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dr. trim is getting ready to bring a powerful word and you didn’t click on to 0:06 this video by accident in fact I believe there’s a prophetic momentum that’s gonna hit you tonight you’re gonna 0:12 receive the strategies that answers the healing the breakthrough that you believe in God for we’re in this room 0:19 tonight believing God for you around the world welcome from South Africa from Asia from Switzerland from Europe from 0:27 the United States all around the world we’re coming together as the body of Christ we’re in this series called the 0:33 DNA of destiny and it’s been powerful so far how many of you been listening to the messages we’ve been talking about 0:41 effectual relationships the power behind your decisions we’re talking about 0:46 eternity who you’re connected to is important and we’re glad you connected to us tonight hit that share button now 0:52 and spread this message of empowerment around the world well tonight is the 0:58 night of deliverance you’re gonna be delivered into a new realm of power a new realm of influence and when you feel 1:05 that revelation we want you to tweet about it comment about it and use that hashtag destiny DNA to join the 1:12 conversations I want everybody in the room to put your hands together for the woman of God dr. Cindy trim it’s another 1:22 great day on planet earth because this is the day that the Lord has made and we 1:29 are rejoicing and we are glad in it I’m telling you your life is going to 1:35 change radically tonight we want you to take your notepads out and we want you 1:40 to take your I beds out and we want you to take copious notes because God is up to something special and he has you in 1:48 his mind and so you were joining my life group here in Atlanta Georgia and there 1:55 are life groups that are meeting all around the world old simultaneously Afghanistan Pakistan 2:03 India South America Brazil Russia you 2:08 know you of course United States of America Bermuda Bahamas and I could keep going 2:14 on that London there meeting around the world in living rooms and school rooms 2:20 and cars in beaches and park and each 2:25 week we we know the like group is important because Jesus said that he came that you may have life and you may 2:33 have it more abundantly so on behalf of my life group all the way from Atlanta 2:39 Georgia we are putting our hands together in celebration for what God is 2:45 about to do amen we have been talking about we have been 2:50 talking about the DNA of Destiny and we are wrapping up this series and getting 2:55 ready for another great series and this is a two-part series we want you to take 3:01 copious notes because I believe that what God is about to speak to you is gonna revolutionize your life where does 3:09 tomorrow come from when we talk about that your DNA we’re talking about were 3:16 you gonna end up on tomorrow dead at the end of the week next week next month next year in the 3:23 next decade because we understand that life comes to us in a sequence fashion 3:29 it comes to us minute by minute or second by second or minute by minute then it comes to us in in in our hours 3:37 and then days and then weeks and then it comes to us in months and then seasons 3:44 and then years and then it doesn’t stop it comes to us in decades and then it 3:49 comes to us in centuries and Millennials and millenniums so life is meted to us 3:56 in a sequence way and what you do today is affecting your tomorrow so your your 4:04 destiny is where you end up and a lot of times we don’t realize 4:11 it takes very simple things to to cause our destiny to come into alignment with 4:17 God’s original plan and purpose and I know that a lot of us are expecting life 4:23 to change in a big way overnight but it’s always sequence but the change 4:30 happens first in the realm of the Spirit before it happens in the natural and you 4:36 have to understand also that you’re a contributor to your own destiny God 4:42 determines purpose but you determine your destiny is determined by the things 4:48 that you do the things that you speak your actions your attitude determines 4:53 your destiny and so in wrapping up our series on the DNA of destiny I want to 5:00 give you our message for the next two or our topic for the next two messages 5:07 wisdom keys that will radically change your life wisdom keys that will 5:13 radically change your life let’s look at 2nd Kings chapter 7 verses 1 to 2 and 5:18 then verse 15 to 20 second Kings chapter 7 verse 1 to 2 and then 15 to 20 amen 5:28 glory to God then Elisha said hear ye 5:34 the word of the Lord thus saith the Lord tomorrow about this time shall a measure 5:41 of fine flour be sold for a shekel and 2 measures of barley for a shekel in the 5:47 gate of Samaria then the Lord on whose hand the kingly Nance the man of God and 5:52 said behold if the Lord would make windows in heaven might this thing be 5:58 and he said behold thou shalt see it with thine eyes but shall not eat 6:03 thereof has it ever come across your mind at any 6:09 occasion that other people seemingly are succeeding and you’re stuck and other 6:15 people are prospering and progressing and you’re stuck has that ever happened to any one of you one of the things I’ve 6:23 discovered is I affirm place-to-place is that there 6:29 are so many people who into two of three 6:34 categories there are those that watch thing happen there’s those that ask what 6:43 happened and then there are those that make things happen and most the majority 6:50 of the people are watching things happen for other people they’re asking what 6:55 happened but very few people are making it happen do you not realize that you 7:01 are making and shaping and designing and developing your deep destiny on a 7:09 day-by-day basis the things that you are speaking from out of your mouth is 7:15 literally altering your trajectory everything that you are saying everything that you are doing every 7:21 point that you are thinking that means for the mass mass majority of 7:27 people they’re allowing circumstances and situations they’re allowing external 7:33 forces to determine where they end up tomorrow it’s almost as if they have put 7:38 their lives in neutral and then there are some people that are indifferent and and and and they will kind of be smarty 7:46 pens when it comes to prophecy because a lot of people now don’t believe in 7:52 prophecy they don’t believe that that you know a prophet can speak and things happen and so it is with the church and 8:00 the problem with the church today that I’ve discovered is we don’t have a difficult time converting sinners into 8:08 Christians the church has a difficult time converting Christians into believers so that even if a word is 8:16 spoken we become so indifferent when it comes to the Word of God very seldom do 8:22 you get people coming to church any longer expecting anything from God and I 8:30 believe that God is about to blow our mind the Bible says I have not seen 8:35 Europe not her neither has it engine juoh the heart of man the things that God has prepared for 8:40 those that love him is there anybody in here that loves him that means God is 8:46 not just going to meet your expectation he’s about to exceed your expectation he 8:54 has some things that you could have never expected in your lifetime and God 9:00 is going to do it during your lifetime and things are about to shift for you 9:06 you may not see it you may not understand how it’s gonna happen but I’m 9:12 here to prophesy right now something good is about to happen to you it’s not 9:19 only gonna happen to you it’s gonna happen in you it’s not only gonna happen 9:24 in you it’s gonna happen with you it’s not only gonna happen with you it’s 9:30 gonna happen with those that are with you it’s gonna happen with your husband it’s gonna happen with your wife it’s 9:37 gonna happen with your son is gonna happen with your daughter something good is going to happen to you in our tax 9:45 Elijah begins to speak into the womb of tomorrow and he says to an entire city 9:52 that tomorrow about this time your economic destiny is going to shift and 9:59 if a one single man could speak into the womb of a nation to cause a nation’s 10:06 economic status to change overnight why can’t God change your status overnight 10:14 I am decree and declaring that one night you’re going to go to bed poor but 10:20 you’re gonna wake up rich one day you’re going to go to bed struggling and you’re going to wake up more than a conquerer 10:27 one day you’re going to go to bed depressed and you’re gonna wake up happiness in fact God is about to 10:34 interrupt some demonic cycles get ready those cycles are going to be 10:39 replaced with a long season of joy a long season of happiness God is about to 10:48 do the exceeding abundantly above all you can ask or think 10:53 and I prophesied it into the womb of your tomorrow Elijah began to prophesy 10:59 into the womb of a city and there in verse 2 the Minister of Finance kind of 11:07 laughs and said if there be windows in heaven God might do this thing while 11:12 there are windows in heaven and there were more to this world that meets the 11:20 natural eye the spirit realm is the causal realm and this is why Jesus said 11:26 the words that I speak they are spirit and their life whenever you speak you 11:33 are actually activating something and if you can add your speech and turn it into 11:38 a prayer or a declaration of faith if you could turn that into a declaration 11:45 of faith you literally begin to cause the womb of heaven to begin to contract 11:52 I am decrying that what you are going through right now is only heavens 11:57 contraction you are not under a demonic attack heaven is trying to get your 12:03 attention and it’s time for you to understand all you need to do is to come 12:09 into agreement with what God is doing it was we have learned this from Mordecai 12:14 Mordecai said to Esther Esther heaven is about to birth you out as as as Israel’s 12:21 next deliverer and she couldn’t believe her ears