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Elevate Your Potential Magazine

Elevate Your Potential Magazine

  • In this video, Cambria Joy shows you how you can have a better day.  She takes you through her workout routine and shows you a healthy smoothie recipe along with enjoying a beautiful sunset.

About Cambria Joy

Cambria Joy is a YouTuber and a God Lover. She loves to help people get fit, eat healthily, love themselves, and love God. Little did she know that her fun hobby of creating YouTube videos as a teen would turn into something much bigger than herself.

Her goal is to change the game of the fitness industry by challenging what a healthy lifestyle really looks like.  She also has a desire for people to stop dieting and start living out a healthy relationship with food and fitness. Now through her experience, she wants to help others.

Her hope is that in everything she does whether it’s videos, blogging, or workouts, that the love of Jesus Christ is displayed through her.


Cambria Joy - Faith - Fitness - Recipes

Cambria Joy: Soul encouragement, fitness motivation, and tips for living your healthiest life delivered to you. | Image courtesy: cambriajoy.co



Cambria Joy Channel | Faith, Fitness and Recipes



Photo Gallery

Cambria Joy engaged in a full body workout

Cambria Joy engaged in a full-body workout | Image courtesy: cambriajoy.co



Cambria Joy doing some healthy grocery shopping

Cambria Joy doing some healthy grocery shopping | Image courtesy: cambriajoy.co



Cambria Joy's Bible Study Series

Cambria Joy’s Bible Study Series | Image courtesy: cambriajoy.co



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Cambria Joy

I’m a Jesus-loving Christian YouTuber and Blogger who gives tips to help you get healthy & fit spiritually and physically. Fitness, health …

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3757 likes · 11 talking about this. I’m Cambria Joy. I’m a YouTuber and a God Lover. I love to help you get fit, eat healthy, love…

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Look Inside: 30 Days to Ending Your War with the Mirror | Cambria Joy

Cambria Joy Book - Look Inside

Look Inside (Book) by Cambria Joy

Look Inside is a 30-day devotional to help you end your war with the mirror. You are not alone in your battle with body image. Yet, sometimes we find ourselves a little lost without anyone to ask for help, and the feelings of loneliness settle in.

Overcome the fear of never being able to measure up to even your own standards by setting a new standard – a standard of grace, not perfection. Recognize the lies that feed your insecurities by fighting back with the truth of God’s Word. Learn to stop agonizing over your reflection by embracing that God looks for beauty on the inside. | Learn more…


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