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0:00 CS: We all want to see miracles happen, but what 0:03 mindset do we have to have in order for this to take place? 0:08 Stay tuned, because I’m going to teach you 0:10 about a mindset for the miraculous. 0:14 [Music]>> Now is the time to go forward 0:16 and become all that God has intended for you to become. 0:21 Today is your day to change your life 0:24 and live in victory and wholeness. This is 0:29 Your Path to Destiny 0:31 with Dr. Candice Smithyman. 0:37 CS: Welcome to Your Path to Destiny. 0:39 I’m your host, Candice Smithyman, 0:40 and your life coach mentor. 0:42 I’m so excited that you joined me today 0:44 because we’re going to be talking about 0:46 having a mind set for the miraculous. 0:49 Everybody wants to see miracles happen, 0:51 but there’s actually a mindset 0:53 that we need to have in order for the 0:55 miraculous to take place 0:57 in the earth. 0:58 You know, we will enter situations where miracles are 1:02 needed because something is lacking, 1:05 something is missing. But if we 1:06 enter into an environment and we want to see a miracle 1:10 created, then we 1:11 have to be the ones that walk in fullness 1:14 in order for that miracle to take place. 1:17 See, the Lord needs to have an agent. 1:19 He needs to have somebody that’s connected to Him 1:21 that is living in a space and place of fullness, 1:25 completeness and wholeness. They can call on His 1:29 power to bring 1:30 forth the miraculous. 1:32 And so today I want to teach you how to 1:34 actually live 1:35 like that and then bring the miraculous 1:38 into all of your surroundings. See, I don’t know about you, 1:40 but I love to see miracles happen. 1:43 What I’ve learned over the years 1:45 is miracles take place when 1:48 I’m thinking about 1:49 how everything is complete and finished and full. 1:53 The Lord spoke to me one day as I was getting ready 1:57 to step out and do some ministry work. 1:59 And He said, “Candice, 2:00 where I sent you, the work is already accomplished.” 2:04 That’s like really powerful statement because I 2:06 was like, “Wow, Lord, 2:08 that means before I even get there, the work has 2:10 already been done.” 2:11 And He said, “Yes, it’s already complete. 2:14 I’ve already accomplished everything 2:16 I want to accomplish in and through you. 2:18 Will you go in that level of faith? 2:21 Will you go in that level of knowing that you’re wearing 2:24 a mantle, a covering of expansion, I’ve positioned 2:28 you to be in this place and everything is taken care of. 2:31 I mean, how do you feel 2:33 when I say that where I sent you, 2:35 it’s already been accomplished? 2:37 I mean, that means no matter where 2:38 you go or what you do, 2:39 the outcome has already been seen in Heaven. 2:44 It is already been stamped. 2:46 It is already been written in the scrolls. 2:48 It is already been ordained before any day came to be.” 2:53 And so that really brings me great peace 2:55 knowing that God has positioned me for success. 2:59 You are already positioned 3:01 to carry out the miraculous to see great things happen. 3:05 It’s already been done for you before you even took one step. 3:09 Now, that’s a lot of confidence that comes in that statement. 3:13 And so I just want to kind of share with you from Scripture 3:16 specifically that when Jesus walked the earth, 3:20 He tried to bring this teaching to His disciples. 3:23 We know Jesus, our Lord and Savior. 3:25 We are a disciple of the most high God. 3:28 And so our thoughts and our processes 3:31 need to be exactly what Jesus would do. 3:34 And so He entered every situation that was in like 3:38 every situation 3:40 where there, where there were deaths, there were 3:42 sicknesses, there was evil. 3:44 There was everything that was poverty stricken. 3:46 And He entered into those places 3:49 and He showed the disciples that fullness 3:52 can come even when 3:54 there’s a place of lack. But here’s the thing. 3:56 Jesus didn’t have any lack in Him. 3:58 So He was trying to show them. Right, that if you be 4:02 like Me and because of what I’m about 4:04 to accomplish on the cross through my death, 4:06 burial, resurrection and ascension, 4:08 you’re going to have that power. And everywhere I send you, 4:12 the work will already be accomplished and you 4:14 will already see the miracles 4:17 take place because I, Jesus, have given you everything. 