with what was with what was 12:27 being prophesied in her life and he said something that alludes to the fact that 12:33 the spirit realm has wounds he said look if you choose to accept God’s assignment 12:39 for your life you will do well but if you don’t choose to accept it number one 12:45 you’re going to alter your future destiny your entire family’s life is 12:51 predicated on your action and if you embrace this assignment you are 12:57 going to live and so is the nation of Israel gonna live but if you choose not 13:03 to accept it you are gonna die but hold on one minute he says but heaven has also reserved 13:10 your substitute because she he said if you refuse to accept this assignment 13:16 then that the Bible says then the womb of the Spirit is getting ready to 13:22 deliver your substitute if you refuse to accept your assignment he said 13:29 enlargement will come from another place and so the womb of the Spirit is always 13:35 pregnant is always pregnant and this is why sometimes we feel the pressure and 13:42 as I was flying in today before this particular session the Lord began to say 13:48 to me you know what Cindy you’ve been pushed around all your life but some 13:53 people need to be pushed get used to being pushed into destiny and I said 13:59 Lord what do you mean he said the first time you experienced being pushed from a 14:04 limited space into a realm of unlimited potential and potentiality and 14:10 possibilities is when your mother gave you the push you need to go from the 14:15 womb into the world and a lot of times what we are experienced is a divine push 14:22 to our necks you are not just being pushed around but you’re being pushed 14:27 into and there are some of us that have lost our motivation we have lost our 14:32 inspiration we have lost our passion and we come into church and we’re 14:38 indifferent but I decree and declare that this is the last season of indifference for you you are going to 14:45 begin to cooperate with what heaven is doing in your life you’re going to begin 14:50 to cooperate and in this season cooperation is more important 14:56 than comprehension you don’t have to understand everything that God is doing all you need to do is cooperate raise 15:04 your hands and say Lord I’m not gonna resist any longer I’m going to cooperate 15:10 now give your neighbor high five because your neighbor is coming into agreement 15:15 with that declaration and all through tonight you’re gonna be giving your 15:21 neighbor high five because we are going to reset the trajectory of our destiny 15:28 with some declarations tonight tell your neighbor get used to me asking you for a 15:34 high-five because the Bible said if two of you agree all I need you to do is 15:40 come into agreement with my declaration you don’t have to understand it you 15:46 don’t have to comprehend it why because God told me thou shalt decree a thing 15:51 and it shall be established I’ll do the decree all you have to do is do the agreeing if you do the decree 15:59 I’ll do the agreeing turn to your neighbor and say if you decree I’ll 16:05 agree and if I decree please agree but even if you don’t agree I’ve got two 16:13 hands I’ll agree with myself put your blessed hands together and come into 16:19 agreement if you are viewing hallelujah this particular session and you have no 16:26 one around you to agree just come into agreement with yourself this is why God 16:31 gave you two hands and not one shout I agree yes the Minister of economics did 16:46 not believe that God could change a nation’s destiny overnight and he was 16:53 snide he was he just had unbelief unbelief 16:58 now unbelief is worse than doubt doubt 17:04 says I can’t make a decision cuz I need more information and God is not afraid of doubting there was doubting Thomas 17:10 that hunger on Jesus and he never fired him so it’s not the doubt that messes 17:18 you up is your unbelief unbelief says and it’s different from doubt doubt says 17:24 give me more information unbelief says I don’t care how much information you give me I’m still not convinced and so 17:31 hearing the man of God he dishonored the man of God by challenging the word of 17:38 the Lord and I wanna I just want to just float that as a balloon and I come back and and and talk to you about the 17:45 principle of Honor you see the reason why people cannot honor God is because 17:51 they don’t recognize God and you cannot recognize something or someone that you 17:57 don’t have the capacity to recognize and you don’t have the capacity if you don’t have the paradigm so the issue is not 18:05 with the person that’s being Dishonored is it the issue is with the paradigm and the capacity of the one that is 18:12 dishonouring are you getting it so it means that you’ve gotta be careful in 18:17 your walk with God because there are some people that will be around you that 18:23 will disrespect you never give your personal power away to a person who 18:30 doesn’t have the capacity to acknowledge your greatness you see you don’t have to 18:35 fight with that person why because no matter how much you try to convince them they don’t have the capacity are you 18:42 with me you know so so you a lot of us are wasting our energy with we’re trying 18:49 to prove something to someone that doesn’t even have the capacity for it this is how Jesus said it he said foxes 18:57 have holes the birds of the air have nests but the Son of man had not where to lay his head so your head is is the 19:05 carrier of your brain your mind your thoughts your strategies your your 19:11 accrete your your creativity your revelation your intelligence your 19:17 insight your win them and and and and your principles and all Jesus was saying is when he showed 19:25 up in this earth the capacity was so 19:30 restricted that there was no one and nothing there was no institution and 19:35 there was no individual that had capacity for his downloads so we said 19:41 since there is no institution or no one that has the capacity for my revelation 19:46 for my instruction for my intellect for my intelligence for my strategies for my principles for 19:55 my philosophies for my audiologist he said what I’m going to do I’m going to 20:01 create an institution that has the capacity to receive my revelation and my 20:06 downloads and he created the church and then did this is what he did he placed 20:12 his hand on the church that means it is impossible for your life not to go to 20:17 the next level that means that receiving a download 20:23 from heaven is automatic for every believer it means that somewhere the 20:28 enemy has to have deceived you into believing that you can’t understand 20:34 something you can’t do something you can’t receive a revelation you can’t be 20:39 a thought leader you can’t be a visionary you can’t be a dreamer it is a life from the pit of hell why 20:46 because you are the church and Christ is head of the church and he wants to 20:52 download his ideas his thoughts his philosophies he’s his concept his 20:58 strategies he wants to download revelation and wisdom he wants to download instruction and insight he 21:06 wants to download it into your life but you’ve got to be postured to receive it 21:12 I decree and declare that whatever is distracting you from hearing the voice 21:18 of God I decree that distraction is being removed from your life 21:24 now I decree that after tonight you are going to be steadfast you are going to 21:30 be disciplined and on a day by day moment by moment you are going to walk 21:36 with God you are going to talk with God and you are going to live a life of 21:41 prayer prayer is not a soliloquy it’s a two-way conversation how many of you 21:47 know that God’s got a whole lot more to share with you then you could share with him in a lifetime that’s why he gave you 21:54 two ears and one mouth so that you can listen more than you talk when you go 22:01 into prayer don’t just keep flapping your lips stop and say God speak Lord 22:07 for thy servant heareth thee God’s got some things he wants to speak into your 22:14 spirit so that you can decree it into your destiny he wants to talk to you 22:20 about you he wants to talk to you about your family he wants to talk to you about your community he wants to talk to 22:28 you about your country he wants to talk to you about your government he wants to talk to you about your industry he wants 22:35 to talk to you about your profession he wants to talk to you about your field he 22:40 wants to talk to you about your family he wants to talk to you about your marriage he wants to talk to you about 22:47 your children he wants to talk to you about your health but so many of us are 22:52 listening to a steady stream of rhetoric that is coming hallelujah from the 23:00 systems of this world and from demonic sources that we spend more time on 23:06 social media and on other people’s timelines than we do on God’s timeline 23:12 but I decreed that after tonight you will walk in this world with an 23:17 anointing and the mental of the sons of Issachar they understood the timing of 23:23 the Lord and they understood how to advise Israel what they ought to do now 23:30 what you do today is affecting your destiny tomorrow and you need to have 23:36 divine in you need to have divine revelation and you need divine wisdom so that your life 23:43 is in sync with the will of God it’s one thing for you to be in season but while 23:50 you’re in your season are you in sync and we understand that light comes to us 23:56 in a sequence way and sequence and synchronization is what God is doing in 24:03 this season it has to come before B and it has to come before C and I decree and 24:09 declare that you will never be out of sequence another day in your life but 24:14 most importantly you will never be out of sync heaven has a rhythm for you and 24:20 just because someone else is hearing a different drum beat it doesn’t mean that 24:26 you are sticking with that rhythm God has a rhythm for you and I decree you’re 24:31 gonna get your rhythm back I decree and declare that God is synchronizing you 24:37 