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Smith Wigglesworth Book - The Anointing of His Spirit

Smith Wigglesworth: “God manifests Himself to the person who dares to believe.”

The Anointing of His Spirit Book – Smith Wigglesworth:  This book captures Wigglesworth’s message of faith. You will find the heart of a man who cried out to God and worked with the Holy Spirit on behalf of others, praying powerfully and effectively for healing and provision-spiritual financial, emotional and physical.
Today his words still ring with power and continue to inspire incredible faith in those who hear them. | Learn more…


Lester Sumrall: My Relationship with Smith Wigglesworth (Video)



Smith Wigglesworth Quotes:

Never mind what it costs- it’s worth everything to have His smile and His presence.”


“The Lord’s only purpose in taking us into the glory is to prepare us for greater usefulness in the valley.”


“I am not moved by what I see. I am moved only by what I believe. “



Smith Wigglesworth - British Evangelist - The Apostle of Faith

Smith Wigglesworth: “The Apostle of Faith”. | Image courtesy: (wikimedia commons)



More resources:

Dare To Believe, Then Command – by Smith Wigglesworth …


This article by Smith Wigglesworth is one of the most encouraging, inspiring, and faith-building teachings I’ve everSmith Wigglesworth read on moving in healing and miracles. I found it as I read a copy of the Pentecostal Evangel from 1940.

The Apostle Of Faith – Smith Wigglesworth


This man, Smith Wigglesworth walked with the power of God, check this article on this great man of God.

Smith Wigglesworth – Nurse Is Healed of Crippling Disease …


There was great talk of Evangelist Smith Wigglesworth, but I was not interested. After the evangelist had begun his mission, which would only last five days, my brother, together with others, spoke most convincingly to me

Smith Wigglesworth, a desperado for God


From the book “The Key to Wigglesworth’s Ministry” by George Stormont • In 1922, Wigglesworth was in Wellington, the capital city of.


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