4:20 That’s what He was trying to share with the disciples. 4:22 Now, when Jesus was- 4:25 the Word tells us in Matthew, Chapter fourteen 4:27 that He had gone on a boat 4:30 and He had gone to a solitary place 4:31 because He had heard about the death of John the Baptist. 4:34 And so He was- 4:35 it was in this solitary place and the crowds 4:40 followed Him because they wanted to actually hear Him 4:43 speak and teach. 4:44 And so they had followed Him into the 4:46 towns and He had gone out 4:48 to be on this boat. 4:50 But when He had landed, He saw how large the crowd had become 4:54 and He had compassion on the people 4:56 and He healed the sick. And this is in Matthew, Chapter 4:59 fourteen verses thirteen through fifteen. 5:02 And then one evening approached, 5:03 the disciples came to Him and said, 5:05 Jesus, this is a remote place 5:07 and it’s already getting late since the crowds away 5:10 so they can go to the villages and buy themselves some food. 5:14 OK, so listen, the disciples were not interested 5:17 in feeding the five thousand at all. 5:20 They just wanted these people to get up, go into town, 5:22 get your food, 5:23 and then you can come back if you want to. 5:25 But Jesus’s response in verse sixteen 5:28 was they do not need to go away. 5:31 You give them something to eat while in other words, 5:35 Jesus saying, “listen. 5:36 I’m not going to give them something to eat, 5:38 you serve the people.” 5:41 And Jesus was so driven by compassion 5:44 that it says that He went to heal the people 5:47 and that actually that word healed 5:49 actually means that there was heat, 5:51 that there was fire that came in to the environment. 5:54 OK, so He wanted to see these people healed 5:56 and He also wanted to make provision for them. 5:58 But Jesus was like, I’m not going to make the provision. 6:01 You disciples are going to make the provision. 6:03 And that speaks a lot to us because that means that Jesus 6:06 expecting us to be the agents where He does the miraculous in 6:12 and through us. So He was trying 6:14 >> to increase their faith in this lack a moment 6:18 where there was no food and 6:20 more than five thousand people to feed. 6:23 It said there was five thousand men. 6:24 Well, there there was also women and children. 6:26 So there was more than five thousand people here. 6:28 And all they had was five loaves and two fish. 6:34 And that’s number five is the number of grace. 6:36 Two is the number of multiplication. 6:38 So there was five loaves of bread. 6:42 Jesus is the bread of life. And there were two fish, 6:45 which is actually the multiplication of the church. 6:49 All right. So there was five loaves of bread and two fish. 6:53 And Jesus said, bring those to Me. 6:54 And He told 6:55 the people to sit down on the grass. 6:57 And He took the five loaves and He looked up to Heaven. 7:01 He broke the bread and He gave 7:03 thanks when He did this. Then the Word says 7:08 that He gave the bread and the fish to the disciples 7:12 who then took the blessing and gave it to the people. 7:17 Then they were all satisfied. 7:19 That’s what the Word tells us. 7:20 And the disciples then picked up the twelve baskets 7:22 full of broken pieces that were left over and the number 7:26 of those who ate were 5000 besides the women and children. 7:32 And so the, the small little lunch there of five loaves 7:36 and two fish was multiplied beyond measure. 7:41 Why? Because Jesus, 7:43 in fullness, completeness and wholeness lifted up 7:48 the bread, lifted, looked up to Heaven, took the bread, 7:52 broke it and gave thanks. Now, that’s just like 7:55 what He tells us to do with communion, right? 7:57 Communion is the breaking of bread 8:00 and the drinking of the fruit of the, of the vine 8:02 as representative of His body and His blood. 8:06 So here Jesus was lifting up the loaf. 8:08 It was like He was lifting Himself up 8:10 and He looked at Heaven and He broke it. 8:11 And He’s saying, listen, through my death, 8:15 burial and resurrection, there will be healing 8:19 and there will be miracles that will take place. 8:21 So He was lifting Himself up to tell everybody through me, 8:26 you will begin to see these great miracles happen. 