and syncopating you to heaven’s rhythm I decree that at the level of your DNA 24:44 whatever God has a sign for you to accomplish you’re going to be in perfect 24:49 sync with that and he’s gonna give you the wisdom and it is important that as 24:55 you pray you begin to pray a simple prayer Lord teach me to number my days 25:01 that I may apply my heart to wisdom and so we have Elijah speaking into a dame 25:08 into the next 24-hour period and here you have someone that has unbelief and 25:15 he said behold thou shalt see it with their eyes but you shall not eat it and 25:22 other things he’s gonna watch it happen but he will not be able to participate and what is happening God has an 25:30 elaborately unfolding of his plan for Humanity for each generation this is our 25:38 generation and God is raising us up as light of the world he’s 25:44 raising us up and placing us as cities set on the hill he said you are salt of 25:51 the earth and what the world is is missing today and what the world is 25:56 needing today is not another politician but what the world needs is a moral the 26:03 gold visionary politician we don’t need another doctor what we need is another 26:09 visionary moral ethical medical professional you see we don’t need just 26:15 more educators what we need is prophetic educators who are able to see the 26:21 purpose of a child and speaking to the child until the child comes into 26:27 conformity where are you gonna find the moral ethical visionary leadership for 26:32 our industries where is the visionary moral leadership that is coming for your 26:38 appeal that is coming for your discipline it is coming from the body of Christ it is 26:44 coming from church and it’s now time for you to see yourself as a part of the 26:50 solution you are not a part of the problem you’ve got power in your mouth 26:56 God has made you a powerful human being what the enemy has attempted to do he 27:04 has attempted to make us powerless but I decree and declare that this revelation 27:10 is going to be and it’s going to be an encouragement for you you are not 27:17 powerless because you have the greatest empowerment specialist living on the 27:23 inside of you in the person of the Holy Spirit the Bible said that he will show 27:29 you things to come that means you don’t have to wait for tomorrow to understand 27:35 what you need to do tomorrow the Holy Spirit can show you what you need to do 27:41 tomorrow today he can download a vision he could download a prophetic word he 27:49 give you a desire he can give you a personal revelation to prepare you not 27:56 only put tomorrow but to prepare you for next week to prepare you for next month 28:03 to prepare you for the next season to prepare you for the end of the year I 28:08 decree and declare that your tomorrow will come but it will not catch you 28:14 unaware I decree in the clan that there are things that God is gonna give you by 28:19 way of wisdom so that you have a loo you are scheduled for a head-on collision 28:26 with success with prosperity and with progress I decree that even if you feel 28:33 stuck I decree the season of feeling stop is over tonight you are going to be 28:40 unstuck I’d speak to every fetter I speak to every demonic chain and I 28:46 command every demonic prison door to be opened I decree every illegal 28:53 imprisonment hallelujah that statue of limitation ends tonight for whom the Sun 28:59 sets free is free indeed I decreed freedom comes to your mind you are going 29:06 to think differently freedom comes to your heart you were gonna have boldness and courage that you never had before I 29:14 decree freedom is coming to your business freedom is coming to your marriage and freedom is coming to your 29:21 body and freedom is coming to your mind garland has given you power to overcome 29:27 all the power of the enemy God has given you power to have control over your 29:33 emotions you will no longer an emotional wreck he will no longer 29:38 wear your emotions on your sleeve when things happen you are going to be able 29:44 to prophesy but it’s all good because all things work together for good you’re 29:51 going to be able to prophesy in two circumstances and situation until you 29:57 are able to see in the midst of the storm in the midst of the challenge 30:02 there is an opportunity that is hidden there you will no longer see the 30:12 opportunity with your eyes open 30:24 it’s hidden but when you come out of 30:30 your challenge you are not coming out 30:37 with you are coming out with more you 30:58 were not coming out you are not only coming out you are breaking through you are breaking through into new realms 31:05 of influence you were breaking through into new realms of Dominion you were 31:11 breaking through into new realms of wealth shall them break it through look at 31:26 verse number 16 look at verse number 16 your destiny is altering right now it’s 31:34 altering I promise you amen turn to your neighbor say I believe it did that give you a high-five 31:43 say you better come into agreement if not I’m changing my seat and if you don’t give me a half a buck giving 31:49 myself a high five 31:54 look at verse number 16 the people said and then the Bible said and the people 31:59 went out and spoiled the temps of the Syrians so measure fine flour was sold 32:05 for a shekel and two measures of barley for a shekel according to the word of the Lord and that word was downloaded 32:12 into the spirit in the mind of a prophet by the name of Elisha who gave it 32:18 permission who gave it legal right to exist you see if it’s not birth through prayer 32:27 or prophetic utterance is illegal in the earth so even if God is downloading it 32:35 the Bible says thou shalt decree a thing 32:40 whatever is bound on earth is bound in heaven whatever is loosed on earth is 32:47 loosed in heaven so ground control has to give signal to ear control that you 32:55 can land I travel for a living I’ve been this this this this week alone 33:02 I’ve been in Brazil I’ve been in Orlando I’ve been in Fort Lauderdale I’ve been 33:08 in Miami and I flew to all these places and Atlanta tomorrow I’m gonna be in 33:14 Mississippi all in one week so I couldn’t fly and fly and fly but that 33:24 airplane is going to stay in the air until ground control gives it permission 33:31 to land now I was flying I tell the 33:37 story I was flying from Surinam to Ghana Guyana and from Guyana to United States 33:45 of America and so I flew with a private airplane a private jet a private jet 33:52 flew me because there was I couldn’t make my connection so we had a private jet to fly us from 33:58 Surinam to ghana Guyana and then from Guyana we took the commercial flight 34:05 back to the United States of America so when we were flying in from Surinam I 34:10 was sleeping and the pilot woke me up and said dr. trim we cannot go into this 34:18 airspace we cannot proceed into this airspace and I said why they said they have placed a moratorium over private 34:26 jets only commercial airplanes can fly in this airspace so I said tell them 34:33 that you have ambassador dr. Cindy trim on the in the air on the airplane and 34:40 she has instructed you to proceed so they phoned back 34:45 he said ground control this is air control my passenger ambassador dr. 34:54 Cindy trim has instructed me to proceed and then they said air control this is 35:03 ground control if you enter into our airspace we will be forced to shoot you down he said dr. 35:12 trim we have to turn back I said mr. pilot I have to catch the airplane please call ground control and tell them 35:21 ambassador dr. Cindy trim has placed a moratorium on your instruction and she 35:29 demands ambassadorial graces to be extended to her immediately so that we 35:37 can proceed they sent word back and said permission granted 35:45 so when I get into Guyana they had a stretch black stretch limousine they had 35:52 a red carpet coming from my my private jet I climbed into a stretch limousine 35:58 they had one of their ambassadors to greet me they ex courted me to the 36:03 commercial flight that was waiting on the tarmac I didn’t have to go through any kind of customs or whatever border 36:11 control I got on the airplane and flew back to the United States of America you know why whatever you bind on earth is 36:20 bound in heaven you’ve got to be able to say air control this is ground control 36:28 proceed with the manifestation you know you don’t have to get involved with how 36:35 God is going to do it and this was the problem with the Minister of Finance 36:41 he knew the philosophies of this world but he didn’t know the principles of the 36:46 kingdom I decree and declare you will no longer be stuck and bound because you 36:52 know how the world system works at the expense of how kingdom principles work 36:58 you are a kingdom citizen you live in the best of two worlds you are not 37:03 subject to this world of darkness you live above the world of darkness because 37:10 you live in a kingdom not made by the hands of man I decree and declare you 37:16 will no longer be stopped and I decree every law that is contrary to the laws 37:22 of the kingdom is now considered a policy a policy can be changed at the 37:29 whim of man it means that if there’s a policy with one manager a new manager 37:35 can come in and re-establish another policy I decree and declare every 37:41 principle ever in law that operates in the kingdom of darkness that it kept you 37:47 bound that has kept you ignorant up until this point I decree and declare it is now a 37:53 policy that we reverse and we replace with the principles and the laws of the 38:00 kingdom of heaven which is superior to the laws of the kingdom of darkness I 38:05 decree and declare you are living above the law of the kingdom of darkness 38:11 because the laws of Christ and the laws of light in Christ Jesus is superimposed 38:18 upon the law of sin and death the law of Christ the law of life in Christ Jesus 38:26 is superior to the law of sin and death amen are you getting this now verse 38:35 number 17 the King