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0:01 CS: As members of God’s Body, 0:02 we are called to strengthen others because 0:04 Jesus has strengthened us. In this episode, 0:07 I want to teach you how to be one who strengthens others. 0:13 [Music]>> Now is the time to go forward 0:15 and become all that God has intended for you to become. 0:20 Today is your day to change your life 0:23 and live in victory and wholeness. 0:26 This is Your Path to Destiny with Dr. Candice Smithyman. 0:35 CS: Hello! I’m Candice Smithyman, 0:37 and I’m your host of Your Path to Destiny. 0:41 I’m so glad that you joined me today 0:42 because I’m going to help mentor you 0:45 and train you in the area of strengthening others. 0:48 Yes, you are called to strengthen other people. 0:52 I know you might look at your life 0:53 and say, well, well, how can I strengthen anybody? 0:56 I’m not even strong. I don’t even have the strength 0:59 that I need to be able to pour into somebody else. 1:02 But listen, Jesus has that all covered! In knowing Him 1:06 and knowing your Savior. 1:07 He will pour in His life, and His Spirit, 1:10 on the inside of you so that you will have more than enough 1:13 to give away and to bless others. 1:15 Part of being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ, 1:19 we are called to strengthen others. 1:22 It’s actually a Kingdom mandate 1:24 that He gave us. In Hebrews, Chapter two 1:27 we read in verse 10 that the Word says 1:31 “In bringing many sons and daughters to glory, 1:34 it was fitting that God, 1:35 for whom and through whom everything exists, 1:38 He should make the pioneer of their salvation perfect 1:42 through what He suffered. 1:43 Both the one who makes people holy 1:45 and those who are made holy are of the same family. 1:48 So Jesus is not ashamed to call them brothers and sisters.” 1:51 In other words, Jesus Himself suffered. 1:54 And so we have suffering. 1:56 We have difficult things that happen to us. 1:58 But it was pleasing to God through Jesus to suffering. 2:02 He would be empowered to continue the journey 2:05 and so would we and through everything that He has done, 2:09 everything that has happened to Him. 2:11 He is a faithful and high priest 2:13 that equips us to be able to indeed go and help others. 2:18 The word also tells us in Romans, I’m sorry, 2:21 in Hebrews, Chapter two. 2:22 So, specifically in verse seventeen, 2:24 “He was made like us, fully human in every way, in order 2:28 that He might become a merciful and faithful high priest 2:32 in service to God, 2:33 and that He might atone for the sins of the people 2:36 because He himself suffered when He was tempted, 2:38 He’s able to help those who are being tempted.” 2:42 So you see, Jesus suffered just as we suffer. 2:45 He was tempted just as we are tempted 2:48 and were tempted, no matter where you’re at in your life, 2:51 whether you were tempted or are being tempted. 2:53 And so Jesus knows and understands these temptations. 2:56 He knows and understands suffering, 2:57 even to the point that He went to the cross 2:59 and shed His blood for us. Great and excruciating pain 3:03 in order to relieve us, His body from carrying continual pain, 3:08 which is separation from God. 3:09 Because of what Jesus did, we are reconciled to God. 3:12 We are now in a relationship with God, 3:14 where we have His power. 3:16 We have connection with Him that flows in and through us 3:19 because Jesus Himself suffered. 3:21 And so no matter what kind of suffering you’re going through, 3:24 because of what Jesus has done, 3:26 we are equipped as the Church Body, 3:29 no matter how we’re suffering, to still go and strengthen 3:32 others. I know that sounds difficult because 3:34 you think, you know what, I’m suffering enough. 3:36 And in my suffering alone, I can’t possibly serve others. 3:40 But you know what? If you serve others, 3:42 even in your own suffering, 3:43 not only will you experience what Jesus experienced, 3:47 you will have what we call the sufferings of Christ. 3:50 The apostle Paul is very specific 3:52 about this in Philippians, Chapter three. 3:53 And he said specifically that he wanted to know 3:56 and understand the sufferings of Christ. 3:58 If we position ourselves to know and understand 4:00 even just a little bit of what it costs 4:04 Jesus to go to the cross, 4:06 then we are equipped to be able to go and help other people. 4:09 We put ourselves in certain situations. 4:11 We have to deal with certain things. 