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well thank you for logging on this is the four points broadcast with dr. Cindy 0:05 trimm I’m Pastor Ryan and we’re excited 0:10 in the room that you’ve joined us from around the world go ahead and hit that share button right now so all of your 0:16 friends on social media can be empowered by this message as well it’s an incredible series it’s called the DNA of 0:22 destiny how many of you have been receiving a lot from this series it’s been life-changing we’re here with our 0:29 life group but but with this series where we’re launching our life group curriculum so if you want to start a 0:37 life group right where you’re at amongst your friends or your colleagues or family members email us at info at Cindy 0:43 trim ministries org and we’ll send you all of the details amen it’s it’s a it’s an opportunity for you 0:50 to connect on a deeper level and we’re gonna resource you and give you all the tools that you need to do that it’s an 0:57 amazing series and we know that revelation is gonna hit you and right when it does we want you to tweet about 1:04 it we want you to Facebook it and use the hashtag destiny DNA and connects to 1:10 the conversation that’s going on around the world well I want to bring her to the platform right now the woman of God 1:16 dr. Cindy trim come on can you welcome her 1:22 how y’all doing tonight it’s another great day on planet earth any day above 1:30 zero is a good day to praise the Lord we’ve been engaging you in our series 1:38 called the the DNA of destiny and we’ve spent a couple of weeks actually just 1:45 excavating the whole fact that your destiny is attached to decisions and we’ve given you examples from Moses and 1:53 the decision that he had to make Abraham decisions that he made and many many different people throughout the Bible 1:59 that had made had to make decisions but in John chapter five and we’re going to 2:05 go directly into the word John chapter five we’re reading from verse number two there’s a very interesting story and you 2:11 can easily miss it because there’s this is a tax that is always preached about so you can actually miss some of the 2:18 layered revelation that is there but as you turn to John chapter five we want to 2:23 welcome you to your life group this is my life group they are lit they are on a fire they are making such a heavy demand 2:32 and we greet each one of you meeting around the world with your life groups 2:39 all the way in Latvia and Germany and Paris and all Brazil all over the world 2:45 South Africa Nigeria there are life groups all over the world meeting simultaneously and we are thanking God 2:53 for the presence of God that is going to be there and we pray that you will 2:59 experience spontaneous deliverance and spontaneous healing as you believe the 3:04 Lord for your breakthrough tonight is gonna be a night of breakthroughs breakthrough in Revelation that’s gonna 3:10 take your life to the next level let’s just pray in acts God to bless our time together our dear father we thank you 3:17 for the time that you have allotted us that we could spend just combing through the word ask evading the word pulling 3:23 out the pearls of Revelation and that is lying there waiting for us to be able to 3:29 pull them out and apply them far out to our own life that the truth that will be revealed to us that will have 3:36 a liberating effect for we shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free and so tonight we pray that the 3:43 anointing will be one that would liberate our minds and hearts so that we can go on and do those things that you 3:48 have commissioned and called us to do without feeling that somehow we are locked in and prohibited by the 3:54 limitations that other individuals have used to aboard or even forfeit the great 4:02 opportunity of adventure in the realm of the Spirit in being able to discover our 4:09 purpose and then maximize our potential what a great adventure it is with the holy spirit who navigates the path that 4:17 we should take and to show us the charted course that you had in mind for us before the foundation of the world 4:24 and so father we pray that you would bless our time together and bless those that are meeting around the world in 4:31 their life groups and especially this Life Group tonight bless them and give them strategies and insights and give 4:38 them principles that they can apply immediately to their lives and then give them the faith and the courage to do so 4:45 we pray that their lives will never be the be the same in Jesus name Amen the 4:52 power of decision making we’re going to talk to you about the power of decision making today John chapter 5 now there 4:59 was at Jerusalem by the Sheep market a pool which is called in the Hebrew tongue the Wester having five porches 5:05 and these lay a great multitude of impotent folk of blind halted withered waiting for the moving of the water and 5:12 we learned in our last lesson about these individuals they were impotent 5:18 they lacked power so they were disempowered so a dissident powered 5:23 person is a danger if they’re a danger to society because they really don’t care but they’re also a danger to 5:29 themselves they’re gonna end up doing things to themselves to their body to their relationships that will end up 5:36 hurting them and sabotaging the greatness that is only inside of them Jesus when he died he came to restore 5:44 that which was lost and what we lost we lost our ability to think like heavens 5:49 representative to think like God we lost our a Dominion we lost our sensibility 5:56 we lost our way we lost our Authority and power because we fed fell out of a realm of Dominion 6:02 and what Jesus when he died did for us he is allowing us to be restored back to 6:10 that place that place of Dominion and it’s a realm that you live in anytime you live in the kingdom you live 6:16 in a realm of power empowerment realm of authority around wealth affluence and 6:22 influence and so you can see why the enemy wants us to be ignorant concerning who we are in Christ Jesus and to hold 6:31 us in somewhat of a mental and emotional and psychological so tie with the 6:39 Babylonian system there are a lot of people that are saved genuinely save but 6:44 they’re not delivered and we’re not talking about demons coming out of you but we’re talking about being able to be 6:50 birthed into a new realm of power away from the source of your original 6:56 paradigm your paradigm is a mental model it’s um the way that you see yourself in 7:02 this world it’s the way that you process information it’s the way you interpret 7:07 experiences and two people can have the same experience at the same time but 7:13 their interpretation will be different and it’s based one a paradigm and so here was a man with the paradigm hanging 7:20 around impotent folk that was his paradigm we have to wait for someone to do something for us we have to wait for 7:27 someone to be kind to us we can’t eat until someone feeds us we can’t drink 7:32 until someone gives us water and everyone in his community was like that 7:37 and that the Bible said they were halted and withered they were waiting for the moving of the water it’s interesting 7:44 because they believe that an angel had to move the water so the moving of the water simply means that there was some 7:52 external force that was gonna cause the water to ripple not knowing that they 7:57 could cause ripples themselves you know and they they