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0:01 CS: Is the enemy coming against your health, 0:03 marriage, finances, and relationships? 0:06 Well, if so, I’m going to teach you 0:08 how to subdue your surroundings. 0:12 [Music] >> Now is the time to go forward 0:14 and become all that God has intended for you to become. 0:19 Today is your day to change your life 0:22 and live in victory and wholeness. 0:25 This is Your Path to Destiny 0:27 with Dr. Candice Smithyman. 0:35 CS: Hello, I’m Dr. Candice Smithyman 0:37 and welcome to Your Path to Destiny. 0:40 Today, I want to teach you all 0:42 about how to subdue your surroundings. 0:44 You might be saying, well, what is subduing 0:47 and why would I want to do that to my surroundings? 0:49 Because, listen, if the enemy’s coming to kill, 0:51 steal and destroy, if he’s trying to take your health, 0:54 your marriage, your finances, your ministry, relationships, 0:57 then you need to stand up and say, 1:00 “Hand! No!” You need to give it to him. 1:03 Because let me tell you right now, 1:05 God has called you to subdue your surroundings. 1:07 And I’m going to show you right here in 1:09 Scripture how you can do that. 1:10 Let’s go to Genesis, Chapter one. 1:12 When the enemy came in to kill steal and destroy and rob them, 1:15 all they had to do was tell the devil to shut up 1:19 and get out of the garden. But they didn’t do it. 1:21 And let me show you that in Genesis, 1:22 Chapter one, verses twenty-seven and twenty-eight, 1:25 the Word says that “God created man in his own 1:28 image, in the image of God. He created them male and female. 1:31 He created them, He blessed them. 1:34 And God said to them, ‘Be fruitful, multiply, 1:36 replenish the earth, 1:38 subdue it and have dominion over the fish in the sea, 1:41 the fowl there and every living thing 1:43 that moves upon the earth.'” Wow. 1:46 See, this direction was given in Chapter one and the fall of man, 1:51 when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, 1:53 it didn’t even happen until Genesis, Chapter three. 1:56 God gave the order in Genesis, Chapter one 1:58 that they were designed by God to take 2:01 authority and dominion over the Garden of Eden. 2:05 They were given control. 2:07 They were given control to be fruitful and multiply, 2:09 replenish, subdue and have dominion. 2:12 I want to talk to you about all those things 2:14 because see in your home right now, 2:15 in your workplace, in your environment, 2:17 God has given you already the mandate to be fruitful, 2:21 multiply, replenish, subdue and have dominion. 2:25 But what needs to happen is you need to exercise that by faith. 2:28 You need to begin to stand up 2:29 and fight for the territory that God is given. 2:32 You don’t have that enemy to come in and kill, 2:34 steal and destroy. You got to tell him no. 2:36 You got to tell him to get out of your house, 2:37 get out of your workplace, get out of your relationships. 2:39 Get out of your finances. And guess what? 2:42 The Word of God says that he must flee. 2:45 So let’s talk about increase. Let’s talk about abundance. 2:49 When God says be fruitful, 2:51 it means to have increased, to bring abundance, 2:53 to be an authority like an arrow, a straight shooter. 2:58 God is saying, listen, you can straight shoot your way 3:02 all the way into multiplication and increase. 3:05 Then He says replenish, 3:08 replenish means to be full of. Mean 3:11 that we’re full. Adam and Eve, your full right now. 3:15 Everything you have has been provided for you. 3:18 Now, what does that mean for us? 3:19 That means for us that Jesus died, buried, 3:22 resurrected and reconciled us to the Father. 3:24 We are heirs. 3:26 And so because your heirs to the throne of God, 3:28 everything was bought back for you. 3:31 So you’ve been given all the power 3:34 that was given to them in the Garden of Eden. 3:36 Yes. You can live in the Garden of Eden today. 3:40 Right in this moment. You can go right back there. 3:43 Why? Because there was a flaming sword 3:45 that was placed at the end of the Garden of Eden. 3:47 And after they were kicked out, 3:48 the only way back in was through the flaming sword. 3:52 What is a flaming sword? Look right here. It’s the cross. 