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Elevate Christian Network :: Health and Wellness

Laura Wilson UK – Alkaline Diet Health Tips:  In this video Laura gives 3 alkaline breakfast recipe ideas to suit all tastes. They can all be made in under 10 minutes and can be given to children to as a sustaining, energy-giving and very healthy breakfast.

The alkaline diet, or pH balance diet, is based around keeping your body’s blood pH levels optimized at around 7.365 by eating alkaline foods (and drinks) and avoiding acidic foods and drinks. This type of diet can purify your body and provide the framework for optimum health and healing.
Many athletes, sports people and celebrities seek this type of healthy eating lifestyle because they want to enhance their performance, naturally.  Even busy parents, business owners or people that have demanding jobs are turning to this diet to supply them with the energy and mindset they need for peak performance.
Laura Wilson - Alkaline Diet Health Tips

Laura Wilson – Alkaline Diet Health Tips.

About Laura Wilson:  She is a natural health expert Nutritionist and author of “The Alkaline 5 Diet“. In 2008, she founded her Alkaline Diet Health Tips website than has grown into a global community of over 20,000 people who are interested in the healthy alkaline diet lifestyle. Laura has run more than 30 endurance running races and triathlons, including 12 marathon distances in a year and one 32-mile ultra-marathon.

She is a former Medical Research Manager for the UK’s health organization, a qualified advanced gym and dance instructor and organizer of the Natural Health & Vitality Conference.  Laura has helped many thousands of people all around the world to naturally improve their health, get in great shape, look younger and, in some cases, heal serious diseases.


Laura Wilson Online UK Channel | Alkaline Diet Health Tips and Recipes

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Alkaline Diet Foods

Alkaline Diet Foods.


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