4:13 But, you know, no matter, no matter what, 4:15 we know that we are equipped by His presence, 4:18 by His blood, by everything that He’s done for us. 4:21 He has not left us without the tools. 4:24 He’s not left us without the power to be able 4:26 to go and serve and help others when we help others. 4:29 And we’re not doing well, we have a great compassion 4:33 that we carry with us. Compassion is necessary 4:35 if we want to see healing many times in the Word of God. 4:39 It says specifically that Jesus had compassion on the people 4:43 and so therefore they were healed. 4:44 It didn’t say Jesus had perfect circumstances and situations, 4:47 and then He went to go heal. 4:49 The people said in His compassion, 4:51 He went to heal the people. 4:52 Jesus suffered just like we suffered, 4:54 yet He still went to heal us. 4:57 And so we need to change our thinking. 4:59 We need to stop being so self consumptive, 5:02 so much about us and our own suffering. 5:04 And we need to begin to look at others 5:06 and how we can help them when we go and help another person. 5:09 Our own suffering will stop to a certain degree. 5:13 We will be putting our heart, our mind, 5:16 our eyes on the things that Jesus has done for us 5:19 in the ways that we can help another person 5:21 and we’ll start to feel relief. 5:23 The bandages that we’re going through, 5:25 we will start to feel freedom from, why? 5:27 Because we’ve decided that we’re going to be like 5:30 Jesus, even in our suffering state, 5:32 and we’re going to go help another person. 5:34 I know my own health, whenever 5:36 I’m experiencing anything that’s difficult for me 5:39 if I go and position myself to love another person, 5:42 have compassion on them, be a blessing to them, 5:44 all of a sudden I forget about myself. 5:46 I no longer care so much about myself 5:49 and what’s going on with my life. 5:51 I now am more concerned about the other person 5:54 and how I can help them. 5:55 It’s amazing how when we shift our mind like that, 5:58 and this is exactly what God wants the church to do. 6:01 The church that’s called to be victorious 6:03 is to shift its whole mindset in helping others. 6:06 And then the church will be leaving out 6:09 the overcoming power of Jesus Christ. 6:11 It’s a test that we’re all given. When we suffer, 6:14 no matter what we’re going through, 6:16 we have been given power to strengthen others. 6:18 You see, the enemy wants to come in, kill, steal and destroy. 6:22 He wants to push us back. 6:23 He wants to make sure that we relent and say, well, 6:26 because I’m going through such difficult times, 6:28 I’m not going to go out there. 6:29 I’m not going to help another person. 6:30 Jesus hasn’t given me enough. 6:32 I don’t have enough for what I need to go help another person. 6:36 Well, that means we’re not tapping into heavenly resources. 6:39 It means we’re not putting into place the Word of God, 6:43 which tells us in every resource we need 6:46 and have in every spiritual blessing is ours 6:48 and heavenly places that we can do all things through Christ 6:51 who strengthens us. See, those are actual scriptures 6:53 that says no matter what we’re going through, 6:56 you still have a purpose, a destiny. 6:59 I still have a purpose and destiny. 7:01 And God wants us to carry that out 7:02 even when we’re long-suffering, 7:04 even when things are difficult for us 7:06 and when we begin to change it, shift our minds. 7:08 We are being the Church of Jesus Christ. 7:12 You know, I often see some of the greatest miracles happen 7:14 when I, when I watch people press through 7:17 in their greatest suffering, they will see God come 7:21 and not only release them of their particular ailment, 7:24 He will come and bless so many other people 7:26 because they were willing to take the risk by faith 7:29 and step out among their own suffering 7:32 and go and help another person. 7:34 And I know it’s a challenge for us, 7:35 but we’re called to live by faith. 7:37 When you’re called to live by faith, 7:39 you’re called to position yourself 7:41 to live in that place of knowing that no matter what’s broken, 7:45 no matter what’s missing, 7:47 living my faith is that we have overcome in him 7:50 and we’re going to actively step out of this zone 7:53 of suffering no matter what it looks like. 7:55 We’re going to begin to enter into the realms of faith, 7:58 the realms of Heaven, where we see the miracles 8:02 because we’ve gotten beyond ourselves. 8:03 So, we have to get beyond ourself. 8:05 The enemy always wants us to focus on us. 8:08 He wants us to put the emphasis on how are you feeling today? 