3:55 It’s the cross of Jesus Christ on fire. 3:58 A flame representing the power of God. 4:01 When you come back and when you know Him 4:03 as your Lord and Savior, you are properly positioned now 4:06 to reenter that garden, and be in peace, 4:09 be in rest, be enjoy, be in that place. 4:12 He has provided for us. So, we’re called to replenish, 4:15 to be made full and to to bring increase 4:18 and multiplication through fruitfulness. 4:20 That’s what we’re called to do. We’re also called to subdue. 4:23 Now I like this word, subdue because this word, subdue 4:26 is the word, “Positively conquer.” We’re told to conquer 4:30 before anything was defeated. What does that mean? 4:33 It means that we have been given the mandate to come forth 4:38 and to positively beyond any way, shape or form, 4:43 conquer exactly what needs to be conquered, 4:46 but with a positive word, with the Word of God, 4:50 by speaking, by declaring, by decreeing we can subdue 4:56 all the environments that we are called to subdue. 4:59 And so this means that we must stand, saying 5:03 what Jesus has done for me 5:05 means that I can take this particular area, 5:09 positively conquer it. 5:11 I know you might feel like you’re the one being conquered. 5:13 You might feel that there’s a lot of negative tension, 5:16 that things are overwhelming for you, 5:18 but you’ve got to turn that situation around 5:20 and begin to positively conquer with the Word of God. 5:22 We declare and decree what God says about a situation. 5:26 And listen, when you start to do that, 5:28 you are doing Genesis, Chapter one, 5:30 verses 27 and 28. 5:31 “You were abiding by the word that 5:34 I gave Adam and Eve in the very beginning, 5:38 which means to be fruitful, multiply, replenish, subdue, 5:42 have that dominion so God wants us to have dominion.” 5:45 What does that mean? 5:46 It means to prevail against to reign 5:48 and rule. We’re called to reign 5:50 and rule. We’re called to position ourselves 5:53 to live in this place of dominion. 5:56 We’re called to dominate. 5:58 That means to say this is my land 6:01 and I take possession of this and devil, you can’t have it. 6:06 And, you know, I see too often in my life my counseling 6:09 when I counsel people, when I mentor and train them, 6:12 I see so often that people will come to that place 6:15 and they’ll be like, this is too difficult. 6:17 I can’t do this. 6:18 But listen, this is a mandate from God. 6:20 He has already said that we’re to be fruitful 6:23 and multiply, subdue, replenish and to have dominion to. 6:27 It’s so it’s a word spoken, over us. 6:30 It’s part of our destiny. 6:31 It’s part of your destiny to dominate the areas 6:35 that God is calling you to dominate. 6:36 This means dominate your mind. 6:38 This means don’t just let every word that’s spoken, 6:42 especially if it’s negative 6:43 or it’s not in line with the Word of God. 6:45 Don’t let certain words come into your mind. Don’t let 6:47 people say things that have no authority to say them over you. 6:51 Don’t allow messages to come into your soul 6:56 that are not of God. You have every authority to say, 6:59 “No, I’m the Body, the temple of the Holy Spirit, 7:02 and I have dominion over this land!” 7:04 See, you have your own land right here, 7:05 not to mention the land that surrounds you in this land. 7:09 I’m going to stand. And you know what? 7:12 The enemy becomes fearful of you 7:14 because you’re willing to stand anybody who’s willing to stand. 7:18 He then has to flee. 7:20 But see if someone’s willing to say, 7:21 “Hey, enemy, sure, come on in, let’s hang out together. 7:24 Let’s talk a little bit.” Oh, no, don’t talk to him. 7:28 Don’t have a conversation with them. 7:29 Put up your hand and say “Enemy, talk to the hand.” 7:32 That was the problem that Adam and Eve had. 7:34 They had that problem because as he was slithering around, 7:37 Eve started talking to him. 7:39 See, she wasn’t in a place of thinking 7:42 that what he was going to say was going to harm her. 7:45 How many times do we come near people 7:47 and or come near messages 7:49 and think, well, that message isn’t going to harm me? 7:51 Right. I mean, that’s got to be an okay thing. 7:53 And I’m sure Eve was very deceived, 7:55 it says she was deceived, but she was very deceived 7:58 because here was this creature in the beautiful garden 8:00 that she walked with God. 8:02 Her and Adam walked with God in this garden. 