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0 CS: You’ve been called by God and you are 0:03 so special to Him. 0:05 I want you to stay tuned, because my guest today is 0:08 going to share with you just how to know the 0:11 call and your destiny. 0:14 [Music] >> Now is the time to go forward and become 0:17 all that God has intended for you to become. 0:22 Today is your day to change your life and live 0:25 in victory and wholeness. 0:28 This is “Your Path to Destiny” 0:30 with Dr. Candice Smithyman. 0:35 CS: Welcome to “Your Path to Destiny.” 0:37 I’m Dr. Candice Smithyman, and I’m your life coach, 0:40 trainer, and your personal mentor. 0:42 And today, I’m excited to share with you how 0:45 important you are to God. You are so 0:46 special to Him. And he has a plan, 0:49 a purpose, and a destiny for your life. 0:51 And we’re going to talk about that today because 0:54 my guest has written an amazing book called 0:57 Knowing Your Destiny, Reaching Your Goal. 0:59 And he has lots of knowledge and 1:01 understanding about tapping into your destiny. 1:04 My guest today is Pastor Siegfried Thomaszewski 1:07 and he worked for 18 years with evangelist 1:10 Reinhard Bonnke and “CfaN Ministries.” 1:13 He also has his own ministry called “Calling Ministry,” 1:16 and is the CEO of “One God, One Day, One Africa,” 1:20 which is a very large African crusade 1:23 that is going to be taking place very soon. 1:26 So, I want to welcome today Pastor Siegfried. 1:29 ST: Well, thank you so much, Candice. It’s a pleasure 1:31 and an honor for me to be here on your show. 1:33 CS: Well, it’s an honor for me to have you and I, 1:36 I truly am blessed by your humility. 1:39 You have had the opportunity to minister 1:41 to thousands of people in very, 1:43 very large crusades. 1:45 And you owe you have a heart for the one. 1:48 And I want to talk about that today, 1:51 because when people are thinking about knowing 1:53 their destiny, their Father, God, who ministers 1:56 to millions of us cares just about them. 1:59 So, tell us, what is it like to minister in a 2:02 crusade where there’s thousands and thousands 2:04 of people? 2:05 ST: Well, of course, I love to talk to hundreds 2:07 of thousands of people, and the more the better, 2:11 because the chances are greater for people to 2:13 receive Jesus. But I believe if we don’t 2:17 know how to speak to one individual, 2:19 God will never use us to speak to a large 2:22 crowd because our personal life must be 2:25 our personal testimony. 2:26 And we need to be ready to speak to each individual, 2:27 whether it’s in the bus, in the shop or in the airplane. 2:32 I believe we are called to share the first. 2:35 We are called to be witnesses. 2:37 He said, go and be over my witnesses. 2:40 That’s the first we are called to. 2:41 CS: That’s right. So if people have big dreams 2:43 of speaking at these large conventions. 2:45 They need to just go out their front door. 2:47 And you actually have some testimonies right 2:51 here in the book where the Lord really spoke to you 2:53 and grabbed a hold of your heart when it came to 2:56 focusing on the one person. 2:58 And the reason God gave me such large platforms is 3:01 because He taught you well how to how to have 3:04 compassion and mercy on the one person, 3:06 I know people are watching today and 3:08 they’ve got big dreams. But your big dream 3:10 first starts with being intimate with God. 3:13 You talk a lot about that in the book. Share 3:15 a little bit about what did God teach you 3:19 about intimacy with Him? About just being in that 3:23 private place with Him as you prepared for going out 3:27 and being the evangelist that you are? 3:29 ST: Yeah, I believe, you know, like a child that wants to 3:32 do something, it goes to the father and asks him 3:35 how would he know otherwise what the 3:36 father wants him to do. So, I believe 3:39 before we do anything, we need to know from 3:41 the Father what He wants us to do. 3:42 And Jesus Himself, as the Son said, 3:45 I don’t do anything what I don’t hear 3:47 the Father say or what I see the Father do. 3:49 So, we need to be in a very close connection 3:52 into the intimacy with Jesus Christ, 3:54 with God, the father, to know what we are to do. 3:57 And out of that intimacy, we do what we hear and 4:01 what we see Him to do. 4:03 CS: So, tell us, how did God actually teach you to 4:06 get into those places with him? 4:08 And in this book, there’s a lot of different 4:09 testimonies to share with us, 4:11 one or two that really helped position you. 4:14 I mean, I know you talk about having a 4:17 brain tumor, actually. I mean, you were 4:19 healed of some amazing things and 4:21 now you actually walk in great healing anointing. 