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Video Transcript

0:00 [Music] 0:01 as a child I would say my childhood was 0:04 actually quite turbulent so that was a 0:08 time of reflection for me to really look 0:10 at you know how do I perceive myself 0:13 truly to the outside world I don’t 0:16 believe that was very apparent you know 0:18 we’re the ones that know what is going 0:20 on inside and but that’s one of the 0:24 reasons probably that the search began 0:27 you know finding ways to truly fill that 0:29 void I was reading about different 0:32 religions and I have friends of all 0:35 faiths so this is not an offense to any 0:38 person you know and I love people and I 0:41 don’t for some reason and I believe now 0:43 is the Holy Spirit who bears witness to 0:45 the truth within us and the truth is 0:47 written on our hearts for some reason 0:49 every time I picked up a book and I saw 0:51 the value I saw some merit I saw good 0:53 but I just said that’s that’s not it 0:56 that’s not the thing and then later on 0:58 him at another person who I thought 1:00 seemed more spiritual and I said you 1:03 know is Jesus God or is Jesus real and 1:05 she said something like well you know 1:07 there are many Christ lights and when 1:10 she said that something in my heart just 1:12 said that’s a lie that’s not true 1:14 that’s just what came in in my heart and 1:18 I went home and every other book that I 1:20 had consulted prior to accept the Word 1:23 of God but just become my favorite book 1:26 I just threw out I just felt in my heart 1:30 I need to go to church and I felt 1:31 something drawing me calling me and I 1:35 remembered when I went to church and I 1:36 entered into the church 1:38 I remembered walking to the front and I 1:40 looked around and I said oh my god I set 1:42 out I was with a friend and I said I’ve 1:44 been so far away 1:45 I felt that I was a stranger to this to 1:49 to to God and that the church is a 1:52 person and that person is Jesus and he 1:54 was the one that was drawing me to his 1:56 word his truth to everything that he so 2:00 desires to give us as they asked him I 2:04 believe most people want meaning in 2:06 their life we all have that in common 2:08 I think the majority of us who want 2:09 meaning in their lives and I would say 2:12 to people if you get to a point where 2:15 you have tried everything and it still 2:17 does not work I hope you will give Jesus 2:21 a chance I hope you will give the feet 2:23 the Christian faith the chance and I 2:26 promise that you will not lose

Gigi Roche was not looking for Jesus. She was living what people would consider a good life and was a very happy person by nature. Despite being raised in a Catholic home, Gigi did not consider her faith an essential part of life nor did she consider it offered spiritual truth. Yet she had the feeling that something was missing, until she made a decision for Jesus.

Today Gigi can testify to the fact that she still believes that her decision to know Jesus personally is the best decision she ever made. She says that she has found her identity in the Word of God which is her primary source of edification, confidence, comfort and direction despite the many competing voices in the world.


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