8:04 And who is this intruder that had come in and pretended, 8:08 see, we have lots of intruders. 8:10 We have lots of people around us. 8:12 We have lots of messages. We have lots of media. 8:14 We have lots of communication 8:16 that is speaking things that are not truth. 8:19 And it becomes confusing because once we listen 8:22 and once we begin to ponder 8:24 and Eve pondered, once we begin to think a little more 8:27 on this, we position ourselves to be overtaken 8:31 by the very voices that we’re listening to. 8:34 That’s not God’s plan. There is one voice. 8:38 It’s the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, 8:41 the Trinity, their voices, 8:43 the voices of the King of the Kingdoms, 8:46 the Kings of the Kingdoms. 8:47 Their voices are the ones we need to be listening to. 8:51 So, I want you to stay tuned, because when we come back, 8:53 I’m going to share with you more 8:55 about how you can listen to the right voice 8:58 so that you can be fruitful, multiply, replenish, subdue 9:03 and have dominion over the environment 9:05 that God has given you. [Music] 9:07 Stay tuned and we’ll be right back. 9:14 [Music]>> Dr. Candice Smitherman is an international prophetic 9:18 voice healing minister, author and pastor 9:20 who travels the world 9:22 sharing how to access the heavenly realms 9:24 and live the resurrected life. 9:26 Her passion is to see people healed and delivered 9:29 and come into a knowledge of who they are in Christ 9:31 as royal heirs seated with Him in the heavenly realms. 9:35 She believes everyone can access Heaven 9:37 and walk in the power of God. In her meetings 9:40 Your faith will increase and you will feel the presence of God 9:43 and see miraculous healings. 9:46 Dr. Candice loves to teach and train 9:48 in the supernatural and mentor you in the glory, 9:51 she offers many classes in her School of the Supernatural 9:54 where you, too, can learn to release Heaven, 9:56 the glory and walk in the power of God. 9:59 She’s also a mentor, life coach 10:01 and founder of Dream Mentors International, 10:04 an organization that teaches and trains biblical life coaches. 10:08 Check out her website 10:09 and subscribe to her YouTube channel, 10:11 Instagram and Facebook 10:12 for more resources. [Music] 10:20 CS: I’m so glad you stayed with me 10:22 because I really want to teach you 10:24 how to subdue your surroundings. 10:26 God has given us a mandate. We’re to be fruitful and 10:30 multiply. We’re to have replenish the earth, subdue, 10:34 have dominion. But it means that we have to live by faith 10:36 and we have to fight forward. 10:38 We have to position ourselves to be victorious. 10:40 We have to know that Jesus bought back for us 10:44 everything that we lost in the fall. 10:46 And so He sees us as not only being seated with Him 10:50 in heavenly places, but being in a Garden of Eden with Him. 10:54 That’s what’s very important to God. 10:56 It was important to Him when Adam and Eve were 10:58 with Him and they walked in the cool of the day 11:00 until they ate the forbidden fruit in Genesis, Chapter three, 11:03 and they ended up having to make coverings for themselves. 11:06 And they actually walked away 11:08 from their relationship with God and 11:10 and they went into this place of shame and guilt. 11:13 And we make those mistakes 11:14 that cause us to do those kinds of things. 11:16 But the blessing is that the Lord sent His Son, 11:19 Jesus Christ, to reconcile us back. 11:22 We are reconciled back by the blood of Jesus. 11:27 And so because you’re now back in the garden, 11:30 if you’ve received Jesus as your Lord and Savior, 11:32 then you are now positioned to begin to rule and reign 11:36 with Him on the earth. 11:38 And He wants us to step up to the plate. 11:40 He wants us to be the ones that will subdue, 11:43 which means positively conquer the environments 11:46 that are around us, the the words and and the things 11:49 that are going on that are negative and unnecessary. 11:52 He wants us to take authority over those areas. 11:55 But so often I see people shrink back instead of going forward. 12:00 And you don’t want to be one of those people. 