4:24 People are healed all over the world when they come 4:26 to your crusades. But just share with 4:28 us a little bit about how God brought you 4:30 into alignment in the very beginning. 4:31 TS: Well, I must admit, you know, 4:33 I was raised in a Christian home. 4:35 I knew everything about God, about evangelism, 4:37 about healing, about the gospel. 4:39 But I was dancing kind of a ballet dance. 4:43 I was going to church and I was going to parties 4:46 until I was 15. And with 15, I was fed up. 4:49 I went to the church meeting. 4:51 One night there was an evangelistic meeting. 4:53 An evangelist was preaching, 4:54 and he made an altar call. 4:56 And I was the first one to go to the front because he 4:58 said “Tonight, you need to decide be 5:01 either- do it all or give it all or leave it all.” 5:04 And I went to the front. I shook his hand. 5:06 He smiled at me. I said “I made a decision tonight.” 5:09 He said, “Wonderful.” 5:10 I said, “I’m going to leave it all.” And, you know, 5:12 my parents were sitting in the front row. 5:14 They broke down. And so, I left the church. 5:17 I ran away from home and I lived a terrible life. 5:20 And I came into drugs and alcohol and all things. 5:25 According to the Old Testament, 5:27 I would have been stoned for it. 5:29 And I didn’t see any hope for my own life. 5:31 And then if I may, I quickly want. You share that 5:34 because that’s the start of my intimacy. 5:36 I was invited to a prayer meeting over and over 5:40 by a young guy and he always kept telling me, 5:43 “You need to come.” 5:44 I said, “I don’t want nothing to do with it.” 5:45 And then he was really pestering me. 5:47 He was a gang leader and he got saved. 5:50 And so, he came one Monday night again, 5:52 he said, “Why don’t you come tonight to the meeting?” 5:54 I said, “No, if you come again, 5:56 I’m going to beat you up.” I was a fighter. 5:57 And he said, “Then I come next Monday.” 6:00 I said, “How can you be so stupid to know I’m going 6:03 to beat you up and you come next Monday again? 6:05 So, he said, “Okay, let’s make a deal. You come.” 6:08 I said, “I make a deal with you. I come and 6:11 you leave me alone.” So, I went there not 6:13 knowing that five young people that 6:15 was the big crowd. Five young people have been 6:17 praying for me for weeks and fasting for 6:20 me, my own wife. She was one of those people. 6:24 And I went there. 6:26 They sat down; a girl read scripture. 6:28 I don’t remember what she read. 6:29 And then they knelt down to pray. 6:31 I felt funny. So, I also knelt down. 6:32 The moment I knelt down; it was like the presence 6:35 of God entered that room. I saw myself 6:38 standing at the edge of a deep valley and 6:41 like a mighty force, try to throw me down and 6:45 kill me. And suddenly I saw on the other 6:47 side a cross lifted up, raised up, and 6:50 the hand of Jesus came towards me 6:53 and said, and I heard it physically, 6:55 audibly, I heard it. “Siegfried take my hand. 6:59 This is your last chance! That was the night 7:00 I gave my life to Jesus. I don’t know 7:02 how long I was laying there flat on my face. 7:05 I had an encounter with a living God with 7:08 Jesus Christ. I got set free from all 7:11 drugs and everything. I got saved. I got 7:14 washed and cleanse and I got filled with the 7:15 power of the Holy Spirit that very night. And that’s 7:18 where the intimacy started. I said, these 7:21 moments I will never, ever miss in my life. 7:24 CS: Wow. Wow. Well, listen, we’re going 7:27 to have time in this program. 