense of absolute certainty not like I believed but me well you know and you guys this case mine as well we knew because we had to because we burned the boats there was no other option we had to find a way we had we weren’t gonna live that way we all did it in different ways and for different reasons but in that sense that was it if you get yourself in a state of certainty that this is gonna work I’m gonna find the way and if this doesn’t work I will make the way then you tap a lot more potential than when you’re certain your potential you take massive action when you take massive action you really believe in something you get great results when you get great results your brain goes see I told you I was a stud I told you this thing would work out now you even stronger you have more potential take greater action be results that’s how you went from bucks in a week to twenty five hundred and five days to a hundred thousand and a month to a million bucks in a day same thing with you and we get momentum so the rich get richer the poor get poorer now some people go out and they go well I’m gonna take a bunch of action alright I’m gonna open this product try it they’ll say to you I even did it but it’s like a Salesman it goes and knocks on the door he knocks on doors and says verbally his face says it because he doesn’t believe it’s gonna work so his voice his body the execution is so weak maybe if he talks people somebody’s gonna buy out of pity I’m gonna win his kids to starve right but he’s not gonna get the result so the core difference in people is how do you produce certain day when the world isn’t giving it to you you go out and try and you try in your case you’re a hundred thousand a debt nothing’s working how do you keep yourself going the way you did it the way I did it the way you’re doing it we may not done it consciously is we didn’t change our potential that was there and it wasn’t even taking more action taking more action with beliefs not gonna works not gonna change anything we got results in our head that made us feel certain as if it had already happened not much to sound this one I agree Tony Plus believe equals awesome last point for you guys before we get to the bonuses number is let go put your hands on your heart if you would okay my hands on my heart feel your heart close your eyes are really breathing hard those at home could do the same so they can test this out and those at home think of something that’s really bothered you I deal with is or above and you really want to resolve it and yeah it’s gonna be a relationship situation of business situation kids whatever breathe in your heart and actually physically feel your heart feel it filling with blood and oxygen feel the beauty of your heart ah yes I’m getting a heart exam because you get to hear that it’s the strength of your heart yeah feel the beauty the strength and through what you’re grateful your heart has guided you to do in this life so many beautiful things especially you mm-hmm and there’s your breathing and feeling that I want you to think of three things one at a time just for a couple minutes we’ll do a short version here I know you have a couple minutes but things you’re really grateful for but something that could be little or big oh but if you step into that moment you can feel it right now like you’re there yeah yeah breathe it feel it enjoy it fill up with it and then they give a second one that you can feel really grateful for and see it through your own eyes as if you were there and really take it in okay and pick up a third one find what really you’d really enjoy feel like it was a blessing such a beautiful blessing in your life sometimes coincidences are great because we know we didn’t create them we were guided right yeah yeah yeah so as you continue that with your eyes closed breathing there yeah and ask yourself about that situation but stay breathing your heart stay in that same feeling so you’re in a beautiful state and just ask yourself in that situation all I need to remember is all you need to focus on is all I need to do is what in that situation that was bothering me breathing in my heart feeling the same beauty all you need to remember is calling you to focus on is the money to believe all I need to do is what and your heart knows the answer can you feel it do you know the answer is appreciate that I’m even in this position to even have that as a dilemma yeah yeah and how does that feel now when you think about it it feels like gun guys if you just watch that clip I’d recommend you pause the video go back and do it again but actually try it yourself and if you ever feel overwhelmed by something timestamp that section of this video and do it because you’ll get a lot more by feeling it instead of just intellectually thinking about it and watching it just try it I promise you you’ll feel something it’s worth the rewind to do it again and actually feel yourself so thank you guys so much for watching so many great clips to choose from I would have to say that rule number nine is my personal favorite it’s believed it’s Tony Robbins please believe what else am I gonna pick it’s the best I love to know from you though what was your favorite clip is number nine the best for you or is there one that is better for you that’s more immediately applicable to your life to your business to your situation let me know down in the comments below I really want to hear from you now I made this video because Subash Limbaugh asked me to so there is a famous entrepreneur that you want me to profile next check out the link in the description you can go leave your request on the request line and maybe we’ll make it for you soon I also want to give a quick charter to Sheela MacArthur Sheela thank you so much for picking up a copy of my book your one word the audible version that was so much fun to make and thank you for posting it to your Twitter account as well I really really really appreciate it and I hope you enjoyed the book so thank you guys again for watching I believe in you I hope you continue to believe in yourself and whatever your one where it is much love I’ll see you soon parking lot attendant I have no business background but I had this passion to help people and then I was this artist like a