they they were waiting on 8:03 you know and they felt as if and they use it as an excuse well God must want 8:09 me to be this way because if he didn’t then things would be different and I would be different in the circumstances 8:15 would be different and so they had this oral tradition that was passed down it 8:21 was just a story that they believed that only one person a year got a chance to 8:27 break away nobody else is gonna break away and the rest of us are gonna have to stay like we are and then they had 8:32 this oral tradition that was passed down that whosoever then first after the 8:39 troubling of the water stepped in was made whole of whatsover disease he had and if you you are not first well then 8:47 oh well you’re just going to stay like that until next year and if someone goes ahead of you then you’re not gonna have 8:53 the opportunity and somehow we we grow up with this limiting belief that there’s not enough to go around for all 9:00 of us you know and that somehow success is not for everybody prosperity is not for everybody it’s just for the few 9:07 lucky individuals that have been favoured and the rest of us are not 9:13 favored almost as if we believe the lie that favor ain’t fear favor is not just 9:20 for some of us it’s for all of us and we usually say it after we make it in life 9:26 but before we make it in life we’re all favorite after we make it in life favoring fear but favors for all of us 9:33 as long as you’re a part of this dispensation of grace the Bible said there will come a time that God will 9:39 favor us and this is our time it’s during this dispensation where we’re all favored grace is synonymous with favor 9:46 you know and God’s grace gives you the power to do what you couldn’t do in and 9:52 of yourself the Bible says that they believed this lie and they had it 9:58 perpetuated intergenerationally this particular man was there for 38 years we 10:03 don’t know how he got there we don’t know his age all we know is that he was locked in a system for 38 years and he 10:10 believed a lie – because it was perpetuated so they were all people of the lie and the Bible says 10:16 that a certain man had been there had an infirmity but 38 years when Jesus saw him my and 10:24 in our last message we talked about the problem with lying and what it really 10:31 means it doesn’t just mean to to recline horizontally it means to misrepresent 10:36 the truth and we were talking about misrepresenting the truth of who you are you learn to to not to be boastful and 10:46 people believe that if you say that you’re good at something somehow you’re boasting and you’re arrogant but but how 10:52 can people know what you bring to the table unless you tell them and you know 10:58 you want to give God glory you want to be able to give God glory and and you see when when we talk about being humble 11:05 the scripture in Matthew chapter 5 talks about being meek meekness is not the 11:11 same thing as lying about who you are you see because you a lot of people are 11:17 so insecure when you know that you’re powerful at doing something they want 11:22 you to lie to make them feel better about their insecurity you see so when I 11:29 go for a doctor I want the best in town so I always interview any any professional that I use I always 11:35 interview them it doesn’t matter all right are you good at what you do and if this em all right I hang up the phone 11:42 because I’m looking for the best and if you think you if you don’t think that you’re right you know you know people are looking for 11:50 the best so they want the best doctor the best lawyer am I correct about it the best realtor when I moved to Georgia 11:57 I called up a couple of friends and they say who is the best doctor who is the 12:03 best dentist and they told me who the best was and I went after the best now 12:08 if it’s fine for you to go after the best how come you can’t be the best in your industry why do you have to be the 12:14 worst why do you have to be the second-best why can’t you be the best to why and so it’s interesting because 12:21 again people want us to lie and I remember reading an article about a gentleman he was an excellent writer and 12:27 he said people think that I’m arrogant but I’m really not because why would I lie about being good at what 12:33 I do I’m a good writer you know I and I’m a good speaker now I can’t do 12:39 everything I could sing but eres no records don’t think I can sing they haven’t given me a 12:47 contract I’m good with holding the mic but they haven’t given me a contract I’m a good speaker I’m a good communicator 12:53 I’m a good writer but I’m not a good singer are you with me I have a few of 12:59 my friends that say girl you could sing and I said well I’m giving you passes to the backstage but I just haven’t got on 13:05 the front stage yet but but but but you know when we think about a person being 13:13 meek to be meek simply means that you acknowledge what God has placed in you 13:21 but you also acknowledge the source you see macness has to do with you 13:27 acknowledging the source if you sing yes I could sing good but it’s only because 13:33 of him do you see that you see the difference so if God made you an 13:39 excellent dancer you know and your principal dancer why would you say I’m not that good that isn’t that lying when 13:47 you really can blow and you’ve got pipes and and people are paying to go to your 13:52 concert and you said now I’m not that good when you stand up and you get a gold medal at the Olympics and they 14:00 interview you it’s it’s a lie to say oh I’m not that good I’m just being humble 14:06 no I’m the best in the world to God be the glory I can sing to God be the glory I can 14:15 dance to God be the glory I’m beautiful to God because he could 14:20 have given you an ugly gene to God be that are you with me so when people give 14:27 you a compliment stop lying and acting as if you know you don’t know you’re 14:32 gonna give God glory you’re gonna give God glory we call people arrogant when they know who they 14:39 are and they know they’re good at something and they refuse to act otherwise 14:47 are you with me then why would you lie if you’re good at something but give God 14:54 the glory so here was this man lying amongst other individuals that were 15:00 lying with him they were misrepresenting the truth of who they we’re and the 15:07 scripture says that Jesus came in and when he saw him live and knew had been 15:12 there for a long time he asked him a question this is verse number 6 wilt thou be made whole now notice the 15:20 question doesn’t say do you want to be healed the question says do you want to 15:26 be whole and the scripture uses a word say if he saith unto him si it8 say yes 15:35 that’s not just all English is a present active continuous in other words that 15:41 verb he kept saying present active continuous verb he kept asking him wilt thou be 15:49 made whole do you want to be home do you want to be whole and every time he was asking well my momma do you want do you 15:57 want my daddy do you the government do you what do you want and bombarded his 16:04 mind brought him to a crises point where he had to say yes or no because it was a 16:10 closed-ended question and a closed-ended question require either a yes uh no I am 16:17 NOT asking you about the 38 years I’m not asking you about you laying up in 16:23 the rain I’m not asking you about you not having a blanket when it was cold I’m not asking you about the people that 