7:28 I want you to pray for people, 7:29 because I know that there’s people that are 7:31 watching now and they’re thinking, 7:33 “My life is so much a mess, there’s no way that 7:38 God would have me. 7:39 There’s no way that He cares about me. 7:41 There’s no way that He would want me to be 7:43 a part of His life.” And not only did 7:45 He come down and meet you right where you were 7:48 at, but then He deposited in you purpose and destiny. 7:53 So, you would begin to make choices and decisions 7:56 that would set you on the right path that He had 7:59 for you. That’s thrilling. That’s amazing. 8:01 I did the same thing happened to me. 8:02 I think if we were to line up so many people and 8:06 asked them what their testimony testimonies are, 8:08 majority would be that they felt that they were 8:11 in the pit and He just came. 8:14 He’s so good. He loves so much. 8:15 He meets us in that place and then he lifts us up 8:20 and He pulls us out to position us for the great 8:24 things that He has for us. And you share 8:27 that in the book in so many different ways. 8:29 And so, we’re going to go into that, too, as well, 8:32 because I want people to know about, you know, 8:35 the healing, the great healing that you’ve got. 8:38 And you’ve seen many healings happen in the 8:42 Crusades, but even caring for the one person and 8:47 that’s exactly what the Lord would do. 8:50 I had an opportunity to interview Heidi Baker recently, 8:53 and I love her. And she says the same thing. 8:57 She says it’s about the one person that no matter 9:00 what kind of platform it is that God has called you 9:03 to, if you can’t care for the one person, 9:06 then you shouldn’t have the great platform that 9:10 you want to have, you know? 9:11 And so, this is a learning time is a teaching time. 9:14 It’s a time for us to grow. 9:15 I want you to search your hearts at home. 9:17 You’ve been called into ministry, 9:19 many of you that are watching. 9:20 Are you being called into specific aspects of 9:23 helping the Earth and advancing it? [Music] 9:25 Well, begin to start asking those questions. 9:29 And we’ll be right back in just a few moments. 9:32 We’re going to go there a little deeper. 9:40 [Music] >> Are you in need of personal counseling or 9:42 coaching or would like some direction and 9:44 encouragement? 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Visit 10:25 her website for all of her resources and 10:28 follow and subscribe to Dr. Candice on Facebook, 10:31 Instagram and YouTube. 10:36 [Music] 10:42 CS: So, we’ve been talking about the importance of 10:44 focusing on the one person when it comes to ministry, 10:49 because the heart of God is for the one. 10:52 And so, I want Pastor Siegfried to share with us 10:53 some more scripture and some more stories about 10:56 the importance of the one. Because 10:58 when you grab a hold of this, God is calling 11:01 you into a place of serving Him and it’s 11:04 about serving the one. So, if you can 11:06 learn and understand some of these 11:08 testimonies of some of these scriptures, 11:09 you’ll be drawn into a place of growing into 11:13 loving the one sense share with us. 11:16 ST: Yeah, well, I would like to share a very short 11:18 story from the Bible. 11:19 You all know that stories about Zacchaeus, 11:22 you know, he was not liked by the people there 11:25 everybody looked down on Zacchaeus and there was the 11:28 street where Jesus was supposed to come, 11:29 and they were lining up the fans of Jesus and they 11:33 didn’t allow Zacchaeus to get through. 11:35 And then Zacchaeus, as we know, 11:36 the story climbed on a tree. 11:37 And what amazes me is that that when Jesus came, 11:41 he did not look down to, to Zacchaeus, but 11:43 Jesus looked up to him. And I believe so 11:47 many people are being looked down at. And today, 11:50 I believe Jesus looks up to each one of us. 11:54 He looks up and He says, “I love you. 11:56 Come down. I want to look into your eyes. 11:59 I want to talk to you face to face.” 12:01 And just a very short story. What really 12:05 touched me, I was in one of the North African 12:07 countries. That’s my main focus. And I was in the hotel. 12:11 God told me to go there, called me. I went there. 12:14 I was praying, kneeling in my hotel room. 12:16 Suddenly the voice of God comes, 12:18 and He says, “Go to the window and look out. 12:21 What do you see?” I heard the voice of God. 12:24 So, I obey. I go to the window; I open it and I 12:27 look down. I look up. You know, my background 12:30 is supernatural experience with the Holy Spirit. 