8:30 But He wanted the disciples to be witness to this. And why? 8:33 Because it was going to be the disciples like you and me. 8:36 We’re the ones that are going to carry the miraculous 8:40 to the people that need it. No one needs a miracle 8:43 unless they’re in a place of desperation, 8:46 unless they’re in a place of depression, 8:47 unless they’re in a place 8:48 where everything isn’t working for them. 8:51 That’s when they cry out for a miracle. 8:53 And that is the exact scenario here in Matthew. 8:56 Chapter fourteen, these people were crying out for food 9:00 and Jesus said this is the way to feed them through My body 9:06 and My blood, what I have done for them already. 9:11 We will see the miraculous 9:14 and all of the multiplication of the church. 9:17 The church will be multiplied through my death, 9:21 the breaking of the bread 9:22 and through the drinking of the fruit of the vine, 9:25 which is My blood. And so 9:26 I don’t know about you, but I’m really encouraged 9:28 because Jesus took care 9:29 of everything so that we can walk in the miraculous. 9:33 Stay tuned. 9:35 And I’m going to share more with you when we come back about 9:37 how you can have a mindset for the miraculous. 9:47 [Music] >> Dr. Candice Smithyman 9:50 is an international prophetic voice healing minister, 9:53 author and pastor who travels the world sharing how 9:55 to access the heavenly realms and lived the resurrected life. 9:59 her passion is to see people healed and delivered 10:01 and come into a knowledge of who they are in Christ 10:04 as royal heirs seeded with Him in the heavenly realms. 10:07 She believes everyone can access Heaven 10:10 and walk in the power of God in her meetings. 10:12 Your faith will increase and you will feel the presence of God 10:16 and see miraculous healings. 10:18 Dr. Candice loves to teach and train 10:20 in the supernatural and mentor you in the glory, 10:23 she offers many classes in her School of the Supernatural 10:26 where you, too, can learn to release Heaven, 10:29 the glory and walk in the power of God. 10:31 She’s also a mentor, life coach 10:33 and founder of Dream Mentors International, 10:36 an organization that teaches and trains biblical life coaches. 10:40 Check out her Website 10:41 and subscribe to her YouTube channel, 10:43 Instagram and Facebook for more resources. 10:53 CS: I’m so glad you stayed with me 10:54 because we’re talking about how to have a mindset for miracles, 10:58 we all want to see miracles take place and miracles take place. 11:03 When there is 11:04 nothing, there is a lack, there is a deficit, and we 11:08 need to see something happen so that we can get ourselves 11:11 out of that place and moved over to the place of nothing missing, 11:16 nothing broken, that place of wholeness. 11:19 And Jesus is taken care of everything for us 11:22 through our death and resurrection 11:24 and ascension in Him. He is properly positioned us. 11:28 But if we want to see the miraculous take place, 11:32 we need to change our thinking. 11:35 Yes, God can enter any situation any time 11:38 and do whatever it is that He wants to do. 11:40 But I want to see consistency in miracles. 11:43 I’m not just happy. 11:44 Just seeing a miracle here are a miracle there. 11:47 I want to see miracles take place on a consistent basis. 11:50 If you want to see consistency, 11:52 then you have to change your thinking. 11:54 You have to begin to start to step into that place of knowing 11:59 that Jesus is giving you everything for every miracle. 12:03 Not only do you have His delegated authority and 12:06 His power, you wear His mantle covering 12:10 as a member of the body of Christ. 12:12 Everywhere you go, demons flee 12:15 and you have the authority to speak 12:17 life into every death situation. 12:20 That is part of the inheritance that Jesus has given us. 12:22 And He was 12:24 trying to teach the disciples this in Matthew, 12:26 Chapter fourteen. 12:27 But He did it in a very, very simple way 12:30 when He looked to Heaven and He broke the bread 12:33 and He gave thanks, 12:35 He was saying, “Through Me, through My body 12:38 and through My shed blood, the church, My beloved church 12:42 will have everything they need to live out 12:46 fullness, completeness and wholeness in this life. 12:50 Yes, Jesus is giving you everything. 12:52 Now, you may not feel whole and complete right now 12:55 while you’re watching this broadcast. 12:56 You may be feeling weak and insecure. 