lot of dentists out there and I wanted to do this beautiful work but I realized again boy if I don’t have a market and innovate all these ideas are just gonna die with me and so I develop those skills and once I learned how to do that how to be more for a client than anybody else how to add more about how to get obsessed about everything you can do for these people when you do that you don’t have satisfied customers satisfied customers go away you are breathing fans and raving fans stay and reinvest tell everybody else had really been to it build your bandwidth grow you so those things allowed me to grow in my educational business and then I just applied those to other businesses there was a day that I became wealthy I’ll take me a day I know that day I was rich I was broke I was pissed I was angry at everybody else but who myself but really underneath that I was mad at myself I just couldn’t beat myself up anymore sauce pissed and I had a friend that I loaned money to and I had barely enough and I knew he needed it and I gave him $, and I’m here not able to eat I’m down to like dollars and i’m sandi am calling him and he’s not returning my call and I just need some money he’s ignoring me I didn’t mean ordinance I’m pissed I’m frustrated in the midst of all this I’m also pragmatic I got and changed called $ what the hell am I gonna do I don’t have any plans for economics I got over it that’s crazy I’m living this little tiny apartment for an and square feet and Miss California so I thought okay when I was totally broke earlier on when I’m I used to save my money up and go to the smorgasbord and load up for a Christmas you know load up for the week so I said I was in Venice I’m gonna go over to Marina del Rey where all the yachts are in this place they’re called El Torito and I’m gonna go they have an all-you-can-eat smorgasbord I’m gonna load up for the winter I’m gonna get there so I didn’t drive there because I wasn’t gonna spend the gas to get there plus I need the walk so I walked there and I go in I’m not dressed really great but Marina del Rey it’s okay and I got a place right by the window I can see yotz going by and I’m dreaming of what life could be like and I’m starting to let go of my anger and I’m starting to start focus on what I want instead of what I don’t want normally follow say I and that shifted me just a bit and now I’m eating what shifted me a lot and I got this giant plate stacked up and I don’t know what the amount was is like whatever it was right so I’m gonna do this I could probably do this three or four times right somewhere that range cause I’m finishing my meal this little boy comes in dressed in a little suit I honestly don’t know how Olli be probably in the third grade so maybe eight years old nine years old something like that and he was so adorable and he opened the door for his mother as men he was attractive lady and he came over he pull out the seat for and she sat down and I was she was a pretty lady but pretty she was I was totally obsessed by this boy he was just he had presence at or years old and it moved me I don’t know why I just it moved me and I thought this kid is like pure he’s I wanted to always be this way he’s such a good kid he’s a giver so I got up and I paid for the meal and whatever it was six seven bucks so now I’ve got whatever left dollars and I walk up this little boy I said excuse me and I said I just want to acknowledge you for being such an extraordinary gentleman I said I saw the way you treated your lady how you open the door how you pulled the chair out I said that’s class I said my name’s Tony what’s yours they don’t honest members named Charlie or something and he looked up at me and I said charlie I said that’s amazing taking your date out for a lunch like this he goes well actually she’s my mom I said that’s even more cool and I said he said oh but I I’m not taking a lunch cause I’m just I think he said it was eight I said oh yes you are I had no plan for this he’s reaching my pocket I took all the money I had left dollars and I put on the table I said you’re taking her to lunch he looked up at me and he goes I can’t take that I said sure you can he said why cause I’m bigger than you are and he smiled real big and I didn’t even look at his mom I just turned and walked away and I didn’t walk out of that door flew home I should have been freaking out how am I gonna eat but I didn’t I flew because something inside of me had finally got past scarcity and finally realized there’s something inside of us more than our limits especially on this thing called money that I had let terrorize me when I got home and the mailman came that day and I had no idea I was gonna have my next meal and if letter comes and it’s from the guy I loaned the money to handwritten notes saying I’ve been avoiding you it’s wrong I’m so sorry you were there when I needed you here’s what I owe you plus a little bit more and the twelve hundred there plus another hundred for the time that I had to take care of it and for me thirteen or dollars that was enough to like run my show for a month or two and I cried and then I decided what does this mean but I thought this means that whenever you give it’s always gonna come back so you don’t have to ever think about that but again just give and the rewards be great and you can ever imagine I don’t know if that’s coincidence but I decided to believe that day was the blessing when I became rich and I can tell you honestly I’ve had tough days in my life economically emotionally like all of us but I’ve never gone back to the scarcity I never will the secret to living is giving do it when you don’t have it and I promise you scarcity will leave your life raise your standard Apple at the core its core value is that mm-hmm that people need passion and not one drop of most self-worth depends on your it’s supposed to mean I don’t ever give up I’d have to be dead or completely incapacitated hey believe nation if you want to see my all-time favorite top ten most of success I have a very special secret video for you these are the individual clips that I have personally learned the most from and applied to my life and my business check the link the description for details



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