12:32 So, I thought I see something of writing on 12:35 the wall on this case. There was nothing. 12:37 I look down, nothing I must have misheard 12:40 or misunderstood. I go back, I kneel down, 12:42 I continue praying. I’m in the presence of God. 12:45 I hear the voice of God. “Go and look out of the 12:48 window. What do you see?” 12:49 I jump up, I go to the window, I look down. 12:52 Nothing, I look up. There is nothing. 12:54 And that moment I said, “Lord, there is nothing. 12:57 Just people.” The moment I said, “Just people, 12:59 it was like a knife was put in my heart.” 13:02 I fell down on my knees. I cried like a little baby. 13:05 I immediately knew what God wants to tell me. 13:08 And I said, “I will never, ever see just people 13:12 because each one of those precious people was 13:15 somebody Jesus died for.” 13:18 And I want you to know that Jesus died for you. 13:22 No matter how you feel, no matter what people talk 13:25 about, you, tell you, see you and you, 13:27 Jesus loves you. And He gave His life for 13:31 each one of us for you. 13:34 CS: Hmmm. That is powerful. 13:36 I know the Lord is speaking to you right now. 13:38 You know, what I was picking up when you were 13:40 talking is, again, the heart of the Father. 13:44 It is all of us shall be saved and come to know Him? 13:50 And it takes the voice of the evangelist, 13:52 the one and all of us are evangelists from the 13:55 aspect that we are witnesses of what God 13:58 has done in our own life. 14:00 You have a testimony and the testimony that you 14:02 have is so powerful that when God puts you in 14:06 certain places, that particular testimony is 14:08 going to draw people to know him. 14:11 And as they are drawn to know Him, 14:13 you’re going to know more about what it is that 14:15 He’s called you to do. In your book, 14:17 You had so many different encounters, 14:19 but each one helped 14:22 you know more about your personal destiny. 14:24 You had, you were on quite a pathway and quite a 14:27 journey. You would step out in certain 14:29 areas and then God would move you around. 14:31 You were even willing to follow taking secular jobs 14:35 and other things that were outside the realm of what 14:38 people would consider to be ministry. 14:41 And then all of a sudden, through those 14:43 relationships, God redefined things and 14:45 pulled you in. Can you share some of that with us? 14:48 TS: Well, you know, I’ve 14:50 never wanted to become an evangelist, per se. 14:53 I was a witness from the day I was saved. 14:55 I stood on the marketplace and shared my testimony. 14:58 And I went into full time business. 15:00 And I asked the Lord, why do I need to do that? 15:03 That’s not really what I want to do. 15:05 I would love to do something else. 15:07 Looking back today, I see in the different companies 15:11 I was looking how God prepared an architectural 15:14 office. I was working later on when I joined 15:17 evangelist Bonnke. And we build buildings, 15:19 we change things. It needed that what I 15:22 had learned the skills there. I was in business, 15:25 of course, a Managing Director of a company. 15:29 So, it was all about accounting, 15:31 about financing, about balancing and so on. 15:33 So, when I joined the Finance Ministry and until 15:36 today, I’m still in charge of the African crusade 15:39 threshers for Christ. 15:41 All nations are working and helping them as a 15:43 freelancer, so I see that every time I did 15:46 something, even though I did not really like it. 15:49 Looking back, I see that God has a purpose. 15:52 And I want to tell everyone who watches 15:54 this show is that God has a plan for your life. 15:59 And I met a young guy. He got saved. 16:01 He said, “I know what God wants me to do.” 16:03 I said, “Wonderful.” One year later, I met him. 16:06 I said, “How is it going?” 16:07 He said, Well, it’s not going well. 16:09 I said, what do you do? I started off and 16:12 then I had difficulty. So, I changed a little bit. 16:15 He had difficulties again. He changed a little bit. 16:17 After one year, he was at the very same spot he 16:20 stood one year ago. And that’s the problem 16:23 with many young people. God is calling you. 16:25 You go and obstacles, difficulties come, and 16:27 you stop or you change. Don’t change. 