12:59 You may be feeling depressed and anxious. 13:02 If that is you, then that is a place of lack 13:05 and you are not called to be in that place. 13:08 You were called to be in a place where you walk in the fullness, 13:12 you walk in the completeness, and you’re stepping in 13:15 to knowing and understanding that through Jesus’s 13:21 death, burial and resurrection, 13:22 you have been given everything you need. 13:24 Now, that’s a mindset 13:26 that you carry for the miraculous. God 13:29 will meet you where your thoughts are about Him. 13:32 When you begin to think like this, 13:34 you’ll start to see the manifestation 13:36 in the earth realms. 13:38 That’s how Heaven is. Nothing missing, nothing broken. 13:42 I’ve had the opportunity to be called up to Heaven. 13:45 I seen the royal banquet table in Heaven. I’ve seen the 13:49 angels in operation in a variety of different 13:51 scenarios. 13:52 There is no lack in Heaven at all. 13:55 There’s no tears. Everything is whole. 13:58 It’s complete. The glory of the Lord is there. 14:01 But see, the Kingdom of Heaven is arrived. 14:04 And God wants us to carry that, that same knowledge, 14:08 understanding and presence of the Lord, 14:10 that same glory into the Earth realms. 14:13 That’s what’s going to make the difference. 14:16 That difference is where the miraculous is going 14:19 to draw off of the 14:21 miraculous is going 14:22 to come forth when there’s that much totality 14:25 and that much fullness. But we need to train ourselves. 14:28 If we have lack, if we have deficiencies, 14:31 we need to simply cry out to Heaven 14:33 and ask the Lord to give us the revelation from Heaven 14:37 that we need the strategy, 14:38 that we need to be able to speak, 14:41 to declare, to decree and to change our surroundings. 14:44 But it’s done from a very simple a very simple foundation, 14:49 and that is look to Heaven, 14:52 break the bread, the body of Jesus Christ. 14:56 Remember what He has done for you 14:59 and then, boom, you’re entering into a realm of the miraculous. 15:05 It’s just that easy. 15:07 That’s what he showed us in Matthew, Chapter fourteen. 15:09 That was the example 15:11 that He showed the disciples just to look to Heaven. 15:14 Why all the fullness of the completeness, 15:16 all the totality is are breaking the bread. 15:19 He did everything on the cross for us 15:22 so that the strongholds of lack and deficiency are broken. 15:26 Now we can live and walk in that fullness, 15:28 but it takes faith, the faith of God, 15:31 the faith to believe that we have everything taken care of 15:35 and so therefore will meet when we enter a situation. 15:38 It’s already been accomplished. 15:41 You need to learn to reframe your thinking instead of 15:43 coming into situations and saying, oh my gosh, 15:46 Lord, this is so terrible. Look what’s happened. 15:48 Look what’s around me. 15:49 No, walk into the situation full. 15:52 Complete. Ready to go, no matter what you’re faced with. 15:56 You are properly 15:57 positioned, My God, already 15:59 victorious, already overcomer. 16:01 And when you step into that situation, 16:03 begin to look to Heaven and say, 16:05 because of what Jesus has done, all of this is mine 16:09 and it will change in the mighty Name of Jesus. 16:13 When we approach situations like that, 16:15 we will see miracles happen 16:17 and we will see consistent miracles 16:19 because of everything that He brings to the table. 16:21 He’s already done it. 16:23 But we as church have to carry this with us. 16:27 So, we examine ourselves 16:29 and we begin to ask where are we deficient? 16:31 What do we not believe? 16:33 Where do we not have the faith of God? 16:35 Galatians, Chapter two, verse 20. 16:37 The apostle says, I have been crucified with Christ 16:39 and I no longer live. But Christ lives in me 16:42 and the life I live in the faith of God, 16:46 meaning God said it. And so therefore I shall be. 16:50 God sent His Son to die on the cross death 16:53 and resurrection and ascension. It’s done. The faith of 16:57 God is what’s necessary. 16:59 In order to see the miraculous, we have to change our thinking. 17:03 I know humanity is a place of 17:06 always waking up with less than like you get up, 17:08 we get out of bed in the morning and we feel less. 17:10 Then sometimes maybe we’re just too tired. 17:12 Maybe we’re just too overwhelmed. 