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0:07 my name is Jasmine I’m from Maryland 0:11 originally I live in Austin now and I 0:13 work for UT my story started back in 0:16 2013 I was playing ultimate frisbee with 0:19 the UT club team actually and I jumped 0:22 and land it wrong I rolled my knee and I 0:25 did a number of injuries I dislocated my 0:27 knee tore my PCL LCL everything in the 0:30 posterior lateral corner then my femoral 0:32 artery and broke my tibial plateau over 0:36 the next six months I ended up having to 0:37 have four surgeries spent a lot of time 0:40 on crutches and had to do water physical 0:43 therapy I was finally that happened in 0:46 March and I was able to walk again in 0:48 October so it was a very long year and I 0:50 ended all of the surgeries with one 0:52 screw in my knee and being told that I 0:55 would never be able to play frisbee 0:56 again that I would have to retrain my 0:59 body on doing all kinds of things that I 1:01 love to do like running and just playing 1:04 any impact sports my doctor recommended 1:06 I swim or bike or other things that have 1:09 no impact on the knee because he just 1:12 told me it would never be the same fast 1:15 forward to this past April I was at a 1:18 retreat with Bethel Austin and one night 1:22 they started sharing testimonies of 1:24 having metal removed from bodies and 1:26 that night I’d heard those stories 1:27 before but that night in particular it 1:30 felt like that night was for me that in 1:33 that moment I was like oh I want that 1:35 that is this is my moment and so they 1:39 asked if anyone had metal in their body 1:40 and I raised my hand and I was like I do 1:42 like I do I have for a long time 1:44 and so they started to pray for me and 1:46 they prayed just a quick prayer it 1:48 wasn’t anything intricate or long and 1:50 drawn-out 1:51 but they just said a quick prayer and 1:53 then they asked if we could check it and 1:55 so I sat down on the floor and I poked 1:57 around in my knee and I was like okay 1:58 this is where the screw used to be and I 2:00 froze because it used to be a circle 2:03 that I could rub around and feeling it 2:05 would crackle and pop when I messed with 2:07 it but in this moment it was just a line 2:09 and so they’re like okay pray again so 2:14 they prayed again and they like check it 2:15 one more time and I reached down to feel 2:17 it and there was just a dent in my knee 2:19 where that screw used to be and over the 2:23 course of that evening I realized a lot 2:26 of things were different I was able to 2:29 swap my knee didn’t hurt I just had 2:32 constant pain since 2013 it never really 2:35 went away I had 12 scars and one of the 2:40 scars on my knee actually has faded it’s 2:42 very hard to see now and I know where to 2:45 look for it 2:47 and over the course of the next couple 2:50 weeks there were even more things that I 2:52 was noticing were healed I used to have 2:54 arthritis and that need I could tell you 2:57 two days before any rainstorm because I 2:58 went wake up in pain and one morning I 3:01 woke up and it was raining and I was 3:04 shocked because I was like I didn’t feel 3:05 that I didn’t know that was coming 3:08 and so my arthritis is gone I realized I 3:10 could walk and I wasn’t I didn’t have 3:13 pain and then one of my friends wanted 3:16 to start a mission wanted to do outreach 3:19 at Zilker Park playing ultimate frisbee 3:21 and then going into a time of worship 3:22 and prayer for people in the park and it 3:25 was my first chance to play frisbee 3:27 since my school was healed and so I was 3:30 like okay yes let’s go and I went and I 3:32 played frisbee and I was like this is 3:34 the real moment like this is the moment 3:36 where I find out if I’m completely 3:38 healed because up to that point every 3:40 time I played frisbee I would wake up in 3:43 pain I would have to stop early I would 3:45 limp for days because my knee just 3:47 couldn’t handle the impact and this time 3:50 I went and I played frisbee and I played 3:52 until we were an out-of-time I walked 3:54 home with no F no pain no limp I woke up 3:58 the next morning and my leg that I 4:00 didn’t injure was more sore than the leg 4:02 that I did 4:03 and that was the moment I realized 4:05 beyond the screw being gone beyond 4:08 everything else that’s happened I’m 4:09 filled not just a screw being gone but 4:12 everything that came with that surgery 4:14 and that injury is no longer part of my 4:17 life and I can be free and do all the 4:19 things I want so for me the screw being 4:22 gone and my me being healed in a way 4:24 that I never imagined I would be able to 4:27 see it healed just means it showed me 4:30 the love of the Father it was in a way 4:33 that I didn’t expect didn’t anticipate 4:34 didn’t even have on my radar and he 4:37 still met a need and he still brought 4:40 peace and freedom 4:41 into my life and what I want people to 4:44 know about this is that injury was six 4:47 years ago I had accepted it as part of 4:50 my life as part of a penance to be paid 4:54 for past sins or just that this is going 4:57 to be the thorn in my side for all 4:59 eternity and in a moment I wasn’t 5:01 thinking about me 5:03 I wasn’t even worried about it I had 5:05 just been like okay this is my life God 5:08 came and changed it so even when you 5:11 think that this is just what you have to 5:13 deal with this is just what you have to 5:15 live with forever and it will never 5:17 change 5:18 always keep hope that God sees you and 5:21 he knows your needs and that he’s there 5:23 and he will make changes and he will 5:26 bless you and as you can never imagine 5:29 [Music] 5:32 [Applause] 5:33 [Music]

Can God heal an injury and even dissolve metal in the body from surgeries? Can God’s healing power bring a sense of forgiveness as well? Find out in this metal dissolving testimony showing God’s healing power. In 2013, Jasmine Venzant experienced a major knee injury while playing ultimate frisbee. 4 surgeries, one screw, and 6 months of therapy left her able to walk, but not without pain.

She was told that she could participate in non-impact sports, such as swimming, but that ultimate frisbee was a definite no. Fast forward a couple of months to a Bethel Austin retreat where Jasmine heard metal dissolving testimonies. Intrigued, she asked for people to pray over her. It was then that she began experiencing God’s healing power. She could no longer feel the screw that had been obvious before. Pain disappeared. Arthritis in the knee went away. And when she went to play frisbee again, the other leg was the one that was sore the next day.

God didn’t stop at just healing Jasmine physically. She felt at the time that her injury was part of penance for past sins, but when she was healed she saw that wasn’t the case. Experiencing the healing power of God showed her His love and brought peace and freedom into her life. Her message for you is to keep hope because God sees you and knows your needs.

Have you been healed? Please go here to share your story: https://www.god.tv/testimony/


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