16:30 Stay focused on what the Lord has told you to do, 16:33 no matter what. He will help you to 16:36 overcome the obstacles. He will help you to 16:38 stay focused and stay on in line with his will. 16:42 That is so important. You’re so right. 16:45 People are stopping so much along the way and 16:49 they’re thinking that they’re off the path. 16:52 Our journey is very, very long. Of course, 16:54 the Lord sees the end and he is leading 16:58 and guiding us. And even through the 17:00 secular positions you had, each and 17:02 everything was leading you to the seat 17:04 that you’re sitting in today. And the 17:07 same thing goes for you watching. Everything 17:09 that’s happening to your life right now. 17:11 It is not a waste. 17:13 You might look in and say, “Well, 17:15 this is a waste,” or you might look at and say, 17:16 “Hey, this is great.” Whatever, wherever 17:18 you are on that continuum. The fact 17:21 of the matter is God is using all of it 17:23 for His purpose and for his plan in the earth. 17:27 And He needs you. He needs you on His team. 17:29 You have been called with a purpose and a 17:32 destiny, a plan, and a hope for your future. 17:35 He is a good, good Father and He is setting 17:38 you up for that. And so, take everything 17:41 that I’ve experienced and position yourself 17:44 for how God intends to use you, not only 17:47 now, but in the future. Now, one other aspect 17:50 that I want to bring up is, is the aspect 17:52 of being in relationships with people or 17:55 having the accountability structures that are 17:58 necessary to help us pursue our destiny. 18:01 TS: Yeah, well, I believe accountability is very 18:05 important. I have always had people 18:07 who were superior. I was on the board 18:10 of the Pentecostal European Fellowship. 18:12 So, among their leadership, 18:15 even with Rhinehart and even now being an 18:18 evangelist, I’m a member of a local church and I’m 18:22 under the authority of a pastor and of course, 18:25 involved also in a denomination. 18:28 So, accountability is very important. 18:31 I believe we need to allow people to look into our 18:35 life to be open. 18:36 I’m also very much for friendship. 18:40 We need to allow somebody to look into us, 18:43 to speak into our lives so that we don’t fall, 18:46 that we need to allow people to correct us, 18:49 especially as evangelists when we travel the world, 18:52 sometimes alone in the hotel room, 18:54 you know, exhausted, coming from the crusade. 18:57 And then what do you do there? 18:59 There is a big temptation. 19:01 And I believe it’s very important then to have 19:04 somebody you can talk to who can speak into your 19:08 life to allow to correct you. So, it’s two ways. 19:12 It’s the intimacy with the Holy Spirit, 19:13 with Jesus Christ always. 19:15 But then to have somebody on our side also here, 19:18 friendship and accountability, 19:21 I believe that’s very important. 19:22 CS: All right. You’re listening to it here. 19:25 Friendship and accountability are very, 19:27 very important to knowing your destiny. 19:30 If you need additional friendship and 19:32 accountability, we want you to reach out 19:34 to our ministries, “CallingMinistry.org” 19:37 “CandiceSmithyman.com” 19:39 We want to help, you know, 19:41 “Your Path to Destiny.” 19:44 [Music] 19:49 [Music] >> Dr. Candice Smithyman 19:53 is an international prophetic voice healing minister, 19:55 author and pastor who travels the world sharing 19:58 how to access the heavenly realms and 20:00 lived the resurrected life. 20:02 Her passion is to see people healed and 20:04 delivered and come into a knowledge of who they are 20:07 in Christ as royal heirs seeded with him in the 20:10 heavenly realms. She believes everyone can 20:12 access Heaven and walk in the power of God 20:15 in her meetings. Your faith will increase, 20:18 and you will feel the presence of God 20:19 and see miraculous healings. 20:21 Dr. Candice loves to teach and train in the 20:24 supernatural and mentor you in the glory. 