17:14 Maybe we have all of these things. 17:16 This grand-to-do-list that hits you from the second 17:19 you put your feet on the ground when you wake up. 17:21 And so immediately we’re programed for less. 17:24 That’s because of humanity. 17:26 That’s because of the fallen man. 17:27 But immediately what we can do 17:30 is before we put our feet on the ground in the morning, 17:32 we can say “Whooo! I wear a Kingdom mantle. 17:35 I have the fullness of Christ. 17:37 I walk in His authority.” We can look to Heaven 17:39 and we can say His body was broken, His blood was shed. 17:43 >> I’m going to live in victory today 17:45 and then we’re going to see the miraculous take place. 17:49 And so I just want to encourage 17:50 you, whatever situation 17:52 you’re going through, 17:53 it doesn’t have to stay this way. 17:55 It doesn’t have to stay this way. 17:56 The Lord is looking for you to take the miraculous mind 18:01 set that He speaks about in Matthew, Chapter fourteen. 18:04 Take that mindset and put it to use now 18:08 the mind, the will and the emotions, along with speaking 18:13 the Word of God into an environment where there is lack, 18:18 you will begin to see change take place. 18:21 The first change is that you’ve changed. 18:23 And when you’ve changed 18:24 because you’re choosing to walk that way, 18:26 the environment has to respond to you. 18:29 You don’t have to respond to your environment. 18:31 You don’t even have to respond to your thoughts 18:33 if they’re negative or if they’re in 18:34 lack or if they’re in poverty 18:36 or if they’re a big long to-do-list. 18:37 You don’t have to respond to that. 18:39 You can respond specifically to the Word of God and do it. 18:43 The Word of God says build yourself up 18:46 in your most holy faith and begin to go forth and speak 18:50 and do what God has called you to do. 18:51 And then you’re going to see things change 18:53 and you’re going to see them change consistently. 18:55 And this walk with God that we have is a consistent walk. 18:59 It’s a walk of endurance. 19:01 Do you know evidence of your faith 19:03 is how much you endure, 19:04 how much you can stay victorious in the midst of living 19:09 in deficit or poverty in any way that shows 19:13 that you believe in the broken body of Jesus Christ 19:17 and in His shed blood. 19:19 It is a statement that we make to the world 19:22 and to all the demonic forces. No, I know I’m in victory 19:25 and I’m going to step into this place of victory. 19:27 And so I just want to encourage you today. 19:28 I want you to stay with us. We’re going to come back. 19:31 I’m going to pray with you through 19:33 walking into this victory, having this level of mindset 19:37 so that you can see the miraculous on a continual basis. 19:41 [Music] One miracle. It’s just not good enough. 19:43 We need to have more. 19:50 [Music]>> Log on today and get Candice Smithyman’s 19:53 powerful book “Releasing Heaven.” 19:56 CS: There are vats in Heaven, where there is oil, 19:58 grain and wine. 19:59 I teach you about how you can access those vats for yourself 20:02 or for a friend 20:03 or a family member that’s in need. 20:05 I also teach you about how to increase your faith 20:08 for healing and miracles, how to have the faith of God 20:11 that sees amazing things come to pass in your life. 20:15 >> Through releasing Heaven, you will discover your identity 20:18 in Jesus and cultivate a heavenly mindset. 20:22 CS: Your soul is going to change and transform 20:24 and you’re going to be positioned to be one 20:26 that releases Heaven into your environment, 20:29 the heavenly encounters are for us today 20:33 and therefore you simply go to my 20:35 Website at CandiceSmithyman.com 20:36 and click the “Shop” button. 20:39 It will take you to the shopping cart 20:40 and you can purchase the book there. 20:42 You will love this book. 20:44 >> Order your copy today. You will love this book. 20:55 CS: I’m so excited that you stayed with us 20:57 because we’re talking about a mind set for miracles, 21:00 and I really want you to grab a hold of these concepts 21:02 so that you can 21:03 learn to walk in consistency. 21:05 Let’s have consistent 21:07 miracles that are happening around us. 21:09 I know some of you have been called to ministry yourself 21:11 and you’ve been asking God, 21:13 “Lord, I really want to see miracles happen. 