appointed the Lord in whose hand he leaned to have the charge over the gates and the people trod upon 38:42 him and the gate and he died so here is this man he was set up as a gate keeper 38:48 and it was he that could determine whether or not the gate would be open the gate would be closed 38:54 who comes in and out now whenever you see a portal written in the in the Bible 38:59 it stands for something so you have doors and when a door is open it’s an 39:05 opportunity when you have a window is divine inspiration and wisdom so when he 39:11 said I’ll open up the windows of heaven it means that he’s gonna give you the ability to think differently he’s gonna 39:17 give you creative ideas and wisdoms and this is why paying your tithe is important because you want to keep those 39:24 windows open amen I decree and declare the windows of heaven will never be shut over your life 39:29 i decree you will not only have open a windows you’ll have an open heaven I decree and declare a season of open 39:38 heaven in fact let me decree this from today onward until you are taken out of 39:45 this world I decree and declare you will live under an open heaven so here he establishes 39:54 himself as a gatekeeper and the Bible said that the people were so powerful 39:59 they trod upon and so it means that he lost his power 40:04 when he became an unbeliever he lost his power with man and power 40:11 with gone I decree and declare that you are delivered from the spirit of 40:17 unbelief I decree every morning you’re gonna wake up you’re gonna say I believe God I don’t know how he’s gonna do it 40:24 when God gives you a revelation when God gives you an instruction when God gives you a prophetic word I’m going to decree 40:31 over your life you’re just gonna raise your hands and say I believe God and when people say well how’re you gonna do 40:37 it I believe God God gave it to me and he’s responsible for bringing it to pass 40:44 all I know is I’m in sync with his will God is going to synchronize you to his 40:50 will now the Bible said he was trodden upon and it came to pass verse number 18 and 40:56 it came to pass as the men of God had spoken to the king saying two measures of barley for a shekel and a measure of 41:03 flour for shikoh shall be tomorrow about this time at the gate of Samaria that 41:08 the Lord answered the man of God and said now behold if the Lord should make windows in heaven might this thing be 41:15 and he said behold thou shalt see it with an eyes but they shall bow shalt not eat there off and so it fell out 41:22 unto him for the people trod upon him in the gate and he died now this is going 41:29 to be a very important last two messages because I want to give you wisdom I want 41:35 to give you wisdom keys that are is going to radically change your life how 41:42 can you alter your tomorrow so it looks nothing like today your this year does 41:52 not have to look like your last year once you understand how to order your 41:57 mouth how to order your thoughts and how to order your activities and actions I’m 42:04 a movie buff and one of my favorite movies of all times is the matrix I’ve 42:09 watched it about 120 times why do I watch it cuz I teach it excellent it’s an excellent movie about 42:16 the kingdom of light in the kingdom of darkness and how the kingdom of darkness controls the minds of the people who 42:23 were blinded who were thinking that they were making decisions on their own accord but it was a matrix so in the 42:32 movie The Matrix the world’s system was depicted as a machine that use humans 42:37 like batteries and when they woke up or when they were in the machine they had 42:45 no choice this machine was directing their destiny it was done by a machine 42:51 and what this meant what what the matrix did was just used the energy of the 42:58 human body to source itself every 43:04 morning you wake up to a world that is in motion and every morning you awaken 43:10 you get two choices number one to be used by God or to be 43:16 used by the enemy you are waking this morning with unlimited potentiality and 43:22 possibilities but living unconsciously to the fact means that you give away 43:29 your permission you give away your power to an external force that determines how 43:37 your day goes that determines how your week goes that determines how your year 43:42 goals and ultimately it determines how your life ends so the enemy of your soul 43:48 is a master magician and he has blinded the minds not the eyes but blinded the 43:55 minds of the children of disobedience the enemy of your soul wants to harness 44:04 the power that drives all human progress all success and all prosperity one of 44:13 the things that God is going to do for you he’s going to help you to regain your consciousness so that your time is 44:23 spent like money teach me to know my days that I would apply my heart to 44:32 wisdom so that you could know how and what God is doing and so when he 44:39 downloads this information to you you can leverage the knowledge to begin to 44:45 prophesize success into the womb of your tomorrow as well as govern your 44:52 day-to-day activities according to specific time frames now you don’t have 44:59 time to deal with time wasters because when you waste your time you waste your 45:07 life there’s not just about wasting time it’s about wasting your life and so what 45:14 God is doing right now prophetically for all of us he’s beginning to show us not how to 45:21 manage time because you can’t manage something that you cannot control I want 45:27 you to try to decree and declare that time is gonna stop I want you to rebuke 45:34 every clock rebuke every calendar rebuke the season and angle happen why the Sun 45:43 is gonna come up and the Sun is gonna go down and the Sun is gonna come up and it’s gonna go down time is something you 45:50 cannot control so when you talk about time management it’s a misnomer you 45:55 cannot manage your time what you can do is manage your activities according to 46:01 certain time frames now there was this movie and I can’t remember the title of 46:06 it I think it’s when sunday comes or something like that and in this movie 46:11 it’s a comedy about some individuals that went to the church and they wanted 46:17 to rub the church and they found the choir was in this choir rehearsal and so 46:23 they wanted the choir members to hurry up to get out so that they could get the money and just when they thought they 46:29 were gonna get the money the cleaner came in and they wanted the cleaner to 46:34 leave so that they could get the money and with the cleaner they said you could come back and clean it too 46:39 Morrow and he says if I come back to clean it tomorrow what am I going to do 46:45 with the activities that I’m supposed to do tomorrow and you see this is what is 46:50 happening to most believers we are procrastinators we procrastinate and we 46:57 procrastinate so there’s a saying never put off for tomorrow what you can do 47:03 today it was Lord Chesterfield that said no 47:09 the true value of time snatch it seize it enjoy every moment of it no idleness 47:15 no procrastination never put off for tomorrow what you can do today now here 47:22 is Holley he trips us up number one he places distractions in our lives so that 47:29 the assignment that you should fulfill today you end up either not doing it or 47:36 you do it the next day but here’s the problem with putting off assignments for 47:42 one day to the next day what are you going to do with the assignment of that 47:48 day now just imagine you doing it two days three days four days out of the 47:54 month and you do that every month eventually you will be a day late and a 48:00 dollar short and out of sync with what God is doing so everything is based on a 48:06 divine timetable let’s look at first karana calls 12 32 first chronicles 48:11 12:32 the mammal said and of the children of Issachar which were men that 48:18 had understanding of the times to know what Israel ought to do so they 48:24 understood a divine timetable and within this divine timetable they understood 48:30 what Israel needs to do on a Monday what Israel needs to do on a Tuesday what Israel needs to do on a Wednesday 48:37 now when you talk to God God is going to speak to you based on a divine timetable 48:45 oh it’s important to understand that God 48:51 says I know the thoughts I think to what you thought of good not of evil to bring you to an expected end so you 48:57 serve a God that knows your end from the beginning and everything in between 49:02 so if he knows everything in between if he knows how your life is supposed to 49:07 end what he does is he backs up to today and then he’s going to begin to give you 49:14 instructions what to do today what to do tomorrow what to do for the next day why 49:21 because your blessings are time-sensitive and they are not only time-sensitive they have a specific 49:29 geographical location tied to it so if it’s time-sensitive and a geographical 49:36 location for instance time has no relevance without geography and 49:42 geography has no relevance without time so if I said to my friend hey look let’s 49:49 meet me for lunch and I don’t give them the time and I don’t give them the place 49:56 they can’t meet me for lunch this is what God did to Elijah Elijah I have 50:02 already provided for you I have made provisions for this recession now I want 50:09 you to go down to the brook coat Erath suppose he said well I don’t like Brooks 50:14 I’m gonna go and wait until my ship comes in now this ship would never have 50:20 come in why because God had a specific place for him to be now this is 50:26 geography he was going to meet him at a certain time of the day and if he shows 50:31 up at that place his his provision would be there now all the devil needs to do 50:38 is to throw you out of the timing of the Lord so that you feel like I’ve been praying and I’ve been praying and God 50:44 hasn’t answered my prayer are you in place you see I love football and a man 50:52 are gonna love this a football ladies is never thrown to a