20:27 She offers many classes in her school of the 20:30 supernatural where you too can learn to release 20:32 heaven, the glory and walk in the power of God. 20:35 She’s also a mentor, life coach and founder of 20:38 “Dream Mentors International,” an organization 20:41 that teaches and trains biblical life coaches. 20:44 Check out her website and subscribe to her YouTube 20:47 channel, Instagram, and Facebook for more resources. 20:52 [Music] 20:58 CS: One of the most important aspects of 21:00 knowing your destiny is staying connected with the 21:04 Holy Spirit, and in Pastor Siegfried’s book, 21:07 he shares a particular quote that I want to share 21:10 with you, because I like for you to elaborate on this. 21:14 There’s a chapter in the book called 21:15 The Wick in the Oil. 21:16 And you say that we are to “Stay connected to the 21:19 source, which is the Holy Spirit- ” 21:21 And you give John Chapter 15 as part of that. 21:23 “So, He in us and us in Him. We’re to allow 21:28 Jesus to cut us from time to time. 21:31 It is not the size of the wick that protrudes out of 21:35 the candle that makes the light shine bright. 21:38 In fact, it’s quite the opposite. 21:40 If you stay short but connected, 21:44 the light will shine and affect the whole area.” 21:47 ST: Yeah. 21:48 CS: So, share with us a little bit about that quote. 21:50 TS: Well, you know, I know young people, 21:53 they want to become famous in business or 21:56 the same in the spiritual life. 21:58 They want to become known. 21:59 They want to have a big stage and so on. 22:01 And I think there is a danger in it because if we 22:04 become big in ourselves, it just a lot of smoke 22:08 and no light. And Jesus, you are the light of 22:12 the world, not the smoke of the world. 22:14 There’re many times a lot of noise and a lot of 22:17 smoke, but there is no power visible in the life 22:20 of people. So, if we stay connected like 22:22 the wick and in the oil, you know, 22:25 it’s kind of filled with the oil. 22:28 So, the oil is being drawn up to the top and then 22:33 it’s the oil actually that burns that becomes shiny. 22:36 And if we keep ourselves short, 22:39 we allow Him to cut us, then we will shine. 22:43 And I asked myself, you know, 22:45 how can I be in Him? And He in me. 22:48 It was puzzling me even as a child. 22:50 I asked myself, you know, how can that be? 22:52 I and Him, Jesus come into my heart. 22:54 Yes, but how can that be? 22:56 I was in Florida. 22:58 There was a little town, Tarpon Springs, 23:00 and there is Greek sponge divers. 23:03 And they told me they get the sponge. 23:05 It’s a living being the sponge. 23:08 And they cut it from the ground. 23:10 They bring it up and it’s very soft. 23:12 It’s wonderful. It’s cool because it’s 23:15 filled with water. But after a certain 23:17 time, the water runs out, it becomes hard and 23:21 harsh and dry and nobody wants to use it anymore. 23:25 That was a principle for me. 23:26 If we stay in where we are called to be connected to 23:31 the soil, connected to the ground, connected 23:34 to the source, actually through the Holy Spirit, 23:37 then the water is in the sponge and the 23:39 sponge is in the water. 23:41 And then we become the water for the world, 23:44 and we can have something to give to this world. 23:47 CS: Oh, that is really, really powerful, 23:50 especially when you consider people who are 23:53 called to ministry there. 23:55 So often they ,because of the business of their work 24:00 or whether you’re called the minister, 24:02 not just the business of life in general will pull 24:06 you away from being in the water or who are you away 24:11 from being in that fiery place with God where you 24:14 have I soaked, as you would say, the wick 24:17 soaked in the oil so that it’s ready to spark. 24:20 But I like how you said and if you stay short but 24:23 connected, the life is good, the light is 24:26 going to shine. And so, I think that that’s really, 24:28 really important because I think we think we need 24:30 to have some really long wait that’s going to 24:32 outreach everywhere. 