8:11 What is your circumstance look like? 8:13 I mean, no matter every single day, 8:15 we are faced with these kinds of thoughts 8:17 and these kinds of issues. 8:18 But God has given us more than enough as His church. 8:23 He did not leave His church without Him as the head. 8:28 Who knows who has direction, 8:30 who’s been there, who’s done that. 8:32 He has not left us nor abandoned us. 8:34 He has not forsaken us. 8:35 He is not positioned so that we did not have the resources. 8:40 It is only our lack of faith that causes us to retreat 8:47 and hold back. Do you know what the Word says? 8:49 My righteous ones shall live by faith means. 8:52 My righteous ones are going to stand. 8:54 They’re going to walk firmly. 8:56 They’re going to fight forward. They’re going to be overcomers. 8:58 They are going to be victorious. 9:00 My righteous ones are going to do this 9:02 because they know what I have done for them. 9:05 And so we simply have Jesus as our example. 9:08 And so I want to just encourage you today 9:11 that God wants to strengthen you in a supernatural way 9:15 so you can go in strength and other people. 9:17 And until you’re willing to push yourself to that level, 9:19 you are not going to see the amazing things 9:22 that God will do in and through you, 9:25 even in your suffering. 9:26 I want you to stay tuned, because I’m going to come back 9:29 with some more ways that you can strengthen others. 9:38 [Music] >> Dr. Candice Smithyman is an 9:40 international prophetic voice, 9:42 healing minister, author and pastor 9:44 who travels the world sharing how to access 9:47 the heavenly realms and live the resurrected life. 9:50 Her passion is to see people healed and delivered 9:53 and come into a knowledge of who they are in Christ 9:55 as royal heirs seeded with Him in the heavenly realms. 9:59 She believes everyone can access Heaven 10:01 and walk in the power of God in her meetings. 10:04 Your faith will increase and you will feel the presence of God 10:07 and see miraculous healings. 10:10 Dr. Candice loves to teach and train 10:12 in the supernatural and mentor you in the glory, 10:15 she offers many classes in her School of the Supernatural 10:18 where you, too, can learn to release Heaven, 10:20 the glory and walk in the power of God. 10:23 She’s also a mentor, life coach 10:25 and founder of Dream Mentors International, 10:28 an organization that teaches and trains biblical life coaches. 10:32 Check out her Website 10:33 and subscribe to our YouTube channel, 10:35 Instagram and Facebook for more resources. 10:44 CS: I’m so glad you stayed with me today 10:46 because we’re talking about how to strengthen others, 10:49 even in our own suffering through the strength 10:51 that you’ve received, 10:53 through what Jesus Christ has done for you on the cross, 10:55 you have all that you need to be able to go and help others. 10:59 And it’s actually a mandate that God has given His Church Body. 11:03 He says, I’ve given you enough, now go 11:05 and use what I’ve given you 11:07 so you can go and to bless others. 11:09 And I know sometimes you might look around 11:10 and you might think, I don’t have enough. 11:12 There’s no way that I can do this. 11:13 But that’s where we tap into the supernatural. 11:15 That’s when we tap into the Word of God 11:17 that tells us we have enough, 11:19 that we are more than enough in Him, 11:21 that we are more than conquerors. 11:22 That’s what Romans, Chapter eight says, 11:24 and that He has given us everything that we need 11:27 to be helpers to other people to serve other people. 11:31 Hebrews, Chapter two, verse 14, says, 11:33 “Since the children have flesh and blood,” that’s you and me. 11:37 “He too, shared in their humanity so that by His death 11:40 He might break the power of Him who holds the power of death 11:44 that is the devil and free those who all their lives 11:47 were held in slavery by their fear of death.” 11:51 And that’s us. So, so, what is this saying? 11:53 This is saying that we, 11:54 the children who have had flesh and blood, 11:57 Jesus Himself shared in our same flesh and blood, 12:01 why He went to the cross to break us free 12:05 from the power of death. What is death? 12:08 Death is simply a state of lack. Death is, is deficit. 12:13 Death is. I don’t have enough. 12:15 We feel like we’re in death sometimes when we’re alive. 12:18 If we look at our resource 12:19 and we don’t have enough resources, we think, 12:21 “Oh my gosh, there’s no way I can make this happen.” 