12:01 And today I want to pray with you and pray over you 12:04 so that you’re going to stand firm 12:06 and you’re going to fight this good fight of faith 12:08 because that’s what it is. 12:09 The apostle Paul said that in the end, 12:11 he said, “I have fought the good fight.” 12:14 And so we have a fight and it’s a fight to go forward. 12:18 And God has given us all the resources 12:19 that we need to do that. 12:21 And when we, when we fight right, we win right. 12:24 And when we win right, 12:26 we end up living in the place of peace and joy and rest 12:30 and seeing the miraculous and seeing healings 12:32 and see God do amazing things with the unsaved 12:36 and, and those that need help and assistance. 12:38 And so we want to be that type of person. 12:42 And what this means is that we need to position ourselves 12:46 to subdue our surroundings 12:48 or positively conquer our surroundings. 12:50 We have to watch our words. We have to watch our actions. 12:53 We have to watch we’re hanging out 12:55 with we have to watch these things. 12:57 And so let’s talk a little bit more about Adam and Eve 13:02 and what happened to them after they ate the apple 13:06 or the forbidden fruit in Genesis, Chapter 3, 13:08 verses 17 through 19. 13:11 The Lord spoke to Adam and He says, 13:13 “Because you have listened to the voice of your wife 13:16 who has eaten of the tree, of which I have commanded you, 13:20 not- that you shall not eat of it, 13:22 cursed is the ground for your sake; in sorrow. 13:25 you shall eat of it all the days of your life, 13:28 thorns and thistles, shall it bring forth to thee 13:31 and thou shall eat the herb of the field 13:33 in the sweat of thy face. 13:35 Thou shall eat bread till you return to the ground 13:38 for out of it you are taken, for dust 13:40 you are, in dust you shall return.” 13:43 And so this curse that came upon them, 13:46 we’re still fighting with today. 13:49 That curse is in our soul and it stays there. 13:53 It’s one of those very annoying and difficult things 13:57 that we have to deal with as humans. 13:59 Jesus didn’t have that, 14:01 but He was tempted in that in Matthew chapter 14:04 for the enemy tempted Him 14:06 when He was praying and fasting for forty days, 14:08 before He started His ministry and the enemy came to tempt Him 14:12 so that He would look at His basic needs 14:14 and instead choose another pathway 14:17 that was not the pathway of God in order to satisfy those needs. 14:21 And we are consistently being targeted by the enemy 14:24 as believers as part of the Kingdom already. 14:29 When you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior, 14:31 you are already part of the Kingdom. 14:33 You already have an inheritance. 14:34 You are already seated in royalty. 14:36 You’re already seated with Him in heavenly places. 14:38 You are already in this position. 14:41 And so the enemy knows that what drives him crazy 14:44 is he wants to get us, to get us to say. 14:48 “Oh, well, maybe I’m really not there.” 14:50 See, that brings him great joy 14:52 is when we question where we’re seated. 14:54 See, we can’t question anymore. 14:56 We’ve got to say, listen, because of what Jesus did, 14:58 I’m seated with Christ in heavenly places. 14:59 I’m back in the Garden of Eden. 15:01 I receive Jesus as my Lord and Savior. 15:03 Those are the kind of answers that shut the enemy up. 15:05 He spends most of his time trying to tell us 15:08 we’re something that we’re no., What we are is royalty, 15:12 what we are His heirs. 15:13 What we are is ones that have dominion. 15:15 What we are is the victorious church of Jesus Christ 15:18 positioned properly to subdue our surroundings. 15:22 But the enemy loves to trick us with the way that we feel 15:25 and make us think 15:27 that we don’t have all the things that we have. 15:28 See, he’s a liar. He’s a father of lies. 15:31 And when he comes to us and he speaks to us, 15:33 he speaks to us just like he did Adam and Eve. 15:36 And it’s very, it’s a shred of truth. 15:38 It’s not- a shred of truth, is a lie, okay? 15:41 Because it’s a lie that’s twisted 15:43 and/or it’s a truth that’s twisted into a lie. 15:46 And what that does is that causes us to question 15:49 once we doubt, that’s it. 15:52 See, this is where we the Church of Jesus Christ 15:54 have to learn to stand up and say, 15:56 “No! I know my word, I know who I am and Christ, 16:00 and I’m not going to listen to that. 16:02 And I’m going to go forward and I’m going to be victorious 16:04 and I’m going to, to govern. 