21:15 I want to see blind eyes see, 21:17 deaf ears hear. I want to see the lame walk. 21:20 I want to see people resurrect from comas, 21:22 resurrect from the dead.” 21:23 Some of you have hearts for that. 21:25 And some of you are just watching saying, “Lord, 21:28 resurrect my own life, bring me out of this pit, 21:31 bring me to the place 21:33 where I can start living a miraculous life.” 21:35 And so if that is your heart cry, 21:38 then I believe that it will happen for you 21:40 consistently when you change your mindset 21:44 and when you learn to look to Heaven. Break 21:46 the body of Jesus Christ and begin to receive everything 21:51 that He has done, by giving thanks. 21:54 Listen, thanks means thank you, Jesus, 21:56 it’s already done. 21:57 Thank you, Father. You’ve already taken care of it. 22:00 And that is so hard for us to say, 22:02 especially when we’re in the middle of a crisis 22:04 or if we’re doing ministry. 22:05 It’s difficult sometimes because you see so much lack 22:08 and so many people that need healing in a certain area. 22:10 But just know if God sent you, 22:12 it’s already been accomplished. If God spoke to you, 22:15 that this isn’t the way it’s supposed to be, 22:17 that He’s going to pull you out of that 22:19 by changing your thinking 22:22 and all the thinking that we need to change revolves 22:25 around understanding our death, 22:28 burial, resurrection in Him and what He has done for us. 22:31 I just want to speak to somebody right now. 22:33 I see in the Spirit realm that there’s somebody 22:35 that is having incredible back pain. 22:38 And so maybe you have a spinal cord injury, 22:40 but it’s right in the middle of your back, your lower back. 22:42 And so I want to pray for you right now 22:44 that not only will you have healing to your back, 22:48 but if you’re in a wheelchair, 22:50 that you will begin to rise, stand up and walk. 22:53 So, Father, I thank you right now that my friend is whole, 22:56 my friend is healed. 22:58 My friend is saved and delivered because of what you’ve done. 23:01 I thank you, Father. Right now, Lord, 23:03 that you were sending angels, Father, to come 23:05 and to heal the bones that my friend is 23:09 experiencing the pain in their back. 23:10 Father and I just want to praise you 23:11 and I want to thank you right now. 23:13 Lord, you’re setting fire to their back. 23:14 Father, I want to thank you, Lord, 23:16 that they’re strengthening, 23:17 that they’re gaining faith and understanding 23:20 that they’ve been made whole in you. 23:21 And so I just want you to stand up 23:23 and I want you to begin walking. 23:24 I really believe in my heart right now 23:26 that you’re walking not only physically, 23:28 but you’re walking into a new aspect of your destiny. 23:31 We need to step into things spiritually 23:33 and we need to step into things emotionally and physically. 23:36 And so I just speak spiritually to you 23:38 in the mighty Name of Jesus, that you will rise 23:41 from where you’re at, but you will physically walk 23:43 and that you will physically move into 23:46 the destinies and the plans and the purposes 23:48 that God has for you. 23:50 I also see somebody today who’s been experiencing 23:53 an awful lot of headaches and pain 23:56 in the back of your neck, in the back of your head. 23:58 And I just want to speak to that right now. 24:00 Father, I praise you and I thank you, Lord. 24:02 We ask for healing right now, 24:04 Father, to those areas, Lord, 24:06 even in that- I see it, 24:07 there’s this pressure that’s in your brain right now. Father, 24:11 we just ask for that release of that pressure 24:13 right now in the Name, the Name of Jesus. Father, 24:15 I thank you, off the back of the neck 24:17 and off the shoulders right now. 24:19 Father, I thank you, Lord, that these 24:20 miracles are happening 24:22 because, Father, you have positioned us 24:24 to walk in this level of fullness 24:25 that through your death and resurrection, 24:27 everything is taken care of. Father, I thank you, Lord 24:30 Jesus, that there’s forgiveness of sins for us, Father, 24:32 that we have been healed by the body and blood of Jesus. 24:35 And so as we speak, 24:36 these things, healing is coming to you. 24:40 I also see that some of you are ready and anxious 24:42 to step out into the things that God has for you. 24:45 And so I want you to receive this prayer of impartation. 