12:24 That is a form of death. Well, guess what? 12:26 Jesus suffered so that we might have more than enough. 12:30 So, no matter what is going on in your life, 12:32 no matter where you’re at, no matter how you feel, 12:34 He has through His death, burial and resurrection, 12:37 giving you everything that you need. 12:38 Now, you’ve got to believe that by faith 12:42 and as you believe that by faith, 12:44 God is positioning you to step out in faith, Okay? 12:47 It goes by what we believe. 12:49 Faith with an action becomes a final thing, a final blessing. 12:54 So you have a faith, what Jesus has done, but 12:56 now you got to have an action, 12:57 which means you got to step out, help another person, 13:00 and then you’re going to see the culmination 13:03 of the love of God, the peace of God, 13:05 the power of God come into play in that moment 13:08 and begin to make a huge difference. 13:12 In John chapter of thirteen versus thirty four 13:15 and thirty five, the Word says, 13:16 “That a new command I give you,” and this is Jesus 13:20 who says this; “Love one another as I have loved you. 13:24 So you must love one another by this. 13:27 Everyone will know that you are my disciples 13:29 if you love one another.” 13:31 And so when we feel like we have less then 13:34 or we don’t have enough or we’re suffering, 13:36 it’s difficult for us to love another person. 13:38 But the Lord says the way people will know 13:41 that you are a lover of others 13:43 is when you love even in the midst, 13:46 even when you don’t think 13:47 you have what it takes to love somebody, 13:50 even when you think you’ve only got about this much 13:52 of whatever you need to bless somebody. 13:55 If you stretch yourself just in that little area, 13:57 stretch your faith, 13:59 God will then love the other person in 14:02 and through you, way beyond what you’ve ever imagined. 14:05 He will just come through just like a flood 14:08 and that person will be blessed. 14:09 And then you’re going to get that right back at you. 14:11 Whoa. It’s like, it’s like a wave that goes out in. 14:14 It’s going to come right back 14:16 and you’re going to receive so much blessing. 14:19 See, with what He gave you, you strengthen another person 14:22 and then you get strengthened way beyond, way, 14:25 way beyond which you can imagine. 14:27 So He never asked us to give out 14:29 what He’s not going to return to us. 14:32 We often think, well, if I send that out, 14:33 I may not get it back. We can’t think like that. 14:35 That’s like thinking we have to think, 14:37 well, if I send it out, 14:38 I have more than enough that’s coming back at me. 14:41 That kind of level of faith is going to go and change things. 14:44 That’s how the Kingdom works. 14:47 The Kingdom of Heaven is is here. 14:49 The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, 14:51 and the Kingdom of Heaven works wherever there’s lack. 14:54 When the Kingdom of Heaven is there, things turn to fullness. 14:57 Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven has arrived. 15:00 When you see the blind, see the lame, walk the deaf. 15:04 Here we’re called to heal the sick. 15:06 We’re called to do these very, very things. 15:08 Well, how are we going to do them 15:10 if we’re in a place of lack or not? 15:12 So we need to position ourselves to change our thinking 15:15 so that we come to know that as the Church of Jesus Christ, 15:18 it is a mandate that we help others. 15:21 And if we’re going to help others, 15:23 we got to have something to be able to help them. 15:25 And if all you have is your faith, 15:26 then you step out in faith. 15:28 God will help them and then He will return to you a blessing. 15:34 The Kingdom of God, the Church, we’re in Kingdom mandates. 15:38 The church stepping out, 15:40 being the Church has a call from God 15:42 to bring Heaven to earth. 15:44 This is seen in Hebrews, Chapter 12, 15:46 and so as a member of His Body, 15:47 we are called to bring Heaven to earth. 15:49 Let me read that to you. 15:50 Hebrews, Chapter 12, verses twenty two through twenty four. 15:53 This Word says that Church, “You have come to Mt. Zion, 15:57 to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem. 16:00 You have come to thousands upon thousands of angels 16:04 in joyful assembly to the Church of the firstborn 16:07 whose names are written in Heaven. 