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Have you or someone close to you ever been diagnosed with depression or some other mental disorder? Was psychiatric intervention sought out as a means by which to overcome it? Did talk therapy alone work, or did your doctor recommend further treatment in the form of a pharmaceutical solution? If you went on meds, were you told you might need them for the rest of your life? And if you did, in fact, take the medication, was it effective? When you decided it was time to stop taking it, did you experience side effects? I sure did. I’ve been down this road before, and it’s one I would certainly like to avoid taking again. That’s why I tracked down this episode’s guest, Dr. Kelly Brogan. I wanted to find out what the hell what ‘depression’ and ‘anxiety’ actually are, and to discover which lifestyle, dietary, and spiritual solutions might not only be more efficient, but also much safer than the Big Pharma merry go round.

Kelly Brogan is one of the nations leading psychiatrists and has helped thousands of patients find natural, practical solutions to depression and other mental and emotional issues through her private practice, and well as in her wildly popular online programs.

You will be shocked to find out some of the shockingly limited success rates of traditional, allopathic treatment modalities, and crude (and often inaccurate) methods of diagnosis. But more than anything, what you will gain from this episode is a deeper understanding of the human condition, including our deep-seeded need for human connection, love, and a spiritual orientation to our life experience.

It turns out that many of us who have been misdiagnosed and over-medicated are not in fact ‘broken’ and in need of medical intervention, but rather we are stuck. Since we’re not broken, we don’t need fixing. We just need to get unstuck. We need to learn how to orient ourselves in the world in a way that does not necessitate masking and dumbing our discomfort, but rather learning how to live and love our way through it.

Listen and learn. Then pass this show along to someone you know who could use a little boost of hope.

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