person it’s thrown to 51:00 a position am i right and so the person 51:06 with the bowl is the offense the person 51:11 that doesn’t have the bowl is the defense and what the defense is a trying 51:17 to do is not to get the bowl but to stop the person who’s assigned to catch the 51:25 ball to hold him long enough to hold him 51:31 from being in position for when the ball ends there so if we can just Hindu you 51:38 by a split second if we could tackle you and slow you down if we can frustrate 51:45 you if we could trip you up even if you get up you are going to be out of the 51:51 timing therefore you will not be in place are you focused you are getting 52:11 your focus back in Jesus name the scripture said by you I run through 52:20 troops and by you a leap over wall you ever see those though those players that 52:26 can net that they’re coming to grab them on their feet and they have the ball and 52:32 they’re running with the ball and guess what they do they step over them see when I love the Olympics I’m a 52:40 sports buff I love the Olympics and I love watching the hurdles I love watching the hurdles 52:48 because if you’ve ever been trained to do hurdles and I’ve been trained to do hurdles but trust me I can do hurdles I 52:56 like to watch but I’m no good playing in fact you know when I was in elementary 53:01 school in the high school you know how you had to pick teams so they picked a 53:07 captain and there say captain pick a team so they pick everybody and nobody would ever pick me wide cuz I couldn’t 53:14 hit a ball I couldn’t run I was afraid of heights I was no good and so it didn’t bother me 53:20 because I didn’t like sweating so when everybody was like me me me I was like 53:28 don’t pick me and they’re like we are not picking Cindy and I was the always the last one and you know it was equal 53:36 teams and when it came to me I’m the only one standing and they were now 53:41 we’re gonna lose but I like watching and so when it when it came to sports you 53:48 know you had to learn sports shot put discus whatever they put you in you learned it and I was learning the 53:54 hurdles right the hurdles always fell with me anyway what would you the coach 54:00 would train you to do is to ignore the hurdle they would train you to keep your 54:08 stride one to remember three whatever the steps 54:13 were is it one two three one two three anybody know one two three right so you 54:19 keep your stride I probably was doing one two three four cuz my legs were short but but they trained you to keep 54:27 your stride and ignore the hurdle I decree and declare no matter what the 54:33 enemy throws in your way you’re gonna keep your stride and you’re going to 54:40 ignore the hurdle you’re gonna tell the devil devil you do what you’re gonna do 54:45 and I’m gonna do what I’m gonna do because I’m wired to succeed I’m wired to prosper and I’m wired to 54:54 progress you see those are distractions that are meant to slow you down because 55:01 you were scheduled for a head-on collision so all you need to do is to 55:06 get in place just just get in place if 55:11 you notice with Elijah when the Queen when when when Jezebel said Elijah 55:20 trusts me tomorrow about this time you won’t be dead and he saw himself died so 55:29 he went a day’s journey sat on a juniper tree and then he went and he went into a cave and this is what 55:36 God says Elijah what are you doing here 55:44 here is not where your provisions are going to be a lot of times we believe 55:53 that God hasn’t provided but maybe we 55:58 are not in place and I’m not talking 56:03 about naturally I’m talking about spiritually you are going to get your 56:12 stride back you remember you used to be excited about church you remember used 56:17 to be excited about Bible study you remember you used to witness you remember I decree and declare you are 56:24 getting your passion back for the things of the Lord you are getting your passion back you are no longer gonna walk in the 56:32 flesh you are gonna walk in the spirit I decree and declare you’re getting your 56:37 spiritual maturity back you’re getting your spiritual sensitivity back you’re 56:43 gonna get your spiritual hunger and thirst back I decree and declare you were gonna desire the sincere milk of 56:50 the will milk of the word you are gonna desire the meat of the word I decree and declare you are no longer going to be 56:58 satisfied with carnal candy you are not gonna be satisfied until you get the 57:04 milk of God’s Word and the meat of God’s Word I decree every bit of indifference 57:09 is being driven from you right now by the anointing of God the anointing of 57:15 God is breaking yokes over you right now I don’t know who discouraged you I don’t 57:21 know who spoken to your life I don’t know who affected you but the things that they said about you but I 57:28 decree and declare whatever they have said shall not stand and shall not come 57:33 to pass and the assignment of the spirit of jessabelle has been is over right now 57:40 I cancel then that spirit will whisper 57:46 into your ear until you’re discouraged now the sons of Issachar they were men 57:52 that means that they were mature and they had the understanding of times to know what Israel ought to do so to waste 57:58 your time is to waste your life that means that there is a divine timetable for everything for you that you’ve got 58:06 to stay in rhythm with so I have a lot of people that around me and a lot of demands I I publish so I have demands 58:13 from my publisher I preach all of the world I have demands I sit on boards I 58:19 run three companies you know I have staff so there’s a lot of demands that are around me I live my life by a 58:27 schedule I live my life by a divine schedule that God gives me and a lot of 58:34 times when people call and say can we hang out the first thing I say let me 58:39 check my calendar because because it’s not that these people are bad is just 58:44 that they don’t have insight as to what God has called you to do turn to your 58:50 neighbors say let me check my scat with my calendar yeah just let me just let me because 58:56 you’re gonna begin to download things onto your calendar and God is going to give you a divine timetable for what he 59:04 wants to do in your life Calise history want to do to everything there’s a season a time for every purpose under 59:09 the heaven a time to be born a time to die in other words there’s a time for something to exist and then there’s a 59:17 time a statue of limitation for it to end so there’s a time for something to 59:24 have life and then there’s a statue of limitation you don’t want to go pass a 59:30 statue of limitation for anything you don’t want to hold any area of your life 59:36 when life support when it’s time to pronounce a benediction over something it could be 59:42 an activity it could be an assignment it could be in a relationship you’ve got to 59:48 know when that time comes and goes you don’t hold on to a strategy you see 59:55 we don’t need new seasons we need new strategies for the new season a lot of 1:00:01 you have come into new seasons but you lack new strategies so you’re using the 1:00:07 old strategies and you’re frustrated because it worked last season why isn’t it working this season a new season 1:00:14 dictates a new strategy so that means that if God blends – to prosper you 1:00:21 wherever he plunge you whatever city whatever country whatever field whatever 1:00:27 industry you’re going to prosper but you’ve got to begin to conduct your 1:00:33 fears based on divine time table Lord teach me to number my days that I can 1:00:41 apply my heart to wisdom so what God wants to do is to systematically begin 1:00:49 to help you to gain the correct habits so that your tomorrow looks like his 1:00:56 original plan and purpose for your life now let me ask you a simple question how 1:01:03 many of you are 100% in alignment with God’s will for your life that’s good so 1:01:12 that means that tonight’s message is going to shift your life change your 1:01:18 life in such a radical way that that if you practice what I’m about to teach you 1:01:24 I can promise you that at the end of 30 days your life is gonna be changed but 1:01:32 by the end of this year it’s gonna be change radically so let’s agree life is given to us day 1:01:39 by day a day rotates in a 24-hour cycle please write this down the secret of 1:01:45 your success is hidden in your daily routine and habit so your routine you want it to become 1:01:53 your lifestyle so that means 30 days is a discipline 90 days is a habit excuse 1:02:02 me 30 days is a discipline 60 days is a habit 90 days is a lifestyle so we want 1:02:09 to push from habits to lifestyle we want success to be a lifestyle prayer to be a 1:02:15 lifestyle worship to be a lifestyle giving to be a lifestyle we want a prosperity B to be a lifestyle we want 1:02:23 health to be a lifestyle so that means whatever you do you need to do it for 90 1:02:28 straight days before it becomes a lifestyle so here’s my I’m giving you a 1:02:34 30 day challenge then I’m gonna give you a 60 day challenge then I’m gonna give you a 90 day challenge now I was 1:02:41 watching YouTube I was watching exercise I just started my exercise program again 1:02:51 so they had this 30 day challenge they had a 30 day plank challenge they 1:02:57 have a 30 day sit-up challenge that a 30 1:03:02 day push-up challenge they had a 30 day Burpee challenge they had all kinds of challenges and I said what am I gonna do 1:03:09 for 30 days and I was looking at the before and after and their bodies and legs were sculpted and everything so I’m 1:03:16 gonna give myself a 30 day challenge for the exercise the area of exercise and and this is gonna make a difference when 1:03:23 I begin to give you the things that you’re going to change in your life now when you make a change I want you to use 1:03:30 the 1% principle you live in 12 different dimensions and every day 1:03:36 you’re just gonna do one thing towards bringing your dreams your visions your goals to pass just one 1:03:44 thing