16:08 You have come to God, the judge of all to the spirits 16:11 of the righteous, made perfect to Jesus, 16:13 the mediator of a new covenant into the sprinkled blood 16:16 that speaks a better word than the blood of Abel.” 16:19 Our job is, the Church is that we have come to a living city, 16:24 a heavenly Jerusalem, 16:26 where there’s a myriad of angels. 16:28 We have come to a place of joyful assembly. 16:31 We are part of the first born. Our names are written in Heaven, 16:35 and this is just enough to get happy about. 16:37 Now, you might look at your life and say, 16:39 well, that doesn’t make any sense to me. 16:41 I my life doesn’t look like what you’re saying. 16:43 But listen, what the Word says 16:46 is what our life is supposed to be like. Now 16:48 this is, this is how the church is supposed to live. 16:50 The church is supposed to be living in a Kingdom place 16:54 where we have a joyful assembly, 16:56 where our names are written in Heaven, 16:58 where we are part of having a righteousness 17:02 that through the righteousness of Christ 17:04 that gets credited to us 17:06 that we begin to live in this fullness. 17:09 This is a mandate for the church. 17:12 The church today should be living 17:14 in a place of more than enough. The question is, are we? 17:18 And this is where we need to do an assessment, look at your life 17:22 and determine whether or not you’re living that way. 17:25 If you’re not, 17:26 then you having too much of an earthly perspective. 17:29 You’re having too much of a perspective that is on yourself. 17:33 And this is normal business humanity. Right. 17:35 But we had to break free from humanity. That’s what Jesus did. 17:38 He broke us free from humanity into freedom. 17:42 Real freedom is when our mind, our will and 17:44 our emotions are not held in bondage 17:47 to having to have things a certain way. 17:49 We’re more fluid. 17:51 We’re able to live and breathe by the Spirit of God. 17:53 We’re able to step into the zones of helping people, 17:57 even when our resources are low in every way, shape or form. 18:02 These are the things that make us the church. 18:05 He’s the head of the church. He wants to step aside, 18:08 to step out in faith and use whatever we have. 18:12 Many times the Lord- I’ll say, “Ah Lord. 18:14 I don’t, I don’t think I have enough for that thing.” 18:16 And He will say to me, “Well, what is it that you do have?” 18:20 And I’ll take an assessment and I’ll say, 18:22 “Well, I heard this and I have that.” 18:24 “Okay, then use that. 18:25 Use what you have and watch Me multiply it, 18:29 use what you have and watch Me expand it, 18:32 use what you have and watch Me do a miracle 18:36 and I’ll do a miracle.” Why? Because that’s who He is. 18:40 He wants you to be somebody that strengthens others. 18:45 And now I’m going to be praying for you in the next segment 18:47 because I want you to receive supernatural strength. 18:51 I want you to walk in anointing that 18:53 is going to enable you to impact your entire environment. 18:57 That’s not only going to change you, 18:59 spirit, soul and body, but is also going to equip you 19:02 to be able to step out into the realms 19:05 where you are a real people helper spreading the 19:09 love of Jesus and doing it in such a way 19:11 that you have more than enough to give. 19:13 When the King asks us to give, 19:16 He doesn’t ask us to give without giving us 19:18 what’s necessary in order to give others. 19:21 And so I’m encouraged today because I know 19:24 that wherever I may feel weak, wherever I might feel insecure, 19:29 God is going to come and give me all that I need. 19:32 And I know He’s going to give you all that you need. 19:35 So, I want you to stay tuned and 19:37 I’m going to pray for you. [Music] 19:46 >> Are you in need of personal counseling or coaching 19:48 or would like some direction and encouragement? 19:51 Dr. Candice is a board certified counselor 19:54 who walks in the gift of prophecy and healing, 19:56 and she wants to mentor you in her School of the Supernatural. 20:00 Dr. Candice will teach you through her E-courses, books 20:03 and many other additional resources 20:06 that will help you strategize and release Heaven 20:08 in every area of your life. 20:10 Her classes on the supernatural will equip you 20:13 to live in the heavenly realms on a daily basis. 20:16 You can also schedule some personal time with Dr. Candice, 20:20 where she will encourage and pray for you 20:22 in private 45 minute sessions 20:24 to help you walk through personal issues in your life 20:27 and propel you into your purpose and destiny. 20:31 Visit her Website for all of her resources 20:33 and follow and subscribe to Dr. Candice on 20:36 Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. 