16:06 I’m going to govern the land that I’ve been given.” 16:09 The Church of Jesus Christ has been made governmental leaders. 16:14 We are governmental leaders in that 16:17 we are in charge of Kingdom government. 16:20 There is no higher government on the planet 16:24 than the government of Kingdom. 16:26 What that means is that where the King rolls and reigns, 16:29 that is the completeness of the Kingdom of Heaven come 16:34 to earth. We have to live under earthly governments 16:36 and earthly structures. 16:37 But they in reality do not have the stamp of the King. 16:43 They are not Kingdom government. They are not the government 16:46 of God made manifest in the Earth. 16:48 They are earthly structures. We, the church, 16:51 have the power of walking in Kingdom government. 16:55 We are the only ones that have been given that key. 16:57 It’s the key of David and it comes to us 17:00 to that everything that we open 17:02 when that door opens, it’s opened. 17:03 When we close it, it’s closed. 17:05 And when the church unifies and comes together, 17:07 we are ones that cannot be reckoned with. 17:10 The problem is when we as the church don’t stand like that, 17:14 when we do not subdue, when we do not take dominion, 17:17 we do when we do not understand 17:19 the power of multiplication increase. 17:22 There is nothing about God that is decrease, 17:26 lack, deficit or anything of that sort. 17:29 That is not who He is. okay? Who He is, 17:33 is the fullness of glory coming forth with, with 17:37 totality, with satisfaction, with all of these things. 17:39 And we, His Body are supposed to bring that forth. 17:42 And so it’s time, it’s time for us to stand up 17:45 and subdue our surroundings. 17:46 And the way you learn to do this is by doing it at home first. 17:51 See, nobody is ever able to take an environment outside 17:54 without first gaining control of their own body 17:58 and then gaining control of their home 18:00 and then gaining control of the environments 18:02 that God has given them. 18:04 And then together we will rule and reign on this planet. 18:08 When the enemy stole from Adam and Eve, he stole their identity 18:13 because in reality they were already in the Garden of Eden. 18:18 They were already had an inheritance. 18:20 They already were living in fulness. 18:22 And when he came in and he questioned them, 18:25 he threw in something that caused them to doubt 18:27 that about themselves. 18:28 He, he presented to them that God was holding 18:33 something back from them, which is a total lie about God 18:35 because He doesn’t hold anything back on us or around us. 18:38 He just- that’s not the kind of God that we serve. 18:41 And so I want to continue to teach you here 18:43 when we come back about how to subdue your surroundings. 18:46 But you have to understand the power 18:48 that you’ve been given through the the death, burial, 18:51 resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ. 18:53 You have to understand these things 18:54 so that you can take the land that God has called you to take. 18:59 Territory is very important to God. 19:01 He wants your territory holy, pure and righteous, 19:04 and He’s given you everything to do it. 19:07 So I want you to stay tuned because we’re going to be back 19:10 and I’m going to pray with you [Music] 19:11 on how you can subdue your surroundings. 19:20 [Music]>> Log on today and get Candace Smith 19:22 a powerful book, “Releasing Heaven.” 19:26 CS: There are vats in Heaven where there is oil, 19:28 grain and wine. 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[Music] 20:25 CS: I’m so glad you stayed with me, 20:27 because now I’m going to position you 20:29 to begin to subdue your surroundings 20:32 before we pray together, 20:34 there’s something that you need to know. 20:36 Nothing can be in common with the enemy on the inside of you 20:41 if you want to learn to subdue your surroundings. 20:44 What I mean by that is in John Chapter 14, 20:47 Jesus spoke this about Himself. 20:49 He said, “For the ruler of this world is coming 20:52 and He has nothing in me.” 20:55 Now, this is a very, very important concept. 