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In this healing testimony, Kenneth Copeland Ministries (KCM) Partner, David Hawke, shares how he was healed of liver failure.

At the time, he oversaw the chaplains within Australia’s Defense Force. One of his assignments was to visit chaplains around Australia. He began his journey feeling sick and running a slight fever. Instead of praying about what steps he should take, he purchased a common, over-the-counter medicine and began taking it regularly.

All week long, he treated his symptoms with the medicine. He arrived home at the end of the week and fell into bed exhausted and with a yellow tint to his eyes. He knew he was dealing with something serious. That night an ambulance took him to the hospital. Doctors told him he was on the verge of death and, without a liver transplant, he would not survive.

While in the hospital, he turned on the television and heard Kenneth Copeland and Bill Winston on the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast. The message they shared taught David how to deal with his liver failure. He began speaking to his body and declaring that his liver was healed. Within a couple of days, his liver began functioning at 100%. He had experienced supernatural healing from liver failure.

Today, David is healed and thankful for all he learned from Kenneth Copeland Ministries about standing in faith. “The word of faith is something God gave us to change our circumstances so that we live the blessed life.”

Watch David Hawke’s testimony and hear how he was healed of liver failure. And if you need prayer for healing or to learn about living a faith-filled, overcoming life, Kenneth Copeland Ministries at http://www.kcm.org. We’re here for you!

5 Ways to Access the Healing Anointing:


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