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Patricia Bootsma Book - A Lifestyle of Divine Encounters

Patricia Bootsma: “My prayer is that all who read these pages would be forever changed, continually pressing into the heart of the Father with abandonment and passion.”

A Lifestyle of Divine Encounters Book – Patricia Bootsma: People are desperate to experience God—not just at church or a special event— but on a continuous, daily basis. Is this even possible?  Patricia Bootsma, one of the key leaders of Catch the Fire Toronto, has made it her life goal to walk in a lifestyle of divine encounters—and mentor you to do the same!

Learn to access a consistent experience with the Presence of God by combining three key elements: prayer, God’s Living Word, and the prophetic. | Learn more…



Patricia Bootsma ministering at Catch the Fire Toronto Church

Patricia Bootsma: “There is a goal above any goal in life. There is a prize higher than any prize. It is this: to know and love the One who gave us the very breath that sustains our life.” | Image courtesy: ctftoronto.com



Reviews of “A Lifestyle of Divine Encounters” Book

“In a logical progression, Patricia helps the reader discover reasons for pursuing regular, diligent prayer, develop a two way dialog with God, enhance a deeper relationship in His spirit, recognize spiritual gifts which result into finding open doors for effective service.” – Richard R. Blake


“Wonderful stories that increase faith.” – Barbara D. Leachman

“This book is full of wisdom and practical guidance birthed in the place of prayer and relationship with God as well as historical examples. Read this and grow in hunger for connection with Gos through prayer, prophecy, and His word!” – Heidi Baker
“I love the practical approach to this book. It is an easy read. So many want to know how to live a lifestyle where God encounters are normal, not the exception.” – Mike Bickle
“This book sums up this powerful marriage of prayer and the prophetic. I recommend it highly to those who want to know how to lean heavy into greater purity in the prophetic.” – Steve Witt


“A Lifestyle of Divine Encounters” Interview with Patricia Bootsma

On this episode of Awaken Live, Michael Lombardo speaks with Patricia Bootsma of Catch the Fire Toronto. They discuss how to cultivate a lifestyle of divine encounters. Not only that, but they go into prophetic ministry and deep prayer for the hurting as they are led by the Holy Spirit.


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