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Video Transcript

0:00 and I say to you in his name that this 0:05 day is the day of salvation this week is 0:13 a week of salvation and you will never 0:19 be sorry for having come here that 0:27 should be the name of Jesus 0:30 [Music] 0:31 and I have a promise in my heart before 0:37 this week is over piace yoga buddy every 0:41 one of you will be loaded with blessings 0:48 are you happy amen 0:55 praise God 0:58 [Music]

The late Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke’s passion for the Gospel endured until the day he died. He preached it “in season and out of season,” wherever in the world the door opened to him, but Africa always remained his primary call. He sought every opportunity to reach and save the lost.

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