20:57 When we talk about subduing our surroundings or being fruitful, 21:00 multiplying, replenishing the earth, 21:03 subduing and having dominion, 21:04 we have to first look at our lives 21:06 and see if there’s any open doors to the enemy. 21:10 Let me tell you, an open door 21:11 is when there’s something in our soul that matches him. 21:15 That’s what gives him the legal right to come into our life 21:20 and kill, steal and destroy. 21:22 So I want you to look at your life right now, 21:25 take an assessment and determine 21:27 if there’s anything that you’re doing, 21:30 thinking, engaging in, even have in the past. 21:34 Maybe it’s not present, but it’s in the past. 21:36 They could give the enemy access to your life. 21:40 That could cause him to say, 21:42 I have the right to come into this space 21:46 and to harm this individual. 21:48 What I mean by harming is, is exactly what John Chapter 10 21:52 and verse 10 says, “For the thief comes to kill, 21:55 steal and destroy. 21:56 But Jesus came to give us life and give it more abundantly.” 21:59 So, if there’s anything in us 22:02 that remotely looks like the enemy, if it’s impure, 22:06 if it’s not holy, if it’s not righteous, 22:09 what you need to do right now is confess it. 22:12 I want you to confess 22:14 and I believe right now in the Name of Jesus, 22:15 that God is speaking to you right now 22:17 and He’s telling you what this area is. 22:20 There is an area in your life that leaves you bare and open 22:25 for the enemy to have access to your life. 22:28 Just like the Garden of Eden, there’s a flaming sword. 22:32 And the way back into the Garden of Eden 22:34 is through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. 22:37 And so when we know where the area in our garden is not right 22:42 and we say, “Lord, please forgive me, 22:44 I have done this thing and it’s not holy, 22:47 I have thought this thing I have said this thing. 22:49 I’ve engaged with this person. 22:51 I’ve done this thing.” Even if it’s the smallest thing, 22:55 any area that you’re having guilt and condemnation 22:57 from or a conviction from God, 23:00 that is something that’s not right. 23:02 Confess it. I want you to bring it forth right now 23:04 and say, “Father, forgive me. I have done this thing. 23:07 I’ve thought this thing I’ve I have ruminated on this. 23:12 I’ve put this before you.” Whatever it is, 23:15 and boom, at that time that you confess, 23:18 the Word says that you’re going to come 23:20 into a place of cleanliness and wholeness, wholeness. 23:24 He says that He forgives us our sins. 23:26 We confess them before Him. So just confess. 23:29 And then what happened is that door to the enemy gets closed. 23:33 And so it’s getting closed right now. 23:35 Just confessed to Him 23:37 because He’s closing that door right now. 23:40 The enemy has no more access to your life. 23:44 The reason Jesus could be our Savior is 23:47 because He had nothing in common with the enemy 23:50 and we can have nothing in common. 23:52 This is a great thing to do. 23:53 Even before you go to bed at night, 23:55 wash yourself, literally take a, take a bath for your soul, 24:00 like a spiritual mikvah bath. 24:01 A mikvah is where the Jewish people go 24:04 into the mikvah bath to cleanse themselves of impurities. 24:07 okay, and so you take your own mikvah bath 24:10 where you think about any area 24:11 you may have in common with the enemy. 24:14 And you shut the door by washing yourself with the Word 24:17 and saying, ‘Lord, please forgive me.” 24:18 And guess what? You are forgiven. You are saved. 24:22 You are healed, you are redeemed. 24:24 You are cleansed. 24:25 Now, the enemy has no more ground. 24:27 And this is where we start with the power to subdue. 24:30 How can anyone enter into a zone, 24:33 a territory and go and conquer that territory, 24:37 positively conquer it or subdue 24:39 it if they have anything in them that is like the territory? 24:42 The only reason we can take territories 24:45 is because we are completely different. 24:46 So I’m going to pray with you right now 24:49 because you’ve said that prayer. 24:50 You are saved, healed, redeemed and cleansed. 24:53 You have nothing in common with the enemy. 