polls that this one thing I do so in order to have radical change you’ve 1:03:51 got to do something different every single day so that at the end of the year your life looks nothing like the 1:03:58 beginning of the year 1% now this is the law of the one percent 1:04:04 anything can change with 1% I’ve learned something about nature that at some 1:04:15 levels or the other our life can change in the most remarkable way by doing 1:04:22 small little things is the 1% principle you just need to do 1% more tomorrow 1:04:30 than you did yesterday you don’t have to do 90 percent you don’t have to do a hundred percent you don’t have to do 1:04:36 fifty percent you don’t have to just 1% it just takes one percent doing one 1:04:43 thing a day towards bringing your vision to pass brick doing one thing a day 1:04:49 living the life of your dream doing one thing a day to begin to lose weight do 1:04:55 one thing a day to study to finish your degree do one things a day to prepare 1:05:01 yourself for a message to one thing a day to study your Bible it just takes 1:05:06 one and this is the power of one and just take one extra degree to change hot 1:05:12 water into steam just just one it doesn’t take two just one degree did you 1:05:18 not know that the average victory within the last 25 years in the golf tournament 1:05:23 all 25 years combined was less than three strokes that’s just a fraction of 1:05:30 a stroke the average you know in the Olympics the difference between a gold 1:05:35 medal and a silver medal is so very small is usually less than a minute less than a fraction less than an inch less 1:05:42 than a mile less than a point it’s just the the idea of you changing your life 1:05:49 in man’s 800 meter this is done the 2004 1:05:54 the margin between the person that took the gold and the person that took the silver was 0.71 seconds not even a 1:06:02 complete second it doesn’t take a lot to change your destiny it just takes a 1:06:11 little effort and I tell people all the time between last year’s birthday and 1:06:16 this year’s birthday you will have made a complete trek around the Sun and you’re not even an 1:06:21 astronaut and if you could do it with no effort imagine what is going to happen 1:06:27 in your life with just a little effort so on a daily basis I want to give you 1:06:34 some wisdom keys that are about to revolutionize your life and these are 1:06:40 the principles that I learned over my over my life these are the principles 1:06:45 that have afforded me tremendous success and I want you to begin to practice them 1:06:50 in your life and one of the reasons why as I was flying home from Brazil and I 1:06:56 said God what can I teach what can I give where it’s not a message because 1:07:02 most people that follow me they date they they have preaching they read books 1:07:08 they have prophecies it’s not like they need another message what can I give 1:07:14 that it’s practical to end it this series and God said give them some wisdom peace that you’ve learned over 1:07:21 your life that made a difference and change your destiny so begin to write as 1:07:27 I speak these wisdom keys I want you to write them down as fast as you can we are of course recording this so you’ll 1:07:35 be able to go back you’ll be able to hear it and what I want to do god said give them 1:07:40 the wisdom keys and instruct them to turn it into a daily declaration because 1:07:45 usually I do all the work for you I do your declaration and all you have to do is repeat it but what I want you to do 1:07:51 is to take out your pen and paper I want you to record it because something 1:07:57 happens when you begin to write you literally change the landscape of your 1:08:02 brain and I decree and declare the lens state escape of your brain is changing 1:08:07 and it’s changing for success I’d agree I decree that your landscape 1:08:14 is a landscape of success the landscape is a landscape of progress the landscape 1:08:19 is a landscape of influence the landscape is a landscape of holiness the landscape is a landscape of 1:08:26 righteousness the landscape is a landscape of dominion I decreed the landscape of your brain is 1:08:33 changing and it’s changing now and with each wisdom T that you were receiving 1:08:38 you were going to become stronger and better and wiser and your life is gonna 1:08:44 be brought back into alignment with God are you ready amen wisdom teen number one begin your 1:08:52 day with God Isaiah 55 and 6 Jeremiah 1:08:58 7 and 13 wisdom teen number 2 seek the wisdom of God before you make any 1:09:05 decisions proverbs 3:5 and 6 the Bible says get wisdom get understanding forget 1:09:13 it not neither decline thy ears doesn’t decline from the words of my mouth 1:09:18 forsake her not and she shall preserve thee love her and she will keep thee 1:09:24 wisdom is the principal thing therefore get wisdom and with all night getting 1:09:29 get an understanding exalt her and she will promote thee she shall bring thee 1:09:35 to honor when thou does embrace her she shall give to thine head an ornament of 1:09:41 grace and a crown of glory shall she deliver unto you prophets 4 5 to 9 and I 1:09:47 wanted to take these one by one but I’ve got a lot of wisdom keys to give you now Solomon when God placed him in a new 1:09:56 position and it was a position of Dominion he had the anointing but he 1:10:02 didn’t have the skill excuse me at the anointing but he didn’t have the experience he had the potential but it 1:10:09 had not been manifested so the Bible said in second Kings chapter 1 verse 7 1:10:16 to 12 it says in the night did God appear unto Solomon and said unto him ax 1:10:21 what I shall give thee and Solomon said unto God thou has showed me great 1:10:26 mercies unto thou has showed great mercies unto David my father and has made me to reign in his stead now O Lord 1:10:34 God let thy promise unto David my father be established for thou has made me king 1:10:39 over people like the dust of the earth in Malta dude give me now wisdom and knowledge 1:10:46 then I may go in and and and and and come in go out and come in before these 1:10:52 people in other words teach me spiritual protocol right and then he said for who 1:10:57 can judge this people that is so great and God said to Solomon because this was 1:11:04 in thy heart and thou has not ax for riches and wealth or honour nor for the 1:11:09 life of thy enemy neither has thou ax a long life but has ax wisdom and knowledge for thyself that thou mayst 1:11:16 judge my people over whom I have made the King wisdom and knowledge is granted 1:11:22 unto you watch this and I will give the riches and wealth and honor such as none 1:11:27 of the kings have ever had that had been before thee neither shall any after thee 1:11:33 have disliked in other words he asks for wisdom and wisdom does not trouble by 1:11:38 itself when you get wisdom you get riches when you get wisdom you get wealth when you get R is ‘dom you get 1:11:45 honor I decree and declare that you will never engage in anything and make any 1:11:52 decisions before you ask for God’s wisdom are you there now I wish I could 1:11:58 keep reading about wisdom because I got excited but let me give you more scripture proverbs 8:11 to proverbs 9 1:12:05 and form uh-uh-uh-uh-uh ecclesiastical 28:19 and 1:12:12 i gathered so much about what wisdom gives wisdom gives you profit wisdom 1:12:18 gives you a hell wisdom gives you long life wisdom gives you protection wisdom 1:12:23 give you defense wisdom gives you riches wisdom gives you commendation wisdom 1:12:29 gives you favor with God and man wisdom gives you strength wisdom gives you excellent wisdom gives you vision 1:12:36 wisdoms gives you insight wisdom gives you Dominion wisdom gives you understanding wisdom gives you love 1:12:43 wisdom gives you joy gift wisdom gives you peace wisdom gives you honor wisdom 1:12:49 gives you confidence it gives you glory it gives you instruction it gives you righteousness it gives you humility it 1:12:55 gives you pleasantness it gives you judgment it gives you discretion it gives you parents that 1:13:01 make you better proud of you it gives you prosperity it gives you an obedience 1:13:06 to God it gives you a industry leadership position it gives you a voice 1:13:12 it makes you shine it gives you bonus and wisdom is gonna build your house I 1:13:18 decree that you will do nothing until you get God’s wisdom on it in Jesus name 1:13:24 acts for God’s wisdom raise your hands and just ask God give me wisdom for what 1:13:30 for what for what for what you know what you’re asking for what are you asking god wisdom for raised doors hands one 1:13:37 more time what do you need wisdom for and don’t mumble it acts God you know 1:13:42 you need insight you know you need God’s wisdom ask him give me wisdom hallelujah 1:13:48 for a healthy marriage give me wisdom so that I can parent healthy children give me wisdom two ways my children give me 1:13:55 wisdom to start my business give me wisdom to get a promotion give me wisdom 1:14:00 to solve this problem give me wisdom hallelujah for my health give me wisdom 1:14:06 for my diet give me wisdom give me wisdom give me wisdom give me wise 1:14:11 friends I decree and declare your days of living in ignorance is over I decree 1:14:18 from today onward wisdom is going to be your personal brand when people think of 1:14:25 you they’re gonna be thinking of wisdom you are gonna say there goes a wise woman there goes a wise man if you want 1:14:33 any insight into anything ax her tip your neighbor ha path and say I decree 1:14:39 this is my year of wisdom number three 1:14:44 number three you’ve got to be able to set your priorities and focus on the 1:14:50 things that really matter let bygones be bygones if it don’t matter if it’s not you know going to make a difference in 1:14:59 the long run learn how to ignore it Matthew 6:33 but seek ye first the 1:15:04 kingdom of God all his righteousness all these things shall be added set your priorities and focus on the things that 1:15:10 we’re number four crap the life of your