20:50 CS: I’m so glad you stayed with me. 20:52 We’re talking about how to be strong 20:54 so that we can take that strength and bless others. 20:58 And I know when we feel weak, we feel sick. 21:00 When we feel tired, we just want somebody to come and fill us up 21:05 and see, this is the blessing where you give out. 21:07 It is totally returned to you one-hundred-fold. 21:11 The church has been mandated by God 21:14 to overcome the Kingdom of darkness in the area of healing. 21:17 Now, why would the Lord ask us to do this? 21:20 If we have a Kingdom of darkness 21:22 that imposes rules and regulations on us 21:26 that hold us into a place of bondage? 21:28 God says, I want you to bring healing 21:31 to those places of darkness, to those places of bondage. 21:33 He’s not asking us just to go in there with no authority, 21:36 no understanding, no inability to be able to do anything. 21:39 He gave us delegated authority through Exousia, 21:43 which is a form of authority. 21:45 That’s a Greek word for delegated authority. 21:48 It’s a power source that God gives us 21:50 so that we can work in a different environment 21:52 and bring healing. 21:53 Healing is needed when an area is hurting, 21:55 when an area is broken. And He mandates the Church, 21:59 the Church of Jesus Christ in James, Chapter five. 22:02 “If anyone is sick, 22:03 let them call on the elders of the church to pray over them 22:06 and anoint them with oil in the Name of the Lord.” 22:09 And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well, 22:12 the Lord will raise them up. 22:15 We’ve been given this unbelievable power 22:17 as the Church of Jesus Christ 22:19 that no matter what’s missing and broken, 22:21 no matter what needs to be healed, 22:23 no matter what wholeness needs to come forth, 22:25 we have been given everything we need. 22:27 And he tells us in James, Chapter 22:28 five exactly how to do it. 22:30 “Go to the elders of the church, be prayed for, anointed with oil 22:33 and the prayer of faith will heal you.” 22:35 Well, I’m going to pray for you 22:36 to have healing in just a moment. 22:38 We’re also called to gather together weekly. 22:41 Hebrews, Chapter ten 22:42 tells us specifically in verse twenty-four, 22:45 “We need to consider how we might spur one another 22:48 onto love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together 22:52 as some are in the habit of doing, 22:54 but encouraging one another 22:55 and all the more as we see the Day approaching.” 22:58 So the Lord knows when we’re in a weak place, 23:01 we need to be coming together as a church and praying together 23:05 and standing in faith together 23:07 and seeing healings, seeing God do amazing things. 23:11 That’s what it says right here in the Word of God. 23:13 This is what’s mandated for his church. 23:16 The church is called to live by faith and not by sight. 23:19 We see this in Hebrews, Chapter 23:21 ten, verses thirty six through thirty nine. 23:24 The Word says, “You need to persevere 23:27 so that when you have done the will of God, 23:29 you will receive what He promised. For 23:31 in just a little while. 23:32 He who is coming will come and will not delay. 23:35 And ‘My righteous ones will live by faith. 23:38 And I take no pleasure in the one who shrinks back.’ 23:42 But we do not belong to those who shrink back 23:44 and are destroyed. 23:45 But to those who have faith and are saved,” he says. 23:47 We are not those people who shrink back and are destroyed. 23:53 So he says positively, 23:54 “Listen, God’s not happy with that.” 23:56 But we, the Church, are not that. We’re going to Prod on. 23:59 We’re going to go forward. We’re going to stand in faith. 24:01 We’re going to pray together. We’re going to fast together. 24:04 We’re going to give together. 24:05 We, the church, are going to fight the good fight of faith. 24:08 And as we strengthen ourselves together, 24:12 then we will be a strength to the rest of the world 24:14 who doesn’t know what it’s like to be the Church 24:17 and to be a part of His Body. 24:19 And you see in this time in our lives, 24:21 we have to come together and we have to say, 24:23 no matter how weak we feel, no matter confusion, 24:27 no matter desperation, no matter lack of resources, 24:30 whatever excuse or reason we can come up with, 24:33 God has called us to be His Church. 24:36 One Body connected together like a heavenly Jerusalem on 24:41 Mt. Zion, with the myriad of angels 24:43 positioned to bring healing, restoration, salvation 24:47 and deliver it to a desperate and dark world that needs it. 24:51 So, God is calling you to go forth and strengthen others. 