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0:00 Nothing is permanent but change write it down nothing is permanent but change so there’s somebody in this room 0:07 You failed a test and you’re, acting, like it’s permanent you broke right now talking 0:12 smile today like i’m 25 years old i know money break i said, okay and 0:17 Did you just hear what i said i said what’d you just say i’m broke i’m about to get evicted from my house i don’t 0:22 have anything i said, okay and 0:25 Like talk to me, like you talking like it’s the end of the world 0:28 What are you, saying i’m let’s do this don’t focus on the fact. That you broke focus on the fact. That nothing is permanent 0:36 that you broke in 0:38 2017 for 2018 coming as a matter of fact don’t keep telling me you 0:43 Just say you want a financial transition when you say, broke that’s permanent when you say 0:48 Broke that’s a death sentence nothing in life, is permanent i’m a 0:51 high School dropout 0:52 Nothing in life is permanent i d i was homeless sleeping in abandoned buildings even though the track nothing in life is permanent but change 1:00 That’s it and you got to get it in your thick brain? 1:04 That where you are right now is not the end it’s just a transition all right let’s be honest how 1:09 Many y’all get up and you just get your day started 1:11 You, don’t have it written down you don’t have a strategy 1:13 You, don’t have a real plan you kind of just get up 1:16 And say i’m about to tackle today raise, your hand for me raise 1:18 Your hand we’re gonna stop 1:20 no, more that like you don’t go to war without a plan you just don’t come out your digit i hope i hit somebody 1:28 i told y’all 1:29 We know there are no sorting stuff did it uh i’ll be back this would be bloody just blowing up stuff 1:34 We’re on that, jason bourne 1:36 You’re, going to the top floor 1:40 That we got that scope? 1:43 i’m being 100 we know, ii just get up into the dub i hit somebody in 1:48 judah, tore up your whole house i 1:51 Mean you got my man with you to throw 1:53 The, whole house up got some other people in the process you, mean he barely got him, even killer better than the da strategy 1:59 open up 2:00 So fucking later for a couple hours 2:05 Mission accomplished you move on i need, you to be strategic i hear looking i want to go to the 2:10 Nba, not like that you just running up and down the court not like that you’re not going 2:15 No, strategy, i want to go through there fail 2:17 You, ain’t even in school no you’re, not going to the nfl i want to make millions you’re, not even doing 2:22 What millionaires do and they’re those of you you messed up, why, because you’re not you 2:26 Don’t understand think act eat rest so what are we talking, about we’re talking about a schedule i realized that 2:33 my strength is in my routine, why, because i’m not as strong as i thought i 2:37 Was i’m not as intelligent as i thought i was i don’t know it as bad as i thought i wanted it it’s in my? 2:43 Routine it’s, what i do every, day 2:46 Repeatedly i just help somebody out you struggling because you don’t have a new, change you all 2:52 got that 2:54 You finally got my minute at the for hours but you messed up everything else in your life 2:59 You lost all your friends because you, do have a 3:01 Schedule the dna of your success is in your routine you not as deep as you think you are you 3:07 Gotta find a routine i’m getting up at 3:00 and stick with 3:10 It i’m getting up at 5:00 and stick with it yeah out of 365, days you have a 3:14 Bad day or two but i’m trying to tell. You the the strength is in the routine find a routine and stick with it 3:32 What up, what up, what up is your boy et look? 3:36 Man first and foremost i just want to say thank you a right to all those teachers out there in america thank you 3:44 Especially k through 12 look, we know the reality the reality is you’re underpaid and overworked right look 3:51 The reality is you’re, not just teaching your being a mom a dad and coaching 3:57 You’re, doing so much your uber driver right you are you are the librarian you know 4:02 Like you to cook, some of your providing food for the kids like you are inspirator a motivator and empower look 4:08 we just want to say thank you on behalf of 4:10 Eta and the eta family just thank you so much and i’m thankful for those teachers you know 4:16 Who reached out to me and said, yo et we’re loving the school day, series right but but, do you have anything more 4:23 Absolutely guys, and so what we’ve designed for you, is what we call our premium package? 4:28 180 days and beyond guys and listen to me very closely 4:32 It’s a couple, things that it includes right and this is to help those of you, who are trying look, and those of you? 4:38 Who are trying hard everything you learned in school about teaching methods everything you know 4:42 About pedagogy, like you are implementing it right but 4:46 You’re, still not getting the results that you want 4:48 We want to give you cutting edge not only research but cutting edge teaching methods to help you to 4:54 Revolutionize your classroom right listen to me we’ve heard all over the world kids 4:58 Who weren’t engaged are? 5:00 Engaged in a way they’ve never been engaged before 5:02 Immersed in a learning process in a way that they just wouldn’t get connected you know 5:06 Before listen to me guys you could not afford to miss this opportunity if you, want to make this the best 5:13 180 days know if you, want to make this the best 5:16 180 5:18 be on 5:19 It your subscription now please stop 5:22 And sign up now and we believe by doing so that you will have the tools you need to effectively 5:31 Educate america’s future today 5:41 you

  • ET Inspires: Eric Thomas, Ph.D. says success in your routine.

About Eric Thomas, Ph.D.

He is an author, motivational speaker, educator, pastor, and entrepreneur. His high-energy messages continue to impact tens of millions of people in several hundred countries around the world. Through his dynamic social media presence and his recent domestic and international tours, “ET, The Hip Hop Preacher” has become a global phenomenon.

As CEO of his Consulting Firm, ETA LLC., Eric has led his team through the doors of dozens of reputable organizations and Fortune 500 companies such as AT&T, Nike, General Electric, Quicken Loans, Under Armour, New Balance, and UPS.

He has also consulted for major Universities and the major sports teams within the MLB, NBA, NFL, and MLS. Eric’s spiritual walk, tenacity, and drive are the perfect example of his quote, When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then youll be successful. 


Eric Thomas - ET Inspires - Author Motivational Speaker and Pastor

Eric Thomas is the epitome of hustle, drive, determination, and success. Millions of followers have been able to apply the principles revealed in books, training events, and speaking tours. | Image courtesy: etinspires.com



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