dreams and then dare to put feet to it Joel 1:15:17 2:28 job 33:14 2:18 number 5 define what 1:15:24 success looks like for you during different stages and seasons of your 1:15:30 life this is important because there are some seasons and stages success might be 1:15:36 getting a degree and then another stage success might be raising your children’s 1:15:42 raising successful children for five-year-olds success might be learning 1:15:47 how to tie their shoes so success is going to mean different things during 1:15:52 different stages and phases and seasons of your life what stage are you in and 1:15:59 what does success look like for you I’m getting ready to be married so I need a successful marriage I’ve been single all 1:16:07 my life and I’m marrying a gorgeous man thank God he’s that he’s a Boaz he’s not 1:16:12 a bozo he’s an intercessor he’s a prayer warrior I feel like Ruth my Boaz has come and it 1:16:22 came with a truckload a good-looking and a truckload of anointing is an anointed 1:16:28 man of God and He loves him some Cindy 1:16:34 shoutout to my boo so in this stage of 1:16:41 my life success for me is to not only to 1:16:48 enter into a marriage that is successful after being single I’ve been a successful single woman suck cessful 1:16:56 everything I have I own no I don’t have no mortgage I don’t have no credit debt 1:17:03 I have no debt none zero zilch and I 1:17:10 never had to have a sugar daddy I had a Abba Father I had a Heavenly 1:17:16 Father that took care of all my needs are you with me so now going from single into marriage 1:17:25 success looks different for me this year than it did last year are you following 1:17:30 me so every phase of your life those of you that have been married 40 50 years 1:17:36 and you know you’ve been in marriage for a long time success after 40 years is different from 1:17:44 success after 40 days the successful being a successful parent when your 1:17:52 child is 2 & 3 & 4 it’s different from when your child is 30 and 40 and 50 do 1:17:58 you see what I mean so you’ve got to be able to define what success looks like for you at different 1:18:04 stages and ages and phases and seasons of your life just for one an eight 1:18:11 number six you’ve got to be able to face your greatest challenges discouraging 1:18:17 situations and seemingly insurmountable problems with this resolve only good can 1:18:25 come out of just this Genesis 50 and 20 Romans 8:28 number seven you’ve got to 1:18:33 be able to practice a positive mental attitude Romans 12 and 2 and I’m going a 1:18:39 little long tonight please forgive me because I’m wrapping up everything but I want to give you as much as I possibly 1:18:45 can is that all right is that all right that I can take another 30 minutes are 1:18:50 you getting out of this all right number seven you’ve got to be able to 1:18:55 practice a positive mental attitude you cannot get anywhere with a negative 1:19:01 mental attitude and you’ve got to be careful of the people that are around you demand that they be positive too 1:19:09 I’ve demanded if you’re in my house you can’t say certain things in my house you 1:19:14 may be a visitor but you are not bringing negativity into my environment stop it shut it down turn to your 1:19:21 neighbor say shut it down now demand it from people that are around you because 1:19:29 it’s affecting your future negativity affects everything about you 1:19:36 the thing that job feared came upon him 1:19:41 this wasn’t just the devil that arbitrarily you know caused his marriage 1:19:47 to collapse and his children and you know his house to burn down and lose all of his riches he was driven by fear and 1:19:55 not by faith I don’t know I don’t want to lose my marriage I don’t want my 1:20:00 child I don’t want I don’t want people to think of me bad I don’t want that’s what you don’t want 1:20:06 what do you want I don’t want anybody to treat me that way and people keep treating you that 1:20:13 way you got to practice the positive mental attitude number eight live a life of gratitude 1:20:19 Ephesians 5 and 20 just be thankful for small things we are spoiled in the 1:20:24 United States of America we are so small you will listen when we go into the 1:20:31 grocery store look you you have a entire aisle of cereal who needs all that 1:20:38 cereal an entire aisle of soft drinks you go into some country you have one 1:20:44 aisle with everything you need the deodorant the soap the dishwashing is just on one aisle we are so spoiled and 1:20:53 we complain about everything cuz we’re spoiled you live in the wealthiest 1:20:59 country the most powerful country this country is blessed and we see it every 1:21:04 day god bless america they may have taken prayer out of school but as long as you’re singing that land 1:21:11 that I own that’s a prayer God has 1:21:16 blessed America thank God there are some people that wake up and they have no 1:21:22 sight there are some people wake up and can’t get out of bed there are some people that go to church but they end up 1:21:30 going straight to the morgue and God is giving you bless every day wake up 1:21:35 thanking God for something I may not have a car but I got a Chevrolet sub one 1:21:41 later of them they’re still working are you are you with me thank God 1:21:49 number nine honor your word James five and twelve if you say it honor it number 1:21:55 ten elevate your expectations some sixty two and five number eleven communicate 1:22:02 with honesty and act with integrity Ephesians 4:25 number twelve diligently 1:22:08 compassionately and sincerely love and care for your family first Timothy five and eight number 1:22:17 thirteen practice healthy positive successful and prosperous thinking Philippians four and eight Joshua 1:8 1:22:24 and 9 live authentically be true to who you are if many of you have the 40-day 1:22:30 so fast because a lot of people want to know about authenticity nobody ever taught us there are 40 characteristics 1:22:37 of an authentic person the 40-day sophist is not about what you’re eating it’s about what’s eating you what’s 1:22:43 eating away at the true you and so you’re gonna learn these 40 attributes you’ve got to live authentically 1st 1:22:50 chronicles 29 14 to 19 number 15 be diligent in earning and 1:22:55 managing your finances save and invest more spend less proverbs 6 and 6 some 1:23:01 people say I can’t spend I don’t I can’t seem to spend oh I can’t seem to save 1:23:06 but you you drink Starbucks every day do you not know you could buy a bottle of a 1:23:13 coffee and a bottle of creamer for less than a Starbucks coffee I can show you 1:23:20 how do you save money if you eat out don’t buy groceries if you buy groceries 1:23:26 don’t eat out have you ever noticed that you bring stuff home and you waste waste brings into want stop wasting stop 1:23:37 wasting your time your energy your mind and your money number what number am I on number 16 pursue and invest in solid 1:23:46 mutually beneficial relationships Ephesians 5 1 to 2 and verse 21 in 1:23:51 Romans 12 and 10 number 17 make the most of your time and make the most of an 1:23:57 opportunity Ephesians 5:15 2:16 how many of you have missed some important opportunities 1:24:03 before that will never happen another day in your life you’re gonna be able to 1:24:08 you’re gonna be able to make the most of your time and every opportunity number 18 replaced unhealthy habits with 1:24:15 healthy one Romans 12:1 two to number nineteen deepen and live out your faith 1:24:21 in God Hebrews eleven and one mark 11:24 1:24:27 maintain a prayerful attitude Ephesians 6:18 number 21 plan for and model 1:24:35 generosity and give to those who can never reciprocate 2nd corinthians 8 1:24:41 deuteronomy 15 and 10 number 20 to be true to your convictions and core values 1:24:47 Matthew 16:26 number 23 pursue improvement refinement and upgrades in 1:24:54 all areas of your life pursue improvement refinement and upgrades in 1:25:00 all areas of your life and so I live my life based on vision my vision is broken down into twelve different categories 1:25:08 and each of those categories I seek to upgrade and so even though I have many 1:25:13 degrees but yet I’m upgrading myself intellectually last year I went to Oxford University this year I’m at 1:25:20 Harvard University do am I going there for another degree no I just need to keep my brain and my mind sharp so even 1:25:29 though I have a degree my degree is obsolete cuz I got it so long ago so you 1:25:34 want to stay relevant and so you want to upgrade you want to keep upgrading I hire coaches right now I have three two 1:25:42 coaches last season I had three coaches so I hire coaches to take me to the next 1:25:48 level the next business level professional level I have now an exercise coach our name is Courtney 1:25:54 shout out to Courtney but Courtney is great now and this is gonna mean a lot 1:25:59 to you because I travel so I was missing out on a lot of exercise but then I used modern technology so Courtney is always 1:26:07 in her her gym I’m in whatever gym 1:26:12 I am in the world and I hit a button and there is Courtney hi dr. tree and where in the world are you let’s get ready 1:26:18 it’s time for you to workout let’s do your planks like do this you know and 1:26:23 sometimes I’m like Courtney please you know you could count because she’s like 1:26:29 1 2 3 4 and now I hear when I hear 5 6 7 1:26:35 and 8 I go into shock sometimes you know because of Courtney and a lot of times 1:26:41 we don’t upgrade arias in our life I tell my friends that are over 21 I I’m 1:26:48 turning 21 this July but before my friends and then over 21 you know a lot 1:26:54 of aches and pains that we believe is ages not age it’s a lack of movement and 1:27:01 and and and I’m a borderline workaholic so I like the work that I do and I could 1:27:07 work all day all night so I have to really begin to refine certain areas so 1:27:12 that I can respect and honor the temple of God I’m gonna get there in a minute you’ve got to pursue improvement 1:27:19 refinement upgrades in all areas of your life