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Maggie John sits down with musician Paul Cardall. Paul is currently one of America’s most successful independent artists. Paul was born with a congenital defective heart and had surgery within 23 hours of his birth. Even though he survived the difficult operation, doctors warned his parents that he might not live beyond his first year. But God surprised everyone. As a teenager he underwent several additional corrective open-heart surgeries. Later, at the age of 35, Paul’s heart began to fail once more. A candidate for heart transplant, Paul patiently waited 385 days before receiving a donated heart. After all the illness, and waiting, and surgeries, Paul found a renewed vigor for life. Nine months to the day after his surgery, he summited Mount Olympus in honor of his organ donor. During this time, he created the Paul Cardall Family Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to those affected by Congenital Heart Disease (CHD). In November, Paul just released his new Christmas CD https://paulcardall.com/


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