16:31 didn’t help you they walk by because what he was looking for his pity and that was a learned behavior 16:37 you don’t want pity you want principles you don’t need anybody’s pity you don’t 16:43 need anybody feeling sorry for you because that’s all you got all your life you’ve got people feeling sorry for you 16:50 and you are still in the same place people intuitively and instinctively 16:57 realize they have greatness in them is something instinct and for some people it’s been 17:04 beaten out of them and if it’s if it wasn’t physical it was it was verbal 17:10 where people beat you down so that they can control you you see the moment you 17:16 start making decisions for yourself people will begin to resent you because 17:22 they have given away their personal power and when you take your personal power back who gave you the nerve to 17:28 think that you’re better than us you 17:33 don’t need permission God gave you permission you know the greatest gift 17:39 that you can give yourself is the gift of goodbye when you go home you’re gonna 17:46 have to tell some people good bye you’re gonna have to have to tell some 17:51 circumstances goodbye and you’re gonna have to do it you’re gonna have to do it deliberately you’re gonna have to do it 17:57 consciously and you’re gonna have to do it consistently until the spirit realm until your friends get the message that 18:04 I’m not staying around I’m not doing this anymore I can’t live like this another day I don’t want to feel like 18:11 this another day I don’t want to go to bed with my heart pounding wondering how 18:17 I’m gonna pay bills wondering what what friend is gonna walk out on me next I don’t want to live this way any longer 18:24 and because you make a decision not to live that way you don’t have to live that way another day in your life you’re 18:31 not to live where you’re living you’re at the work where you’re working you not to take what you’re taking you don’t 18:37 have to allow people to talk to you as if your name is Matt walk all over you 18:42 you don’t have to take it you have to be treated that way the moment you know 18:48 your value and your worth is the moment you are empowered to be everything that 18:55 God wants you to be and you don’t have to ask for permission and I can imagine 19:00 as Jesus asking him he’s trying to imagine now for 38 years I haven’t had to cook for 38 years I 19:08 haven’t had to pay a mortgage for 38 years I haven’t had to work but there years I haven’t had to carry myself 19:14 anywhere for 38 years I haven’t had to do any of this do I want to be home 19:22 because if I’m home I don’t have any more excuses if I’m home I can’t bag 19:28 anymore if I’m whole I’m gonna have to work if I’m whole I’m gonna have to make my own salary if I’m whole I’m gonna 19:35 have to be a innovator if I’m whole I’m gonna have to pay my own bills if I’m whole I’m gonna have to keep my 19:41 own lights on if I’m whole I’m going to have to if I get whole if I don’t have any problem I don’t have any pity and 19:48 people are not going to give me anyway do I want that do I want to be responsible for my own 19:54 success do I want to be responsible for my own prosperity do I want to be 20:00 responsible for my own failure you need to tell me I can’t blame the government anymore I can’t blame my husband anymore 20:06 when you take 100 percent of percent responsibility for your life when you 20:13 take 100% responsibility for your life for your success for your failure for 20:20 your joy for your happiness for your disappointment when you take 100% 20:25 responsibility something amazing happens in the realm of the Spirit you will 20:31 begin to feel heaven conspiring with to get the resources to you to get the 20:37 divine hook up to you to get the resources you need to start your business to go back to the school 20:44 something amazing happens when you stop begging what do you want what do you 20:56 want what do you want have you put any thought to what you want and why you 21:02 want it have you put any thought towards that and we talked about earlier how to 21:08 keep your own rhythm you gotta keep your rhythm in life you know life has a 21:13 rhythm you should have a rhythm to never allow someone else agency to become your 21:20 priority teach me to number my days give 21:25 me your ability to manage my activities according to timeframes what would would 21:31 with goals did you set for this year what specific goals a goal has a start 21:37 date and a finish date what specific goals when did you start when did you finish 21:42 when are you gonna finish what goals are you establishing for next year what 21:48 goals are you establishing the year after you ventually it’s gonna explode and you’re gonna have everything you want you’re gonna accomplish everything 21:54 that you want you’re gonna be able to do everything that you want to do do you 22:05 want what do you want I don’t care about what other people want I’m asking you 22:11 and then finally said I do want to be home then he said take up your bed and 22:17 walk cuz I’m not gonna be a crutch to you I’m not gonna be an alibi the devil deceived 22:24 him into believing that he had no other option and this was how his story was 22:32 going to end it is what it is and ain’t when it ain’t but when Jesus came into 22:37 his life Jesus came as an interrupter and he interrupted things and he 22:44 disrupted things so that he could have another script in life to be able to say 22:50 I come in the volume of the book it is written of me do you want to be whole 22:57 not heal he was sick in his mind his thought life was bankrupt he had mental 23:02 impotency it wasn’t just physical it was mental it was mind over matter what are 23:08 the medical conditions that we talk about is psychosomatic s’ 23:14 and that’s the state of being where the mind is closed to any other alternative 23:19 for wholeness that’s what psychosomatic is your mind is absolutely closed to any 23:26 other alternative for being whole and so he was psychosomatic 23:31 his lameness was self-imposed someone is that way so it in other words you know 23:39 people talk I was born this way but you don’t have to die that way that’s the thing it was 23:45 learned helplessness and he learned excuses he learned excuses and Jesus said look it’s time for you to stand up 23:52 on your own two feet take up your bed and walk stand up on your own two feet 23:58 and you are going to get your personal empowerment back where you’re not 24:03 relying and leaning on people and your boss and to make things happen for you 24:08 where you have networks that you’re equally contributing to one another success is not just one of you in your 24:14 network that’s successful it’s all of you that are successful you’re not gonna be the only one in your family that is 24:21 successful your sons are gonna be successful your daughter is gonna be successful you’re not their own gonna be 24:27 the only one paying everybody’s bills because look they made their decisions and you make yours and that usually 24:34 happens in people’s family where there’s one successful one and then the whole lazy family said can you pay my bill can 24:41 you pay my car note you got more and then they’re resentful cuz you got more you got more than us 24:47 you know we gotta work but you get your own job no nobody else around here and 24:53 it’s almost as if they’re resentful and they bring a spirit of entitlement but 24:58 the first thing you need to do whatever you want