I want to become a better writer so 1:27:25 I have to learn how to write have to take courses I want to preach better I want to serve better I want to lead 1:27:32 better so I take leadership courses I take you know I hire people to teach me 1:27:40 about running boards I’m going to Harvard University to learn how to run corporate boards cuz I run boards so I 1:27:48 want to upgrade I want to build capacity in my boards so I’ve got to go first so 1:27:55 it’s not just me saying that I’m intelligent I need to upgrade in all 1:28:01 areas I need to get better I need to learn more because the world is changing so you you you just can’t go in your 1:28:07 profession and never go to a seminar never invest in your your profession do 1:28:14 you not know that you can become you can you within the next four years it’s 1:28:21 possible for you to be considered amongst the best in the world in your industry if not the 1:28:29 best in your industry you can be that within the next four years if you would 1:28:34 take the time to study your industry just one hour a day find out just one 1:28:41 hour a day you did only two or three read up get a book find out what’s going 1:28:47 on I was interested in architect I’m not an architect but I discovered something I discovered that architect is so far 1:28:54 ahead in what it’s doing do you not know right now right now in Asia they are 1:29:00 building a disappearing building right now and and and just think who would 1:29:07 have thought if someone would have told you that in 2018 they’re going to be 1:29:13 building a building or constructing a building that disappears a disappearing 1:29:19 building everybody wants that architect 1:29:26 it’s amazing so you’ve got to upgrade in all areas let me keep going I hope 1:29:33 that’s helping you what number am i 124 1:29:40 live morally and conduct all your fears ethically second Peter one and five 1:29:46 twenty five ensure your actions and responses are governed by the Word of 1:29:52 God Deuteronomy 12 and 28 number 26 discover and manifest your purpose 1:29:59 Romans 8:28 2nd Timothy 1 and 9 number 27 maximize your potential Luke 13 6 to 1:30:07 9 Hebrews 3 and 1 number 28 live your life as a visionary thought 1:30:12 leadership within your industry proverbs 29:18 number 29 live a holy life style that 1:30:19 forced us peace success and prosperity Hebrews 12:14 number 30 give your body 1:30:26 the exercise rest and nutrition it needs and deserves for you are the temple of 1:30:31 God first Quran Corinthians 6:19 20 and Hebrews 4 and 11 I’m gonna say it again 1:30:37 the hardest part for me is to go to sleep so I try every night I make an attempt every night because I’m 1:30:44 borderline workaholic I’m actually a recovering workaholic hi my name is 1:30:49 Cindy and I love to work I’m a 1:30:56 completist I don’t need any I don’t never needed supervision I’m a very 1:31:02 honest worker first one in last one out always so that was not my problem my 1:31:09 problem is turning it off and so I need God’s help because if I don’t rest my 1:31:15 body I’m dishonouring the Temple of God if I don’t follow nutritional principles I’m 1:31:23 dis honoring the temple of God if I’m not exercising I am dis honoring the 1:31:30 temple of God I’m desecrating it by putting junk all that junk in it I want 1:31:35 you to promise me just for the first month that 25% of your food will be live 1:31:44 and I’m gonna tell you why why how many of you take supplements supplements vitamins supplements okay so when you 1:31:52 cook food you kill food may it could be broccoli it could be cauliflower the 1:31:57 moment you cook it you kill it so that means if it’s dead when you take 1:32:03 supplements you are supplementing death that’s packaged food canned food 1:32:10 McDonald’s Burger King’s shoutout to McDonald’s all of it is dead with the 1:32:17 exception of the salads so if you’re gonna take a supplement you gotta supplement what live something that is 1:32:24 going to generate foster life in you so we’re gonna start simply 25% of your 1:32:31 meals is going to be live food and then we’re gonna push all the way in to 50% 1:32:38 all in favor Hunter I come up here let me lay hands on you starting from today you’re going 1:32:47 to drink water how many of you don’t like the taste of water all right let write this down 1:32:52 you try Voss water try eternal water try Fiji water what you don’t like is the 1:32:59 aftertaste cuz it tastes funny right try that or if you don’t want to invest in 1:33:04 expensive water go and get purified water and you can get a Publix brand purify water or get the water for babies 1:33:11 it tastes good but I want you to drink eight glasses a day all in favor okay let me tell you why if 1:33:21 you don’t drink water you don’t you don’t go to the bathroom you don’t have to right so the part of your body when 1:33:31 you get thirsty just like a desert becomes just like plush land become a 1:33:37 desert because it’s dried up lacking water so your body gets dehydrated it’s like a desert so what your body is gonna 1:33:44 do is look for the greatest reservoir of fluids which is your bladder so what it 1:33:52 would do it will pull the urine out of your bladder and recirculate it around your body because you’re thirsty so that 1:33:58 means every day you’re drinking like a glass of your own urine that’s nasty put your hand up see I’ll 1:34:07 drink to that revelation I drink today I’m drinking water so that uric acid is 1:34:13 being locked into your limbs and sometimes your knees hurt and your hips hurt you got a drink water amen 1:34:23 number 31 nurture your soul Jeremiah 50 and 90 number 32 feed your spirit acts 1:34:29 20 and 28 number 33 hone your skill Exodus 31 50 number 34 walk in 1:34:36 forgiveness towards others and yourself forgive yourself you did what you know 1:34:43 how to do until you know how to do better I decree in declare from today on what you’re living without regrets 1:34:49 you’re gonna let bygones be bygones you’re gonna say goodbye to yesterday and how 1:34:54 tomorrow amen number 35 do not grow 1:35:00 weary in doing good as you trust God to sustain you Galatians 6:9 2nd 1:35:06 Thessalonians 3:13 number 36 give yourself permission to prevail Joshua 1 1:35:13 & 8 number 37 choose and display a positive mental mental attitude at all times 1:35:20 Philippians 4 and 8 number 38 number 38 1:35:27 know and follow healthy nutritional guidelines number 39 communicate with 1:35:36 love respect and care always number 39 1:35:41 number 40 practice positive successful and prosperous thinking I think I said 1:35:47 that before the next one works smart earn and properly manage your resources 1:35:55 this is proverbs 27 23 to 27 that’s managing your resources resource of time 1:36:01 habits gifts talent relationships finances and opportunity you remember 1:36:06 the protocol protocol son that wasted all his substance so this was not just money he wasted his time he wasted his 1:36:14 gifts he wasted his talent he wasted his relationships he raises his finances and 1:36:19 he wasted opportunities the next one and I have four more and I will have given 1:36:26 you 50 do not live beyond your means don’t live beyond your means in cleese 1:36:34 yes this is 11 – one two – number four I don’t know which one I’m one use your 1:36:39 mind wisely creatively and innovatively Genesis 11 1:36:45 and 6 the next one deep in and about your faith Hebrews 11 the next one is 1:36:56 the next one is do your part in making this world a better place mark 16:15 – 1:37:03 18 and the last few these are freebies ensure that you value 1:37:14 your spirituality as you grow in the grace of our Lord 2nd Peter 3:18 1:37:22 everyday in everyway grow wiser stronger and better make this 1:37:30 your commitment the last 4 I set the 1:37:37 last form but this is really the last 4 understand that life is a choice 1:37:45 destiny is attached to your decision and since destiny is a matter of choice 1:37:52 and not of chance choose to attack every day with deliberate action based one of 1:38:00 vision goals and your personal dream for making this world a better place some 25 1:38:06 and 12 choose to live a life that is dynamic refuse to use alibis that begin 1:38:13 with the statement those them and day those people they don’t like me whose 1:38:18 day I don’t even know you they don’t like me refuse to use those statements 1:38:24 refuse to use others for selfish gain or as an alibi for the bad choices and the 1:38:30 poor choices that you have made you are the one who makes the decisions and 1:38:36 therefore what does not work for you choose to discard it choose to rely less 1:38:43 on others and more in God choose to be patient with everyone and expect the 1:38:49 same from them Galatians 6 finally based on Deuteronomy 30 and 19 choose life and 1:38:59 not death choose blessings and not curses choose abundance and not scarcity 1:39:06 choose success over failure choose humility over pride choose serving over 1:39:14 being served choose honor over dishonor true choose true 1:39:20 overlies choose transparency over deception choose openness over 1:39:27 close-mindedness choose integrity over duplicity choose righteous living over 1:39:34 unrighteousness choose character over compromise choose trust over distrust 1:39:40 choose love over hate choose peace and harmony over conflict and confusion 1:39:47 choose giving over receiving choose faith over disbelief choose courage over 1:39:54 fear choose progress over stagnation choose success over failure choose prosperity 1:40:01 over poverty choose health over sickness choose kindness over begrudging this 1:40:07 choose generosity over stin genus choose joy over depression choose happiness 1:40:14 over sadness choose hard work over laziness choose focus over destruction 1:40:20 choose honesty over dishonesty choose morality over morality choose a loyalty 1:40:26 over disloyalty choose faithfulness over betrayal but for God’s sake take your 1:40:33 life out of neutral and choose God 1:40:42 you

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