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Elevate Christian Network :: Health and Wellness

Trainer Chris Lopez: This is a Beginner Kettlebell Workout that’s ideal for men. Do this workout if you’re new to kettlebells.

About Trainer Chris Lopez

Chris Lopez is a personal trainer, strength coach, and kettlebell instructor (RKC Level 2, SFG Level 2). He is dedicated to helping busy, frustrated people get in shape and drop unwanted body fat with the minimal time commitment.

He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree with a specialization in Human Kinetics from the University of Guelph and is a former varsity volleyball player. Chris lives in Toronto, Canada with his wife and their 5 children.


Kettlebell Workouts with Trainer Chris Lopez

Kettlebell Coach Chris Lopez is on a mission to provide workout and lifestyle solutions for 1 million busy men and women, before 2020, who want to transform their lives (and lose weight, save time, and earn more money). | Image courtesy: kettlebellworkouts.com



Kettlebell Workouts Training Channel | Trainer Chris Lopez



Photo Gallery:

Trainer Chris Lopez demonstrates the double kettlebell swing

Trainer Chris Lopez demonstrates the double kettlebell swing. | Image courtesy: kettlebellworkouts.com



Trainer Chris Lopez demonstrates the kettlebell clean and squat press

Trainer Chris Lopez demonstrates the kettlebell clean and squat press. | Image courtesy: kettlebellworkouts.com



Kettlebell Coach Chris Lopez demonstrates how to make the kettlebells float up

Kettlebell Coach Chris Lopez demonstrates how to extend your hips so they pop making the kettlebells float up as you guide them with your arms. | Image courtesy: Facebook.com/Chris Lopez



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Chris Lopez, Kettlebell Coach, #alphadad – Health/Beauty | Facebook …

Kettlebell Coach, #alphadad. 10K likes.  – I can’t stress how important this is. Learning how to hinge properly – aside from teaching you how to maximally develop power from your posterior chain (your glutes & hamstrings) – will teach you how to NOT use your back when bending forward…

Kettlebell Interview with Chris Lopez – Early To Rise

Chris Lopez is also an RKC, Russian Kettlebell Challenge, certified KB trainer, and has been a kettlebell fanatic for many years. He even taught me how to use kettlebells here, at Kettlebell School…  I love the ladder workouts. They seem to be the favorite of most of the readers as well. The ladders are where you start with 8 reps of one exercise or series and work your way down and then back up by adding or subtracting reps.

#1 KB Exercise to Burn Fat (Full Workout) 

The issue with performing the kettlebell swing is that most people don’t do it right.  People think it’s a sumo squat/front raise/deltoid exercise when it should be a very hip dominant exercise.  Your hips are the powerhouse that creates the lift or “float” in the kettlebell and your arms, essentially, are just along for the ride…

Home – The #Alphadad Project by Chris Lopez

I specialize in fitness minimalism and started my journey using kettlebells & bodyweight training solely out of necessity… at the time we had 2 going on 3 kids and I was working my butt off as a personal trainer. I needed a solution that would help me stay in shape but do it with the least amount of time commitment…

Kettlebell X Workout Program | Trainer Chris Lopez

Kettlebell X Workout Program - Chris Lopez

Image courtesy: kettlebellworkouts.com

Kettlebell Coach Chris Lopez:  Each program in Kettlebell X is designed to… Help you get your workouts done each week in as little time as possible – between a total workout time of 60 to 90 minutes per week… Help you build consistency in your workouts by making them short and easy to fit into your schedule – no matter how busy and stressed out you currently are.   | Learn more…


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