24:56 So now this new territory can be taken by you. 25:01 You can now dominate, you can subdue, 25:03 and now you can even grow something there 25:05 that can be fruitful and it can multiply. 25:07 You can even turn things around. 25:09 So where the enemy came to steal and destroy, 25:12 now you have soil that God can plant something on 25:15 and grow a mighty tree, a mighty oak tree for the Lord 25:19 that’s going to bear great fruit in this season. 25:22 So, Father, I thank you for my friend 25:23 who’s watching right now. 25:25 They will be great fruit bearers. I thank you, 25:28 I speak fruitfulness and multiplication over their life. 25:31 I speak right now 25:33 that you are having creative ideas from Heaven. 25:35 Come, there’s new business opportunities. 25:38 There’s new opportunities for relationships 25:40 that everywhere that the enemy came to rob you, 25:43 you now have everything returned to you a hundred-fold 25:47 and now you’re going to begin to build even more. 25:52 that’s watching that they’re stepping into a place of growth, 25:56 that things are going to begin to grow, 25:57 they’re going to begin to expand. 25:59 They’re going to wear the mantle that you’ve given them 26:01 so that great expansion can happen in their life. 26:04 I thank you, Father, that you’re preparing them right now. 26:07 God is giving you a promotion. 26:09 The only way you could get a promotion 26:11 is when you subdue your territory. 26:13 And so, Father, I praise you and thank you. 26:15 Right now, you are promoting people. 26:16 You are expanding them. You’re positioning them. 26:19 Right now, you’re, you’re watching this program and God 26:22 is imparting to you a promotion and an expansion. 26:26 I just want you to praise Him right now 26:28 in the mighty Name of Jesus. 26:30 You’re going to start stepping out into a new ministry, 26:32 a new opportunity, new relationships, 26:35 great things are before you. 26:37 I also see you coming into a new relationship with the Lord 26:41 where there has has been a barrier 26:43 because of this thing that’s been unspoken, 26:46 where there has been a form of lack 26:49 in your relationship with God. 26:50 Now things will flourish. Now they will grow. 26:53 Now you will begin to feel and experience 26:55 the power and presence of the Lord. 26:57 I want to speak over you right now, 26:58 an activation for your spiritual gifts and activation 27:01 of the Holy Spirit power on the inside of you. 27:04 I want you to begin to just open your mouth and speak in tongues. 27:08 Yes, tongues is a manifestation 27:10 of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. 27:11 Just began to receive fire right now in the Name of Jesus, Fire. 27:15 I dispatched the Fire Angels to you. 27:17 Right now, the fire of the Holy Spirit come upon you 27:20 and just began to speak in tongues. 27:21 Yes. Just begin to speak, [Speaking in Tongues] 27:23 [Speaking in Tongues] 27:26 Just begin to start speaking. 27:27 And as the Holy Spirit comes upon you, 27:29 begin to start speaking, the fire comes upon your life. 27:32 He is getting you ready to advance you 27:34 in the mighty Name of Jesus’s. This advancement 27:36 and this multiplication 27:38 is going to take you to places that you have never seen before. 27:41 There’s new horizons there before you, 27:43 and there is new power that you are walking in 27:46 right now in the Name of Jesus. 27:47 I want you to reach out to me at CandaceSmithyman.com 27:50 I want to send you some resources 27:52 on the baptism of the Holy Spirit, 27:53 how to continue to activate your spiritual gifts, 27:56 because that’s what we’re doing right now. 27:57 We’re activating spiritual gifts 27:59 so that you can take the new environments 28:01 that God has for you 28:02 and you can begin to really be fruitful and multiply. 28:05 It’s been wonderful spending this time with you. 28:08 And I’m so excited because now you’re going to subdue 28:11 your surroundings and positively conquer every area. 28:16 Remember, take Messiah’s hand and step into your planned 28:21 purpose and destiny in Jesus Name. 28:23 Amen. [Music to End]

Dr. Candice Smithyman shares how to take subdue and take dominion over the devil.

Learn more about Candice and purchase her resources: https://candicesmithyman.com

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