24:33 You just need to be responsible for where God 24:36 is giving you, you know, and we’re all responsible 24:39 for a certain sphere of influence and to God moves 24:41 us to another sphere of influence, 24:44 whatever that is. And so, we need 24:45 to be responsible right where we’re at. 24:47 And it’s a God’s desire for us to stay as a wick 24:51 saturated in the oil or stay as a sponge 24:54 saturated in the water. And, you know, 24:56 I had this training early on in my walk with 24:59 the Lord as I was stepping out into ministry. 25:02 I would get dried out very easy. 25:05 And the Lord is like, you’re doing it wrong. 25:06 You shift in the ministry. 25:08 You need to just stay with Me the entire time and 25:11 I’ll take care of all this. TS: Yeah. 25:13 CS: But it’s a mind shift. 25:14 You have to come to that place of really realizing 25:18 that you’re stepping into a place that you shouldn’t 25:20 be and then begin to get back into that right place 25:24 and then you’ll start to see the fire, 25:25 or you start to see the water coming in. 25:28 ST: Yeah. The obedience, I believe it’s very important in 25:31 our ministry obedience. 25:32 When I got saved and I shared my testimony five 25:35 days after I got saved, one of the older people 25:38 like me today came put his arm around me, 25:40 very loving guy. And he said, you know, 25:42 I’m so happy. When I was young, I was 25:45 also burning like that. 25:46 And that morning, about forty-two years ago, 25:50 I made a vow to God. I said that never in 25:52 my life come a day where I will say once I have 25:54 also burning like that and I can. 25:57 I tell you, until today, my family is my witness. 26:00 The fire has never ceased. 26:02 It has become hotter and hotter. 26:04 We have become more crazy for Jesus. 26:06 Why? Because we are not producing 26:09 the fire, but the fire is within us 26:11 if we stay connected to Him. 26:13 CS: Amen. Well, I want you to pray right now? 26:16 ST: Yes. I believe the most important thing is 26:18 not how big our ministry is. 26:20 The importance is how close we are to Him. 26:22 And I pray that you stay close to Him, 26:25 that you remain connected to Him and 26:27 allow the river of life. 26:29 As the Bible says, rivers of life will be flow out 26:33 of your innermost being. 26:34 And I will pray with you right now that the Holy Spirit, 26:36 the anointing of God will flow in 26:38 the Name of Jesus. I pray that the anointing 26:41 will flow not only into your life, 26:44 but through your life and out of your 26:46 life, into a lost and dying world. 26:49 I pray that you remain focused and stay in the 26:52 call where Jesus has put you and placed you in 26:56 Jesus Name. Amen. CS: Mmm. Amen. Amen. 27:00 Answer that call. If you’re feeling 27:02 drawn to receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior. 27:05 Listen, we all make mistakes. 27:06 We all get off the path of destiny. We all 27:09 begin to move into areas that we shouldn’t be. 27:11 Get yourself back in alignment with him. 27:14 All you have to do is just confess with your mouth 27:17 that you need Jesus. “I need you.” 27:19 That’s all you need to say, “Messiah. I need you.” 27:21 And at that moment, He will begin to bring forth 27:26 that fire, bring forth that connection and 27:28 realign you with Him and His purpose and plan for 27:32 your life. It’s very, very important to 27:34 God that you be in a deep and abiding 27:36 relationship with Him. It brings Him joy. 27:39 He’s majestic, and His majesty swells when we are 27:43 in relationship with Him. 27:45 So, don’t leave this TV until you’ve made a 27:48 personal choice and decision to receive Jesus 27:52 as your Lord and Savior. 27:53 Again, all you have to do is confess with your mouth 27:56 and believe with your heart Jesus Christ as your 27:59 Lord and Savior. 28:00 And the word says that you will be saved. 28:03 And I just want to encourage you today. 28:04 Take Messiah’s hand. He is there. 28:09 He wants you to follow Him. 28:10 He’s got a plan, purpose, and a destiny for you. 28:14 It is good. It is a good plan. 28:16 No matter where you’re at right now, 28:18 when you grab a hold of Messiah’s hand, 28:21 [Music] He will walk you straight 28:23 into “Your Path To Destiny.” 28:27 [Music]

Pastor Siegfried Tomaszewski shares how to discover God’s plan for your life and fulfill it!

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