need to move into a new network of successful people the first thing you 25:05 have to determine what are you going to bring to that network you you can’t just take you cannot just take from a 25:13 relationship never engage in a relationship where you are not prepared 25:18 to give first give and it shall be given you the question is how can i enhance 25:24 your on your life how can i enhance it so that you are more successful more 25:29 happy more productive or you bring your own happiness more productive more successful more empowered how can i 25:37 benefit you now if you sit down and you analyze that you are not able to benefit 25:42 that relationship don’t engage in it but the first thing you need to ask what am 25:47 i bringing to the table and you’ve got to engage in a relationship 25:53 from that because I’ve discovered that all you’ve got in the universe is takers people just take take take take take so 26:01 if you can want once what you’ve given them dries up they’ll go to the next and they’ll go to the next the best thing 26:07 that you can do is have someone in your immediate relationship that can help you 26:14 to build capacity for next you see a lot of people can keep you where you are but 26:19 can they build capacity in you for the next can they provide enough tension 26:24 enough pressure to make you want to change can they can they hold you 26:30 accountable for the potential that you have on the inside of you have they ever 26:36 asks you what you have the potential for see when you have conversations with 26:42 people and you talk about potential it’s gonna show up in the form of a vision so 26:47 another way another way to address a person concerning potential is to ask them what is your vision for your life 26:57 what’s your vision when people ask but 27:02 how you gonna do that say just give me a moment and let me think cuz you could think your way into anything and out of 27:09 anything you could think your way to something you can think your way away from something just give me a minute to 27:15 think to move from where you are it 27:23 doesn’t take a lot of effort look at Exodus 23 30 to move from where you are 27:29 it didn’t take much effort for that man to walk out of his condition it just 27:36 took him took it just took him making addition it just took making a decision 27:43 I’m excited I’m stumbling on my own words cuz I know where I’m going in the message so I’m trying to get there real 27:49 fast it just took a decision it doesn’t take much effort you don’t even have to 27:57 have ten percent right 20 percent fifty percent you don’t have to have 99 28:02 percent all you need is one percent you just need one percent effort not 2% 28:09 5% not quantum leap when you walk out of there you don’t have to quantum leap at 28:16 anything you just have to do one thing more oh that that that’s right and amen 28:23 is too weak for me that is a weak amen because I’m talking to you and I’m 28:29 giving you some facts you are gonna interact with this message 28:36 now I’m getting passionate because I’m pretty mad right now that somebody 28:42 didn’t tell you earlier and I know they didn’t tell you I don’t listen you don’t 28:48 need another person in your life making you feel good about where you are it’s 28:55 alright ain’t alright I want more and 29:03 I’m not apologetic with it I’m not apologetic about it one more and 29:11 I’m going after it somebody has to be introduced into your 29:18 life to bring you into a crisis and there’s so many people that wiggle out of relationships that God has sent to 29:26 them you know why cuz everybody else made you feel good and then when a real 29:32 individual that has been assigned to you comes into your life they make you uncomfortable they make 29:40 you uncomfortable with with you accepting mediocrity this ain’t good 29:45 enough where everybody else I’m not everybody else you have anybody in your 29:55 life it helps you to figure out what you’re good at to help you figure out what you have potential for nobody to 30:02 speak to your potential to tell you you 30:09 can do better to tell you stop feeling sorry for yourself and stop telling that same story you 30:15 told it last year year before you told it to you best friend that walked out on you shut 30:24 it down let’s talk about where we’re going let’s not talk about where we’ve been where we going what do you want how 30:36 do you want your life to unfold and God can show you that and you don’t need to 30:42 get it all right but you do need to need to get something right and it doesn’t need to be a 30:48 quantum leap just small little steps exodus 20:3 30 by little and little I 30:53 will dry them out from before you until they’ll be increased and inherit the 30:59 land this is what you call the 1% theory of success and prosperity 1% theory now 31:06 listen to how powered this powerful this is one extra degree can make all the 31:12 difference Martin Luther King said if you can’t fly run if you can’t run walk if you can’t 31:18 walk crawl but whatever you do just don’t sit here and act Rifai and die 31:28 just one degree can change hot water into steam with steam we can power a 31:34 locomotive and generate electrical power to light up an entire city it only takes 31:40 one degree the average margin of victory for the last 25 years in all major golf 31:45 tournaments combined was less than three strokes the margin for victory between 31:50 Olympic gold medal and no medal at all is extremely small and usually less than 31:57 a minute it’s a fraction of a minute it’s a fraction of an inch is a fraction 32:04 of a mile it’s a fraction of a point in 2004 in man’s 800 million millimeter 32:10 race the margin of victory listen to this was point seven one seconds it’s 32:16 the one percent principle at the Indy 500 the average margin for victory for 32:22 the past 10 years has been one point five four seconds the winners average 32:28 take-home was six hundred and twenty five thousand three hundred twenty four dollars Jess over a half a million dollars here’s 32:35 something that is really amazing the 1% Theory the chimpanzees DNA differs from 32:42 ours by one point six percent one point six percent is the 1% theory that means 32:51 when you walk out of here it’s not that hard to succeed it’s not that hard to be 33:00 great it’s not that hard to be prosperous it’s not that hard to be 33:06 wealthy you just have to do it little by little by the inch is a cinch by the 33:12 mile or take a while so you’d never be afraid to do something that you’ve never done before because you don’t have the 33:21 experience you don’t have the education you’ve got to keep trying so the 33:26 paralytic man I could imagine him getting up I don’t think he ran a marathon because his muscles had 33:33 atrophied I believe he got up he had to learn how to walk again and he had to choose whether he’ll keep on walking I 33:40 decree and declare when you walk away from this stage of your life you’re gonna keep on walking and you’ll never 33:46 sit on your potential another day he had bought into the lie for 38 years and it 33:54 paralyzed his ability it paralyzed his potential but one word from God God 34:00 through Jesus Christ gave him the opportunity to change his destiny by 34:06 demanding that he makes a decision outside of the cultural conventions and 34:12 man’s expectations they didn’t expect anyone that was in that little pool or 34:17 near that pool under the portrait under the porches you know it’s time for you