24:47 Father, I just thank you right now in the mighty 24:49 Name of Jesus. Father, 24:51 I just impart strength to my friend 24:53 who’s watching right now. Father, 24:54 and that you would give them an increase in every area, 24:56 increase to their muscles, Lord 24:58 Jesus, increase to their bones. I want you to begin to laugh. 25:02 There is a lot of laughter in Heaven. 25:03 Begin to laugh and begin to experience joy. 25:06 Our bones will glow with health 25:11 when we begin to think and focus on who Jesus is 25:14 and what He has done for us. 25:16 Just begin to lighten the load by focusing on the Lord. 25:20 Father, I praise you and I thank you right now 25:22 for lifting up my friend and encouraging them. 25:25 And whatever your concern is right now, 25:27 I want you to begin to speak that out to the Lord. 25:29 Just begin to share whatever is on your heart. 25:31 I believe the angels are coming right where you’re at. 25:34 They’re then they’re in the room with you. 25:36 God is dispatching more 25:37 so that there should be healing 25:39 to you. That should be restoration 25:41 and that God is leading you into new paths 25:43 and places to go where this infirmity that you’re 25:46 carrying cannot go with you. 25:48 The spirit of infirmity is bound in the 25:49 Name of Jesus and you 25:51 are released and set free from that spirit. 25:53 And God is positioning you. For what He has for you, 25:56 I want to read this scripture to you, 25:58 Psalm, Chapter twenty-three. 25:59 >> Now, this is really the fullness 26:01 of the miraculous taking place in and through us. 26:04 Remember, God wants you to be consistent. 26:07 He doesn’t want miracles. Just to be here and there. 26:10 He wants you to live a miraculous life 26:12 and in Psalms, Chapter 26:13 Twenty-three, verses one thru six. 26:15 The Psalmist says, “The Lord is my Shepherd. 26:17 I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures. 26:21 He leadeth me beside still waters. 26:24 He restores my soul. 26:25 He leads me in the path of righteousness for His namesake. 26:29 Yea, though I walk to the valley of the shadow of death, 26:32 I will fear no evil. For Thou art 26:34 with me, Thy rod and 26:35 staff, they comfort me. 26:37 Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of 26:40 my enemies. Thou anointest my head with oil. 26:42 My cup runneth over. 26:44 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me 26:47 all the days of my life 26:49 and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.” 26:52 And so this is for you. 26:55 You shall not want any more. Goodness and mercy 26:58 shall follow you all the days of your life. 27:00 You will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. 27:03 Why? Because of everything that He has already done. 27:07 No matter the valley of the shadow of death 27:09 that is before you listen, it is all been over. Come now. 27:15 When you sit and you think about that, 27:17 then you are walking in the miraculous. 27:20 Now you have been transformed into not only somebody 27:24 that can bring the miraculous into an environment, right? 27:27 But you are the walking miraculous. 27:29 When we are the walking miraculous, 27:31 we will see miracles come. 27:33 You be it first and then you do it. As you are. 27:36 Then it so. So, so shall it be. 27:39 And so I just want to encourage you today, then, 27:42 no matter what you’re going through, 27:43 no matter what you’re experiencing, 27:45 a miracle can be a consistent thing when you take a look 27:51 at everything that Jesus has already done for you 27:55 and you began to walk in that level of confidence 27:58 and that level of faith. I impart faith to you right now. 28:02 Victory and courage. Reach out to me. 28:04 I want to get to know you. I’d love to mentor you and 28:07 continue to encourage you. And God has a plan, 28:11 a purpose, a destiny for your life. 28:13 And He wants you to take his hand 28:16 as He walks you into that place of destiny. 28:20 It’s the greatest place 28:21 you’ll ever be. [Music to End]

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Cee Harmon is the founder of Elevate Christian Network and Elevate Your Potential Magazine. He enjoys helping people improve the quality of their lives - spirit, soul, and body.
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