24:54 You have a plan, a purpose and a destiny. 24:57 And it’s to get up and start moving. 24:58 It’s to move into what God has called you to do and be. 25:01 So, I just want to speak over you right now 25:03 in the mighty Name of Jesus, receive 25:04 an impartation to get up, every place in your body 25:08 that is broken, that is missing, 25:09 that is not in alignment with the Spirit of God. 25:12 I call into alignment right now in the Name of Jesus. 25:14 Every Spirit of infirmity must flee from you. 25:17 May your mind come in to control of the Holy Spirit. 25:20 May your flesh come into control of the Holy Spirit, 25:23 may you stand firm and walk in faith 25:25 everywhere where your faith is weak and it is low. 25:28 May it be revived. Maybe may it be encouraged. 25:31 May you be able to step into what it is 25:33 that God has called you. May the Lord give you sight 25:36 that you can see the purpose and destiny that you have, 25:38 that you can look at your family and speak life over them, 25:41 that you can get into the Word of God, 25:43 that you have a hunger for Him to search out the Word, 25:46 to grow and to learn to position yourself to be a member of the, 25:49 the Body of Jesus Christ. 25:52 We need to be standing in this place now, 25:55 we want to see Him come back. 25:56 We cry out every day, “Lord, come back, save us from 26:00 this world.” Guess what? He came and He saved us from this world. 26:03 Our job is to live as He’s called us to live and to move 26:06 and breathe in the Spirit as He’s called us to be. 26:10 And that’s our responsibility as a church. 26:12 And I think it’s really vital in today’s world 26:15 that we remember what is His Body called to do. 26:18 His body is called to strengthen others. 26:21 His Body is called to be the source 26:25 that those that are in lack, 26:27 those that are in darkness, those that are in fear can run 26:30 to, they can run to this Mount Zion 26:33 and they can receive everything that they need. 26:36 But the Church itself needs to stand up and say, 26:39 we have enough, we have received enough. 26:42 The Kingdom of Heaven has arrived. 26:44 God is giving us everything that we need. 26:47 We are sitting with Christ in heavenly places. 26:49 We are properly positioned to make a difference in the world. 26:52 And we’re going to step out and do it. 26:54 And we need to unify and position ourselves to step out 26:58 and be the people that God called us to be. 27:00 We are not disconnected from the Head. 27:02 We are connected to the Head. 27:04 We are connected to the Father through the blood of Jesus, 27:07 to the Body of Jesus. 27:08 And it brings God great joy and happiness 27:12 when we live like that. 27:14 And I know so many of us want to make our Father happy. 27:17 There’s no way to make Him happy 27:19 unless we are living in all that He has called us to live 27:23 and be. And then He smiles on His throne 27:26 and He’s very excited that His church is doing 27:29 and being everything that they are called to do in being. 27:32 So I’m going to call you out right now in 27:34 the Name of Jesus. I want you to come forth. 27:36 I want you to raise from the dead. 27:37 I want you to come out of your coma. 27:39 I want you to come out of that place of complaining 27:41 and murmuring where you’re at. 27:43 I know your body hurts, but you’re going to rise up. 27:45 You’re going to stand up. You’re going to walk. 27:46 You’re going to move. You’re going to be everything 27:48 that God called you to be. At the sound of my 27:51 voice, get up and start pressing forward. 27:52 You need to fight forward into victory 27:55 and into overcoming power. 27:56 It is the plan and purpose of God for your life. 28:00 I want to know how you’ve revived during this program. 28:02 Reach out to me at CandiceSmithyman.com 28:04 I want to send you some free resources. 28:07 I love you. You’re a member of the Body of Jesus Christ. 28:09 If you know Him as your Lord and Savior 28:11 and He has called you to way more than you can ever imagine. 28:15 So go and strengthen others, take the hand of Messiah 28:18 and walk in to the planned purpose and destiny 28:22 that He has for you. [Music]

Dr. Candice Smithyman teaches on strengthening others in the body of Messiah.

Learn more about Candice and purchase her resources: https://candicesmithyman.com

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