to get up off of the porch anyway you’ve 34:27 been sitting on the stoop for too long get up off the porch and walk away from 34:33 the porch but it started with a decision that he had to make one decision changes life forever 34:38 so there are nine important decisions that you are going to have to make the 34:43 first decision that you’re gonna have to make about your life is who you’re gonna serve and it was just what 34:48 they said choose this day whom you were going to serve and he said that’s for me in my house I’ve made a decision we’re 34:54 gonna serve the Lord number one number two you have to make a decision very important decision how you will live and 35:01 as a believer you’re gonna live by the fruit of the Spirit number three you got 35:06 to decide where you will go where you gonna be go at the end of this month where you gonna go at the end of this 35:12 year where are you gonna end up at the end of your life where are you gonna end up and I feel the prophetic download 35:19 right now and I believe that someone here is being anointed right now with a 35:25 vision and you are journeying in the realm of the Spirit God is showing you 35:30 that you are here but you could be there take that seriously because it’s God 35:35 speaking to you and he’s gonna he’s gonna begin to download the vision he has for you he’s gonna give you a 35:41 strategy and you’ve got to believe what he’s showing you right now and he’s gonna give you a strategy he’s gonna 35:47 tell you who to call he’s gonna tell you what to do and it’s gonna happen right now even as you were speaking to me even 35:55 as I’m speaking to you and he’s speaking to me it’s gonna happen you’ve got to 36:00 decide your life strategy and I tell a lot of people you know when when people come to me and they said you know I 36:07 messed up I said look did you get what you wanted to get out of this decision 36:13 no well don’t beat yourself over the head at least you recognize that your strategy was wrong 36:19 so let’s not condemn you because of the outcome let’s fix the strategy to get a different outcome so you have strategies 36:26 for everything you have relationships strategies you have a strategy for how you attract friends you’ve got a 36:32 strategy for how you’re living everything in life is a strategy so when people talk to me firstly I remove all 36:37 the guilt I said that was your strategy does it work no did it give you what you want it no so let’s fix the strategy 36:43 so when you see alcoholics that’s a strategy when you see drug addicts they’re using drugs as a strategy to do 36:50 something are you with me lying is a strategy or everything is a strategy in 36:55 life because the strategy is attached to a specific outcome so when you you know if your belief 37:00 you’re not gonna be hanging out in the clubs right but on a Friday night happy hour that’s people’s strategy for 37:06 getting happiness because what they want is happiness are you with me so they’re drinking to be happy but then they have 37:13 an outcome they end up having hangovers and then some unfortunately end up being 37:19 alcoholics but that was a strategy do you understand and so people have all 37:25 kinds of strategy you read Bible stories you see a disaster that happens where an entire city burns down and just about 37:32 everybody in the city dies and lot in his family they live he has a wife two 37:38 girls they live look at their strategy they’ve lost everything so when they come out in order for them to deal with 37:44 the grief number one lock decides I can’t expend my energy to build anything 37:50 more and God said look I have this great mountain for you I have a mountain represents Authority power and 37:56 prosperity so it’s in your future you got Authority power and prosperity he said no let me go to lust it’s just a 38:03 little city and let me just hang out there I’m accepting mediocrity just that 38:08 I just need enough to get by why because he didn’t want to expend any more energy building wealth building anything his 38:15 wife got stuck remember she turned into a pillar of salt it was in a literal pillar of soul what it simply means was 38:22 she was walking forward but not moving on because it was too painful for her to 38:28 move on so she just swallowed her her her disappointment with life swallowed 38:34 it and and never moved past that point never she was not gonna build a game 38:40 because she’s too afraid that she’ll lose it again so she’s stuck and then the girls their strategy was to be 38:47 promiscuous and though that was their strategy of dealing listen to this 38:52 dealing with life’s transitions you see a lot of us have life strategies but we 39:00 don’t have transitional strategies so when something happens we end up being stopped because we don’t have 39:06 transitional strategies we are not here but we are not there we’re somewhere in between and we end up in this limbo 39:14 because we don’t have a transitional strategy how are you gonna get from point A to point B if you’re stuck in 39:20 the middle and a lot of people live right there they just shift their life 39:26 into neutral and they live there and they don’t expend the energy necessary to go to the next so they just stay 39:33 right there life just keeps happening you know and they’re indifferent because they don’t want to be disappointed 39:38 anymore so they’re indifferent and different means I don’t care if it happens I don’t care if it doesn’t I don’t care if I go to heaven I don’t 39:45 care if I go to hell they don’t they just don’t care anymore and there are a lot of people that have been 39:51 disappointed in life and that’s some of you and now you don’t put in you don’t put the energies in it anymore and I’ve 39:59 seen it over and over again and I see people that live and in different life talented amazing people and some of you 40:07 are right here right now in my life group and some of you are listening to me right now you’ve got great talent you know you 40:14 have great talents great ability but something happened something went wrong you were disappointed you had dreams and 40:21 it didn’t work out and then you decide okay well I’ll just accept this you don’t accept life when life strikes that 40:29 you strike it back stop asking why me 40:34 start saying try me your life strategies 40:40 are important and you’ve got to make a decision about your life strategies you’ve got to make a decision and this 40:45 is an on-going activity and you know why this is why coaching is important 40:51 mentorship is important because you get an opportunity to get trade secrets from people who if didn’t did what you’re 40:57 trying to do and it may not be the same but you’ve got to have people around you that are further than where you are you 41:04 have to have those people and even if you have to pay them go ahead and pay them pay them and get what they got it’s 41:12 an amazing world and and the opportunities are so amazing that are 41:18 out there success is not just for some it’s for all of us some of us could see 41:25 down the road but we can’t see around the corner that’s the difference between a person that knows trends and trendsetters the 41:33 trendsetters determine what people do the people that keep up with the trends they can be successful you want to be a 41:41 trend setter you want to not only see down the road you want to see around the corner and that’s what so what what a 41:46 vision is all about being able to see around the corner see around the band people are afraid of the band in the 41:54 road so they end up stopping and building a camp and they never make that turn they never go to the next because 42:01 it means that you’re gonna have to give up what you are so that you can become everything that you have the potential 42:06 to be but you know how to navigate this you don’t just don’t know how to navigate this and fear sets in it takes 42:14 a lot of courage to go for what God whoa it takes a lot of courage and it takes a 42:19 lot of faith and faith always takes you into the realm of risk always but never 42:28 never go back never go backward I don’t know who I’m talking to 42:33 never go backward never go back to the familiar never go back to the 42:41 comfortable never go back 42:46 Who am I talking to because it’s culture that’s pulling you 42:53 back and you know how to navigate the culture that you’ve been delivered from but God now brings you into a new 43:00 culture that means that you have to develop a new paradigm a new mindset and that’s hard that’s hard work especially 43:08 if you have someone that raises a bar and say this is the bar I would never 43:13 ever go back I would die first before I go back do you understand now you’ve got 43:22 to be able to make decisions about your life strategies how are you gonna get 43:28 from point A to point B and we’re gonna talk about life strategies in a minute you got to make this decision about your 43:34 relationships this is number five you got to be deliberate number six you got 43:41 to make a distance about your core values your core values are your non-negotiable if they put a gun to your head you’re 43:47 not gonna compromise what are your core values a lot of people are Christians 43:53 and they compromise their Christian values you know why because there’s not their values so that’s why you see 44:01 compromise ation all over in the Christian realm because we never took 44:07 time to say these are my values I’m a Christian and I love being a Christian 44:13 and I’m not anything other than a Christian so that means I want to be like Christ 44:19 full-stop and I’m not gonna compromise it because it’s not popular there are 44:26 things I will not do for no amount of money you cannot buy me to put you to do 44:32 it you get with some people they’re gonna be one way with one set of people 44:37 in another way with another set of people they’re gonna be deep over here and shallow over here you lack integrity 44:44 what are your core values what are you honor what do you respect what do you want high on my values is 44:52 loyalty high on my values is respect high on my values is honor there are 44:59 some people that don’t can’t even articulate it high on my values is hard work that’s very high productivity is 45:08 better but productivity is high on my values as my staff I don’t care how you 45:15 do it but here’s the goals you can skate and get them done you can do back with 45:21 flips and get them done but here are the goals here’s the productivity my staff to tell you I don’t call I don’t acts 45:27 when they show up I don’t know what time they show up in my office I don’t know what time they leave I’m expecting them 45:33 to be honorable nine o’clock ding ding ding ding ding when the alarm goes off you better be in 45:39 the office why but I respect them and I trust them why because trust us I is 45:49 it’s easy to get trust from me but once it’s gone I never trust you again 45:55 so I show up trusting I trust you but keep your word and if you can’t keep 46:02 your word tell me why let’s renegotiate what are your core values what are your 46:10 non-negotiables I don’t drink I don’t smoke Jesus turned water into wine that 46:16 was Jesus I’m not Jesus I never turn water into wine I don’t drink it is not 46:25 my Christian value but you notice I’m talking about my values I don’t know 46:31 what your values are I’m not gonna judge you but I know what works for me to whom 46:36 much is given much is required I’m a moral ethical leader so I got to 46:43 lead with morality lead with ethics are you getting this what are your core 46:52 values you got to make a list of them then you got to break through the best way to get a core value is to read the 46:58 fruit of the Spirit that’s good core values you gotta have a you’ve got to 47:05 make a decision about your focus what else your your what holds your attention 47:11 what holds your attention what holds your attention who holds your attention 47:16 what holds your attention who holds your attention what you focus on determines 47:22 the reality of your future and if you don’t expect something to show up in 47:28 your future you better not be focusing on it now and it’s easy see the enemy of 47:33 focus is destruction what distracts you who distraction watch this I know what 47:40 my destructors are people distract me so 47:46 I have to be careful because I love people I’m always there can I talk to you sure even if I have a thousand 47:53 things that means I suffer where am I gonna suffer I’m a completist so if I 47:59 have a goal today and her friend has an emergency I’m there right but guess what 48:05 if I give them an hour that means I got to make up the hour somewhere so guess what suffers my sleep so I’m 48:12 giving I’m giving you my wisdom I’m giving you my time and I’m giving you my health so value what I give you are you 48:19 with me what breaks your focus is it TV is it your cell phone I can’t believe 48:27 how many people sleep with their telephone like the telephone is their 48:33 spouse you remember the movie her where 48:38 this guy was involved with this that the the voice on the telephone I wanted to 48:43 find out she was talking to everybody turn that phone off make your back your 48:52 bedroom a telephone free unless you’re a medical doctor or something like that when 48:57 you’re going here when you go to bed turn the phone off and put it away from you yes what some people sleep ding they 49:04 wake up ding they wake up ding they wake up some of you are laughing don’t laugh 49:11 out too loud because I know I’m talking about you gotta make a decision about 49:20 what you feed on would you feed on intellectually what’d you feed on 49:25 spiritually what’d you feed on nutritionally you’ve got to make decisions about what you do with your 49:32 time what you do with your talent what you do with your life experiences what 49:37 you do with your education what you do with the resources that God has given you what you do with your money what you 49:43 do with your life what you do with your gifts what you do with opportunities what you do with your network what you 49:49 do with your relationship what you do with your potential you got to make decisions 49:55 finally there’s all kinds of decisions that you have to make but here’s big 50:02 picture and I want to make big big strokes number one you got to make a 50:08 decision about your spiritual life choose this you this day whom you will 50:13 serve choose life or death choose blessing or cursing God doesn’t 50:19 send people to hell they send themselves and this is where people mess up they 50:24 argue Oh Christianity about who’s going to heaven and who’s going to hell no it’s not Christianity is about having 50:31 dominion here in this area that’s what Christianity is about now your decisions determine your eternal 50:38 location not God God is not his will that any should perish number two you’ve 50:46 got to make decisions about your personal life strategies personal life 50:52 strategies though I come in the volume of the book it is written of me do you know what’s written in your book you got 51:01 to make a decision about your personal brand how many of you are business owners how many of your business owners 51:07 okay be unsettling a product you got to sell yourself people don’t buy products 51:13 and services they buy into you and then what you offer is what they buy so you 51:19 got to be able to sweat the details in your personal brand so that you couldn’t sweat the equity in your personal brand 51:27 this is what God did for Moses Moses when he left he was an ex-slave an ex-convict nobody respected him because 51:34 he ran away I mean you know the Egyptians didn’t respect him and the Hebrews didn’t respect him 51:40 so now God is introducing him to his purpose and said look you’re gonna be a 51:46 deliverer you’re gonna be a lawyer gonna be one of the greatest lawyers ever and he was like who me yeah you introducing 51:53 him to his personal brand and then he says okay so if I’m gonna do all of this 51:59 who is endorsing me so God said when you 52:04 go you can use the equity in my name tell him that I am that I am until you 52:12 the you increase the equity in your name this this is why people drop names this 52:18 is why they have photo ops so they take a picture of this person and that person 52:23 whoever has a big name they take a picture they put it on their Facebook 52:28 the social media Instagram they put it there what are they doing they’re trying to say I’m with this person so I’m as 52:35 greatest person they’re borrowing the equity of someone else’s name watch this so when 52:42 you go to work people say oh yes I used to work for Price Waterhouse I used to work for this I used to work for that 52:50 person and I know this person personally what are they doing borrowing the equity 52:56 so people can perceive them larger than life now what happens if something happens to 53:03 that person’s personal brand so if they go hmmm guess what happens to you you go 53:11 so what you want to do if God gives you an opportunity to be around someone that’s powerful yes 53:17 borrow their brand take a few photo ops but eventually you want to increase your 53:26 own brand so that now people want to use you in their photo op can I take a 53:31 picture with you you’re not saying can I take a picture with you the people are saying can I take a picture with you 53:38 what are they doing they’re recognizing that your personal brand is bigger than life and they need to borrow it for 53:45 themselves are you getting this so you want your name when you think of Martin 53:50 Luther King what’s the image that comes to your mind when you think of Gandhi 53:56 Mother Teresa Steven jobs when you think of bill bill 54:02 bill [Music] Bill Gates when you think of these great 54:07 people then that image come to your mind when you think of Lady gaga when you think of Hitler when you think 54:15 of Idi Amin wait isn’t is isn’t that doesn’t that make you feel a certain way 54:20 and think a certain way but that’s only what a brandy is is what people think and feel about you after you go 54:33 got it think about this you got to think about your vision you got to make decisions about your visions first thing 54:39 you got to make a decision to write it you got a you’re gonna write out you’re gonna run out your vision completely 54:46 then you got to think about your legacy inheritance is what you leave legacy is 54:52 who you leave is there anybody gonna be left to carry on your name to carry on your work 54:58 people build great works great ministries and die a one generation 55:04 later nobody’s talking about what legacy are you going to leave for them let me 55:09 give you a few more you got to make a decision about your nutritional health 55:16 don’t dig your grave with your fork you got to think about what you’re putting 55:23 in your mouth is it gonna be healthy let me ask you did you take your vitamins today how many herbs and vitamins did 55:29 you take how much water did you drink I know you meant to drink water but you meant to drink it yesterday and you 55:35 didn’t drink it you meant to drink it today and you didn’t drink it you drank 55:41 that Coke that Pepsi you got to make a 55:46 decision about your social life your life will resemble those with whom you 55:52 assemble be not deceived evil communication crops corrupts good manners you got to make a decision about 55:59 your professional life your career your career past 56:05 where you gonna go you gotta make a decision about your educational life how 56:10 are you gonna upgrade I have so many degrees but I have to think about 56:16 upgrading keeping my mind sharp so last year I went to Harvard this is it last year I went to Oxford this year I’m 56:22 going to Harvard next year I’m going to Princeton all those absolutely that’s where all 56:28 the sharp people come out of so I’m gonna keep myself what sharp so you’ve got to make a decision about your 56:34 educational life I attend seminars seminars that would I conduct seminars 56:40 but I also attend seminars III mentored the best and the brightest 56:46 I’ve got one of the best coaching programs my bro DOJ’s are sharp they’re 56:52 all sharp they’re movers the Shakers their history makers all of them everybody so I’ve got to be sharper than 56:58 them they can’t be sharper than me are you with me I gotta be able to take them 57:04 to the next level can you imagine them coming and the last time I was in an institution of higher learning was in 57:10 1980 and I’m teaching them about what in the world the world’s change the world 57:16 that I was born into no longer exists so 57:22 you got to upgrade you got to keep upgrading keep your mind especially if you’re over 50 you got to keep your mind sharp solve problems keep your mind 57:31 sharp and spongy you lose your sponginess you know I have all young 57:37 people around me they tell me all the modern slang and I can use it right 57:45 mm-hmm the latest lane and slang in Detroit is whose man’s is that so you 57:52 know you walk in and somebody is dressed funny they’ll say whose man’s is dead 57:57 that’s the same are you with me keep your brains Bunji it’s incorrect English 58:10 but if you were round and they say whose Mans is that you can’t correct them is slang all you have to do is say I don’t 58:17 know and no friend of mine when there 58:23 are people are acting strange and acting crazy you just say whose Mans is dead 58:30 ain’t no friend of mine depart from me I never knew you you got to make your 58:38 decision about your relational life and we’re gonna talk to you about the types 58:43 of relationships you need you need a diversity of relationship and we’re gonna list them so that you could figure 58:50 out who do I need in my life right now you need a variety of friends women your 58:57 husband cannot be your best friend why cuz man don’t like all that talking 59:04 they don’t they don’t want to hear all that that detail you gotta have your 59:10 husband that’s your your honey you’re sweet sweetheart your boo you gotta have him but then you gotta have a girlfriend 59:16 download before you talk to him give him the cliff note give him the 59:23 footnote and don’t give him that you know don’t give him the narrative how 59:29 was your day make it show it cuz talk to your girlfriend about that don’t make 59:34 don’t make your husband your girlfriend are you with me when you with the 59:40 girlfriend you talk all the details you know I’m just helping two brothers out 59:46 man I’m helping you out you sitting up and your eyes are crying while they’re 59:51 telling the story and they say you’re so emotional and he said mm-hmm he’s crying 59:58 because it’s like his brain is fried he can’t keep this story straight he’s 1:00:05 thinking about the game here’s the game and it’s a dog and your knees like and 1:00:13 honey listen to me yeah I’m listening I’m listening are you with me let God’s 1:00:19 people go let your husband go watch the game you gotta think you gotta make some 1:00:29 decisions about your intellectual educational life I told you about that you got to build greater capacity ask 1:00:36 God to give you supernatural wisdom ask the Holy Spirit to give you guidance you 1:00:41 got to make decisions about your cultural life you got to ask yourself this question am I going to embrace this 1:00:48 to a status quo or overthrow it am i fond of cultural conventions number 1:00:57 nine you’ve gotta talk about your your your responsibilities your national 1:01:04 responsibilities how are you gonna make a difference in your community how are you gonna make a difference in this 1:01:09 world what are you going to do and sometimes it’s through your children so times a mother has the awesome 1:01:15 responsibility of raising the next the next great doctor the next great 1:01:21 president the next great scientists are you with me so sometimes your contribution is in parenting the next so 1:01:29 those of you that are single parents poor everything that you’ve got into that child because there’s only 18 years 1:01:36 nowadays is 24 years because you got to get them through to their master’s degree but back in the day was 18 years 1:01:43 but get them give them the best of your time if you’re a single woman there’s 1:01:48 some things that you shouldn’t do stop bringing all those man into your house with your children and then the last is 1:02:00 your financial life these are the 10 areas that you’ve got to make decisions 1:02:05 in and you’ve got to do it deliberately over the next few recordings over the 1:02:13 next few lessons we’re going to go through each one of them and then we’re going to give you principles this is how 1:02:19 you make decisions financially this is how you make decisions socially this is how you make decisions 1:02:25 educationally this out you make personal decisions this is how you make like change how many of you would love to 1:02:31 nada make decisions a man that a man was weak thank you I’m assuming that you’re 1:02:38 shocked I’m assuming that you’re convicted yes Jesus gave this men an 1:02:48 opportunity to make a decision Jesus did not make a decision for him he gave him 1:02:56 an opportunity to make a decision for himself what did he do he empowered him 1:03:04 your destiny is going to be altered through an empowerment when you 1:03:09 understand that you have to take 100% responsibility for everything for where 1:03:17 you end up for how you feel it doesn’t matter how many accidents that you have 1:03:23 to go through before you go to work when you show up you know that that road 1:03:29 is filled with accidents and you still leave the same time you cannot keep 1:03:35 telling your boss I’m late because of an accident you gotta be able to say I’m late 1:03:42 because I left late but if you want your 1:03:47 job even leave earlier I’m gonna make that decision you got to stop blaming 1:03:54 your weight on baby fat your baby is 45 years old just say I 1:04:04 remember every calorie a fried chicken the fried chicken wings 1:04:11 you gotta stop blaming your finances or lector off when your boss not paying you 1:04:17 enough your boss did not hire you to make you rich he hired you to make him 1:04:25 rich you got to stop blaming your emotions on people you choose to feel 1:04:34 that way but you can feel different you got to stop blaming and take 100% 1:04:41 responsibility for where you are right now because if you could take 1:04:47 responsibility for where you are right now where you ended up in your life where you are where you are emotionally 1:04:54 where you are physically where you are financially where you are spiritually if 1:05:00 you could take 100% for your habits your addiction take 100% for everything you 1:05:10 are already 80% away from being whole you just got another twenty if you add 1:05:17 that 1% principal doing one thing more 1:05:23 towards being where you want to be in a year’s time in two years time in those 1:05:30 ten areas and you do that one a day in the ten areas 1:05:36 that means you are dedicated to doing 10 things a day to what’s being where you 1:05:42 want to be at the end of the year and at the end of your life it’s just a matter 1:05:49 of time before you get there there are 365 days in a year 365 times 10 is 3065 1:06:02 who cannot accomplish their dreams with 1:06:09 three thousand six hundred and fifty steps yet you can be what God wants you 1:06:19 to be do what God wants you to do you can become whatever you want to be if 1:06:26 you just understand that the decision is yours 1:06:32 the next move is not God’s the next move is yours thank you very much 1:06:43 let’s pray our Father a God we give you praise and honor there’s so many decisions that we have to make such a 1:06:50 challenge even as we go back over a notes we are all challenged to do 1:06:55 something different and it doesn’t have to be that quantum leap it’s just that one thing that we are choosing to do one 1:07:02 thing different and I pray father that you would empower us so you would give us the wisdom Holy Spirit that you would 1:07:08 convict us that we would interact with this message and our lives can be 1:07:13 changing truly we can become a blessing not only to the kingdom but to uh in our 1:07:18 industries in our in in this world in our communities we bless you for 1:07:23 everything that you have done in Jesus name Amen god bless you amen what a powerful word 1:07:34 there’s power in your decisions thank 1:07:39 you doctor trim for challenging us and if you’re watching around the world 1:07:45 there’s a couple of decisions I want you to make I don’t want your experience with us to end right here we want you to 1:07:51 become a partner with the ministry so I want you to decide right now to sow a seed into this ministry monthly you can 1:07:58 click the link right there the give button you can hit the link in the description bar above if you’re on 1:08:04 Facebook but you can give any amount twenty-five dollars a month a hundred dollars a month as we go to bring hope 1:08:10 to the hopeless and healing to the hurting Souls around the world another decision I want you to make right now is 1:08:16 to make up in your mind to be in Atlanta Georgia on December 7th and 8th for end 1:08:22 your year strong you’ve got to be there and guess what if you don’t make the 1:08:28 decision now the times gonna pass you by and everybody’s gonna come back with all the stories of how great God was and you 1:08:35 said if only I would have made the decision months ago to buy that plane ticket to register right now it’s only a 1:08:42 $39 for a limited time you want to go ahead and get the early bird price right now $39 go ahead and register right now 1:08:50 for end your year strong and guess what we’ll see you back here every first and third Thursday where it’s live it’s 1:08:57 prophetic and it’s all God god bless you

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